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mmm copious amounts of strawberries [27 Oct 2003|09:13pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]
[ music | queer eye for the straight guy is on teevee ]

well my hair dye was crap and didn't work damn bastard.. my ears also hurt... and i am so not keen for 2 exams tomorrow damn stupid maths...........just thought i would bitch a bit..
and fucking paulini got voted out!?! what the hell, get that christian guy outta there or cosima arghhh

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was made for me and youuuuuuu [27 Oct 2003|07:43pm]
[ mood | scared ]
[ music | Australian idol on teevee ]

i am such a dumbarse... i rock up to school... and yeah... i realise that my exams not today its tomorrow...FUCK haha i was fretting so hardcore i thought i missed it or some crap, nup just read the time table wrong..
So anyway mum came and picked me up and we went and did a shop, i got some hair dye (honeydip?), big ass muthafucka knitting needles and......something else?? i tried on this heaps "sexy" formal dress on in vinnies.. it actually wasn't too bad haha.
Oh and when i was in Batehaven waiting for mum to pick me up, i was just sitting on this bench bitting my nails when this old lady comes up and says to me fate just doesn't happen love and i'm just like.. what the fuck?? kinda tripped me out a tad... then mad mick came up to me asking for pie money... i haven't seen him for a while i was wondering where he went to..
So when i got home i went over to anas and she was out formal shopping so shayne and i played nintendo.. i am starting to rock at mario kart racing wooohoo no more shame for me.
Oh and on the walk home from anas i went and checked out that house i have been obsessed with for some reason or another and everything was covered up with sheets, so i assumed it was a holiday home.. then i saw this chinese language book and thennnnnn i heard some ladys voice.. and she was saying something in chinese... it totally freaked me out considering it was obvious no one was home...
or maybe it's my playful imagination acting up... who knowssss
hahahaha i totally bat that new maccas ad....such losers

Destroyed by reality

title [26 Oct 2003|01:47pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]
[ music | blink 182 - Action ]

im so tired and hungry.... meh... Last night was fair decent...i guess..I went around and visited Ana and Shayne who were playing some 64 game then mum came picked me up, got goon and dropped me at Caleys where we all played drinking games/drank/perved on benji/ and put balloons in our tops. A few hours later we went down to the Surf Club and it didn't look too entertaining so we then walked back home and then Tammy drove us to Kents cause there was a "party" on. The party consisted of Nick, Kenny, Kodak, Scott, Dash, Kent, Shafer, Ana, Jess, Caley and I.. it was ok.. something to do. We stayed there for a while before we challanged the boys to a mario nintendo battle.. so to speak.. so we all drunk drove over to Ana's where shayne was watching porn.. haha.. nah just some lame movie. So anyway when we started playing mario i realised how drunk i was and decided not to let the team down, so only ana played for our honor. After a while everyone started to get over playing nintendo games so people started going home or finding beds at anas.. I spent a nice little chunk of the night arguing with Scott and Dash about how wheat bags are better than hot water filled plastic bags..very productive.
As there was a bed shortage it ended up being Ana, Dash, Scott and myself crammed into Ana's double? bed... and lets just say..that got eventful..haha.. and not in a kinky foursome way...
Everyone left between 6-10 and i got home at around 12 damn daylight savings!!!!!!
argggh and i have a textiles exam tomorrow... dammit... and then MATHS on tuesday.. thats going to suck so hardcore..


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[25 Oct 2003|01:39pm]
[ music | Misfits - Skulls ]

its the last thing that we'll *fake scream* sayyyyyyyyy
haha mmmmm
seems so far away remember me nowwwwwww

last night was fair gay we all went down to broulee park, made a fire, burn't school books.. that'll teach wilfred owen!! burn you bastard!!!.. after a while i got pretty bored so did everyone else... nick and that turned up... we went back to caras... then went home at around 11!!! so very sad...
At Caras place everyone decided to mix noodles, chicken stock and pepper into our goon.. which tasted beyond delicious. Then some of us ventured out to the trampoline and cara and i smacked into each other which was rather painful.. we tried to play the drinking game but some people just couldn't catch on.. how hard are 7 times tables!!?!?
I got to sleep at around 12ish then i got a phone call at 12:30ish from Jake/Gappsy saying they were in broulee now dammit!! that would have been some mild entertainment if only they came out earlier like we asked..
Well i guess i better shower if i still plan on going out tonight... down to broulee again... mmm
Oh Caley and I probably have accomodation for schoolies, we're going to stay at her Grandmas wooo!!
\m/ peace out muthafuckas

