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    Wednesday, November 5th, 2003
    4:18 pm
    hey hey! whats new? well, if you dont answer, i will!! kk---> welllll tomorrows my friend Christies bday, and thats a good thing, cuz u know, birthdays are good! but its bad cuz ive been stressing all week over what to do for her! i mean, of course we're buying a cake and giving it to her at school, decorating her locker, but thats all! nothing specials happening! Larissa and I are trying to plan a party, which would solve my problem... so we're trying to do something different, that isnt just chilling at someones house... Larissa and I are trying to plan to go paintballing... that would be fun! anyways, thats really all thats going on... HAPPY BiRTHDAY CHRiSTiE!!! I LOVE YOU A MiLLiON RED M&MS!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Tuesday, October 28th, 2003
    8:16 am
    la la la!
    welllll! i havnt updated in a while! progress is good, right? anyways, this weekend was major fun! i went to the dance on friday with Ella and Megan, and we were dancing like idoits to make fun of all the LITTLE KIDS that were showing up, and couldnt dance at ALL!! anyways, once we were done acting like retards, and we were dancing NORMALLY.... the Ketchup Song came on! [[come on, u kno what one i'm talkin bout!]] anyways, Ella, Meg and I were doing that dance, since the whole world practically knows it, and anyways this really hot guy came up from behind me, and started dancing with me,and i was all like "what the hell? Cant you see this ISNT the dance?" lol... but i was kiddddding! anyways, so i Danced with him, then a slow song came on, and he asked me to dance with him, so i danced with him again! and i was with him alot, and okay, during the dances, if a really popular rap song comes on, with a good beat, some guys will start breakdancing, and people will form a circle around them to watch, cuz theyre really really good! anyways, the guy pulled me into the cirlce to crip walk with him, [[if u dont know what that is, its really hard to explain! its like, messed up ... lol but its really cool when u see it!]] and we got cheers and stuff!! lol..it was awesome! then once we go out and let other people go, Meg, Elle and i decided to do the moonwalk from one side to the other!! hahah! it was awesome!! anyways, so that was a fun night... and that guy was really hot! lol... his name is "Jean-Patrick!" [[hes french, so what do you expect? lol]] and then SATURDAY night, i slept at Gens house with Dom, Kirsten and Elle! and gen gave me MOOSE for dinner... yes, MOOSE! but it was suprisingly really good... lol! i was scared to try it tho, cuz she has antlers hanging in her house, and i was all like "ew..." but ya, it ws good! hahah! anyways, all the girls but me and gen went to bed at one, and gen and i stayed up till 7, cuz at 7 her dad woke up and was like "girls! go to bed!" so we just went... lol! that was such a great night.... anyways! i was doing the happiest dance yesterday... cuz i got my phone bill! lol... it was only .65 cents to call Jess, so I was super-excited, and I wanna call her again! :-) i cant call right now, cuz shes about to go to school, and im at home sorta sick, so it wouldnt be cool! but ima call her sometime soon! and yesterday Kay got mistaken that I was in a car accident, so that freaked me out how she heard that! but anyways... ahh, Trish isnt talking to me yet! she isnt talking to anyone... she shunned all her friends, and Nubi is even calling her a Benedict Arnold.... everyones saying that shes just betraying them, so theyre not even going to bother anymore, cuz it isnt worth it! and it makes me feel really bad, cuz trish was like, my best friend, but she brought it on herself, and that makes me really mad... so whatever! its all good! i have jess to talk to now, and shes actually there for me, and i know she'll never leave me!! cuz jess loooooves me!! haha jk jk!! anyways, i really feel like drinking a Vanilla Bean Hot Chocolate from second cup. they're really super good! and im just in the mood for one!! im really happy right now, even tho im sick! its cuz im talking to Jess!! haha! anyways, i guess thats all for now... gotta get back to Chickie B!!


