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Hey! Oh man I haven't updated in friggan f-o-r-e-v-e-r. So bare with this long entry. I probably can't remember all that happened. So they might be all screwed up hahaha. Sorry about not updating, I've been really busy lately. Anyway here's the update...

Wednesday my Mom woke me up telling me that I had to go to the friggan doctors to get a shot :o( Ghey. So I showered and got ready then went and got some shot. It wasn't a bad one, thank God. haha I hate shots so much. Agh. Anyways... After I had to go to Ann the Tailor to get my school skirt shortened. Then Casey called and wanted me to go over. So I got dropped off at Casey's, and he had family and whatnot over. Taylor was there too. So we hung out and we had Chinease food. I only like the chicken fingers though lol. After we ate Mr. Parker dropped off Me, Case, and Taylor at Taylor's house 'cause he needed stuff to sleep over Casey's. His parents weren't home because they were away or something. So we had to break in by going through his window. haha it was crazy. So yeah we got his stuff then we met Michelle there. We all walked to Price Chopper. Then I got into a shopping cart and Michelle, Taylor, and Case like ran through the parking lot and pushed the cart with Me in it then jumped on the sides. It was wicked fun! Then we went to CVS. Taylor bought me a Diet Coke. Whoop! We went to Marshals and all that. We pretty much went everywhere in that plaza area haha. After we went to Dunkin' Donuts and hung out there for a lil bit. Then Mrs. Parker came and picked us all up and we went back to Caseys and chilled. Later my Mom and Dad came and picked Me and Michelle up and we dropped Michelle off at home. That was my Wednesday. Yip :o)

Thursday I had my first day of Marian cross country. We took the Marian van thing to the woods where there was a trail to run. When I got in the van I cut myself on this like friggan blade that stuck out on the seat. Then when we got the the trail I was getting out of the van and I cut my other leg on the same blade. hahaha I was like bleeding so much...Yeah, it sucked lol. So yeah then we ran the course. I ran like 3 or 4 times around. It's probably 2 1/2 miles. I'm not quite sure, but I ran around 3 miles all together. I did really good actually. I kept up with the older girls. So it was good for the first day and plus not running like at all this summer. haha. After xcountry Me and my Mom stopped at this pizza place and I ran in to get food and I saw these two boys that do xcountry to. haha it was really weird. Then I went home and showered and got ready and stuff. Then Me and JP got dropped off at Target. Then decided to walk to the mall... We met Case, Damon, Nick, and Taylor there a little later. We chilled and whatnot. It was a splendid time. Whoop. Mrs. Castellone picked Me, JP, and Nick up and on the way home we stopped at this store and got sodas and stuff. Then she dropped Me and JP off at home.

Friday I had xcountry. Ran alottt. I don't remember how much but it was more than the last time. After Me and my Mom stopped at White Hen and I got food. Then we went back to Marian and waited for JP to get out of football. We dropped Him and Clinton at White Hen so then they wouldn't have to walk there. Then we went home and my Mom and Dad left to go to a golf tournament. So I was just chizzlin' with Me, Myself, and I. Then I called Stef and Cath was over her hizzouse. We decided to go to Papa Ginos 'cause it rocks there. They came and picked me up and on the way we saw Mike C walking in the rain from Papa Ginos and when Me, Stef, and Cath got dropped off he came back and we all ate and were being hyper and it was a wicked cool time! Then later JP and Nick got dropped off after their football practice. We all chilled at Papa Ginos. Then we walked around the plaza and whanot. We went to CVS and I bought blue mascara 'cause it's neat. Then Stef's Mom came and picked us all up and we all went back to Stef's. We all hung out in her basement. It was a good time! Then later Mrs. Castellone came and picked up Me, JP, Mike C, Cath, and Nick and dropped Me and JP off at home. That was my Frizziday!

Saturday I had xcountry. Then after, stopped at McD's and went back home. Chilled for a bit and whatnot. Then my Mom and Dad picked Michelle up and dropped Me and Her off at Papa Ginos. I got some food and stuff. We had a good conversation. We talked about like everything going on about like everything in the matter of like 15/20 minutes hahaha it was a fun time. Then my Mom and Dad went and picked up Casey, Jon, and Taylor up at Case's house and dropped them off at Papa Ginos with us. We all talked about odd stuff haha it was so funny. Then Casey was like screaming out to this kid walking down the sidewalk "Hey! Hey Joe! It's me! From band camp... The one with the hair! I cut it!" hahahaha oh man it was like the funniest thing ever. Wow, it was a good time. But anways! Me and Michelle were talking to Greg and JLee and we planned on meeting them at DQ. So Me, Mich, Case, Taylor, and Jon left, but first had to stop at Taylor's house. So we went to Taylors then left and walked to DQ. JLee and Greg were already there. It was so fun. Jon was being so funny with the icecream he like dropped it and tryed to eat it, but we had to stop him. hahaha we were all being such retards because ya know... I always am. Muahaha. So yeah we all chilled at DQ for a whiiile. Then we all walked to Taylor's and hung out there. Then Later that night Michelle's Dad came and picked up Me and Her and we went back to Mich's. I slept over and it was a real fun time!!! We talked to Greg on the phone for a while, but then he got in trouble by his Mom :o( haha sorry about that Greg! So yeah the plan was for Me and Michelle to stay up and then around 8am we'd walk to Dunkin' Donuts and meet Greg there, but then we fell asleep :o( haha

Sunday I woke up and Michelle was awake and I was like "Dude, Michelle what time is it?" and she's like "3" haha yeah it sucked 'cause we fell asleep haha. But then we talked to Greg and decided to still go to Dunkin' Donuts. So then Me and Michelle walked there and met Greg and yeah it was a supurb time :o) After we started walking to Michelle's house. We ended up stopping on the curb at a stop light and played the pointing game and we'd just like point at the people going by. hahaha it was so fun! After we stood there for about a half hour Me, Mich, and Greg went back to Michelle's. Jackie and Catherine were outside at Jackies and we hung out with them for a lil' bit then we just left and chilled at Mich's. Then we decided to go over my house with JLee. So my Mom came and picked up Me, Greg, and Mich. Then we went to JLee's and picked up him. Then we went back to my hizzle and chilled. Stef was over with JP. Me, Mich, JLee, and Greg hung out in my room for a bit. Hm... Me and Mich played Greg in basketball. We beat him :o) muahah. It was a good time! After, Me, Mich, JLee, and Greg went swimming. JP and Stef joined us and we had hotdogs. Woop. Then we all chilled in the basement for a bit and then Me and Mich played Greg again in basketball and won again! muahaha. We rockkk. Then Stef's Mom came and picked them all up and that was my Sundayyy!

Monday I had xcountry. Then after Me and my Mom went to stop 'n' shop. Then I went home and chilled anddd then later Me and JP got dropped off at Taylors house 'cause He got a tent and there was a fire and everything. Jon, Case, Taylor, Nick N, and Nick C were all there. We all hung out by the fire and stuff. It was really fun! Analisa came later and then Me, Nick C, Case, Analisa, and JP walked to Job Lot to get tape or something. We were like playing with this rope pretending it was a jump-rope. Ohhh yaa. haha it was super. Then Nick C bought a friggan axe. It was so dumb because after He bought it and went outside Case said to te register girl "You should really have to be a certain age to buy one of those" and then she showed us this sign that said you had to be 18 or over hahaha oh man it was so funny. That lady is wicked dumb. Wow. After we went back to Taylor's and I ordered a pizza from the pizza place right near his house. Their pizza rocks a ton. mmmyup. Yeah we all had a good time chillin' in the tent / by the fire. It was neato. Later my Mom came and picked up Me and JP and we went back home. Then Casey, Taylor, Nick, N, and Jon called from Taylors since they were all sleeping in the tent that night and so was Taylor's little brother Russel. He's a... interesting kid. Um yeah so I talked to all those kidddos for a while. It was pretty funny 'cause Russel was being SO weird haha. It was so messed up. I don't even know, but anways! I talked on the phone with them 'till like 3AM then went to bed!

Tuesday I skipped xcountry. I had a headache when I woke up. So yeah I went back to sleep and slept 'till forever and then woke up and had to do gay summer reading. So that day sucked.

Wednesday I had xcountry. Then on the way home, stopped at this hotdog stand. Yip. Then went home and showered and got ready then Me and my Mom left to go to my brothers football scrimage. On the way there we had to stop at Dunkin' Donuts. Then we got to Marian and met Mrs. Castellone and Little Michelle. Then they got in our car and we went to the feild. Me, Lil M, and Cristina hung out and watched the game. It was a good time :o) The team did pretty good for their first scrimage. After we stopped at White Hen and Me and Lil M got some food. Then... We went back to the school and waited for the football players to come out of the locker room. I went home with Lil Michelle and Nick and we hung out. Me and Michelle were like going crazy in her room listening to like the Backstreet Boys and Shaggy hahahaha oh man. It was a good time! Then her weirdo neighbor was doing like twaquanchi or something in the middle of the street and I was like making all these weird noises out the window so he'd hear me, and he did. hahaha then he like came over to the window and was like "what's all the racket?!" hahahaha and Me and little Michelle ran away. It was so fun lol. Later, Mike C and Casey came over. We hung out and ate food and stuff. We walked down the street. Mike C and Nick stole a sign. Me, Case, and Michelle ran away lol it was cool. Um... Then we saw Jenna outside and invited ourselves in the house. We hung out in the basement for a bit then Me and Nick went upstairs and got Damon. Chilled for a little then had to leave 'cause we hadda go home. So then Mrs. Castellone drove us all home.

