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Hello again [01 Nov 2003|12:23pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]
[ music | None ]

Hi ...im very bored right now ....and i could prolly pass out right now and never wake up cus im very very very very very very very very very ...o and very tired. I went to a lock in yesterday ...it was enjoyable.......I had to stuff peeps in my mouth but it was great. And me being my stupid self, played volleyball....soccer......and basketball and made my knee hurt even worse. Yea I know I'm cool ....Anyways...haha hey Keagan there was a gay person there too .... well he didnt act gay but i was told that he was but it didn't seem like it cus he talked to the girls alot but thats prolly a cover up. And no u can't scare me cus i will go in a little corner and cry if you do. Hmmmm well today ill prolly sleep alot more .....and Hopefully get to see keagan today if we go to the movies. YAY!! we've been goin out 4 a month ...............even at first i didnt agree cus i couldve sworn we started goin out like on the 6th.... but i agree now so its great and he is great . Well my sister is here with food so i must go now...dont miss me too much.


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