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    Thursday, February 12th, 2004
    8:13 pm
    i can see the lines fading.....
    sorry i havent updated in a long while but ive had a lot on my mind...
    first of all:
    this has been bugging me lately and i dont know if im the only one who thinks like this....do u ever sit at a stop light and watch cars go by and just wonder so hard what has happened in their lives and like u wanna like know what they are all about?? ok prolly most of u havent...but im a freak like that..so i guess its normal..
    is it just me or does 2nd semester seem easier*knock on wood*
    why do ppl need to die?? i mean seriously...2 ppl that i was semi close with died in the past week and a half..how fuckin depressing is that>>not that i would talk about this to anyone to their faces...but dude it totally ripes u apart to the point where u wonder why the hell ur dieing to live but actually only living to die in the end...ugh...
    and fourthly:
    is it just me or just valentines day depress EVERYONE...even when u got some one..it just reminds me of all those times i sat at home cryin because i didnt feel loved....yeah pretty sad..but shit happens i guess
    ok im gonna go now and go to bed..talk to u all later!

    Current Mood: blank
    Current Music: numb
    Sunday, January 25th, 2004
    4:50 pm
    nothin special
    lets see ...yesterday jess came over and we just chilled out ..watched some movies...took funny pictures...IM A WIGGER NOW! lololol...and then this mornin we had to get up super early for her to leave for church...so then i had a sore throat and all that jazz....so i just vegged out n watched *alex and emma* then got on the comp...talked to a few ppl..then decided to finish or atleast try to finish the painting i promised jess like a year ago..i actaully got a ton done which i was super happy about! ok im gonna go and eat food now

    Current Mood: sore
    Current Music: shes my kinda rain
    Friday, January 23rd, 2004
    8:57 pm
    the day....heaven turned to ice and hell burnt straight up
    ok so yeah leme recap the last couple days....fuckin school...blah...ok now were at today lol...i went to school...did boring stuff...was totally hyper and not with it...but supposively i looked hott??? anyways then i worked out in the workout place at ShS with kristen danielle and moodge...which was fun...until the end when a specific topic came up and it kinda pissed me off..but i really dont wanna discuss that...neways so i got home and vented to jess and we got into a arguement that lasted roughly ...2 minutes..then we decided to go shoppin ..lol sooo i went to the mall with her and we saw ...A GIANT DICK...well thats what i screamed across the mall anyways...it ended up being a little ceasers man..like one of those big costumes yano??so yeah then we started dancing to *step in the name of love* even tho it wasnt playin..we made our own muzic...*violins squeakin in backround* yes we aare horrible singers but grrrreat dancers lol..then we bought sunglasses for the florida trip..matchin..so cute...now we can...as jessica said...look over the top like in the movies and scope out all the hotties..which we WILL fuck lol jk jk ....yeah report cards and i had like the almost perfect report card..then finals happened..o well who gives a fuck...1st semester is always my blow off semester...neways..yeah tomorrow im prolly hangin with jess...and then goin to the movies or something with nick :)...kay thats nuff for now...ill write more later!

    Current Mood: aggravated
    Current Music: me myself and i
    Sunday, January 18th, 2004
    10:48 pm
    walk a little straighter....
    well today was good...another lazy day..of goofin around with jess in the snow..talkin over some fresh cookies..and watchin ...that marry ryan so and so movie...god i love romance flicks..lol...tomorrow should be fun...cross country skiin with my mom and jess..kinda a tradition we usually do about once a year...not much has been happenin this weekend..so im sorry im boring...hopefully ill see nick sometime...but tuesday i gotta go shoppin at 12 oaks and westland..:/..but ima hopin i can work something out...
    ok a poem i wrote...just like 10 minutes ago..ah..dont laugh..

    She holds her tears back when she feels like crying,
    She keeps on living when she feels like dying,
    She lets go when, really, she wants to hold on,
    She feels like she lost when she actually won.
    She thinks he will change when she knows he doesn't care,
    She thought that he loved her, she thought he would be there....
    This is the story of a girl who tries,
    A girl that can't stand the boy and his lies.
    But the girl will keep doing what she can,
    Waiting for this boy to become a man

    Current Mood: thirsty
    Current Music: stranded
    Saturday, January 17th, 2004
    8:14 pm
    well..i woke up at 12 today...which im so happy about cuz i NEEDED sleep from finals...just sat around today..pondering some thoughts...like okay..is it just me..or does every other gurl in the world get depressed watchin romance movies..cuz the guys in there are so played up....no guy ever has good intentions or is that sweet...i mean come on! okay maybe there are some..but a very rare few...tomorrow...i might go skiing or just chill with friends who knows...nothin to exciting goin on ..so i dunno...talk to yall later
    p.s.-i spent the entire day in my pjs...OMG so relaxing...

    Current Mood: curious
    Current Music: lifes a dance
    Friday, January 16th, 2004
    12:23 pm
    FINALLY!!!!!! finals are over...everything went well cept the bakers test but shes grading on a curve so hopefully it will be o.k. yeah this weekend should be fun...cept nick is off at shawnty mountain or whatever the hell its called...:(...o well i got my ladies and guys who im gonna have a blast with as always! soo yeah this weekend im just gonna relax..party..and just have fun!
    call the cell if u wanna do something !!
    345 1063!

    Current Mood: chipper
    Current Music: cuz i got high
    Thursday, January 15th, 2004
    4:51 pm
    well today was good..finals went well..**yay**...i dunno how i did on my english essay though ..but o well...johnson is a devil and i dont care anymore....but yeah i was gonna go to fox creek with jess and bunches of ppls...but of course its 11 below and my mom wouldnt let me..i wanted to go...but then again..its WAY to cold..so i ended up goin to my sissy laurens house..and we just chilled and buried eachother in snow...then ran inside cuz we were FrEeZiNg..i must say we looked pretty ghetto in our mis matched 70s lookin snow gear :)...well thats all for now i guess...if feel enlightened...i suppose ill write more tonight..

    Current Mood: chipper
    Current Music: the way u look tonight/rod stewart
    Wednesday, January 14th, 2004
    4:14 pm
    okay....this is my first entry...im not quite sure why i wanted to even have one of these..maybe because i can spill my guts...and no one is gonna have a response to it..no matter how crazy...well atleast i can choose not to read the response that is....yeah so today...total blizzard..i come outta school at 11:20...and we got like 7 inches over like 3 hours..who woulda thought?! anyways..jess came home with me...and we had wonderful conversations about ....GUYS as usual..but this was different..we went in depth..we got into their minds...*scary* i know..but seriously...guys are such hypocrites...sometimes i wonder why i even take the time outta my life to deal with all of their shit..but then again...guys have their perks..take scott for example..always there for u..even when ur never there for him..and hes not a guy ppl walk all over...no its not like that...hes truely genuine about EVERYTHING...i mean hes prolly one of 5 guys who i know that are COMPLETELY genuine...! Me and jess also came to the realization...that...NO ONE KNOWS US..i mean sure scott knows us ..but only cuz weve known him FOREVER...like most of our friends ...know us...but the deep workins of our mind...no one but us seem to understand..i dunno maybe thats just why were best friends FoReVeR..no one can understand me like her and scott..and i mean NO ONE..NO EXCEPTIONS...its kinda sad..cuz i wish more ppl could relate to what i think..but i guess im just a hopeless case..ok i gotta go act like im studyin so then i can go to moodges with my fellow sisters...*danielle and kristen* and have a sister hood night!
    wish me luck on finals!:)

    Current Mood: indescribable
    Current Music: this love/marron 5
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