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Friday, December 26th, 2003
11:52 pm - Sooo big
my god it's been forever since I wrote in here. I've gotten so big lately I've gained 24 lbs. now. it seems like a lot more than that though. I feel like I'm the size of the titanic!! I'm still lookin for a job, but no one will hire me cause I'm pregnant and they know I'll have to take time off. wich sucks cause I need money now!! I had a great christmas, I got lots of stuff and got money and gift certificates too!! that's always cool. but anyay, I'm gonna go now. Bye bye

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Monday, October 27th, 2003
10:50 pm - this weekend...
ok, friday I went to my moms for a while and stubs stayed the night at mikes. and then saturday I went to the show with ashley and mary and cathy and andy. that was really fun. it was a good show. then stubs told me he'd be home at 7am and didn't show up untill 7pm the next day. he didn't even bother to call. Oh my god I ws furious. he pissed me off soooo bad. and then when he got home and I talked to him about it he said he didn't call because he didn't think I would be mad!!! WTF??? that's just crazy. so then we're ok now. and today we went to my G.E.D. appointment. and that went well i start taking tests tomorow. it'll be easy though. and then we went to eat at the hy-vee cafe cause they got some good fuckin food. and then we came home. and sat around. then lauren and amanda came over. it was good to talk to them. I get along with lauren really well and amanda seems really nice too. but I'm gonna go eat now. Mmmm. ok, talk to you all later.

current mood: content

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Wednesday, October 22nd, 2003
11:11 pm - today
today I had the interview at boesens. it was fun. we got lost on the way there, but lucky we made it on time, and got to see some really pretty houses. I think I did good at the interview. she was really nice. hopefully I'l get the job. she said she had a couple more interviews and then she'd let me know. I hope I get it!!!!! it would be really fun I think. but, I'm gonna go now. Bye bye

current mood: excited

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Tuesday, October 21st, 2003
5:56 pm - a little better
Today was better then the days before it. I woke up because the cat was stuck in the wall, (don't ask) then I went a little later and took a nap. then I got woke up because the lady called from boesens and I have an interview tomorow at 3:30!!! I'm so happy. I want this job really bad. Then Cathy and I went outside and pulled weeds for a while. that was boring, and now i can't breath. but it was worth it. then I came in and sat around, woke up stubs and got him ready for practice. and now I'm here....yeah. ok well I'll go now. Much love!!

current mood: hopeful
current music: ludacris - whats your fantasy

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Monday, October 20th, 2003
12:28 pm - bleh...
Man, I'm really weird. I can't exactly explain in depth but the last week has been really nerve racking. I guess I'm just stressed or something. breath in...breath out...ok. well I guess I'll go now. Lot of love to everyone.

current mood: stressed
current music: Eve 6 - heres to the night

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Tuesday, October 7th, 2003
11:23 pm - he he he

ya think so?

current mood: full

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Wednesday, October 1st, 2003
10:25 pm - long mutha fuckin time...
it has been like forever since I updated. umm, I'm sick, I need a job. matt works at menards now. that's good. it makes me happy he has a job. at least that way one of us does. I need a job really bad. I'm almost ready to look at telemarketing. I would really like to get my G.E.D. and then go to get a real job. like at wells fargo or something. that would be cool. but any way. I'm gonna go now. bye bye.

current mood: tired
current music: soaps

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Friday, September 5th, 2003
12:12 pm - another long time...
ok folks so here's what's been goin on. I need a job, still. last night I bleached my hair cause I'm tired of it being black. it's been black for almost 2 years now! bleh, its to boring now. and later tonight I'm gonna dye it burgandy. I miss haven red hair. it looks really good on me too. but right now, since my hair is bleached. it's all blonde and red and orange and shit. it looks kinda neat, but not anything I'd want to have for a long time. anyway, I'm gonna go now...yeah. Later.

current mood: artistic
current music: I.C.P. - Play with me

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Thursday, August 14th, 2003
11:29 am - long long time...
sorry I haven't been on in a long time, I've been really sick lately. not much has happened though. umm, got a job at mcdonalds doin what mary does. how fun huh? and matt and I have been together for 6 months now. that's cool. I'm tired and sick though, I have to go to the doctor today. hopefully they won't keep me there. I don't like to sleep in hostpitals. there so cold and white. ok, gotta go now. bye bye *shannon*

current mood: scared
current music: some show

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Sunday, August 3rd, 2003
1:55 pm - long time no update
ok, so it's been awhile. well, this weekend, Matt went to eric's for the weekend and I stayed at my moms. it was pretty fun. I got a new bra, and socks, and underwear. and $20. and we went to perkins and I ate some eggs, and toast. it was really good. so yeah, it was a pretty fun weekend. it looks as though it will happen again next weekend too.

current mood: blah
current music: nothin....

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Tuesday, July 29th, 2003
11:58 am
bleh, so I had a busy fuckin weekend. one show friday, one show sat. they were both really fuckin fun. sat. was awesome though. I got a little hurt but not much. it was awesome. but anyway, other than that, I sleep all the time, and eat. that's about it. sleep, eat, sleep,eat. but it's good for me. eh, ok i'm gonna go. *Shannon*

current mood: bouncy
current music: M.S.I. - Clarissa

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Wednesday, July 23rd, 2003
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Monday, July 21st, 2003
11:27 am - weekend update with shannon
ok, Friday, decided to go to rocky since I haven't been in a really long time, it was actually fun. then we went to a couple cemmeterys and other cool places. it was fucked. then sat. we went to our friend kourtneys b. day party. it was her sweet 16. it was nice hangin out with her and her family. then we went and got my brother and he came and stayed the night. and we went swimmin. that was fun too. then yesturday, we sat around for most of the day and then went to monkE's for our family dinner. it was alright I guess. and then we came home. and sat up for a little while and then went to sleep. and now I'm here. so yeah, I had a pretty busy weekend. next weekend will be busier though. I have to go to a show on fri. for FaceCage, then see them again at lazerfest on sat.!!! I can't fuckin wait. it'll be so awesome. ok well, gotta go now. bye bye *shannon*

current mood: groggy
current music: the Air...

