Nothing to do but hold on to nothing...   
11:56pm 08/09/2005
mood: content
FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!!!!!!!!! RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGHHH!!!!! Slipknot fucking rulez motherfucker! I can't wait till Nov. 4th Montreal, goin to see em a third time w/ Unearth, and As I lay Dying...sounds like a pretty good show. Did nuthin basically today...played halo, smoked, chilled out. Work tommorow and then Uncle fuckin Mike's. Lookin forward to owning at beirut again. Bwah ha ha. Well dunno what else to talk about..

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12:06pm 27/08/2005
mood: melancholy
music: Arch Enemy-Nemesis
Long time since i've updated on this thing. Forgot i even had a blurty...heh. ALOT of shit has happened recently, idk, really not havin the greatest time of my life i guess you could say. That's the way it goes tho i guess. I'm jus hopin things will get better. On the bright side, i'm goin golfin w/ my pa and Uncle Dave today. I can at least look forward to that. Stupid fucking shift today tho!!! 8pm-12pm. UGH!! What a fuckin way to ruin a Saturday night. And....still waiting on my Food Stamps to get activated. Man that will help me a ton. I'll actually be able to afford a phone, and it will be a little easier to pay the bills. God i can't wait to October, when i can get my G.E.D. and hopefully land a good job. I have a good chance at Alcoa if they are hiring. My whole family practically works there! And my pop "the godfather" will have a say i'm sure. Lol. Went to Uncle Mike's last night. Not much went on....most peeps left when i got there. But i played a little beirut. Beat Mike one on one, once again made double cup redemption. After everyone left it was jus me Mike, and BW. We jus chatted about God, Life, and what we believe and shit, kinda weird but alot of diff. opinions, and man can a bowl open up your mind. Got us all thinkin about our purpose here. In that aspect i guess im still confused as hell!!! I'll figure it out someday...i hope. Well i'm done ranting....stay (sic)

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09:45pm 25/05/2005
mood: bouncy
music: Nothing right now
Beirut motherfuckers. I hope to see all of my friends and fellow maggots. Beirut will be complemented by some heavy fuckin metal music and Halo tournaments. Party on motherfuckers!!

"Grow that hair, Drink that beer, Live w/o Remorse or Fear!" -Grimfist-

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Fawkin bored..   
08:02pm 09/05/2005
mood: bored
music: Emperor
Nuthin else to do so jus updating on this thinger. Got off work at 3 and nothin else has went on whatsoever. God i hate this fuckin town lol. Some day im gonna move to a fuckin city. hmm. Jus listenin to sum Emperor right now....watched the Incredibles. Pretty good movie hehe. Im thinkin about goin to rent the Big Lebowski...i fuckin love that movie!! I gave money to Jordan that little fucker in Canada, and i said u have to do my dishes! Of course she hasn't done them yet...but she better fuckin a i gave her 10 bucks. Thats like 2823459872357 dollars Canadian. Lol. Went out to Uncle Mike's again last Friday. I think its gonna be a regular thing on Friday. Its alright i love beirut. Whether i win or lose, fuck it. It's all good. Well idk what else to say, stay (sic).

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07:17pm 06/05/2005
mood: bouncy
music: IN FLAMES
Goin to a party lata tonight. Uncle fuckin Mike's u motherfuckers. I hope to see u all there. Should be sum fun owning at beirut. Bwah ha ha. I swear to fuck they better play sum metal. Rap is aight when ur drunk cuz of the bass, other than that blah, i hate it when im sober. Fuck tho, Jake is over playin fuckin vids and im jus updating cuz im bored. Waiting. Tommorow is Ottawa, among other things. Busy, Busy, Busy. Starting in the Deli next week, and then the week after that is my first official vacation ever. Fuck man i can't wait. It's only a week but hell, i get fuckin paid for it! Probably jus gonna chill w/ my family. Catch up on sum shit. Well nothing else to say.....stay (sic)