Thursday I had crosscountry. After went to McD's. Then my Mom dropped me off at Rocs to get my hair highlighted. It took forever. My hairdresser and this other hairdresser talked the whole time. I heard their life stories. It was dandy. Then after my hair finally being done I decided to get my nails done since I haven't gotten them done in like 4 weeks. This time I got a french with hot pink and white tips then white and pink tips switching off. You're going to have to use that thing called an imgination. haha. The girl that did my nails reminded Me of... Me. It was scarrryyy. She was sooo mean. She made fun of people and I was like cracking up. It was grand. haha Anyways, after I got my hair and nails done my Mom came and picked me up. We stopped at Brooks to get some shiiaaat. Then went home. Later my Mom dropped Me ad JP off at Casey's hiizouusee. Jon, Taylor, Casey, LiL M, Missy, Mia, Matt Colarri, Nick, and Chris W. We all hung out in Casey's band room type thingy majig for most of the time. Jon, Taylor, and Chris left first 'cause Taylor and Jon needed a ride home and Chris was leaving so he gave them one. Hmm... Yeah, Matt Collari like wrapped me up in the microphone cord :o( haha. Meanie. We all had a fun time! Later Matt left. Then Me, Case, Nick, Mia, Missy, Lil M, and JP hung out and we watched some of the VMA's. 50 cent was lookin' mightty finnnee ;o) haha. During the VMA's Mia, Missy, and Michelle had to leave. Then while Me, Case, JP, and Nick were watching JP and Nick like totally gave Casey a wicked big wedgie. They pulled his boxers over his head and ripped them. hahaha oh man it was great!! Ay Ay Ay... Hmmm yeah then Mrs. Castellone came and picked Me, Nick, and JP up and on the way home we stopped at McD's 'cause we wanted food. We were being retards and beating eachother up. It was fun. There was this other kid there and he must have thought we were the biggest weirdos. I was like "WHERE'S MY FREE SMILE?! I haven't got it yet!" haha it was a ton of fun. Then us and the kid got like locked inside and couldn't get out. We couldn't get the door open. haha it was funny 'cause then the girl like had to unlock it. The dumb people friggan lock the door when there's people inside. YEAH losers. hahahaha. Anyways, after the stop Mrs. C dropped off Me and JP off at home. It was a neato day :o)

Friday I had cross country. WhoOoPp. Then went home and went online and talked to some cool cats for most part of the day. Then took a shower and got ready for the show. Then JP and Nick got back from football and JP decided not to go to show because he was going to have Stef over. So my parents dropped Me and Nick off at the Milan for the show. Everyone was outside chillin'. Lots of kids I knew we're there and it rocked much. We all went in and the show didn't start for a while so I hung out with everyone and met some new people. It was fun :o) TJ and his band played first. They're not to shabby. Up and Adam played. I took pictures and shtuff. They started out really good, but during the first song. Billy jumped off the stage and hit his head on the ceiling, because they were pretty low. I felt extremely bad :o( It was very sad. They called the ambulance and we all waited outside. They took him to the hospital, but he's okay which is good! We all went back into the show and some band played Me and this girl Lauren that I met, whom is very very cool! Were going crazy, because we're psychos hahahaha. It was fun! Nick took a bajillion pictures with my camera of Matt Collari posing. It was wicked funny! After Four Star Hero played. They did pretty good! Everyone kept on stealing my pimp'n hat that I finally got back from JLee! hahaha. All and all it was a goood night minus Billy hurting himself, that suckeed mucho :'o(. Mrs. Castellone picked up Me, JLee, Nick, Little Michelle, and Jenna and dropped me off at my hiiizouuusseee :o) That was my Friday! Sha-wiiiing.

Saturday I had xcountry. We ran at Welsley college. The course was 2 and a half miles. I ran with the older girls the whole course at a fast pace. I was quite proud of myself. Then on the second time around Me, this other Freshman Chris, and this girl Kate that's in JP's grade walked together for a lil' and talked. It was pretty cool. Then for the rest we ran. Whooop. After xcountry my Dad picked Me up and we stopped at McDs on the way home. When I got home I had to shower and get ready real quick to get to Taylor's show. Then Me and JP got dropped off at CVS because we needed to buy cameras and we thought we might just as well walk since it was right near Taylor's. So then we bought the cameras and then I realized that I forgot Ryan's present in the car. So my Mom drove back and she ended up just dropping us off at Taylor's. So thennn we got there and some band was playing. Lots of kids I knew were there. I hung out with them all and shtuff. Up and Adam played! :oD They did awesome! As always. :o) The Hometeam played. They're really good and the singer is wickkkked nice. After Icarus played. They're pretty good. It was a really really fun show. During the show Me and Mia walked to Marshalls and it was cool 'cause it was so random, but it was fun!! haha. We went back to the show and everyone was all confused of where we went because we just kinda left. lol. Oh yeah and I played with Taylor's little sister McKayla. She remembered my name! Yey. hahaha I feel special that a 3 yr old knows my name. haha. Hmm... Saving Grace played. I like them, their goood. All the bands that played were really good and it was a really good time. After Me, Billy, Damon, and Nick decided to chill. We were trying to figure out how to get a ride to Bill's to get his car. Billy, JP, and Nick played football in the parking lot for like a half hour. Then Me, Billy, and Nick decided to like walk to Bill's but then Damon called his Mom to come and pick us up and so then she came and dropped us off at Billy's. We were at Billy's for a little bit. Then we left in Bill's car. He had to get his paycheck at his work, but it was closed. Then we were hungry so we went to subway. Then after we stopped at Damon's, but then had to do something... So we did what was needed to be done. haha. Then we decided to go rent a movie. We rented Van Wilder and went back to Damon's and watched it. It was a funny movie! I liked it. Billy fell asleep during it and Nick was trying to molest Damon. hahahah poor Damon :o( After the movie Me, Damon, Nick, and Billy chilled in Damon's roomage. I scratched Billy's and Damon's back for like an hour. Then I guess it was molest Christi day 'cause I wasn't informed! hahaha it was fun :oD Then Damon, Nick, and Bill like piled ontop of me and I couldn't breath! hahaha. Then Mrs. C came to bring Me home, and Bill left in his car to. So I got dropped off at home. It was a fabulousss day indeed!

Sunday I woke up at like 5pm. I planned on sleeping late anyways since I blew off going to Hampton with friends. I spent some time online then went to the movies at 9:50pm with my Mom and Dad to see Jeepers Creepers 2. It was really good actually. I recommend it. Then I went home and I've been online since. haha. It was a good night.

Well I finally updated! I hope you comment because that took friggan forever. I'm going to bed man. It's 4:50AM and I'm most likely going to the Labor Day parade tomorrow with friends :o). That means waking up at a reasonable hour. Gimme a call if you wanna chill. Love you babes. Goodnight.

my thoughts and dreams surround you
when will this day end?
broken hearts will mend together once again
I’m losing sight without you
then you reached out your hand
brushed my face
then looked me in the eyes and said
“I can’t live life without you”
I won’t forget that time

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What we lost means nothing. For the memories will stay. [20 Aug 2003|05:18am]
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[ music | The Get Up Kids - Campfire Kansas<3 ]

Continuing from last entry...

})i({ Sunday })i({
Me and Nick got dropped off at Target, because Mrs. Parker was going to pick us up there. So yeah we got dropped off and we had time so we went inside. It's a pretty cool place. Real nice and all that. I bought the new Dashboard Confessional CD. It's friggan amazing. I love DC so friggan much. But anways... I bought soda and candy. Woo. Then yeah we waited for Mrs. Parker and then she came. Casey, Nick, and Me went to Mia's and picked up Lil M and Mia. Then we all went back to Casey's. We hung out and I was playing Casey's drums and whatnot. Then we ate. Then we all went swimming. It was a pretty neato time. We went in the hot tub as well. Then later Mrs. Parker brought all of us to our homes... And that was my niiight.

})i({ Monday })i({
Monday I woke up. Went online and made plans for the day. Showered and got ready. JP and Nick got back from football. My Mom brought me back McDs :o) Yiiip. I ate it on the way to the movies 'cause we were barely making the 7 o'clock movie of Grind. We met Michelle there and she put her stuff in my car for her to sleep over. Then we saw Colin and Connor there and they were seeing the same movie as us! Stef came and a little into the movie Casey and Taylor got there so Me and Michelle met them out there then we went to go see the movie. It was a really good movie! Lots of hot guys ;o) sha-wiiiing. haha It was a good time. Hmm after that we went to the mall for like a half hour and hung out. Then JP and Nick went to Stef's. Then Case and Taylor got picked up. Taylor gave Me and Mich his notebook thing so we could color some stuff in it for him! :o) Then... Me and Michelle waited for my Mom to pick us up. On the way home we stopped at Honey Farms and got like a ton of chips, soda, and dip! Woop :o) Then we went back home and went online and we were going crazy having a fabulous time! We talked to some cool kids and listened to some wicked cool music and whatnot. Oh yeah and Me, Michelle, and Greg are new found best friends and we plan on having a sleepover and watching really cool movies like... Zoolander, Super Star, Freddie Got Fingered, Old School, and Night At The Roxbury 'cause those moives are amazing haha. Oh yeah and I was like dancing and if you know me you know how I have insanly slippery floors and yeah so I was dancing to Chingy - "Right Therre" and Mich was on the computer and I was doing this really goofy thing where I was like running backwards in place really really fast and then fell right on my face and I like cut my arm on my table and I have a huge bump on my knee ahahaha we were like cracking up. It was crazzzzzy. Then later we tryed prank calling Analisa and forgot the * blah blah lol and yeah it was funny 'cause then we asked to try again so we did and she was laughing. muahaha. Then she had someone on the other line so we said we might just call back later. So Me and Michelle made like 6 really cool pages in Taylors notebook with these crazy stickers and whatnot. You'll just have to see it! Later we called Analisa back and we were talking to her. Michelle kept doing the thing where she is like "Myyy baallls aree iitcchy" in this NY accent. It's like the funniest thing. I can't do it... I guess I'm just not as talented as Michelle is. hahahaha. So yeah we listened to music and ate and had a super time. Then we went downstairs in the basement and watched some Family Guy and Michelle fell asleep so I did to. It was like around 7:30am or something. It was a super duper time :oD!

