06:27pm 22/10/2004
  The person in my life who meant the most to me, died last night. And as much as i try to fight it, as much as i try to tell myself it isn't real, its slowly is starting to hit me. All the memories, all the time spent together w/ her, why of all people did she have to be taken away from me? She was the most beautiful person i ever knew..My gram..my best friend. She saw good in everyone, even me. It kills me to see my grandfather suffering like this, to see my family mourn. I've felt pain, but not like this before. My grandfather just keeps crying....My baby is gone, my baby is gone...my baby isn't coming home tonight. I've never witnessed something so painful. I loved her w/ everything that i was. I would do anything for her. I would have taken her place if i knew i could but I know nothing can change what has happened. She is in a better place, i know it. If there is a heaven, if there is anyone in this world that deserves to be there, its my gram. I love you gram, u will forever be in my heart, and i'll never ever forget what you've done for me and this family. Life won't ever be the same without you. I love you.....

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