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[23 Oct 2003|11:43am]
[ mood | sick ]
[ music | Refused - Return To The Closet ]

i made some pants yesterday yay for me.... and they are actually wearable *gasp*
My second english exam was fair decent, i left early again mmm...after the exam ana, tom, shayne and i hung around town/mogo for a while then went home. Eventually i went up to anas and stayed there for a while then came home.
So yeah it was a thrilling day.
Now im just waiting for Tom and Ana to pick me up so we can go do our computers test horray! yeah i think i'll go do a tad bit of study now.....then after this exam i don't have another one till monday then my last ones on tuesday and thats it!! SCHOOLS OVER!!! SCHOOLS OVER!!! SCHOOLS OVER!!! SCHOOLS OVER!!! SCHOOLS OVER!!!

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good vs. evil [21 Oct 2003|08:08pm]
[ mood | frustrated ]
[ music | Bouncing Souls - Kate Is Great ]

Good Things That Happened Today Include...
- Talking to chey for an hour or so
- That one smoke i had
- Stretching my ears some more
- Hanging out at the beach.....

Bad Things That Happened Today...
- Our schoolies accom. being cancelled and their phone line being busy all day preventing me to call up and scream abuse
- The massive spider in my room that i myself had to kill and get rid of
- The Stupid little black out that stopped all my downloads
- Getting woken up before 12!

My day started at 10ish for me, when i was awoken by my damn phone, but it was chey so that was decent enough haha, she sounds good so thats all cool.
Then i pretty much just bludged around the house putting off studying for my other gay arsed english exam tomorrow damn you wilfred owen DAMN YOU!!!!
I was on the net when dear old Brad tells me that our schoolies accomodation has been cancelled because even though we booked over a month ago and even though brad has called up numerous times to confirm our stay that since the chick that originally took the booking doesn't work at their backpackers anymore they won't accept us. They said they don't take schoolies kids and that they are now booked out ummmmm does that sound like something that could be dobbed into the department of fair trading?!?! it sure fucking does to me fucking bastards they should have told us this at the begining because obviously we would have found other accomodation that wasn't now all booked out or not bought our NON FUCKING REFUNDABLE plane tickets!!!!!!!
..i'm still hoping we're going to get somewhere else to stay but yeah.... just a tad pissy

anyway after i found out about that, david came and picked me up and we went to the beach....it was semi-cold, windy and sandy i thought it would be in my best interest not to swim.. we stayed down there for a hour or so, he drove me home and i bludged some more. I stretched my ears again so now instead of fluro green knitting needles i now have a make up brush and a broken paint brush in my ears.. stylin'!
I'm hopefully going to sydney on the 31st woooooo...... but i'm not sure if i want to go to this gig with lozza.... hmmmmmmm........ ednqieofpoigjpwgj i better have enough money dammit.

i just did this lame ass quiz and *apparently* i only like guys who like sluts..........interesting.

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so tired....... [21 Oct 2003|12:05pm]
[ mood | horny ]
[ music | Senses Fail - Handguns and Second Chances ]

I had my first hsc exam yesterday and man did it suck a meaty schlong.... one of the questions was write a story about a picture of change and some shit... it seriosuly did NOT make sense...... oh well whatever it's over woooo
I was heaps stoked cause i get today off, i was thinking yeah i'll get to have a nice sleep in.. so i get woken up by chey at 10ish damn biatch :p
After the exams yesterday Ash and I drove around for ages, went vinnies shopping i aquired this sexy 80's looking jumper, some plastic jewelery, knitting needles and some other crap. I've currently got the fluro green knitting needles in my ears.. im so keen to stretch them, they get bigger by the day wooo.
Man i watched the weirdest movie last night, it had the dudes from south park in it and it was queer as.....................yeah.
Alright well im going to go and shave my legs and maybe study some wilfred owen.......