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02:18pm 05/05/2005
mood: cheerful
music: Dark Tranquility-Charachter
EMPTY...FRAGILE...WEAAAAAKKKK!!!! Fuck man, Dark Tranquility rules! Thier cd charachter has been blastin like nonstop in my system. I love Melodic Death Metal. Specially from the Gothenburg area. A la In Flames as well. FUUUUCK. Well what else. Goin to Ottawa again on Saturday, last time was a blast w/ Bruce and my sis. This time we are taking Pinbitch. Should be interesting. Apt. = clean for the most part. I have to do the dishes. Blah. I had to get up early for work today, shit. I hate that. I like afternoon to night shifts but wtf can u do i guess right? For some reason im in a good mood i have no idea y the fuck i am but o well haha! I won't object. Went to see my pop recently, took Krista w/ me. We ate chinese it was fuckin awesome. Met my sister, Randall and my Neice Audrey down there. Had sum fun. It's good to be w/ my family. There is nothing i enjoy more in this life. Thats what life is all about anyways. Havin fun, bein w/ ur family, bein yourself, and jus doin what u like to do. You don't have to fuckin please anyone else. You are who u want to be. And u don't need to impress anyone. If people feel they need to be impressed, well ur fuckin better than them. Don't let anyone judge u for who you are, how u dress, nothing! Just be ur self. Thats what i look for in people. How real they are. Fake people are a fuckin turn off big time, and also i don't especially care to hang around them either. Well im done ranting...keep it real...STAY (SIC)


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08:33pm 29/04/2005
mood: bored
music: Kataklysm-Serenity in Fire

Nickname: PJ, Pete,
Single or Taken: uhhh taken i
Sex: M
Birthday: October 2nd 1985
Sign: Libra
Siblings: 2 Sisters
Hair color: Black as night
Eye color: Blue w/ hints of yellow
Shoe size: 12
Height: 6'0
What are you wearing right now: Khakis w/ a metal t-shirt, my Hatewear hat, etc
Where do you live: Massena
Righty or lefty: Righty
Any pets: No
Can you make a dollar change right now: Wtf

Fashion Stuff

Where is your fav place to shop: Wherever has the stuff i need
Do you have any tattoos or piercings?: 1 tattoo, Slipknot tribal S on my right calf
Favorite kind of pants: My Tripp black pimped out pants w/ chains galore


Colour: Black
Number: 7
Food: Anything Italian pretty much
Boy's name: JORGE!!!!!!!!!
Girl's name: Autumn
Subject in school: History
Animal: Blue footed-booby
Drink: Mountain Dew
Celebrity: Corey Taylor
Sport: Hockey, Golf, (tie)
Veggie: Corn
Fruit: Watermelon or Apples
Fast food place: Burger King by far
Place to visit: My grandpa's house
Month: October
Singer/Band: Slipknot among a zillion others, but they my all time fav.
Movie: Terminator 2, Independence Day, Pornos
Ice Cream: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough RAAAAAAARGH!!!
Perfume: That would be cologne, and ironically enough, Abercrombie....HEY IT SMELLS GOOD

Have you ever

Given anyone a bath: yes...heheh
Smoked: Yeh unfortunately..
Bungee jumped: No
Broken the law: Yes, alot.
Made yourself throw-up: Nope
Went skinny dipping: Yea jus to say i did it.
Been in the opposite sex's washroom: was awesome
Eaten a dog biscuit: Yeh on a dare
Put your tongue on a frozen pole: No
Someone ever made you cry: Yes
Broken a bone: I think my toe broke once
Played truth or dare: Yes
Been in a physical fight: yeh
Rode in a police car: Yes
Been on a plane: No
Come close to dying: I suppose a couple times
Been in a sauna: Yes
Been in a hot tub: Yes
Swam in the ocean: Yes
Fallen asleep in school: Yes
Kissed your cousin: What?!
Ran away: Yes
Broken someone's heart: Yes
Cried when someone died: Yes
Wanted someone: Yes
Lied: Yes
Cried in school: Yes
Laughed so hard you fell off your chair: Yes
Sat by the phone all night waiting for a call: Yes
Saved e-mails: Yes
Wished you were someone else: No
Wished you were a member of the opposite sex: Hell fuckin no dood!
Fallen for your best friend?: No
Been rejected: Yes
Been cheated on? Yes.
Done something you regret? Yes