})i({ Tuesday })i({
Tuesday Me and Mich woke up at like 5pm. hahaha I kept on waking up, but she was still asleep so I was just like "Screw it, I'm gonna stay asleep." hahaha. Finally we actually got up and got ready. JP and Nick got back from football. They got ready too. Stef got dropped off. We all ate since we like randomly had like tons of food somehow. haha it kind of just appeared when I came downstairs. Anywho.... We got dropped off at the mall and met Case, Taylor, and a bunch of other kids. We handed out flyers to the show on Saturday. Whoop Whoop. Oh yeah and randomly in the food court there was like a line of 6 chairs so we all sat in one and these people that were eating across from us was laughing at us and we were like "Dude we should take a picture!" and the girl offered to take one. So she did and then after we see this security gaurd coming towards us and hes like "You're not allowed to take pictures in the mall" and were like "Uh why?" and hes like "Because of September 11th" and we were like all confused 'cause he makes no sense, and then he's like "Yeah because pictures are the main source of terroism" or something like that. It was really weird 'cause obviously a bunch of kids like us aren't terrorists, but I don't know. It was odd....Oh well. But yeah I saw like a bajillion kids I knew. It was weird. Yeah... and I got this really discusting energy drink that tasted like pickle juice and like mowed grass or something put into a blender. It was definatly a dissapointment to the energy drink I went back to CVS and bought a trusty ol' Diet Coke, atleast Diet Cokes never fail me. PSH. I bought the Junior Senior CD. It's fantastic! -;-Happiness!-;-... Anywho and yeah I saw that weirdo guy that worked at the movies again. He scares me :o( I bet he's the rapist hahaha. Ahhh I dunno a lot of stuff went on at the mall. We got a ton of free food from Arbys and this Chinease place. It was a wicked cool time! :oD After...Me, JP, Stef, Mich, and Nick got picked up and we all went back to my house and hung out. Me and Mich talked to Gregory Petere online haha. We're definatly going to hang out with him sometime and it's going to be wicked fun! hahaha... Then I was talking to Bill online and he was with Ryan, Kristin, and Damon. Then they were going to come over and on their way over Bill called for directions. So I went to go ask my Dad and he was all like blah blah blah "it's too late" blah blah blah. I felt really bad :o( Gayness. It was retarded 'cause it was like around 10:40pm when I asked, and people stayed 'till like 11:40pm so they could have stayed for an hour, but whatever. Psh. Eh oh well. Yeah so we all hung out then I think my Mom or JP drove them all home? I don't know. I just stayed home haha. I've been on the computer all night. I should really go to bed. It's freaky 'cause everyone else in my house is asleep and no one's online! JLee was the last person I was talking to, but he left :o( Tear. It's 5:25am woohoo. I'm going to bed... Or atleast upstairs soon.

Dashboard Confessional, Brand New, MxPx, ect...
S e p t e m b e r 6 t h .
I'm definatly am going. I don't care!
hahaha Michelle and JLee are defff. going to.
And it's going to rock SO much 'cause
I LOVE Dashboard, Brand New, and MxPx!!

"Our boats collide. We feel the breeze. We'd stay afloat, and make the most of everything. The sun would set, the stars would shine, the trees would shake. We'd all feel fine. Let's take the moon and make it shine for everyone."

Well I think I'm done for the night
I'll talk to you all later. Love you<3
Comment and I'll forever love you.
So long...Ciao! xoxoxo
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You know it. You've seen it. You hate to believe it, but you can't get it out of your head! [17 Aug 2003|04:43pm]
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[ music | *Matchbook Romance // Cream Soda* ]

Special thanks to punkiish_ness for doing my fabulous layout. I think I'm in love with it. hahaha and yes the picture is of Matchbook Romance and there's a lovely quote from a song by them. I heart them much.<3 Thanks again :o)

Anywho now for the updates...

Thursday was my last day of Togo Palazzi camp. We had awards at the end of it and my team for 3 on 3 won, but I was in the bathroom fixing my hair while they called my name for the trophy. hahahaha everyone was like "where christi at?!" haha but yeah... it was funny. After camp I went to Taco Bell. Then went to Joy Den the jewlery place to pick up the rings I got sized. Then went to Brooks, then the kennel to get my dog. Then went home... and hung around, showerd, ect. Then Me and JP got dropped off at Nick's house since the Castellone's just got back from their trip. Cristina, Mia, Jenna, Little Michelle, Nick, and JP all hung out then lit some fireworks outside and yeah it was a real good time. Then... we were all hanging out outside and Stef got dropped off. Then Me, Cristina, and Nick ran to Damons house. Damon, Billy, Ryan, Kristin, and 2 other girls were there and they were already watching How High. That's such a good movie. I've seen it before like a while ago though. During the movie JP, Stef, Mia, Little Michelle, and Jenna came to Damon's and they watched some of it to. Then after the movie we hung out for a little longer and then Me, Cristina, JP, Stef, Nick, Little Michelle, and Jenna left and went back to Nick's and hung out there. Me and Cristina were going crazzzzy. Oh man, I can't even describe it hahaha we were goin' nuts. It was funny lol. Later my Mom came and picked Me, Cristina, and JP up 'cause Cristina was sleeping over. And we were on our way home and we were like begging to go to blockbuster and JP was driving so we went and they were closed and Cristina was begging the guy and he didn't so yeah it wasnt cool. Then we were hungry but we had no money and we went to McDs and we only had money to get sodas and Cristina was acting like she was retarded to the girl that worked there at the window. I was trying so hard not to laugh. It was SO funny. Then after we went back home and hung out and talked and all this good stuff. It was a grand ol time!

Friday Me and Cristina woke up and hung around for a while. Then we went swimming for like 2 and a half hours. It was a a good time! :o) Then after we got ready to go out and we got dropped off at Damons around 8 or something. Nick was already there and we hung out and shtuff. Billy came later, and Casey did to. It was a cool timee. Ryan and Kristin came for a while, but then left. I don't know there was a lot of people there that day 'cause Mia had this gymnastics sleepover thing so there was like 10 girls. Anywho... We all pretty much chilled and whatnot the whole time. We left later around 11:30 and Mrs. Castellone brought Cristina, Me, and Casey to our houses. I think that was my day... I don't really remember all the details. Oh well.

Saturday I woke up and got ready for this Marian Football Cookout thing that we had at our house. There was like 100 people here. It was a pretty good time... Me, Cristina, n Lil' M (Michelle Castellone lol) hung out the whole time. It ended at 5 or something, but some people stayed 'till around 6. Then after people left Me, Cristina, Nick, Lil M, and JP all hung out and stuff. And yeah, while all this was happening I should probably tell you that Me and Nick broke up. I really thought it was the best thing for us. We talked about it and said we'd stay as best friends, which I am really happy that we are still best friends. It was really hard to do it in person, but advice to all of you. Please, be a human being and have the moral to do it in person. Please, because I'm sick of people who take the easy way out of life and do it online. Somewhat phone, but more of online. Have respect and courtesy for other people. Woo. I'm sorry about all that rambling on, but I just want people to see where I'm coming from. If I can do that to my best friend who is a awesome person. Then you can do it for whatever gayass reason you're doing it. Anyways... After that we all hung out and Casey came over. Then Me, Nick, Lil M, Casey, and Cristina all went swimming. It started lightening so we had to get out for a little bit, but then just went back in like 5 minutes later. Mike and Matt, JP's friends drove over and they went swimming to. It was a fun time. Then we all hung around and later Mike and Matt left. So Me, Cristina, Nick, Case, n Lil M hung out in my room for a bit. Then Nick and Case got picked up. After a lot and lot of begging that night from Me and Cristina...Lil M could sleep over! So when Mrs. Castellone came to get Nick she brought Michelles stuff. Me, Cristina, and Michelle hung out and talked to people online and on the phone... and a lot of other cool stuff you're not cool enough to know muhahaha. Oh man it was so much fun though! Woahhh. But anywho... Then Me and Michelle talked to JLee on the phone, and we were being weridos. Then Cristina joined in. Then it just ended up being Me and JLee. haha we all talked on the phone for like 3 hours or something. It was around like 6am when he had to go. It was a goodtime though! He probably thinks were all a bunch of psychos, but that's okay! Anywhosss... After Me, Lil M, and Cristina watched paid programming and I made fun of the people 'cause it's fun. I'm a nice person aren't I? Indeedy... So yeah we stayed up 'till around 7:00/7:30ish or something. It was a super fun time :o)

Today we woke up around 2 or something. Then Cristina got picked up, and Me and Michelle hung out for a lil' bit, but then she got picked up when her Dad came to pick up JP to go to some football meeting with Nick. And now I'm here talking to... Case, Lil M, and Taylor. Me and Case are trying to figure out something to do today and were probably going to meet up with Nick when this football thing is over. My parents were going to take Me to go to see Freddy vs Jason, but I didn't really want to see it. It doesn't quite tickle my fancy. Stef and JP are going though. Eh oh well! Well I think I'm going to go! Talk to yas later. COMMENT<3 Ly :o) Addios! --->Christi

-;- L e a v e M e S c r a m b l i n g -;-

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She fakes a smile and presses her hips into his. [13 Aug 2003|05:45pm]
[ mood | bored ]
[ music | Brand New<3 - Me Vs. Maradona Vs. Elvis ]


Tuesday I had basketball camp from 9am to 3:30pm. It was a good timeee. It was so hot though. Agh haha. After camp we picked up Stef. Then we stopped at McD's and went back home. I just went on the computer and whatnot... Then JP had weight lifting so Me and Stef hung out. We made plans with Cristina to go to the mall. So Me and Stef got dropped off and met Cristina. The mall was superb time... I bought a green tanktop from A&F. It's cute :o) Then I bought some shtuff at Hot Topic. I got this wicked cool wrist band of Grr from Invader Zim because that show is the best! Hmm... Later Stef left and met JP and they hung out. So Me and Cristina hung out in the Food Court and chilled and whatnot. It was a good time. Then we all got picked up and that was my night!

Oh yeah the Dashboard Confessional CD came out and it sucked 'cause I didn't have any money left to buy it :o( I was very very sad. Boo.


Today I had basketball camp. Another hot day, but it's always fun. Danielle won 1 on 1. Go Danielle! haha after camp Me and my Mom stopped at BK and KFC to get food. We had to bring food back for Stef and JP. So yeah... I've been home since. I took a shower and I'm very very bored. Stef left like 10 minutes ago. There's like no one online 'cause everyone is gay and is away or working or busy or something. Agh yeah it sucks. I hate doing nothing... It's like the worst thing in the world. I'm used to like doing something all the time and yeah it's just not happening. But anywhos... I'm not sure if I'm doing anything tonight or whatever... It depends if anyone will even be home or wants to chill with me. Let me know PLEASE. Make my friggan day hahaha. Ah I'm such an angry person. Why do I have friends? hahahaha. Well I'm going to get going. I'll update later maybe. Talk to you later hun, Love you<3 Comment please! xox Christi

"I will lie awake
And Lie for fun and fake the way I hold you
Make you fall for every empty word I say"

"And it's sad, but true
Out of cash and I.O.U's"

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Hold the phone, but don't hold your breath! [11 Aug 2003|10:42pm]
[ mood | MiXeD FeEeLiNgS :o\ ]
[ music | <3 J u n e S p i r i t ! <3 ]

WhUdDuUpP gAnGgStAaSs ;o) I'm back from Maryland. Yet I've been back since Saturday and it is now Monday. I'll just tell ya some stuff I did while I was in MD. I went to Hersey Park, Annapolis, and went to some parties with my cousins, and all that shtuff. It was a good time! I'm glad I got to see my aunts, uncles, and cousins 'cause I haven't seen them in like forever! So yeah the plane ride home wasn't bad at all. It was like an hour 'n' a half or something like that. Yeah so when I got home on Saturday it was around 7ish. Stef and Michelle came over later and Me, Stef, JP, and Mich all hung out and Me and Michelle made a bajillion crazy songs on my drums and we're gonna be called 'The Chicken Burgers' hahahahaha we're weird kids. Then after Me and Mich were done going insane on the drums and done freaking out JP and Stef...We all went swimming! It was a good time :o) Then they got picked up. It was a good night being back home :oD