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Sunday, July 13th, 2003
2:03 pm - I forgot again...
oops, ok but here's what happened yesturday. I woke up got matt ready and on his way. then went down stairs to clean my room but I was really tired so it only got half done, and I took a nap. then I woke up, sat around for a while and then dan and I went to my moms for a while, then he left and I stayed there to visit. then some people came over and we talked and I cut my brothers hair cause it was gettin really long. but then I came home. when I got here I had to feed all the animals. first I fed the cats, that went ok, except that kitters wouldn't eat her food. then I fed the rabbit and rat, that was fine. then I fed rowdy, I accidently grabbed the cat food and gave it to him. but he still ate it. then the fun part, I had to go feed bear. OMG, never again. I went out there and he was all barkin and jumpin around even after I yelled at him and told him it was ok. so I went inside to see if meghan would feed him cause he was jumpin on me and knockin me over. so she did, and I helped her so she knew what to do. uh, that sucked though. then we sat around and then a little later decided to go get dana and then go over to dans. we sat there for awhile, and then cam home, and I went to bed. then matt got home a little after 6 and I woke up and we talked for a while and then we went to sleep. I couldn't sleep well though, I kept wakin up from really fucked up dreams. but oh well. k, gotta go now. *Shannon*

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Saturday, July 12th, 2003
11:14 am - oops...
I forgot to update this yesturday. so here goes. I got up, and me and dan went to o reileys, and then to lunch, and then we went to his house to look at some stuff cause I'm gonna help him re-decorate his room. then we came home. then I got ready and everything. and then matt,mary,cathy, and I went to gordmans and toy r us, and the bank, and then to get ciggs. then matt and I went over to my moms cause it was my brothers birthday. he was turnin 10. wow....double digits now...and we stayed there for a while and visited, and ate food and cake. it was good. then we came home around 1. and I passed the fuck out. I was so tired!! so yeah that was my day. it wasn't to bad of a day. and today, mary and cathy are gone in Illinois, and matt has a show in minnesota. so my day will probably be boring and un eventful. but I'll let you know what happens later. gotta go. *Shannon*

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Thursday, July 10th, 2003
11:29 am
ok everyone, I went to the doctor yesturday, and they said everything seems to look fine, but that they need to make sure. so I have to go back in a week and check again, just to make sure. God damn I'm sick of the doctors office now.....

current mood: moody
current music: Nothin

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Tuesday, July 8th, 2003
11:54 pm - today wasn't so bad.
ok, here's today. I woke up around 10 and after a couple of hours of trying not to puke, I started to feel better and ate some breakfast. it was good. then I sat around for most of the day, because I didn't feel well. after a while I went with cathy to get Grr. cause he got his balls cut off today. and then brought him home and went to the bank, then the other bank, then vanity, then to get ciggs. then home then we went and got pizza. (2for tuesday at dominos, good shit.) then we ate and then I sat around and no I'm here. tomorow I have to go to the doctor again, just to make sure everything is goin fine like they thought it was. and hopefully it is. and then, I have to go to my *old* job and get my check because they won't give it to me. so yeah...busy day tomorow. wish me luck. gotta go. *shannon*

current mood: anxious
current music: Nothin

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Monday, July 7th, 2003
9:25 pm - horray!!!
YaY!!! ok so here's what all happened today. I got up and went to the doctor and they took my blood(ouchie). then they said they would call me and let me know how it went. so he called and said everything was fine and that I will go to the doctor again wen. hopefully that goes good too. then we went to old country buffet, it was really good. I ate fries and ice cream. then we went to go get my check and it wasn't there. my boss never brought it. so, when I take him to court, it will just be one more thing for me to get money on. then I took a nap and it was good. now I'm sittin here being bored. ok, well I gotta go now.

P.S. hey everyone, you should not listen to lostemokid, you should go and vote for FaceCage, cause if you do matt and I won't kill you in your sleep. Lots of Love.

P.P.S. I miss Mary!!!!


current mood: grateful
current music: T.V.

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Sunday, July 6th, 2003
11:43 pm - today....
ok, I went to monke's moms for dinner, then drove around and shot fireworks at people. then we went to the park and matt found a neato fuckin gas mask so we're gonna clean it out and stuff. but it was a pretty good day. tomorow I have to go to the doctor again, and shit like that.'s gonna suck. they have to take more blood. last time I flipped out and was all cryin and shit cause I had a bad day and then they couldn't find my vain so they stabbed me 3 times and then all diggin around and shit. it sucked. so hopefully this tiem will be better, I'll update you guys after I go. but yeah, I'm gonna go now. luv to all. *shannon*

current mood: anxious
current music: slipknot - me inside

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4:47 pm
ok, so nothin really bad happened on the 4th, like I thought it was. that's good. it was really fun, and then yesturday we went to the wedding and it was fun, but then this caterer bitch was yellin at dan for playin with the candle and pushed me out of the way and climbed over me to get to him. it was fucked up. so I got all mad and I was tired and so I wanted to go but we stayed for a while after that. nikki's dress was really pretty. she looked good. but she cut her arm. ouch! but then she was ok. that was my weekend so far. I'll update more about today later when more stuff has happened. bu bye *shannon*

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