First Thing That Comes to Mind

Red: Blood
Blue: Ocean
Autumn: Leaves
Cow: Hamburgers
Greenland: Nothingness

What Is

Your good luck charm: My spider-man key chain thinger
Best song you ever heard: Surfacing, by Slipknot....pure fuckin brilliance
Stupidest thing you have ever done: Idk but i know there are a few
What's your room like: Boring kinda, im gonna fix it up
Describe your crush: ?
Your most prized possession: My metal music Cd Collection...god what would i do w/o this shit?!
What is beside you: A wall
Last thing you ate: A tootsie roll
Fav song: Surfacing by Slipknot
What kind of shampoo do you use: Anything that cleans and is cheap to buy
Best thing that has happened to you this year: Im still alive
Worst thing that has happened to you this year: Lost my grandma

Have You Ever Had

Chicken pox: Yes
Sore Throat: Yes
Cold: Yes
Stiches: Yes
Bloody nose: Yes
Surgery: No...i dun think anyways

Would You

Eat a live hamster for $1,000,000: Easily...hand over the knife and fork!!
Go to a Hanson concert if you had a free ticket: Id burn it, then go to the concert and burn them...
Kill someone you didn?t know for 15 billion dollars: I would do it for like a friggin thousand, does that answer this question?!
If you were stuck on an island, what person would you want with you: My pop
If you loved someone and you were keeping something from them and it would hurt them if they found out, would you tell them: Yeh

Do You/Are You

Do you like filling these out: When im bored, sure
Do you wear contacts or glasses: Contacts
Do you like yourself: Yes
Do you get along with your family: At the present moment, yes
Do you do drugs: Yes
Have piercings below the waist? No
Habla espanol?: No, tu es estupido
Stolen anything over $50: Hmmm
Obsessive?: No
Compulsive? Maybe
Anorexic? No
Depressed? Yes
Suicidal? No

Final Questions

What are you listening to right now: Kataklysm-Serenity in Fire
What makes you happy: My family
What do you like to do: Whatever makes me happy
What did you do two days ago: Worked
Yesterday: Slept, Ate, Worked
Career: Right now? Cashier, Customer Service Clerk, Stock Clerk, Deli Clerk at P&C MUTHAFUUUCKAAA!!!!

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04:13pm 27/04/2005
mood: indescribable
music: American Head Charge-Dirty
Today was pretty fuckin interesting...went w/ ol bruce down to the res. Met up w/ blue, that was so fucked up. Def. bad vibes goin on in that car. He brought us out to this side road up to this dudes driveway or w/e and idk it was fucked up. He was gone for a pretty long time w/ him in that house and i was gettin pretty fuckin freaked out. I was like fuck man! This is a fuckin setup i know it. I wanted the other guy who was givin us a ride to take me to the bears den so i could fuckin call for sum backup or somethin. Well, finally they came out, and we went out to another sketchy road. No one was home there. Damn the whole thing jus was way too fuckin sketchy. I think Bruce and all of us got lucky. Cuz somethin is tellin me, man that was meant to be a setup but it didn't go thru or somethin. Close. Not a very fun ride. So now im back here jus doin what i always do. Gettin ready for work...blah! Fuckin gotta close the stupid store. Well thats it so far for today.

STAY SIC!!!!!!!!