On Sunday I woke up really late. It was like 2:40pm haha. Sad, huh? Yeah so then Case and Jon called and wanted to know if I wanted to do anything. So we were trying to find somewhere to go and I was like "Well I'm hungry so lets go to Papa Ginos!" haha so yeah JP called up Stef and Mich and told them to meet us all at Papa Ginos. So Me and JP got to Papa Ginos and then Stef, Mich, Case, and Jon got there a little later. Jon and Case rode their bikes there. So yeah we all got our food and whatnot and talked about weird stuff like we always do. It was a fabulous time! So yeah after we ate we went to CVS and I got icecream 'cause I'm fat. haha. Then Case and Jon had to get a ride from Casey's parents 'cause they had to bring their bikes back home. So then Me, JP, Stef, and Mich waited for Casey and Jon at Casey's. Then they came and we all went back to my house. We hung out and also lit some fireworks off. JP taped like 10 sparklers together then had one sticking out and used it like a fuse then all the other ones caught on fire and made this HUGE flame. It was so cool. Then we lit some other stuff on fire then... We all went swimming and had chicken fights and like JP and Jon were seeing who could stay under water the longest and it was amazing 'cause they got like a minute in a half or something around there. I don't really know. But anywho after that Case and Jon got picked up... Then a little bit after Stef and Mich got picked up... And that was my night! :o)

I woke up at 8 AM. Last night I could not go to bed. I just kept on thinking about stuff and a lot of things are bothering me... I don't know really, but it was uncool. I was up untill 6AM trying to go to sleep, but I just kept thinking... agh. It was gay, but oh well. So yeah I had a sum of 2 hours of sleep. WooHoo haha Well yeah I got dropped off at Assabet for Togo Palazzi camp at 9AM. It was a fun day at camp. I got a workout and I sure did need one! I can't wait untill Cross Country starts for Marian so I can get in shape lol. Oh how pathetic I am... haha So yeah anyways! About camp... It was a good time! Me and Danielle are so crazy... Some people must think were psychos. We make friends with all the little kids. It's super. Well anywho I'm not going to keep on going on and on about how Me and Danielle are crazy at camp. haha so yeah camp ended at 3:30 and my Mom brought me to Taco Bell. Yum! haha I <3 Taco Bell. Then after we had to go pick up Pumba at the kennel. Then we went back home and I played some drums and printed out tabs. I Took a shower & chilled all day. The Rudzinskys came over for a little bit. Then they left not to long ago... I think I'm gonna get goin' my love<3 Talk to you later. Ciao!

Muah xox
c h r i s t i

sleepless nights,
in the dark,
I lie awake,
and think of you.
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-;- Wish you were here -;- [01 Aug 2003|08:00pm]
[ mood | A part of me is missing ]
[ music | F a l l O u t B o y <3 ]

|[ W e d n e s d a y ]|
Continuing from what I last wrote... Casey, Nick, and Jon came over and we hung out and then we went swimming. It was a swell time :o) Me and Stef stayed in for like forever then finally we got out. haha, then we all watched Chris Rock, 'Bigger and Blacker'. He's so friggan funny. I love it. Then Nick, Jon, and Case had to leave. Me and Stef talked. Then we made a wicked kickass colage of Up and Adam pictures from the show at Taylors house and we made this sign thing and we taped it all onto my closet door. I plan on making one for like all their shows. It'll be wicked cool! Then after we went downstairs in the basement and watched this scary/weird movie, Disturbing Behavior. Stef fell asleep during it. I watched the whole thing then I put in the Incident 14 CD and she woke up and we stayed up 'till around 6ish I think.

|[ T h u r s d a y ]|
Thursday my Mom woke us up around 12ish and we got ready and showered and stuff. Then we drove to Worcestor for a call back thing for modeling. I went in and had to read this acting thing over and over. I felt so dumb haha. Then he told me I was accepted and I'll start taking classes in like September once a week. First the classes are Image then Runway then Acting. I got some free stuff. Oh how I love free stuff. Seriously free stuff is like my favorite thing in the world hahaha okay I'll stop. Anywho after we were all hungry... We went to Honeydew Donuts first 'cause my Mom wanted coffee. Then we went to Burger King 'cause Stef wanted a kids meal haha and I wanted a Hersey Pie. Then Taco Bell 'cause I wanted tacos 'cause they rock. muahah. After all the food stops we went to Joy Den the jewelry place 'cause my Mom had to pick up my Dad's watch and I needed to get some rings sized. Then after my Mom dropped Me and Stef off at Nick's house. Casey, Jon, and Taylor were there. Casey had his Dad's wheelchair with him and we all rode around on it. It was supurb. We hung out at Nick's for a while and ate and stuff. Then we decided we wanted to go to the mall. So we stopped at Casey's to drop off the wheelchair and yeah. He brought his bass to the mall? lol I carried it around for half of the time and felt retarded. It was cool. lol... Some guy wanted to beat Casey up for spilling a drink on his sandel or something. I don't know, it was dumb. Me and Stef went to Filenes and tryed on a ton of cool lookin' clothes. I ended up buying this wicked cool shirt that was red, black, and white striped and it had a tie on one of the straps. It was neat. Then I ended up putting this super cool dress on hold 'cause I didn't have enough money to buy it. I know... a dress haha. But it was so cool. It was black and hot pink striped and it was a halter dress. I thought it was amazing lol. So yeah I plan on wearing that to a show or something? Eh, whatever lol. Anywho... Then my Mom picked up Me, Stef, and Nick and we dropped Nick off at his house. Stef slept over again :o) we hung out and talked and I packed all my clothes, CD's, makeup, and all that stuff up for my trip to Maryland. We watched the movie Riding in Cars with Boys. It was a pretty good. Stef fell asleep in like the first 10 minutes of the movie. Even though she won't admit it hahah. At the end of the movie I threw a pilliow at her and woke her up. We talked for a little bit then fell asleep around 6AM again haha. We've been up 'till around 6AM like every night for the past 3 days in a row, but it's been wicked fun :oD!

|[ T o d a y ]|
Today my Mom woke Me and Stef up around like 2. We were so tired. We got ready and stuff then Me, Stef, and my Mom went to the mall to get our nails done. I had to get a fill and this time I did my nails hot pink with white and black air brushed stars. It's pretty cool :o) I realized everytime I got my nails done this whole summer I got pink. That's because I love pink :o) JP called while we were all getting our nails done and he called saying he was going to be at Marian in like 40 minutes. So yeah we had like no time. So the people did all our nails fast. The guy did mine in a half and hour. It was really quick and it still came out really cool. Nick was already at the mall and my Mom had him buy stuff for her because we didn't have much time to do all the stuff after. He picked up the dress I had on hold from yesterday. Then after we were all done. We drove to Marian and picked JP up. Then we stopped at McD's to get food and we went back home. Now I'm at my house with my parents, JP, Stef, and Nick. I think were all just going to hang out here for a while and I'm going to finish packing some stuff 'cause I'm leaving tomorrow bright and early. The limo's going to pick us up at 5AM. Blah :o\ ... Well I won't be updating for a week. I'll be back on Saturday the 9th. So yeah I'll miss you all! Please comment so I have something to read when I come back. I love you! Byee :o)

xox <3 Christi

Tonight the headphones will deliver you
the words that I can't say.
Tonight I'm writing you a million miles away.
Tonight is all about "We miss you."

-;- My smiles an open wound without you. -;-
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VS... HOT DAMN! ;o) [30 Jul 2003|06:08pm]
[ mood | energetic ]
[ music | The Ramones - We're a happy family ]

Sunday... after I last updated. Around 8ish or something Nick, Billy, Ryan, and Damon came over. Ryan tuned my drums. So now I can actually attempt to play them. lol. Then my Mom made us all food and we ate it down at the pool house. It was a good time :o). Then Me, Billy, Damon, and Nick went swimming. Ryan didn't want to though. We had chicken fights and all that jazz. Billy kept spitting water in my face. Psh... All and all it was a super time :oD Then after we all hung out and shtuff. Then Mrs. Castellone came and picked up Nick, and Ryan, Damon, and Billy left in Ryan's car. That was my Siiizzuuunnnddaayyy.

Monday... I got dropped off at Nick's casa. Casey came later and we brought his amp and whatnot to Damons. Then Mrs. Castellone and my Mom brought Me, Case, and Nick to the studio in Milford for Up and Adam's recording and dropped us off there. When we got there the band was there and this kid Randy that filmed them. Then... Brian, the recorder guy set everything up. They played some of their songs and kept playing them over and over, but Brian still didn't think it was the best. I don't think they were having a good day recording so they decided they would come back on Wednesday. We were there for a few hours or so. Then we all hung out outside and Brad was throwing this huge bouncy ball with his left hand and then I tryed doing it and it almost went threw the window into a Karate place. Then Billy took it and he threw it and it nailed the glass and we all ran away. haha oh man it was great. Me, Nick, and Casey had to wait untill Mrs. Castellone got there. We made plans with Billy, Damon, and Randy to come back to my house and go swimming and all that stuff. So then Ryan dropped them off at my house and we hung out downstairs in the basement and we watched the video that Randy filmed of the studio. Then Billy just had to have the shell's that my mom makes that he adores haha he was like going to cry if he didn't get them. hahah so him, Case, Nick, and Randy ate that. Then people were jumping into the drum boxes because there's like a huge pile of them. And we were waiting 'till Damon came downstairs so we could attack him, but he ended up not coming 'cause he saw my shoe. I'm obviously not good at this game. haha, yeah then Damon and Nick wrestled. We all went upstairs and Billy tryed to steal my money and I had to chase him and Nick around upstairs. Boo! Then Me, Nick, Randy, Billy, and Casey all went swimming. Damon didn't want to though... Randy was obsessed with the ducks. It was funny haha. He's a cool kid. Anywho swimming was a fun time :o) Then Ryan came to pick up Damon, Billy, and Randy. So Me, Nick, and Case hung out and watched some TV. Then Mrs. Castellone came to pick them up. Hmm... Well that was my Monday. It was fabulous! :o)

Tuesday... I got dropped off at Nick's house. Stef was already there. We ate pizza and whatnot w/ little Michelle. We all hung out for a bit. It was a good time. Then my Mom came to pick up Me and Stef and we went to the Butlers house and Mrs. Butler, my Mom, Me, and Stef took our car and JR and Al took JR's car. We drove to Worcestor to this modeling place and we got interveiwed and stuff and Me and Stef made fun of all the ugly kids on the walls. hahaha it was so funny. Hm... After getting interveiwed blah blah blah... We drove back to the Butler's house and dropped off Mrs. Butler. Then we stopped at 7 eleven and Me and Stef bought a lot of junk food for our super cool sleepover! :o) Then... We got home and ate and went online. Then we hung out in my room and talked. It was supurb :o) muahaha Stef V.S<3 Good times! muahah then we went downstairs and watched our ALL TIME FAVORITE MOVIE EVER.... Zoolander!! Oh man, such a good movie. It's God. h-h-hey Maurice.... EARTH TO MEEKUS! haha... Good tiiiimmmessss. Then we watched a ton of extras and stuff. We ended up going to bed around 6:30AM. It was splendid :oD

*Zoolander On Literacy*

"Do you know that alot of people are embarrassed to pick up a fashion magazine, thinking that it'll be full of words that look like spooky animals to them? Don't be scared... words can only hurt if you try to read them. Don't play their game."