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    Wednesday, October 15th, 2003
    7:30 pm
    Cant Get Much Better Than This!!
    AHH! Best day EVER!! Well school was cool, whatever, i was with greg all day, and hes super-hot, so im not complaining!! lol.. but then once i got home, i started talking to Jess, and we planned out next christmas... lol!! we're going to go on a cruise to the bahama's from Florida at the Disney World Resort!! its going to be so awesome... we already got it all planned! AND JESS BETTER COME!! lmao!! or else i'll have to walk all the way to texas and kick some booty! ahh i was looking at the site, and its so beautiful, and i dont wanna go wit anyone else but her, cuz shes the coolest ever!! i love Jess... **--Jess-- you're always here for me, and i'll always be there for you, becuase thats what sisters are for!! I love you for always, my little chickie b!! --** anyways, im so excited im like bouncing up and down in my chair, cuz i wanna see Jess so bad... i might see her this summer, but i dont know if that'll all work out... i hope so, because we already have a gummy bear party planned!! [[dont ask.. lol]] and if we go on the cruise, we can bring Greg and Jesse, and go through round two of the raping chronicals!! theres always room for more rape!! Well actually, i guess i cant call it rape anymore, since technically you cant rape the willing... ;o) lol, jk jk!! we can be all like "hey guys... we have our own room... its got mickey mouse on the bed sheets... does that turn you on?" rofl... just kiddin !! but anyways, im in the most hyper mood ever, and its such a good change from whats been going on lately!! AHH THANKS JESS! I <3 YOU! ... awesome, AWESOME day! :o) <333 XoXo_Girlie Q --*

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    Monday, October 13th, 2003
    5:17 pm
    its still Monday.. but i HAD to get this out..... MEAGHAN AND I MET THE HOTTEST GUY EVER!!!!!!!!!! He's 19, and he looks like shawn desman!!! hes SOOOOOOOOOOOO hott! ahh man, i love him!! hes the sweetest guy ever too!! he brought up my mood sooo much!! lol!! anyways, just wanted to write that in!! I LOVE CHRISTOFFER!!!!!!!! <333333 -xoxoxoxoxoxox-
    11:21 am
    well... this is my first of my MANY Blurty entries i guess... its my little online diary that I can tell everything to... well today Allie's here, braiding my hair, then Meaghans going to show up and we're going to chill then go to the movies. This weekend was so0o busy, im freakin tired!! Thursday night I went to my friend Amanda's party, and there were about 10 girls sleeping over, and my friend Sabby and I didn't get to bed until 3 am. Friday Meaghan and Elle came over, and we went shopping, and met up with Melissa and Vanessa. After all that, Elle slept over, and we went to bed around 2. Saturday Dan was supposed to come over from my old town, but then he had to work and do his SAT's, so Meaghan and I chilled all day. Then, Sunday, Allie came over, and we rented movies and watched them, and we ended up sleeping on the floor beside my computer because my grandparents were over, so all the beds were taken! So now my back hurts... lol... well, this weekend, even thought I had a lot of fun with my girls, Angie did something that I didn't really appreciate!! She emailed my best friend Tricia, and she was like, creeping her out and threatening her and all this shit, and Tricia hasnt talked to me since!! I think she thinks its me!! So i emailed her, and im still waiting on a reply! Whenever shes online she wont talk to me, and she hardly goes on anymore... its really depressing me, because we've never gotten in a fight, not even a TiNY argument, and now we're to the point of no talking!!! :o(... so im really depressed about that!!! Its killing me... and Jess is having this problem with a guy, he's using her... so we're both depressed, and we're trying to help each other through. I <3 Jess! I dont know how I managed without her, because she's always there when I need her!! Shes one of my bestest friends!! I wanna go see her in Texas so badly! But i cant go there, unless she comes here first!! [[According to my parents]] So, hers are probably thinking the same thing, and we'll only get to see each other in like, 3 years!! Anyways, im out! Meaghans here!

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