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Shit man so tired lol   
09:08pm 24/04/2005
mood: busy
music: Astarte-Dark Infected Circles
Longest fuckin shift ever today!!!! 2 and a half hours wah lemme tell ya...never worked so fuckin hard in my fuckin life!! lol. So whats new hmmmmm. Sittin listenin to metal as usual. I've been workin on my "scream" lately and its startin to sound pretty fuckin (sic). Too bad no one around here is serious about makin a metal band. I sure as hell am. Thats y eventually im gonna move the fuck outta here. I wanna meet people who will be!!!!!!! It's my fuckin dream man, and even if i don't become famous i can at least say i accomplished what i wanted. I want to tour!!! I want to start some fuckin wicked circle pits! FUCK SHIT UP!!!!! I will....if it is the last thing i fuckin do!! Hear me now fuckers!!!!! Lol. So what else? Not much my life bites fuckin ass as usual. SicK of alot of things...going to do sum shit about it. Spend sum time w/ my family today. Went to Waddington and watched Meet The Fockers w/ my dad. I liked it, pretty funny. Also ate supper there. Then went to my Mom's and hung out for awhile had sum "in depth" conversations....hmmmm. About good and evil. And Armageddon oddly enough. Hmmm....God damn the Disasterpieces DVD is awesome high. Just ask Jim. That fuck. O man best fuckin boss battle in the history of gaming is in Total Carnage!!!!! Fuckin badass game even tho its old as shit. Orca is fucking (sic)!!!!!! Thank fuck he also fixed my comp, its runnin alot better. Thx dood. I need to hang out w/ ur fucking bitch ass more often. Well stay (sic) all u (sic) fuckers!!!!!!! If ur not in....Die...


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END OF THE LINE!!!!!!!!!   
12:30am 24/04/2005
mood: cheerful
music: Devildriver-Hold Back The Day
New song by Devildriver from thier new cd comin out this summer, The Fury Of Our Makers Hand. They def. stepped up to the plate as far as tearin shit up on the guitars. Sounds much improved from there previous album which was still pretty kickass! Sum other kick ass shit i've heard...Astarte with thier album Sirens. Totally female black metal coming straight from Greece. Not only are they pretty hot but they can fuckin play. Apparently Shagrath from Dimmu Borgir and Sykis from Rotting Christ make a guest apperance. (sic) Also, i need to check out Susperia-Unlimited, In Flames-The jester race, and Rotting Christ's new outing. FUCK i love metal. Any kind man, i love it all. It's my fuckin life. Some day i will have my own fuckin metal band thats my goal. I want to create a gothenburg style death metal band a la In Flames, Dark Tranquility. I jus love the fucking guitars sound they implement especially on their solos. (Sic) shit. O and the best news i've heard in a long fuckin time. Put ur fuckin rumors to rest about Slipknot dying out. Chris said in a very recent interview, that indeed a new album would be coming out. If that doesn't deserve devil horns i have no idea what the fuck does. Fuck man, that's beautiful. Aight well besides metal i don't have anything on my mind....Stay (sic)

Love ya shitface! (lol)

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07:34pm 02/04/2005
mood: artistic
music: Strapping Young Lad - Alien
Hold on to the memories,
Good times, fuckin remember them,
cuz if they are gone, its do or die,
your life will snap, your lifes a lie,
all things are wrapped around,

Hold on to them, and strength,
what u have inside,
push thru,
and the rope will untie,
and life may seem,
to open your eyes,

Im strong enough to pull thru,
Im a stone of defiance,
a martyr for this,
to hold on,
to existence,
to break thru,
the system,
to open up with all my force,
and let it out without remorse,
im fucking stronger than u think,
i built my strength from inner weaknesses,
i built my fucking being from my failures,

So yea, jus fuckin sittin here. Pretty lonely, hopin somethin cool might happen tonight...but i highly doubt it. Kinda torn about Krista. But i know what im doin is right. i know it.
Bruce was over, we fuckin jus chilled, played sum video games.
Havent really been doin a whole lot lately. Jus loungin around.
O by the way the new apt. is pretty sweet. Thank fuck something good to keep me sane. Lol. Well dun know what else to say. Stay (sic)

