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oh my god... im like totally buggin [15 Jul 2004|09:24pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]
[ music | I Love The 90's (again, again) ]

can you say gay???

I just got done writing my whole entry and then the damn computer had an error.

As I was saying.... Leigh called me while I was playing DK64 this morning and invited me to Friar Tuck's with her. Of course I accepted, cuz helloo? it's Friar Tuck's. Come on!!
She drove and I was verrrry proud of her.
We went to the Bulk Food store and I got presents for my mom and brother.
Then we came back to my house and got my car. Then me and my brother went to Leigh's house cuz her mom needed the car. Then we all went to get a pizza, and took the L-O-N-G way home. lol
Then me and Leigh cruised Rivergate. We wanted Dairy Queen but it was a no go.
Finally we came back here and played Mario Party 3 with my bro.
He won of course.
Then we took her home and brought the dog cuz her mom wanted to see her.
Yeah now I have nothing to do.

We called Carl while we were cruising Rivergate. He was working though. =(
Today was fun.

(Swiss) Sweet Pet-it-e candy

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