Today...we actually got up around like 3:30. We've been on the computer since haha. I'm pretty sure Nick, Casey, and Jon are coming over sometime... We're going to go swimming and yeah it'll be a cool time :o) Stef is sleeping over again muahahah the super duper sleepover lives on. Well we must get goin'. Talk to you all later. Love you<3

xox. Christi and Stef

I would swallow my pride I would choke on the
rhines But the lack thereof would leave me
empty inside I would swallow my doubt turn it
inside out find nothing but faith in nothing
Want to put my tender heart it in a blender Watch
it spin round to a beautiful oblivion Rendezvous
then I'm through with you.
Eve 6
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Pretty In Punk ;o) [27 Jul 2003|11:58am]
[ mood | hyper ]
[ music | Fall Out Boy CD<3 ]

Thursday & Friday

Thursday...Nick and JP got back from weight lifting. We chilled and whatnot. I made flyers for the UAA, I14, ect... show on Saturday. They were wicked cool. It had a picture of Up and Adam with stars and blah blah blah it was cool. Yup, after my Mom dropped Me and Nick off at the mall. We ate and we went to HMV and I bought The Alkaline Trio CD. Good shiiaat :o) Then we went around the mall and handed out the flyers that I made. TJ was working so we stopped by Journeys. We gave some other guy that worked there some of them so he could give them out. Then around 8:30 my Mom came to pick us up. She dropped us off at Michelle's. Mike, Ian, Jackie, Krissy, and Cath were there. Then JP and Stef came. We all hung out and it was a super time! Around 11:30ish... I think... JP, Nick, Mike, and Ian left. Then just us girls hung out! We watched Crazy/Beautiful and Valentine. Valentine was a scary movie! We had a good time! We talked and whatnot, watched some interesting TV shows lol. Cath was the first one asleep... but we were all up SO late... I'm guessing Cath fell asleep around 6:30ish - 7. Then Stef fell asleep later. At 8AM... Me, Jackie, and Mich decided we wanted to walk to Dunkin' Donuts. So we walked there in our pajamas hahaha we looked so retarded! It was fun though :o) When we got back we ended up going to sleep. So I actually went to sleep at around 9:30AMish haha... Then I woke up and kept falling asleep, then I actually woke up around 2. My mom picked me up at 3:30. I went back home and showered and got ready. Then my Mom dropped me off at Nick's. Damon came over and we chilled. Mr. Castellone made us burgers. Later... We went over Damons. Damon played video games for sooooo loooooonggggg haha. I don't really like video games. But, oh well! Then we went back to Nick's and I had to get dropped off. Damon came to drop me off at home. On the way to my house we were all hungry. So we stopped at McDs and got some foodage. Then when I got to my house Me and Nick showed Damon around my house. He was like spazing out, it was funny hahah. Well that was my Thursday and Friday! Yip :o)

On Saturday my Mom drove me to guitar center and I met Nick, Billy, Ryan, and Damon there. My drums were finally in so I needed to pick them up :o) So yeah, I got my drums and got symbols and whatnot. Then it got packed into my mom's car then she left, and I went with Ryan, Billy, Damon, and Nick. We stopped at Dunkin' Donuts on the way home. It was interesting... haha Nick kissed Billy on the cheek and some guy saw him and made a really weird face. It was wickkedddd funny. Ryan found the funniest picture in the paper. Oh man it's horrible... I'm not even going to tell you. It's so mean :o( but it was funny haha. Hmm... We stopped at Ryan's to get CD cases. Then we went back to Damons and hung out and Damon burned demos for the show. It was fun :o) Then Me and Nick went back to Nick's and Me, Nick, Little Michelle, Missy, and Shauna went for a walk. Then when we got back we had dinner. Good shtufffffff. After... Mrs. Castellone dropped us all off at the show at St. Marys! We walked to 7eleven with some people. Then when we came back the show started... The Freedom Fighters was the first band. They were ok, not my kind of music though. Then Up and Adam played!!<33 :oD! They were AWESOME!! I took a bajillion pictures! :o) Me and Nick sold ALL the demos and there was alotttt!! We made 95 dollars! It was friggan awesome. We rock at selling demos :o) haha, Incident 14 played... I didn't get to really watch, because I was selling the demos and I was hanging out with people. Then Four Star Hero played. They were ok... I couldn't hear their vocals, at all. Me, Nick, Stef, and JP ended up leaving during it though. My Mom picked us up and we went back to my house and JP and Nick set up my drums. JP already started, but it wasn't finished and still isnt haha. My bass drum is being a bitch & a half. I need to have it tightened. Then... My Tom drum needs a stand. The rest is pretty much set though, which is good :o). After we went to the pool house and Mr. and Mrs. Rudzinsky were there. They were hanging out with my parents. Me, JP, Stef, and Nick hung out in the pool house and ate quesadias (sp?) Then Mr. Castellone came to pick up Nick and Stef. That was pretty much my Saturday! It rocked :oD.

So far today I woke up at 6AM and me and my family went to drop JP off at Marian for his football camp. It's in Vermont and he's there 'till like Friday... So yeah I'm going to be bored without him here. Well... I'm going to go! I'm not really sure what's goin' on for today, but I'll update you laterrr :o) Love yaaaa. Addios!

>Comment, or I'll eat your insides. :o)

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Don't bother to look in my direction... [24 Jul 2003|01:18am]
[ mood | awake ]
[ music | Saves The Day - Hold ]

Today, Nick and his Mom came to my house to pick up Me, JP, and my Mom and we all took Mrs. Castellone's car and drove to Worcestor to this uniform place 'cause we had to get the uniforms for Marian. Woohoo. NOT. haha eh, oh well. Anywho... After all that we stopped at McDs. I was SO hungry... Oh how I love McDonalds. It's like the best. Then we went back to my house 'cause JP needed to get stuff for lifting. Then Me, JP, and Nick went back to Nick's. We hung out for a while then Mrs. Castellone left to take Nick and JP to weight lifting. I hung out with little Michelle 'cause she's wicked cool and whatnot. I harrassed some kid on her screen name. He was being dumb and should die. hahaha I'm so mean. Then we went to Damon's. The band was practicing. They were doing a song by the Beatles. It was amazing 'cause I love the song. Yeah, yeah... Then the band was leaving and stuff so Me and Michelle went back to Michelle's. We hung out then JP and Nick got back. Mia came over. Then we went back to Damon's for a little bit. Then Me, Michelle, Nick, and JP went back to Nick's to eat. When we were eating JP started choking... It was really scary. I tryed doing that himlic manuver thing. I don't think it did anything, but I didn't know what else to do. He ended up being all right. His chest still hurts and stuff though. After we hung out for a while... Stef showed up. We all watched some TV and whatnot. We went outside and JP put like sulfur in a popper thing. It was crazy when it exploded. We hung out the rest of the night then Mrs. Castellone dropped Me and JP off at home. That was pretty much my night! Comment... OR DIE. I'd like to see some comments coming! haha I'll talk to you all later. Love you<33 Christi

PS: I was just kidding about the whole dieing thing...

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I set myself up for the greatest fall of all time... [22 Jul 2003|11:37pm]
[ mood | All of the above. ]
[ music | The Hometeam - Seeking Brighter Days ]

Hey... What's goin' on? I know I just posted an entry today, but I have free time right now. So still comment on my weekend and stuff for me. k?! :oD 'Cause that was a long entry and took a while to write so you better comment mi amigos! haha. Well anywho I'll tell you what went on today. Me, Nick, Case, and JP chilled and whatnot. We watched some Family Guy ate breakfast and whatnot. Went online... Then JP and Nick had to go to weight lifting. Me and Casey watched an episode of Family Guy then I had to go and get ready for my Eye Doctors appointment. I played checkers against Casey and beat him wicked bad 'cause I rock at that game. Sha-wing :oD Then JP and Nick came back from weightlifting and my Mom took me to my eye doctors appointment... Can you say fun?! Oh yeah. PSH. My eyes are fine. Contacts...fine. Another pointless appointment haha. Then when the eye doctor put my contact in it felt like there was something in my eye and it was killing me. Agggh... then in the car I was like trying to get it out, and when I got it out I found out it was ripped, and that's why it hurt. So then my mom called and I'm getting a new set. Yeah... Then we stopped at Honey Dew Donuts and got donuts. Obviously, hence the name hahaha. I'm so gay. Then yeah I got home and hung out with JP, Nick, and Case we just pretty much hung around my house all day. haha Yep good time, good time. I played the Alkaline Trio game for like 2 hours. No life, whuddup! Anywho... Nick and Casey got picked up around 10:45. Now I'm just chillin' talking to some cool people and whatnot. I think I'm going to bed sometime? I didn't say now. Sometime tonight maybe. haha Well I'm done. I'll talk to you later. Love you tons ;o) Comment.

"These arms remain stretched out to you, maybe someday you'll accept them. Maybe it's too late to save a young girl's heart that slowly stopped beating."


