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cherry lip balm [23 Nov 2004|05:04pm]
[ mood | satisfied ]
[ music | Justin Timberlake ]

Wow, it's been a while man.

"It's been awhile, since I've been...."

Well last week was okay. I can't really remember anything that I did. I know that me and Leigh and Lauren Zeppa hung out on Friday. We went to Don Pablo's and saw Phil but he ignored us. Then we went back to Leigh's house, instead of going to the mall like we planned. We played around with our phones and stuff cuz we're soo effing cool. When me and Lauren were leaving we saw Joe, so I decided to call him for the first time in 3 years, er whatever. He was surprised. =)

I had to work on Saturday morning. Then I went to the mall with Leigh, so she could get earrings for her wedding reception. (haha that made it sound like she was getting married!) Then I came home and wrote my English paper all night. I went to Blockbuster too. I saw Adam.

I worked Sunday night. It was interesting. I made quite a bit of money so that's always a plus. After work Joe called me. Only God knows why.

Monday (yesterday) I went to school. Then I went to Leigh's house to help her study for Spanish (which she never even took). We picked up Amanda and Dawn and went to the mall. Lauren Zeppa never showed cuz she's gay.

Today was an okay day. Carl was back so that made me happy. After school I went to get my hairs cut and I went to the mall yet again to get this cute sweater that Nadia had.

So now you're filled in on my life.
Aren't you relieved??
I know I am.
If I was you, I would not be able to live without knowing what was happening in Kristina Senske's life, cuz she's such a sweet-ass person.
Am I right, or am I right?

Come on now....
In the famous words of Leigh Tralka,
"Let's be real here"

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