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Saturday, February 21st, 2004
1:28p - t.G.i.F!
Friday... wOke uP, weNT tO SchOoL. tHeN i wEnt HoME tO mY caSa aND WEnT oNLiNe fOr LiKe a MiLLioN hOUrS ((or iT fELt LiKE ThAt)) tHen i GoT oFf aND gOt ReaDy FoR CaThEriNeZ PArTy! ThEn i PiCkeD uP AiMEe ANd JeSs aND wE wEnt To ThE PARty. LoTz aND LoTz oF pPL wErE tHErE! LoL wE aLL WeNt ouTSiDe anD LiKE PeLteD SnOwBaLLz AT CaRz anD LiKE 3957 oF tHeM cHaSeD uS BuT ThErE wErE LiKE 30 oF US ANd We ALL raN iN DifFerEnt DiRecTioNs. HaHa BuT oNe guY GoT rEaL MaD AnD HE GoT oUtTa HiS cAR aND HE wAs LiKe ChaSiN pOor LiL ZaCk WoErNEr. ThEn PaT GeTz aLL touGH aND StaNDz iN fRonT oF hiM. HaHa iT waS HyStericAL. BuT tHEsE KiDz JusT KEPt HiTtiN CaRz aND CaRz! LoL aND ThE cOpz CaME aND THEy LiKE fLAsHed LigHtz iN tHe hoUSe aND LiKe bLinDed ME. LoL aND ThEn LiL JoHnNy S. gOt CaUghT cUz SomEonE HiT a CaR aND SHAttErEd tHe wiNdShiELd aND iT waS a CoP. aHH iT was Jus a RiDiCuLouS NIgHT. LOL sO wE aLL WenT iNsiDe aND waTCheD "JeePerZ CrEePerZ" ((wHereD u GeT tHoSe PeEpErs)) aHh thEn i WeNt hoME aND LisTeNeD tO mY LovEly Cd ThAt AimEe MaDe ME. thEn i tALked To JusTiN aND bRucEY fOR LiKe 457 HouRz. HaHa AnD BRuCey WAs LoOsiNg iN MaDdEn!! HaHa aND oH maN caN i TeLL yA. ThOse BoYz aRe oBseSsed wiT ROAD HEAD!! hEhE aND tHey RuB eaChOtHEr NiPpLeZ FoR gOOd LucK! LoL wELL aFtEr tHat COnvO i jUsT HadDa gO tO SLeeP. LoLz SO thEn i WeNt to SLeeP. aND i DidNt HavE A dReaM i duNt ThiNk oR i ForGot iT, LoL pRoB CuZ PheeSh anD HEr "SHorT TerM MemORy" iS RUBbiN Off oN mE CuZ SheS My Gf aND ALL hEhE! oK weLL im oUT *

(LeAvE sOmE)

11:06p - FuN-PaCkeD DaY*
Saturday... wOke uP. weNt DowNsTaiRz aNd WAtChed RoOm RaiDerZ ((hEhE He HAd aN oPeN coNdOm So She DIdNt PicK hiM)) yUk.. ThAtz Why U goTta ThrOw aWaY UR TraSH... TheN i wEnt UpStaiRz aND mE anD mY SiSteR HaD coRN MufFiNs. anD mY SisTEr BroKE thE toAstEr bEcAuse She StucK tHe MuFfiN in tHE ToAstEr Cuz SheS a FreaK. LoL aND thEY weRe nasTy aNyWay sO wE eNDed Up ThrOWiN 'Em OuT. ThEn i SHowEd mY siSter tHe daNCes FroM "YoU gOt ServEd" anD she PiSsed Her PanTZ. HeHe Jk. But tHEn i TooK a ShoweR anD tHen i Went oN tHe comP. tHen i TaLked tO mY SeXyy GiRLfriEnD whO Jus MoaNed anD whiNed abouT heR DefOrmEd KNeE. pOor PoOr Lost SouL. ok. tHen i TaLKed to AiMee aND we Ended uP pLanniN to gO to tHE mALL cuZ wE wuRr guNNa StaLK MaTT n KyLe Cuz We HAve nOoo Life. oK, sO wE got to thE MaLL anD we ShoPpeD a LiL. OmGGg THeN wE wEnt iNTo CeNTeR ciTy SpORtz anD thEsE 3 Guyz WerE thEre anD i wAs LiKe StaNDiN thErE wiTh aiMee anD thE GuYZ wUrR LiKe iN fRonT oF Me aND thEy sEd SuMMiN buT i WaS LiKe PRetNediN i COulDnt HeaR so i LiKe TurNEd aRouNd aND tHeY aLL LiKE.. "daMMnNN She GOtT a PhAttYYY" aND thEn eVeRyonE iN thE whoLe DamN StoRe wAs LiKE LooKin aT mE So i Jus LikE LEfT. ThEN i Met CatheriNE At the DOor anD We SHopPEd MOre. tHEn wE mEt PHeeSyPoo AnD LisHyBoO aT ThE maLL* HeHe theYRe Juss So DarN SeXuAL. HaHa aND i SaW tHe LoveLy LeigHaNNe :) HeHe tHen i EndEd uP buYiNg a LiL ShoRt SLeevE ShiRt. thEn i WeNt hoMe anD weNt oNLiNe. tHEn i WeNt aND PIcKEd uP mY Gf ((PheesYpOO)) tHen We WeNT tO tHe SkaTEZoNe Cuz TheRe WaS NotHiN beTTer to Do. tHen We Jus LiKe SaT therE for 2 hOUrZ aND diD NoThiN. tHen We caMe bAcK to pHeEsHz HouSe anD wE BanGed.. HeHe BruCey uR NExXxT!! HaHA.. tHen One Of My LovEz WAs SaD sO wE triEd to taLK to HeR aND mAKe Her feEL LovEd aS MucH As POssiBLe! jUSs KNo im AlwaYz HerE bAbbeeE* i love you. ok weLL im guNna go haVe MoRe FuN wiT My GF <3 NigHTy

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