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Cause turning to you is like falling in love when you're ten. [22 Jul 2003|12:10pm]
[ mood | hyper ]
[ music | Brand New - Magizines ]

Friday... I got dropped off at Nick's house. Then Damon came over and Mrs. Catellone drove us to the mall. When we got to the mall we got food and shtuff. There was this crazy old guy sitting behind us and he didn't even look like an old man, he was so weird looking haha. So Nick and Damon took a picture of him without him knowing. haha it was wicked funny. Yeah we met Ryan there and shtuff and hung out. We went to HMV and I bought Damon the Get Up Kids CD, and he's going to burn it for me. I ended up getting a lot of CD's I got... The Early November, Alkaline Trio, and Dashboard Confessional. Good stuff :o) Then later Ryan had to leave. Me, Nick, and Damon went to Journeys and got TJ to play the Up and Adam demo. It was sweet. Then we met Stef and JP there. We all went around the mall passing out a bajillion flyers to the show on the 26th and the show that was on Saturday at Taylors. Like after we were done like everyone had one. We'd go to give them a flyer and they'd be like "oh yeah I already have one" hahaha... We sold some demos. Then Mrs. Castellone picked Me, JP, Stef, Nick, and Damon up and we picked up Billy on the way. We went over Damons house and chilled. It was cool. Then Mrs. Castellone brought me and JP home. Yep that was Friday.

On Saturday my Mom woke Me up at 7AM and I had to get ready and shower. Then on the way to Nick's we had to stop at CVS for JP to get a camera. Then my Mom dropped Me and JP off at Nick's. Then Mrs. Castellone brought us to Damon's and we got all the band stuff and packed it into Mrs. Castellones car. Then Me, JP, and Nick got dropped off at Taylors and help set up and stuff. Me and some other kids went to Price Chopper and took these crate things like right from the front of Price Chopper and no one even stopped us, haha. Then the bands got there and some people and they started the show. Up and Adam played. Incredible like always. That's why I like promoting them to people, like passing out flyers and selling demos and stuff. It's because I think their amazing and that they have the actual potential to making it as a band. So yeah that's my views and you should all love them like I do. Or you can die. Your choice. Oh yeah did I mention that Up and Adam is awesome? Anywhos... the band Into Error played, and Bobby Brown and the drummer of Saving Grace played a little. The cops showed up and Bobby was telling the cops that the Gallagher kids just attract the police hahaha. It was so funny. Yeah the show was pretty fun. It was a good time. Then after Mrs. Castellone picked Me, Nick, JP, little Michelle, and Mia up and we went back to Nick's. Then Billy called and said we needed to come back to get the band equiptment. So Me and Nick went back to Taylors and Billy, Ryan, and Nick packed the stuff into Nick's moms car. Then we went back to Damons and Me, Ryan, Billy, Nick, and Kristin unpacked all the stuff and Me and Nick went back to Nick's house. We had Papa Ginos :o) Stef got dropped off. Then After Me, JP, Stef, and Nick decided to go to the mall and we met Taylor, Casey, Jon, and Corey and we sold Up and Adam demos. We sold one to the security guy thing lol. Then Mrs. Castellone picked up Me, Stef, JP, and Nick and we went back to Nick's and watched some Family Guy. Billy, Ryan, Kristin, and Damon stopped by, but then left. Then Mrs. Castellone had to bring Me and JP home. Then later my parents got home from their High School Reunion thing and we all decided to go to Wendy's and it was like 12:45. It was neat.

On Sunday, Me and JP had to visit my Dad's old highschool (Westboro High) and take a tour of it. Then after we stopped at McDs. Then Me and JP got dropped off at Nick's house. Stef was already there... We all chilled and whatnot. Then later Stef had to get picked up. Then Me, JP, Nick, Shauna G, Little Michelle, and Mia got dropped off at Caseys house. Taylor and Jon were already over there. We all hung out and then we decided to go swimming. We listened to some Adam Green. It was neato. Then we went inside and ate then watched The Simpsons and some crazy Japanese show. It was weird. Then Mrs. Castellone came to pick up Me, Nick, JP, Michelle, Shauna, and Mia and we went to Damons house. Billy, Ryan, Kristin, and TJ and his girlfriend were there. We all hung out in Damons room, but then TJ had to drive his girlfriend home. So yeah then Me, Nick, Billy, Ryan, Kristin, and JP piled onto Damons bed, because we knew he'd try to get in. So when he came back he like jumped ontop. Oh man it was sooo funny. Then everyone started wrestling. It was so fun!! We all wrestled like the whole time. Then TJ came back later and it was Billy and Nick vs. Damon and TJ the 2 that do karate. Billy gave Damon a fat lip and he was bleeding. It was bad, but then Me, Nick, and JP had to leave because Mrs. Castellone had to bring us home. We got home at like 12 or something. It was a really fun day :o)

Monday... I got dropped off at Nick's. Casey was already there and the three of us went to Damons. When we got there Damon, Michelle, and Mia were there. We waited for Billy and Ryan to get there. Then they did and 3 other girls came. Damons mom had like a meeting thing with Me, Nick, Billy, Damon, and Ryan. Oh man haha it was so funny. It was about how the other night and how we broke one of the phones while wrestling and how Damon got a fat lip. Shes like Well... Phones were broken, A card was colored on, people were getting hurt. hahaha a card was colored on. Oh wow, the uno card that Ryan colored on hahahaha. Then how Damons dad had a white board and it said "Do not write on this" and Ryan wrote "ok" underneath. hahahahahah that was like the highlight of my day. Anyways after that Billy, Damon, and Ryan played some songs and whatnot. Then Nick had to leave for weightlifting so Me and Casey went back to his house and then My mom got there to pick up Nick. So then Me and Case went back to Damons and hung out. We were there for a while then Me, Casey, Little Michelle, and Shauna left and went to go eat 'cause Mrs. Castellone made us quesidias (sp). :oD We had a big conversation about names? I don't know why. lol. It was super... Then Me and Case went back to Damons and chilled with Ryan, Billy, and Damon. It was a fun time. JP and Nick came back from weightlifting and we all hung out. Then Mrs. Castellone drove Me, Case, JP, and Nick back to my house. Nick and Casey were sleeping over. We watched a ton of Family Guy episodes. It was a fun time. Then I went to bed.

Well I think I'm gonna go hang out with Case and Nick
Talk to you later, Love you much. <3 C o m m e n t <3

xox. Christi

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Just like this X on the back of my hand, I'm not going nowhere. [18 Jul 2003|01:34am]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | David Chapelle - Killin' them softly ]

Hello there! Let me fill you in on my day... Today I got ready and all that jazz then Nick and JP got back from their weight lifting and we hung out. Then went outside and JP had a rocket engine and we put the sulfur on the driveway and first JP lit a little bit and it was pretty neat. It caught on fire wicked fast then smoke came up. Then JP lit this thing called a 'Cobra' or something on fire. It was wicked cool like all this ash kept on coming out. It was ill. Then Nick took a ton of sulfur and put on the ground and then when he lit it on fire it like burnt his arm like a ton. It was really bad. Like then it like blistered and stuff. Not good. :o\ I hope your okay. Then a little later Jon and Corey got dropped off... We showed Corey around my house and shtuff. Then we went in the pool house and hung out. JP and Jon had like a contest who could eat a hot dog bun faster like under a minute. It was interesting haha. So yeah... Then Cristina got there. Then a little later Nick's mom came to pick him up because it was his Dad's birthday so he had to go home for that. And JP had to leave because he had Drivers Ed. So Me, Jon, Corey, and Cristina hung out... Then we went outside and Jon just HAD to go ride in the go-kart even though the tires were still popped from Taylor and Nick. hahaha... So yeah it was a cool time. :oD Then Casey came and he brought me Diet Coke :oD!! haha Casey you're wicked cool. Then we were really hungry so my Mom dropped Me, Case, Cristina, Jon, and Corey to Southboro House of Pizza. And we had a ton of pizza haha. Then Me and Cristina were fighting over the cheese and it exploded all over her. hahaha. Sorry about that. It was funny though 'cause after you smelt like cheese! haha, Then I saw this wicked cool sign with like dogs on it and it said "Red Hot Getaway!" in the bathroom and it was like half coming off and it was screaming 'Take me!" So I took it all the way off and then I ran outside because everyone was out there. And I'm like "Oh man, there's this wicked cool sign and I want it!" So Me and Cristina went and got and and ran outside and yeah, it was neato. So yeah then we decided to walk back to my house. It was pretty fun... JP got dropped off on the way haha. The whole time Corey wouldnt stop talking about "Locust" it was insane. hahahah Locust this Locust that. Yep, Yep then we got back and Me, Cristina, Corey, Jon, and Casey went swimming! It was a awesome time. Me and Casey ruled yet again at chicken :oD. Then it was Me and Cristina and we beat Jon and Casey because we rock and were Batwoman and Robin! haha. WA NA NA! After that we got changed and I made bagel bites! Woohoo :o) Then we chilled in my room for a little bit. Then Caseys mom came to pick them all up and bring them home. Now I'm here with JP and hes coloring something weird and were listening to David Chapelle - "Killin' them softly"... Funny stuff man. I'm hungry and I need another soda lol. So yeah I'm gonna jet. Talk to you later, love you ;o) Comment babe. xox

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<3 Youre HawWwWwT ;o) [17 Jul 2003|04:09am]
[ mood | excited ]
[ music | Eve 6 - Inside Out ]

