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Wednesday, November 5th, 2003

Time:3:19 pm.
Music:Willy Wonka.
hey-omg i had the BEST day! ok not the best---but like amazing...
nat ur gonna love this
1st off-vicky apologized to me...she stopped me in the hallway and said i have to talk to u later, and then at lunch she said she was sorry and she realized she was wrong cos alyssa is doing the same thing to ilana.
--2nd, during lunch i was walking around and i saw linda so i went to say hi, she grabbed my arm and i was like, i miss u and come with we walked around the corner and there were a buncha people and alyssa was in the middle, and this girl sharon said to her "your a fuckin lifeless bitch and you have no friends" and alyssa looked like she was cry!! so she like ran away down a hallway...then linda grabed my arm and our arms were linkedd and we walked towards alyssa and were laughin, she got so mad!!!! o man it was great. yea i know i sound mean but i fuckin suffered and i totally deserve it...
---by the way nat, MAX SANDUCCIS sister talks to seth ALL the time, and she told him that this girl ARIELLA talks to her all the time and says she loves Seth!! haha, how funny? kk call me were haning out this weekend?
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Wednesday, October 22nd, 2003

Subject:sry i havent updated in a while
Time:5:44 pm.
been busy------omg i was in the WORST mood this morning, like i felt like crap and i was soooo MAD idont even no why, i didnt even bother putting my contacts in, i wore my glasses and this russian boy who is obbssesed with me, foloows me everywhere in school! man-----hes like, ur glasses look sexy and then when he left the library and patted my hair and was like ur hair is so awesome....ewwww!@@!!!!!!!
ok so last weekend i got no sleep, lol, i woke up early SAT to take the PSATS. and NATALIE came over!!! yaya, lol, we had a good time ((as always, lo))-----long story short i found a 5$ bill on the streets of paterson at 3am trying to start my sisters car------SCHOOL OFFICIALLY SUCKS MY ASS! damn man, im so stressed out and im so tired and i feel like crap ALLL the time...leave me some love

my name is cliff brother of joe, i got me some crack i want me some HOES! lemmee hear say yea!! yea...LoL.
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Wednesday, October 8th, 2003

Time:2:42 pm.
Music:John Mayer- Bigger than my body.
so yea, i ditched 7th and 8th period and went to the mall with my mom and michelle (dont laugh at me NAT!). i got the new john mayer cd. BUT YEA, i told my mom i had study halls so she came and picked me up, it was great, i only had gym so dont worry bout it. so then what, omg vladi keeps talking to me during lunch, --fuckin annoying, lol. ok so nat, i need you to get the mariah carey cd from lauren so i can make a copy, the greatest hits one, so ask her to bring it tomorrow, thrusday. ok i gotta go, but if ur at school go on aim if you can, im Burberrygrl2468
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Tuesday, October 7th, 2003

Time:10:02 pm.
full house is on, i love that show. today was soooo boring. like holy crap. i have to find a way OUT of gym, cos i cant do shit, he tried to make me play football, FUCK U. so i talked to this girl julitette, dont know bout what but eh....i have to run a mile on thursday under 12 minutes or fail. in school, i really only talk to guys not girls, girls are so sensitive and touchy, lord, its like if u look at them wrong, your a bitch, guys couldnt give a shit, thats whats so great. lol.
so today at work(volenteering) there are these 3 girls there 2nd graders and they are SOOO adorable. theyre clueless tho, i mean how much did u know at 7 yrs old, it was good back then. then there are some kids, mostly boys who are like A.D.Ding ALL the damn time, and im like "Simon, sit down, and ill get u a sticker" fuckin a. hehe.
my long weekend was pretty good, i went to urban outfitters with nat, i love that store now, im getting crap from there for hannuka, i was soooo bad on Yom Kippur, i didnt go to temple, woke up like 1130, and then me and michelle snuck out of the house, well i told my mom i was going to my grandmas house, but we went to this halloween store cos michlle is INSANE, then we went to paramus mall to go to urban groove and FYE. then we went to Mcdonalds, yea i know, on Yom Kippur, imma bad jew, im sorry, it was an accident, michlle forced me, swear. plus i didnt feel to hot so i ate, im the daughter of a diabetic.
today i forgot my id tag in school, so i got really nervous cos i did not want detention so went to the bathroom during 1st period and called my dad from this girls cell, and he came to give it to me, sometimes my dad is alright.

sry for this long post, ill do that alot, ramble- but its pretty funny. if u dont find it funny- FUCK YOU TWICE WITH STICK. ok? PEACE

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Blurty for AmaNdaaaaaaa.

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