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Thursday, March 25th, 2004

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    Well....i jsut started this thing so i really dunno what 2 put on here, 2days been a revently good day i guess....cept for j*rod punchin me n the nose n then hittin my hand so hard it turned im lookin 4ward to saturday cus thankyfully anthonys mom will let us go 2 the movies ((*i dont think she likes us goin cus we're alone when we go, but O WELL!!!*)) The band trip is gettin closer n im dreadin it cus n the mornins imma be bored cus J*rod never gets there early n no1 else is there n the mornins, n anthony prolly wont call me unless rach n laura do like they said they would n threaten his life if he iv got sum Great friends, i used 2 be friends with sum people but they changed and well...they jsut didnt like me cus i wasnt gonna change myself to make them happy i guess, but o well i dont regret it cus the friends i ahve now r the best friends iv ever had in my entire life!!!

    i cant get a job to save my life!!! iv applied for 3 jobs n the past month n aint got a call from ne of them and then when i call em bak there like o the jobs been filled we'll keep u on file if nething happens....GAH it makes me sick cus i NEED money!!!! plus i need 2 pay rach bak for alot!!! lol

    Well.....Bye Bye!!!

    Current Mood: bored

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