Today Me, Case, and Jon we're trying to figure out something to do... Then Me and Case had a wicked cool plan to go Mini-Golfing! We called people and told them to meet at the Cremery at 3:15. So I got ready and whatnot. Nick got dropped off at my house. Then my Mom dropped Me, JP, and Nick off at the Cremery. Taylor, Jon, and Case were already there. Taylor brought crazy Dora the explorer party hats and party stuff haha it was awesome! We waited for Stef then FINALLY she came hahaha. So yeah when she got there we played some crazy ass mini-golf! It was wicked fun. Then I re-cut my cut on my ankle :o( and I didn't get to finish like the last six holes 'cause Jon and Casey were like on a mission to finish hahaha. So yep all and all it was a wicked cool time! I'm not really sure who won though... I think Jon. Maybe? haha... Then after we got ice cream! Whoop-Whoop. Then we walked to Post Road Pizza. Then I ordered a large pizza for whoever wanted any, but before the pizza was done my Mom came to pick up JP and Nick for them to go to weightlifting. So yeah then Me, Stef, and Casey ate the pizza and Jon and Taylor got something else. Hmm Then after Mr. Parker came and picked us up and we went back to Caseys house. Me and Stefanie colored wicked awesome pictures for Casey and hung them in his room! They were super :oD ...Yeah then all of us hung out in Caseys room. Then we had to leave 'cause we were getting kicked out haha. Taylor and Jon took a ton of gatorades and Taylor took bread rolls haha. I took some prezels for the walk to Nick's house. So yeah Me, Stef, Taylor, and Jon were walking to Nick's and Taylor and Jon kept throwing bread at Me and Stef :o( lolol. But then I got back at them by spitting bread at them. haha discusting huh? Yep, then Jon and Taylor told us some VERY interesting stories. It was SO funny, oh man. 'Emo boys gone wild' hahaha HMMM alrighty. I'm not getting into details with these stories. But yeah then we didn't know where we were going 'cause we got distracted by the stories. So we were lost and we called Mrs. Castellone and Nick and JP were in the car, and they picked us up. Then we all of us went back to Nick's house. We all hung out and shtuff. Me, Jon, and Taylor ran away by going through the window of the boiler room. Then we hid in the treehouse. It was fun! haha We were like spys! Hmm.. Then we finally came out of the treehouse because Mrs. Castellone made tacos and we were hungry. So yeah we had tacos! Wha-Cha! :oD Then Billy, Clarissa, and some kid I dont remember his name though came over. And we hung out outside. Me, Jon, Billy, and Nick went to Damons and got Damon. Then JP threw a stink bomb in Damons driveway hahah. It was so nastyy. So then we all ran back to Nicks house and hung out there! It was grand time :oD!!! Then Mrs. Castellone dropped off Taylor then Jon then Billy then Me and JP off at homes. I got home around 11:40ish and then at 12:30 I went down to my pool and went swimming haha. And now I'm just chillin' talking to Ryan and Cristina online. Me and Cristina are Batwoman and Robin! WA NA NA! Well I think I'm gonna end this update! I'll talk to all you later. Love you, Comment ;o) <3Christi

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I set myself up for the greatest fall of all time. [16 Jul 2003|03:54am]
[ mood | good ]
[ music | Conan Obrien on TV. Woohoo! ]

Sunday Taylor called and woke me up. Even though it was like 2, but it was only because I was up 'till 6AM the night before watching the every episode ever Degrassi marathon :oD Woo! So you can't blame me... but Anywho! haha Yeah so Taylor called and he was with Jon and Casey and wanted to know if Me and Nick wanted to come over for this cookout thingy that his parents were having and shtuff and I was like "Yeah sure! I'll call Nick.." blah blah blah... So yeah I get off the phone, and JP's like telling me that he invited Nick and Stef and decided not to tell me? Oh yeah, cool. Wow, I'd like to know when there's people coming over my house and I'm wearing pajamas JA-ESUS! But yeah! I called back Taylor and told him that when Stef and Nick got to my house then Me and Nick would come over. So I got ready and stuff. Nick and Stef came over and we hung out for a while and whatnot. Stef gave me my Matchbook Romance, My Chemical Romance, plus random Stef and Christi super cool songs like 'The Safety Dance' and 'Wipeout'. We're cool :oD hahaha. Then a little later my Mom took Me and Nick to Taylors house and we see Taylor, Jon, and Casey setting up this Spongebob slip-n-slide. It was wicked cool. I didnt want to go on it though because I was planning on staying non-wet. So I video taped them all going on it. It was wicked funny... They like all held hands and went at the same time. It was crazy. Then we all ate... Then they pulled out the water balloons and I still managed to stay dry... Then Taylors brother just HAD to throw a water balloon at me. Roar. Then we had one left so we wanted to drop it on a car from this ledge thing near these apartments that like look over the street and so Taylor carried it over there and Me, Nick, and Taylor went over to the ledge and Nick tryed video-taping it... Then Taylor threw the water balloon and it kinda hit the car. Well it like splashed on it haha. Case and Jon were down at the bottom waiting for us, but we only found Casey... We figured Jon was already at the Skatepark. Then we see the Ice Cream lady, and we're like "Stop! Give us a ride!" haha so she pulls over? hahah It was awesome. We jumped through the window thing and I filmed it 'cause it was neat. She dropped us off at the park and Jon wasn't there? haha but then finally he got there! He was waiting for us at Fireflys haha. Then yeah Jon threw a whole package of lit matches on Nick and burnt his arm. Then Me, Taylor, and Nick decided to go light stuff in a trashcan on fire. So we got sticks from a dumpster and went to the pond thingy and lit it haha. Then Taylor threw in some grass and it smelt like pot. It was discusting, so I threw it into the lake. Then Mrs. Parker came and picked us all up and Taylor had to go home. So we dropped him off then we stopped at Nicks house. Then we went to Caseys for a sec. cause he had to go say hi to his grandma. Me, Nick, and Jon got to meet her to! Yippee! haha Yeah so then Mrs. Parker drove Me, Case, Nick, and Jon to my house and Stef and JP were there and we all decided to watch some Family Guy! Sha-wiing :oD haha I heart Family Guy. That show rocks my socks. We all hung out and shtuff then they all got picked up. It was a superb day!

Monday, I had to go to the doctors. FUN! ...Not. haha I didn't need any shots or anything, which is a plus. :o) After Me and my Mom went to Brooks 'cause we needed like only a couple things and then we ended getting a lot of stuff. We always come out with like a ton of stuff. It happens every time. Hmm... Then my Mom was on the way to drop me off at Nicks house because he said to go there after the doctors. So I called when I was almost at his house, and he said he's at IC skating with Jon haha. So we turned around and my Mom dropped me off at IC. They skated and then Me, Nick, and Jon hung out in this cool gazebo. Then Mrs. Castellone picked us up later and we went back to Nicks criiib. We hung out there and whatnot then we decided to surprise Casey, and show up at his house. So we walked to Casey's and we were lighting sparklers and playing with popper thingy majigs haha. It was fun! When we got to Casey's he already knew we were coming, because little Michelle told him! hahaha... We chilled a bit and called Cristina since she was finally back from the Cape! Then she showed up and I was all confused 'cause she went through the front door? Who does that? hahaha hmm then we all went outside and Me, Cristina, and Case jumped on the trampoline, 'cause we're cool like that. Nick and Jon we're playing with the BB gun.There was to many mosquitos so we went inside, and we we're all in the basement and Me and Case were like kidding around like fighting over the BB gun and Nick like ripped it away when it was in my hand and my finger was near the trigger and he pulled it and it really hurt :o( It got all swollen. Blah. haha... Hmm, Then Mrs. Castellone picked Me, Case, Nick, Jon, and Cristina all up and brought us back to Nicks house. We all had a good time! Me, Michelle, and Missy went swimming. It was cold :o\ hahaha oh well! It was fun though. Then after we chilled and whatnot then my mom came and picked Me, Jon, Case, and Cristina up and we dropped them all off at their hiizzouuseess. We watched TV in the car. Woohooo. :o)

Tuesday Nick got dropped off at my house because him and JP had to go to weight lifting for football. So we drove to Marian. Me and my Mom stayed in the car the whole time and then we went to Friendlys and I got food to go and stuff. Then when Nick and JP got out of weight lifting we stopped at this little store for drinks. Then we went to Guitar Center and we got there at the same exact time as Casey and Taylor. I had to go because I needed to re-order a new color for my drums. It was supposed to be blue to black fade, but they were out of stock so I picked out the cobalt color. It's purple. It's pretty nifty. JP bought a big amp. It's a good one. We were there for a while. Then we made plans with Case and Taylor to do something later and we already had plans with Jon and Corey to go over Nick's and whatnot. Then I wanted to go to the Natick mall so we went there and I went to Bebe and bought a new shirt, which came in handy since I had to get friggan ketchup on the shirt I was wearing before haha. Then I got a prezel at Auntie Aunies haha those are awesome I <3 them. Yeaah then we had to leave because JP had Drivers Ed. So we went to McDs 'cause Nick and JP wanted food. Then we dropped JP off at Drivers Ed and went back home because I needed to get my bathing suit for Nick's house. Then I called Jon and Corey and told them to go over Nick's. And I was online and I told Cristina and Stef to go over Nick's to. haha Then when my Mom dropped Me and Nick off at Nick's house... Jon, Cristina, and Corey were already there. We hung out with little Michelle and Missy. Then Stef got there... Then we all went outside and people skated an shtuff. Then we went inside and Mr. Castellone made us burgers. Then Case and Taylor got there... And we all went back outside and JP showed up... And Billy, Brad, Ryan, and these 2 girls were over Damons house. All all of us hung out outside then the girls left and Damon, Billy, Ryan, and Brad went to dinner. So the rest of us went swimming at Nick's, it was fun! Those pool noodles are cool. Whoever invented them rules the world. Then we all went inside and Jon was wearing these basketball shorts with no boxers. It was funny haha. He kept on humping things hahaha. Hmm then later Billy called my cell and I told him to come over Nicks. Casey, Jon, and Taylor got picked up. The rest of us hung out in Michelles room because it's cool. haha Then Billy, Ryan, Damon, and Brad like scared the shit out of Michelle, because we were all talking about how people could break into her room so easily then like Ryan, Billy, Damon, and Brad like pop up at the window haha it was sooo freaky. So we all chilled and whatnot. It was a fabulous time :o) Cristina had to leave 'cause her parents were there to pick her up. Then Me, JP, and Stef had to leave because Mrs. Catellone was bringing us home. So yep we got dropped off and wah-la. That's my day!

Well I really think I should get going. It's 4AM and I hear birds outside. haha. I think I'm gonna go clean my room and watch TV? Well Goodnight babe ;o) Comment!!