Destroyed by reality

i don't want to make this private so i guess i just won't write all the things i want too........ [19 Oct 2003|02:46pm]
[ mood | nervous ]
[ music | Further Seems Forever - Go ]

So last night as usual we went to anas and got blind playing the trusty old drinking game.. Caley and I decided we wanted to go on a mission so we started making some phone calls and about 30mins later Jake(who is a legend) picked us up and took us to Malua RSL (i didn't even know it existed) anyhoo the drinks were hella cheap and filled with vodka like 4:1 ratio..but the club closed at 10!! so then we went over to tims house and picked up david, went to gappsy's then to town. We met up with Gappsy and Simone in town and hung around the ampol for awhile.. good times... haha then we all (minus simone) went over to one of the numerous car parks across from pinkies and stayed there for a few hours. After much drunkenness and random people later Jake drove caley home.. he was about to drop me home but i said that i was keen for a swim and asked if he would drop me at the beach so he did..and david came too... haha we didn't really end up swimming that much though, sat on the beach for a while starring at the stars, i saw so many shooting stars it was nice..........
We eventually walked home cause we were so cold then david had a shower and we probably both got to sleep at around 5ish..
Mum came in and woke us up at around 11 because there were apparently 2 car loads of guys here..(got a tad excited haha) it was james and everyone dropping davids car back, that was pretty embarrassing.. but oh well whatever. We both went back to sleep for a while then david left at 1ish....
mmmmmmmmmmm i really have to go study but im just so tired.. might have a shower... oh and for some reason i started stretching my ears?? i think they're gunna get infected....horray!

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Bright Eyes Suck [18 Oct 2003|05:36pm]
[ mood | bored ]
[ music | Something Corporate - Space ]

So tonight i'm going to Anas.. you know for a change... we might even do something totally unlike us and maybe play some drinking games and maybe even watch a zombie movie!! haha... not that i'm complaning i like going to a.s.n's and i love drinking games.. but zombies... ehh.. scary mothafuckas...
Oh Shaynes living with me now *wink wink*.... meh... it's now saturday and i still haven't studied.. i feel guitly but i don't care.. i will when i get into the exam room though..
I am so fucking sick of having this cold......
I've figured out what i want to wear to the formal!! haha it's cool as a cucumber!! all i need to find now is a date that will wear what i want him to...
smlj;ldml;wm im bored and i have hmm 30 mins to kill david you suck hsakjfhfiewnlkengklnblk

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damn colds..thinking they're so good and stuff [16 Oct 2003|09:11am]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | Goldfinger - Superman ]

due to the fact that my cold is being a muthafucka and preventing me from sleeping i've decided to listen to some loud ska-ish music and do this quiz..

Ten bands i've been listening to lately
01: Taking Back Sunday (you know for a change haha)
02: GoldFinger
03: Boy Meets Ground
04: Brand New
05: Further Seems Forever
06: The Ataris
07: The Used
08: Linkin Park
09: AFI
10: Millencolin

Nine things i look forward to
01: The end of the HSC
03: The fantasticorgasmic new years party at broulee
04: Buying some smokes and goon haha
05: Owning a shirt saying "my other ride is your mum"
06: Seeing TBS & The Used in concert (it will happen!!!!)
07: Finding true love hahaha
08: Going to sydney...cheyanne you eat ass.
09: Marrying Benji.. duh.

Eight things i like to wear
01: Underware
02: Braclets
03: Studded belt
04: Pearl chain thing
05: Funky hats
06: My stunning pearl necklace
07: Sashy belt things
08: My 'the used' shirts

Seven things that annoy me
01: My brother
02: People that want to bash me
03: Waiting
04: Not getting what i want
05: Anxiety/stress
06: My stupid 56k connection
07: Boys

Six things i love
01: Parties
02: Road Trips
03: Music
04: My friends
05: Mind Altering substances
06: Sleeping

Five things i do everyday
01: Shower
02: Message people
03: Go online
04: Bludge around
05: Obsess about someone...??

Four people i want to spend more time with
01: Benji
02: Cheyanne
03: My Brother (not fag Liam, Brendon)
04: Daniel McPherson

Three movies i could watch over and over again
01: Fight Club is the only movie i can think of that i watch over and over again
02: I hope i never see 28 days later, scream, jason x, jeepers creepers and any chainsaw killer movie ever again.

