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[26 Jan 2003|07:41pm]
[ mood | satisfied ]

omg. This bitch is IMing me telling me I froze her comp when I IMed her on purpose. Kiss my ass h0e! I didn't do shit! ..god damn.. bitches piss me off sometimes.. thinking they're so HiGh & MiGhTy.. Uh.. no.. you aren't so get the fuck down. . . . . but w\e all is well.. just pist me off.

Today was boring. Very boring.
Extremely boring.

Last night was alotta fun tho! i loved it!
Everyone got messed up as Helllllll! =]=] cept for me, of course. :/ .. drug free old me. God, Morals suck.. lmao.

but anyway..

Rachel was there and We were talking and GET THIS...GETTING ALONG.. lollolol.. but yeah i went home with her and.... yeah.. it was fun. if you wanna know ask. but i doubt u wanna know. lol.

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[26 Jan 2003|07:36pm]
[ mood | restless ]


(( more later.. ))

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[26 Jan 2003|07:19pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]
[ music | ** Pink Maggot _ Deftones ** ]

alright...well.. I've never had a journal before, but I have lots to say... and when I say it I say it straight out.. so if you don't like, fuck off, k? :)
I'm very honest and straight forward... don't fuck with me.

I'm a punk-babydoll goth type with red hair and have 12 piercings. (6 on my ears, lip, eyebrow, nose, both nipples, and belly-button)

I like girls and boys (prefer girls =D)
I'm a very open-minded and accepting person unless you piss me off. =)

I love to make new friend's so IM me on AIM any timmme (CurSe 4x21)

- I would like to thank Crystii aka Glitter (nightglitter) for her help with my icon and journal. Love ya babe!!!

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