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Alot to think about....   
12:50am 23/03/2005
mood: frustrated
music: none
Jus sittin here by myself i dunno, i tend to think alot. About what could have been different. About how i could be better. And honestly i feel as tho im just a big dissapointment. Most of all to myself. I never would have dreamed half the shit that ive done....would actually happen. I never thought i would succomb to it. But i did. It's almost as though im living in a nightmare. But it's one i created. and i know it. That makes it worse. It could have been good. Maybe i would've been happy. But i'm alone, and fucked up. It's like a vicious cycle from bad to worse. Happy moments drift in and out and then are fucking shattered. It makes me feel sometimes as though i should jus fuckin give up. Something in the back of my mind keeps me going thankfully, even thru the worst. I hope it stays w/ me, because lately it feels as though its been weakening.

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Alot to think about....   
12:50am 23/03/2005
mood: frustrated
music: none
Jus sittin here by myself i dunno, i tend to think alot. About what could have been different. About how i could be better. And honestly i feel as tho im just a big dissapointment. Most of all to myself. I never would have dreamed half the shit that ive done....would actually happen. I never thought i would succomb to it. But i did. It's almost as though im living in a nightmare. But it's one i created. and i know it. That makes it worse. It could have been good. Maybe i would've been happy. But i'm alone, and fucked up. It's like a vicious cycle from bad to worse. Happy moments drift in and out and then are fucking shattered. It makes me feel sometimes as though i should jus fuckin give up. Something in the back of my mind keeps me going thankfully, even thru the worst. I hope it stays w/ me, because lately it feels as though its been weakening.

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12:06am 22/03/2005
mood: accomplished
music: Soilwork
Fucking sitting here in this shithole apt. Bruce, Josh, Krista, Andy, and Pinslut are over, right now they are playing darts. Alot of changes goin on lately. First of apt. 162 Main Street. Big fuckin white building. Mark from imagine lives there, downstairs. Anyway, its really nice and a huge plus is that i don't have to deal w/ that stupid smelly ass, fat fuck IGGY. I hope he fuckin dies or somethin i hate his ass so much. He came up bangin the shit out of my door a couple nights ago at like 3 o clock in the fuckin morning. Bitchin about how WE apparently flooded his place. What a fuckin dickhead. I don't care if hes SLOW he's fuckin smart enuf to know that that is fuckin ridiculous. But he doesn't fuckin care, him and the landlord suck each others fuckin cock. W/e. Another change, which some of u may no is me and Krista splittin up. It's not on a bad note or anything it's just that well....i've done sum fucked up shit. And i know it. And alot of people know it. And i'm never gonna fuckin let myself do it again. I refuse. I care about her alot. And i think that our relationship wasn't at all healthy and i know as tough as it is...this is for the best. Also, today it has been 5 months exactly since my grandma passed. I went to see my grandpa today. He of course was havin a hard time. It hurts me so bad to see him like he is. I can't stand it. He said to me "Someday i hope i will be w/ her. " I turned to him and said, "Y'know what Pop, i know ya will." They were PERFECT. They had a love that couldn't be ruined for anything. It's amazing how much they cared for each other. I know that he will be w/ her someday, and i know then he will be happy. I love him so much, he does so much for me, and i want him to be happy. I can only be there for him, and for him thats enough. He loves spending time w/ me and i love spending time w/ him. Just goin down and shootin the shit. I love it. But anyways, sum other shit goin on. As in i need to start packin. I wanna be fully moved in that new apt. within a few days. I have alot of help thankfully. So its gonna be ez. I jus gotta get started. Well dun know what else to say. Keep ur fuckin devil horns in the air and remember....METAL OR DIE. (to all u emo sluts)haha jk sorta.