Two of my favorite songs at the moment
01: The Ballad Of Sal Villanueva by Taking Back Sunday
02: 99 Red Balloons by Goldfinger

One thing i'd rather be doing

You Dirty DIRTY whore! You are the worst minded person in the world! WELL DONE!
You dirty whore! dirty dirty dirty....... I like

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lalalala lalalalal laaaaaaaa..... [15 Oct 2003|03:36pm]
[ mood | quixotic ]
[ music | Boy Meets Ground - Two Days Late ]

Last night was .........!! I went over to A.S.N's house to pick up the videos i hired out (which i didn't end up doing) then i just stayed and chatted + coughed for a while then we went over to ana's mums new house cause it was chris's b-day dinner.. he's such a nice boy. anyhoo we left their place by 10ish? drove around looking to find umm substances.. then we drove to the club to see if shayne had left his key card their and the convo went something like this..
"hi umm i was just"
"sorry we're closed"
"no i..."
"sorry buddy i can't let you in"
"i was just wondering if you could see if my keycard has been handed in"
"sorry buddy i can't let you in the pokies are open i can't let you in buddy"

he was probably on speed.. haha well anyway they did have his key card so crisis over.
After that we went back to anas sat around thinking of things that we could do when i suggested "Lets get really drunk and jump on hedges!!!!"(thanks jaz) haha so we started playing the classic drinking game wooooo but on most cards we got it was just everyone drink!!!!!!!.. haha on basically every shot of goon i had i was dry renching(sp?? haha) so foul... then we called up chey and i made vomiting noises (sorry deary)
after that i dresses up in one of anas nighties and some pj shorts and we went down to the beach for a nighttime swim! it was pretty damn warm.. and soon after it became more like hey lets swim topless..and so forth...hahah..
Then we walked home to A.S.Ns ans then ana drink-drove me home. The swim left me freaking itchy as a mofo though.....
HSC SOOOOOOON neeeeed to studddddddddddyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!

p.s want to make you taller, want to make you small again...
haha i love this song it's so fucking good. damn them and their snobish behaviour.. nah i'm just bitter.whatever!!!

Destroyed by reality

Shut up bitchslut [13 Oct 2003|07:51pm]
[ mood | sore ]
[ music | The Ataris - Teenage Riot ]

argggh fucking hell i can't stop sneezing.. damn flu arggh and to top it off my voice is going so i've been sounding like a man for a few days now...sexy woo australian idol.. i'd love for millsy and levi to give me a private showing.. *cough* haha..
hmm so i had a fair cruisey day today, i got up at 2ish, showered, went over to anas for a bit. So helen the stupid druggie bitch told the real estate about the living situation over at shaynes/anas/nathans and now the boys have to be out by the end of the week, jos going to see if she can persuade the r.e though.. so hopefully they will be able to continue living there.. but seriously i couldn't believe that that stupid bitch had the nerve to 'dob' on them, she went on about their reputation and shit, she doesn't even know them!! dogga. All of Mossy Point is fighting at the moment, over this, about some dickhead punching some dude, about jo not selling her share of the muff shop to numerous other mossy point sluts.. i'm glad my mum isn't involved.. but one word against her and i'll be laying some well deserved smackdowns..
Oh last night i got up and went to the bathroom and i took my jacket off and this mutha fuckin spider fell out!! fuck it scarred the shiznik outta me, so i woke up my astranged father and got him to check my bed..then i had
this dream about me trying to kill some asian chick.. it was not cool at all..
so all up im sick + pissed off + disturbed + cold + bored = price of entertainment?? well outta my budget..
ahhhhh HSC in 9 days!!!1ahhhhh HSC in 9 days!!!1ahhhhh HSC in 9 days!!!1

>>i want to join some blurty communities or somehting but i can't find anything!?!? ehhhh damn you people with communties that intrest me that i can't locate......

