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Not 2 Shabby Weekend... [08 Jun 2003|05:45pm]
[ mood | relaxed ]
[ music | Simple Plan...ADDICTED ]

Hey Peoples, IM BACK...I Dont Kno If U Should be Scared Or Jus Happy 2 See Me, lol...Well Anywayz Let Me Splain Muh Weekend, Ill Start With Saturday Cause i Dont Think i Did Ne Thing Friday...Ok Well i Got Up early N Couldnt Go Bak 2 Sleep, i Got A Shower N Got Ready For Muh Dance Pictures, Onli 2 Realize Wen I Got There That The Were Tha next Day, So i wasted Half A Day, Then I Went 2 Bonanza With Muh mom N Saw A Few hotties N One Sat At Tha Table Next 2 Ours, Since We Were Out That Way We Stopped At Zerns N Got A bunch Uv Candy n I Saw Sum Hotties There 2...Then I Watched A GUY THING later On It Wasnt 2 Bad, Uh 2 Day Sunday I Went 2 Muh Pictures N Lyke Nobody Showed Up In Muh Ballet There was 6 Uv Us N Lyke 6 Othas Were Not There...In Muh jazz There Was 3 Outta Lyke 9...Then I Went 2 Arby's N came Home...Nuthin Excitein, But At Leas I wasnt Sittin Around Bored...Wel Thas All i Feel Lyke Writtin Chat Latta..Peace

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Ima In A GOOD MOOD!!!!! [06 Jun 2003|09:34pm]
~Hey Peoples, Well Whoeva is Readin Bout Muh pathetic Life...Anyway I Am Actually in A Good Mood, I Mean Nuthin Really Excitin Happened Lately, But U Kno Skool Is Almost Out N its Almost Summer, N In Summer i Get 2 Go Out N Play Golf, Catch Sum Rays, Swim, Surf, N PARTY...Didja Eva Hear Tha Football Song That Was Like, "I Like Football on TV"...Well Me N muh Girl Emily Made Up A Song 2 That Tune Called The Summer Song N it Was Like..."I Like Hot Guys In Board Shorts, tank Tops N Short Shorts, wearin Muh Flip Flops, and Dancin 2 HipHOP, N I Like Surfin The Waves, Catchin Sum Rays, party's That Never end, N Dont Forget A Friend, N I LOVE SUMMER!!!!" U Gotta Kno The Tune 2 Get It But It Works...Well Anway Im Listenin 2 Blink182's First Date, I LOVE BLINK182!!!!i Mean i liked Them b4 But I Still Like Them...Um Well Lets See I Could Talk Bout Guys But U Kno id Go On Foreva, Im Lookin For 1 But He's Gotta B Smoke Free N Dont Do Drugs n lite On Tha Drinkin, Yeah i Kno There Aint Many Out There BUt I Kno Theres A True Boy...Well I m Goin 2 Go cause muh Throat Is Sore:( O Well i Gotta Go...Chat latta! Peace Out~
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~*~Tha 1st Entry(YEY)!~*~ [04 Jun 2003|09:03pm]
Hey Peoples, Its muh Firstest Entry..YEY!!!!!....Well I Kno This Is A Lame A** Lookin Page But U Kno Ill Fix It Later....Give Me Credit People Its Like 9:05!!!!Yo im Freakin hungry, But Wen M I Not Hungry, All Muh Friends All Kno im Always Eatin Or hungry, But Its All Cool Ill Eat Later....Lets See how Was Muh Day, Um It Was Not 2 Shabby, It Was A RAINY DAY yey!!!!I Love Rainy Days, im Always In A good Mood...Well Wat happened, Uh I Woke Up Got All Ready 4 Skool N Went, Then i Went 2 Muh Classes(Fun Fun Fun), Studying 4 Finals*BLAH...O Well Its All good in tha HOOD lol EMILY...We r Watchin GLORY in Histor, it aint that bad, I Thought I Was Gonna jus SllepOr Write Notes But Its Kinda interestin, I Found the blowin up Heads N Fighting Really intreegin...Well Anyway Uh Well Nuthin interesante happened 2 Day, But I Got 2 C Sm Hotties,...Well I Kno Its Kinda Dorky BUt Im Goin Out 4 Tha Golf Team, n There R Sum Guys Who Rnt That bad, N I had Fun At The Physical talkin With Jenny, A New Grl From Phili, N Another Guy From the golf Team, Even Though We Were There For An hour+ i Had A Great Time...Well i Need 2 Get braces:(I jus Got The bak Brakets In)Well Um Wat Can i Say Im gonna Be A Fine A** Chica With A Killer Smile..lol Well I Guess thas All, Ill talk Later, hopefully It A Be Interestin..Byeness,
<3ch Luv
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