Stay (sic)


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07:23pm 28/02/2005
mood: blah
music: none
Sittin here at my grandpa's. Nance, randy, Jordan, my Uncle Dave and my mom are here. We are watching Finding Nemo, lol. Yawn. Not a favorite. Had venisin and other good food for dinner. It was excellent. It feels good to spend time w/ my Grandpa. I really missed him. But even more i miss the old times. Now, it jus feels like my life is not in order. Im not where i wanna be. Nothing right now is right. But im going to fix it. It's just a matter of time. I miss my Gram alot too. I think about her every day and every night. Thats probably what i miss most about the old times. Jus coming up here to see her and my grandpa. I didn't need anything else, i was just happy. And i wish i could just be happy again. I would give anything for that. Maybe someday i'll have it again. I walk around here and it just feels empty w/o her here. It just seems like yesterday, i would walk in and give her a hug and kiss. And we would just talk, watch movies, spend time together, do w/e. It was always fun w/ her. She would make me corn muffins and french toast in the morning. She loved to do things for me. For anyone. She was would do anything to make sure everyone was happy. She was just a beautiful person. U see nothing like that today. No one gives a fuck anymore. And maybe why thats why i've turned into such a hateful person. Because i actually see the world for what it is. For what it is w/o people like my grandmother in it. Im bitter because i hate the way people are. It makes me sick to look at some peoples faces. It makes me sick to look at my own face sometimes. I hope that my grandmother can forgive me for the things i have done. I have let her down, and thats what hurts the most. My grandmother is the person i would never want to dissapoint and i know i have. Thats something i live knowing every day. Like a scar on my body it won't go away.

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03:30pm 19/02/2005
mood: (sic)
music: American Head Charge
So yea i haven't updated in a while lol. Jus sittin here chillen w/ sum friends. Stayin (sic). Been playing way too much D2 and loving it! Krista doesn't like it but she can kiss it. HAhahaha. Got a lot of Slipknot posters i have to hang up. They are fucking (sic). Holy shit the apt. is dirty as hell. Time to clean. Or maybe for Krista hahaha. Jk. I clean too motherfucker. So yea idk what else to say. (sic)

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12:30am 08/01/2005
mood: aggravated
music: None
Haven't updated in forever. O well. I bought Diablo 2 again and im startin to get back into it. Halo 2 is god. So i dunno. Im pissed. Lost a match at Halo and fucking whipped my headset across the room. Lol i get wayyyy to mad over the game but i can't help it. Yo if any of you haven't seen the Videos for Nymphetamine from Cradle Of Filth or Vermilion from Slipknot...u should they are pretty cool. I've really begun to hate my life, especially my piece of shit job at P&C. I get paid "minimum wage" for fucking crying out loud. I was supposed to get a raise to 6.00 but shouldn't that mean i get paid what i was getting paid above minimum wage before it changed? I guess not. Fucking cheapos. I hate every single one of them. I bought Mechassault 2 for my xbox and im gonna take it back. Its not that its not good but im so addicted to Halo 2 i don't really want to play anything else. There is alot of other shit i could probably complain about but im sick of writing in this stupid thing.


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06:27pm 22/10/2004
  The person in my life who meant the most to me, died last night. And as much as i try to fight it, as much as i try to tell myself it isn't real, its slowly is starting to hit me. All the memories, all the time spent together w/ her, why of all people did she have to be taken away from me? She was the most beautiful person i ever knew..My best friend. She saw good in everyone, even me. It kills me to see my grandfather suffering like this, to see my family mourn. I've felt pain, but not like this before. My grandfather just keeps crying....My baby is gone, my baby is baby isn't coming home tonight. I've never witnessed something so painful. I loved her w/ everything that i was. I would do anything for her. I would have taken her place if i knew i could but I know nothing can change what has happened. She is in a better place, i know it. If there is a heaven, if there is anyone in this world that deserves to be there, its my gram. I love you gram, u will forever be in my heart, and i'll never ever forget what you've done for me and this family. Life won't ever be the same without you. I love you.....