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dirty bitches. [12 Oct 2003|05:01pm]
[ mood | nauseated ]
[ music | Further Seems Forever - Just untill sundown ]

So whats been happening the last few days??....
Playing drinking games to the point of vomiting.. mm and i never thought i would get over goon haha..
Sleeping in Shaynes bed with a sleeping bag cause hes a blanket hog, getting scared because their house is creepy, smoking and drinking to the point where my voice is husky and man like.
Oh yeah and last night cara, nathan and i went down to south brou cause there was a 'party' on, we get there and im like fuck a few people that to put it nicely really don't like me ( for no reason at all might i add) were there so we left very quickly.. caley called me and we met up with her and sarah. Then we made nathan run back to caras by himself to get the ute cause we didn't feel like walking home..whilst he was absent these butchy dykey chicks started to have a go at us, well in actual fact i guess we kinda started it..haha anyway they followed us around, i briefly lost my phone, then we had a big confrontation with these hoes.. they called us cowards and then one of the crash tackled cara... i would of loved to beat the shit out of them, if i didn't know that we would probably end up dead in the gutter haha.. nathan then turned up in his ute and us four girls managed to get ourselves into the 2 seater ute so we then proceeded to yell out to them.
The rest of the night cara and i were fuming.. i wish i knew how to fight or i wish that these chicks weren't butch footy players. it also turns out that elise has had a thing with juliette, so juliette messages her and tells her to come over but she said she was "too drunk" and that juliette should come over to abby's cause there was a spare bed there hahahahhaha.

Mum went out tonight and when she came home she told me that a certain person said to her that i'm turning ana/shaynes/nathans house into a party house and that i've been bringing boys over?!?!?! FUCK OFF the only boy i've brought over was david and yes i may go there a fair bit but i get invited over and they can tell me to fuck off if they like. But im just so sick of people assuming/making shit up! fucking hell get your facts straight before you tell my mum.. haha mum stood up for me though, damn right. Also mums other friends then decided to start having a bitch about my other friends ie, cade and nathan.. firsty these dumb hoes don't even know these awesome guys so they have no fucking right to say any shit about them....

Destroyed by reality

Well i'm going to go fuck a complete stranger, i'll see you guys later... [10 Oct 2003|12:25pm]
[ mood | listless ]
[ music | Taking Back Sunday - The Ballad Of Sal Villanueva ]

I have the worst memory in the worllllddddd..
I think it was Wednesday that Cara and I went over to Jac's house..well anyway the night started with Nathan, Craig, Shayne, Ana, Cara and I at Ana's.. well I guess Anas/shaynes/nathans.. hmm yeah just chilling and drinking we played this bitchen drinking game which involved a pack of cards and one of the rules that was made up was that whenever I drank Ana drank, and whenever Ana drank, Craig drank and when Craig drank, Shayne drank and whenever Shayne drank Craig had to lick Shayne's ear hahaha.. it was funny but foul.
After a while we decided to go on a mission but it turned out that Jac's friends came and picked us up they said they would come back for Craig and Nathan but once we got to Jac's they said that they only had half a tank of petrol left and therefore they weren't going anywhere?!?! well anyway the night was far gay.. theres something about bourbon mixed with milk that’s just not on.. and also no offence but those guys were asses, sleazy, with girlfriends + really drunk. haha and this one guy vomited all over himself.. foul
We ended up calling my mum at around 3ish to pick us up, then we got home and slept.
Which leads us to yesterday, I got up at around 3ish, showered, debated about microwaving a banana then went over to Ana's.. after a while David turned up(to collect his pillow).. slightly random.. then he took Cara and I into town to get movies..
the movies consisted of..
Resident Evil.. fucking more zombies!!!
Blurred.. that was bitchen I’m so keen for schoolies now!!
Jason X.. We only watched part of this but siro who wants to watch a horror movie located in outta space?!
Queen of the Damned? I don't know.. some movie..vampires woo
and yeah Halloween Resurrected
So yeah Cara and I got those movies from town, got pop corn, grog and caught the "going anywhere" bus to Surf Beach and tried to hitch the rest of the way home.. an hour later!!! this really nice guy gave us a lift all the way home even though he was only going to Malua.. awww..
haha then Cara and I got two pizzas and ate it all.. well most..then we watched some of the movies and got to bed at around 3ish..
I hate Ana's couch, it's way too fucking small..oh and I keep having all these sexual dreams!?!?
yeah so it's friday today and I have nothing to do.................yet
peace out homies \m/
slight modification: canberra people rock, their not sleazy and don't have girlfriends woo yogies..
..and also in the song Seventy Times Seven by Brand New and the song Theres no 'I' in team by Taking Back Sunday both have the lyric "Is this what you call tact? I swear you're as subtle as a brick in the small of my back"... i thought that was a tad.. odd...? not odd... some word.. yeah thats it.

