they turned blue. what could i do?   
04:45pm 04/04/2003
mood: chipper
music: veggie tales theme
I LOVE MY LIPS! lol. dont ask.

when i got my first tooth i had to kiss my great aunt ruth. she had a beard. and it felt weird. hehe. not really...but anyways. im sweepy. ooo jerry looked so good in the play yesterday. jerry and micheal are BROTHERS. i did not know that. learn something new everyday. o.O i just figured this out...BEN and JERRY! two hot guys in a brand of ice cream. yay.
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fluffy pillows   
07:09am 03/04/2003
mood: energetic
music: 'its a hard knock life'- dr evil
dont ask about the subject -_- i called jesse last night and she told me to call her back in 5 minutes. raven called in the time interval and i told her i had to call jesse back. she was all 'dude, wat do yall talk about?' and i said 'random stuff' and then i had to tell her EVERYTHING we talked about. she said 'why dont we ever talk about that kind of stuff? Is jesse like ten times cooler than me?' so i said 'yea i guess so' and hung up. hehe. nice. (poor raven is jelous!) well i must be going. school awaits. (why am i talking to my journal?)
mardi gras came and went...   
01:48pm 01/04/2003
mood: peaceful
music: 'stupid girl'-cold
hehe i missed the bus. go me.

no school. yay. its like skipping with an excuse. o.o damn this coffees good...

matt still hasta tell me wat jesse said he could tell me. hmmm... i had macaroni and cheese for lunch! hehe. my dog has the hiccups. i didnt know dogs could get the hiccups... well well. i feel poetic.

the cat scratched the dog.
the dog ran away.
the bird ate the worm.
It didnt crawl away.
JE 4/2 (?)

hehe that rocked.
05:08pm 31/03/2003
mood: predatory
music: 'push the little daisies'- ween
hehe. i was writing a note in english and ms taylor took it up... that bitch.

so yea jesse broke up with nate today. poor nate was on the verge of tears at lunch. but i did finally get to play with his hair...hehe. i got justin to pull up his shirt today...ahhhh...hehe. *send the pain below, she says...* im wearing my little brothers shirt. and it actually fits! o.o uh yea. I MISS MY CUPCAKE.
sinus headache   
02:03pm 30/03/2003
mood: mischievous
music: 'make me bad'-korn
o.o i feel weird. i actually talked OPENLY with my mom. we went out to eat last night and she started asking me all these questions about my personal life and i actually answered her. whoa. ishnt dat weird? i told her my sisters date to the prom was a pothead and she believed me (he really isnt....^-^ MWAHAHA) im so mean. he smells bad tho...haha. im sweepy -_- i watched dis tite ass movie called donnie darko. it was funny. that demonic rabbit kicked ass.
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