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Its been awhile...   
11:24pm 14/10/2004
mood: numb
music: Cradle Of Filth-Nymphetamine
since i've updated on this stupid thing. For anyone that actually cares, lol, i'm still alive and well. Alot of fucked up shit has happened recently though and i can't help but dwell on it. Im sure some of you or most of you maybe heard what happened, what i did. Yea i's fucked up. And i tried to deny it to people, and to myself. But what happened, happened. And i have to live w/ it. Shit, i'm just glad to know that i still have people that care about me. That can forgive me. Even tho i don't deserve it. My grandparents, as awful as it was, still love me. They have always stuck by my side. I don't know what i'd do w/o them. However i have lost friends, due to this. And i totally expected that to happen. Can't say i blame u guys at all. Just know this...i'm still Pete. I'm not a "scumbag" or a "woman beater" as some would say. I fucked up. And tho u may not have done something as terrible as i have. U too have fucked up in your life before. There has been some stupid shit that has happened to me lately tho. Heather Schwetner (sp?) came into my WORKPLACE, and actually called me a woman beater in front of all my fellow employees and customers. Now im sorry, u can think whatever u want about me Heather. But that was fucking ridiculous. Im sure u wouldn't enjoy me coming into your workplace and telling u what I think of your fucking ass. Believe me, u don't want to know. And Aaron....Ok. U think i'm a scumbag. That's fine. But u don't need to fucking run your mouth to people, cmon. That is fucking stupid. There is no need for it. I still consider u my friend, even if u fucking hate my guts. And to all the other people at Wendy's...the same goes for u guys. that topic...i passed my G.E.D. pretest and have a seat at the Final test on Oct. 22nd. I think i'll be alright on that. Plus if i pass i get 500 bucks. Sweet.
I've also bought alot of new xbox games and cds, all of which are awesome. Me Andy, and Pinfag are addicted to X-men Legends. NHL 2005 kicks ass. Otogi, Myth of Demons is cool too but its fucking HARD. Fable is amazing but a bit too short.
For music i just got Shadows Fall-The War Within, really fucking good cd. Cradle Of Filth-Nymphetamine, amazing...and a couple others i can't think of.
As for work...i still work at good ol' P&C. Almost half a year now. damn. Looking for a new job soon, cuz it's hard to pay the ol bills makin only 6 bucks an hour. Speaking of my Apt, i enjoy it...but my neighbors are fucking ridiculous. I live next to a psycho, and of fucking course....Jehovas Witness. Fucking beautiful. I'm waiting for Andy to get a job so we can split on a 2 bdrm apt. Get a job damnit!!!
Right now i'm at my grandparents house, spendin some time w/ them. Watched House of 1000 Corpses, ate junkfood and hung out. Went out to Dinner at a decent Diner in Norwood. Haven't been here in awhile....i miss it here. Got 20 bucks from my Uncle Dave for my b-day. He's a good guy. I enjoy hangin w/ him, golfing and shit. I haven't really been able to do much of it lately. Thats another thing i miss. Too much stress in my life right now, i'm having trouble focusing on the good things in life. Im so fucking stuck on the stupid shit that makes me miserable. Ugh i hate it. Well i'm not sure what to say...not sure when i'll be able to update again either seeing as i don't have a comp...heh.

BuRn ThE FuCkinG ChUrChEs tO ThE FuCkiNG FloOr

" And I will wander endlessy...seeking all..the answers that i let slip thru my fingers...." Shadows Fall

Stay (sic) Fuckers!

(burn a church)

Indeed I am the one who comes before any other...   
03:59pm 30/08/2004
mood: amused

Modern Satanist
Thinking yourself to be a god, realizing Indulgence as your main goal, not believing in a literal Satan, and counting stupidity as your highest sin. You are a proud LaVeyan Satanist! You might enjoy if you're not already a member.

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