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Dance with me. [07 Oct 2003|03:49pm]
[ mood | bored ]
[ music | The Ataris - Boys Of Summer ]

So i went shopping yesterday with mum.. man $250 gets spent fast.. but i got a few things i've wanted for ages so thats cool..after we got home we get a call from nathan, cara and ana saying that nathan got pulled over by the cops and since he doesnt have his license mum had to go out and pick them up, but the cops left before we arrived so nathan could have just driven home. So yeah Nathan has to go to court in a few weeks or some crap haha.. when us 4 got back to ana's we went and picked shayne up, got grog, videos (gay porn is FOUL), smokes and came home again. I messaged david and he came over a bit later.. we all just sat in anas room for most of the night, 28 days later is a poor movie!! the zombies looked fucking scary though!!! we all headed to bed at around 2ish and the last of us got to bed at around 5.. so tired...mmm but yeah i had fun..hahha.
Oh and today i plan to buy a banana and microwave it.. i have high expectations of something fantastic happening.. i better not be let down or *shakes fist*
how good is the word proceed i think it rocks like no tomorrow.. ok yeah and if your reading this cheyanne jane i miss you!! *gets all emo* dammit where is my acoustic guitar?!?! xox

Destroyed by reality

Nicer than that......... [05 Oct 2003|07:13pm]
[ mood | lonely ]
[ music | The Used - Maybe Memories ]

*yawn* the past few days have been kinda hectic..On Friday night i was basically forced to go to the pub which was.....great... nexusphere and swell were playing there but yeah not my style too super jesus/spiderbait sounding..Jess and Hayley bailed on us after a while as per usual so ash and i hung around then drove over and saw this great looking *cough* gemini ash was hoping to get. We then did a few laps of town then ended up talking to the biker guys from canberra that were staying at hayleys.. they seemed pretty nice at the time. We saw Kodak, Kenny, Kent, Nick and all them during the night as well and Kodak left his drink with me and threatened "If you drink any of my drink im going to have sex with you!! i fucking promise that" so i was a tad scared so after i drank a bit of it i filled it up with some jelly beans haha.. I'm still wondering why on earth Kodak shaved his ball sack.. that was so disturbing...hahha
Yeah so Ash and i ended up getting back to her house at around mmm 3ish we were both pretty scared again cause of our 'road trip stories' but yeah.
On Saturday i got woken up before 9!! arghhh i need my beauty sleep dammit.. Ash and I then drove Adam (Jess's new bf) back to his place, then we went to mine so i could shower and get changed etc.....
After that we went into town and i scored 3 packs of smokes for the price of one.. thanks jess..then we went to the skate park to watch the canberra boys ride.. needless to say they were fucking pro as.. but yeah it was fucking boring. By the time it was around 6 we finally left, went to ashs, mine, brads, then back into town to go to the club. The Club was raging beyond belief.. haha..I really wish that i had gone to the rave now instead of the stupid club dammit to hell.. So when the pub closed at 12!!! Ash went to sleep in her car and ended up driving home 30mins after we left even though it was double demerits, she had no license on her, she was over the limit and sleep deprived. After we caught the taxi to Brads Jess then also drove home.. seriously my friends are so stupid ( i know i would do the same thing haha) but yeah im just glad their all fine. So it was just me and Brad at his house.. kinda weird i guess.. i think i fell asleep at around meh 3ish.. had some interesting dreams and according to brads mum the snakes symbolise some positive change in my sex life.. sexcellent haha...
So It's now sunday, the end of the week and im pretty fucking buggered, tomorrow mums going to take me shopping for some new clothes which will be cool i guess..
Argghh i'm really not looking forward to schoolies anymore and the damn plane tickets aren't refundable..i just know that i'm going to get sick of my friends, have fights, want to go home and drink way too much.. It would be cool if i actually made some new friends up there that i could hang out with.. meh
with my foot on your neck i finally have you right where i want you

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rock on cunts \m/ [03 Oct 2003|05:56pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]
[ music | Taking Back Sunday - The Ballad Of Sal Villanueva ]

I'm pissed off and i don't know why..
like arggh kjc;cesmqflkmlm;feq'fewq
meh so anyway last night was gay gay GAY.. went over to cara's, everyone turned up, got a tad tipsy but meh i don't know i just didn't enjoy myself.
The guys were funny as always thought wearing mandy's and the other chicks clothing and dancing around (pfft sure theres no homosexual tendencies *cough*)
I hate it when i end up dreaming about the night that just went by because thats what i did last night so now i can't tell what actually happened.. but nick started to piss me off.. he's such a slut.. kents really nice and shafer has the best laugh.
Shayne and i went on a few random bike rides last night which was fun, and this dude kept calling shayne 'sailor boy'.. and said i was going out with him.. uh huh..firstly shayne isn't a sailor, he's gay, secondly i wouldn't go out with a gay sailor or a sailor in general.
Ana, Shayne and i ended up walking back home to ana's at 1:30ish and Shayne and i slept in till about 12.. We got up and decided we were hungry and tried to order some SCALLOPS!! and 3 bucks worth or chippies but the bastard cunts wouldn't deliever the food!! so we called up again but then soon gave up and got ice cream instead.
I (briefly) caught the bus home with Shayne and here i am.

Destroyed by reality

Field of Feelings... [30 Sep 2003|02:35pm]
[ mood | enthralled ]
[ music | Brand New - Failure By Design ]

Gosh Darnit!! I have yet another cold!!! argghh...
Hmm yesterday was a moderate day, I went over to Ana's originally to borrow "Swing Time" with Ginger and Fred but then shayne was their too so I decided to just "chill" so to speak with them. After a while we got a tad bored so we got Ana's dad to take us into hick town.. oh I mean Moruya.. So whilst we were at the video shop he was at the pub.. We hired out 5 movies I myself didn't get to choose one damn bastards.. we got 'Kick' -some gay Australian dancer movie, 'Sex Around The World- a really bad porno haha, 'Soul Survivor'- This movie was actually kinda cool, it was heaps trippy, 'American Beauty'- I've seen this movie a thousand times but since SS starred Wes Bentley as well I got a double perve session Oh yeah!!.. hmm yeah and the last movie we hired out was.. den den dennnnn 'Care Bears The Movie'..sadly it wasn't as good as I had remembered it to be, but it was kinda cute..meh..
So that's all we did last night watch videos and sleep..Now I'm just trying to kill some time before I go to the doctors, damn needles and I have another one tomorrow!! but the good thing is I'm definitely NOT pregnant.. thank fucking god for that!! *sigh*
Oh and last night i dream't we were having muck up day again and they wanted me to dress up as Bridget Bardot for some reason!?!? what the fuck?!!? haha and there was these old people having races on roller skates..hmmm..

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You make me feel like dancing gunna dance the night away!! [28 Sep 2003|11:26pm]
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so tonight was fun!! we shaved one of anas many cats and now im freaking itchy haha.. we "broke into" the muffin shop and took about $20 worth of candy and ice creams mm yummm oh and a few chillies.. one day i swear when i have a spare $10 haha im going to go in and buy a kilo of chillies.... WOO AFI's on the mtv music awards oh and Benji was on mmmmmmmmm *orgasm* haha. Last night i went to the park with Caley and Jess and we got drunk.. good times.. Tracy and that were down HSAHAHHAHAHA..
It was soooo funny when these 3 car loads of canberra boys stopped to talk to us and jess went and checked their number plates then when she realised they were from canberra she started abusing them and tryed to push their car away..

L for Chilli!!

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all i want is my freedommmmmmmm [26 Sep 2003|08:44pm]
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First day of freedom.... so yeah i was utterly bored all day hahaha.. I ended up downloading a fair bit of music and that was about it. Oh i dyed my hair too and i'm pretty happy with the result..... meh.. i'm sure there are alot more interesting things to do on a friday night.. why can't i find these pre-meantioned things?!?! sigh

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