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-:- Wish you were here -:- [13 Jul 2003|01:38am]
[ mood | bouncy ]
[ music | FOB-Sending Postcards From A Plane Crash ]

Today I woke up and went online. I was trying to make plans and stuff. No one could figure out what they wanted to do today. I ended up being online like a lot of the day... I was supposed to do something with Billy(Will haha) today, but he had to go to his dads. He's not coming back 'till Tuesday! Not coool. :o( Hmm... So yeah then Me, Stef, Mich, Nick, and Casey made plans to meet at Job Lot parking lot and walk around and whatnot. So when we were all there we decided we wanted to go to Papa Ginos! :oD Jon and JP showed up a little later. It was a cool time! Me, Mich, and Stef were definatly not dancing to the juke box that definatly wasnt playing songs such as B52's - "Love Shack", Mandy Moore - "Crush", Britney Spears - "Somtimes", Ricky Martin - "Livin' The Vida Loca"... ect. Don't assume we were dancing to those songs... I mean jeez. Anywho! After, we were all walking/skatboarding like around Price Chopper to go to Windsor Hieghts and we were walking by Taylors house and he came out with his little sister since he was babysitting her. Then all of us walked to Windsor Hieghts and Nick, Jon, & Case were skateboarding the stairs there and stuff. It was pretty neat. We tryed visiting Analisa, but no one came when we rang the door bell thing. It was scary when I pressed it 'cause it made a weird noise. Yeah but anywayyyys we went to Royal Crest after and while they were all skating. I played with Taylors little sister. She's the coolest ever. She is definatly the coolest 3 yr old I have ever met haha. Me and Mich were planning on stealing her by the end of the day. I gave her one of my beloved braclets... It was a cool one that had glitter and water in it and its pink. But shes cool enough to have it! Hmm... Jon like cut his elbow skating and it was bleeding :o( so I took a handkerchief and made him a bandage type thing! haha. After a while we left there and stopped by Taylors house and Jon ended up staying with Taylor. Me and Casey couldnt decide if we wanted to stay at Taylors or go to Mike C's. JP, Mich, and Stef got sick of waiting and left haha. Then we decided to go... So Me, Nick, and Case ventured our way to Mike's house and when we got there Mich, Stef, and JP were'nt there yet, which was weird since they left before us. When we got there Ian and Brian were over. We all hung out on the porch and a little later JP, Stef, and Michelle showed up and I guess they went to Price Chopper so that's why they got ther after us. Mikes was wicked fun! We all hung out and had a super duper time! :oD Around 11:15ish Mrs. Castellone picked Me, Stef, JP, Nick, and Michelle up and dropped us all off at our homes. It's now 1:30AM and it doesnt seem it at all. I think I'm gonna go talk to some homies online. Talk to you kiddos later. Love you :o)

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<3 Fall Out Boy -|- Thanks to Nick since he gave me the Fall Out Boy CD, which I wanted so so so bad and I love the CD a whole lot! *Happy 5 Months*

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Hot Tamalli! Ay Ay Ay! [12 Jul 2003|01:31am]
[ mood | dorky ]
[ music | Further Seems Forever-Snowbirds & Townies ]

Hmm today was an eventful day! My mom woke my up at like 9AM! Agh... I went online and stuff and then I went upstairs and fell back asleep haha. Then around like 12ish I took a shower and got ready. Nick and Case came over and we hung out around the house... JP got home and my mom made us food. Then I was talking online with Mike V and I told him to come! So in like 15 minutes he came over. Then we all took like bikes and skateboards and stuff so we could ride around to houses and sell Up And Adam demos. I took my Salvation Army bike, Nick took the little pink bike, Mike took JPs mountain bike, and JP and Casey took skateboards. So yeah we headed to some houses and sold some CDs. We sold one to Mike to lol. Then we saved two 'cause Michelle and Stef were coming over soon and we were going to sell them both one. So after we went to houses, we went to Ulmans and got icecream! :oD Stef and Mich got there right in time to order because my mom dropped them off there. So we all hung out and ate and whatnot. Then we went back to my house and chilled for a little bit. Then when my dad got home all of us got into the car and drove to the Westboro theature to go see The Terminator. My parents got us into the movie since it was R. I don't get why though? It was like absolutley nothing bad. Eh oh well. It was a good movie! I liked it :oD After we went to the Outback steakhouse. It was so much fun! Nick got a pin from the waitress haha. He like begged her for it the whole time. Me, Mich, and Stef were crazy dancin' to Bare Naked Ladies in the bathroom hahaha it was SO funny. We're weird kids, but proud of it! After dinner we dropped off Mike then Mich then Stef then Casey then Nick off lol. Now I'm home and there is no souls online... Nick just signed off... I told him a bunch of discusting dead baby jokes. Contact me if you'd like to be grossed out. hahaha I have a lot of them and they're cool and will probably scar you for life... Well I must get going. I'm probably going to have to get up semi-early tomorrow because I think I'm having people over again and I know Nick and Casey will want to come kinda early again and I can't fall asleep... Again! How many times can I say AGAIN. I know. Well let me know if you want to come over! Its supposed to be nice tomorrow so that means swimming! Yippee :op. Well I'll talk to ya ladies 'n' fellas later. Love you<3 Addios amigos! COMMENT darling. ---->Christi ;o)

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Maybe someday... [11 Jul 2003|09:59am]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | Taking Back Sunday - Summer Stars ]


On Monday my parents brought Me, Nick, JP, and Stef to Six Flags. Ohh man it was so much fun. Seriously. WOW. I can't even describe the rides. I went on the rollercoaster Super Man it was INSANE oh jeez. Some other rollercoasters I went on was... Flashback, Batman, Mind Eraser, and this old one that gives you seizures... ah I cant even remember we went on SO many. I went on the Hellraiser, which is the ride that you go way way waaaaay up and then they drop you down wicked fast. Crazy shit. We went on a ton of water rides. There was this one that we went on 7 times cause it was wicked fun. Nick kept on flirting with the guy that worked there lol. Then one time Me and Stef flew out of the thing into the pool. It was crazy. The lifeguard just laughed at us. Nick bought me cotton candy :o) haha. Hmm then we dropped them off at their hizzouses. Ah man it was so much fun. I'm definalty going back sometime soon and whoever else loves rides is coming with me. I don't care if you don't want to. YOUR COMING.


Tuesday I got dropped off at Nicks house. Casey was already there. We watched some of the Family Guy box set. Good shtuff. Then Billy and Ryan came over. We all hung out and had a cool time. Michelle was moving her stuff into her new room. She has the sickest new room ever. I'd have the best time making a new room. Not fair, my rooms a piece. Blah. Oh well. Hm... Me, Case, and Nick got dropped off at Caseys and Billy and Ryan planned on stopping by. We went to Caseys and called some people to see if they wanted to come. Billy, Damon, and Ryan showed up and dropped some CDs off so we could sell them to the people coming over. They stayed for like a little bit then they left. Then later Tim and Erin came over. Mrs. Parker made us cheeseburgers. :oD Then we all went swimming. Tim made the biggest cannon ball splash EVER haha. JP showed up and he went swimming as well. It was a cool time. =) We all decided to go into the hot tub. It was like friggan 107 degress in that thing. Aubree, Maureen, and Kelly came over and theyt went swimming and stuff. Then we all watched Wet,Hot, American Summer. We only got to watch some of it cause Mrs. Castellone came to pick up Me, Nick, and JP at 11:15. She dropped us off and home and that was my day! Weee!

PS: Up and Adam rocks my socks and everyone should bow down to them because they are awesome and yeah. <3


Wednesday, I got dropped off at Damons house and Nick, Billy, Damon, Brad, Ryan, and Marie were there. It was a lot of fun! They're such funny kids. I had a lot of fun. They practiced and shtuff and we all hung out for a whiiile. Me, Nick, and Michelle went back to their house and we ate pizza :o) Papa Ginos! Then Billy and Damon called and Damons mom drove Me, Damon, Billy, Michelle, Nick, Mia, and Jenna to the mall and we walked around and whatnot. Billy presured Nick into buying the Fall Out Boy CD that I wanted SO bad. Roar. Then we all decided to sit in the food court. Me and Michelle went in this little ice cream man ride. It was super duper. Then we went to Sears and I was knocking over all the lotions on purpous. It was neato. Then Damons mom drove us all back to Damons and we all hung out and Nick and Billy played nutball. It was SO funny hahaha. Then Me, Nick, and Michelle left Damons and I went back over Nicks and we hung out and I had more pizza haha. Then Mrs. Castellone dropped me off at home. It was a faaabuuuloouss day.


Thursday I woke up and went online for a long time. Then made plans with Casey to go over his house. So I got ready and whatnot then Me and my mom had to go pick up JP at my old house 'cause he's working there. He's like fixing it up and stuff. Then Me and JP got dropped of at Caseys hizzouse. Taylor and Nick were already there. We all chilled and Case and Taylor played their guitarrrssss. Then we all went outside and there were these 2 little annoying girls and Nick and Taylor were like bothering them sooo much haha. They were throwing quarters at them and stole their bikes and gardening buckets haha. One of the little girls took Taylors sandal and threw it into a thorn bush, so then Taylor pushed her off her bike. hahaha. Then Me, Casey, and Nick went inside 'cause we know that they're gonna get in so much trouble. We were in the house for a little while and then JP calls from his cell phone and him and Taylor are running through the neighborhood trying to get away from those girls and their parents. So Me and Case went on the bikes and try to find them... Then finally we find them and we end up meeting Maureen. Then Nick comes out and tells us he already talked to the parents and stuff...blah blah blah I'm to lazy to explain it. Yeah, then we all went inside and went crazy with icecream. We all hung out and ate icecream, it was a cool time! Then we decided we wanted to go around the neighborhood to sell the Up and Adam demos. So we did so. Mrs. Parker called Casey and she was all mad at us because we left such a mess when we were making our icecream haha. So she said she was going to bring us all home :o( but she said we could go swimming still! So we all went swimming. It was swell. Then all 5 of us piled into the car. Maureen got dropped off then Taylor then Me and JP. Hmm that was pretty much my Thursday...Sha-wiing!

Well I think I'm gonna go get ready for the day.
Casey and Nick are coming over in like 2 hrs lol
Comment and be cool. ttyl love you babe
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Without me you said you were all alone. [06 Jul 2003|11:35pm]
[ mood | loved ]
[ music | Taking Back Sunday - Lost&Found<33 ]

Today, was the McPhersons cookout party thing. It was a cool time! There was a lot of people there and a lot of kids. We played basketball and I beat Matt C in one on one. Muahah I rule. There was a water balloon fight which I luckily missed haha I didnt want to get all wet. We played a lot of games and hung out and I ate a ton of food. But then again... what else is new? haha. It was a really good time and plus I got to see some people I havent seen in a while which was awesome! :oD Hmm tomarrow I'm going to Six Flags with my parents, JP, Nick, and Stef. It'll be wicked cool. There's some big rides there! Scaryness. Well I must get going! I have to get up early tomarrow. Blah :o\. Alrighty... I'll talk to all you cool cats lata. I love yaa.<3 xOx Christi

We were only 15
I let her go like paper air planes
How can I explain
That Im lost without you around

What If I never lost you
I wouldnt have to find you all over and over
(over and over)
Your the one Ive, Ive always wanted
The one that I just cant live without

No one understands
The meaning of your eyes
And how I feel
Burning deep inside

What If I never lost you
I wouldnt have to find you all over and over
(over and over)
Your the one Ive, Ive always wanted
The one that I just cant live without

Get the flyers up
Have you seen the girl with my heart on her sweater
Get the flyers up
Have you seen the girl with my heart on her sweater
my heart on her sweater
Send her on my way
Send it here to stay

Sending light just like a star
Tell me where you are
Where you are
Sending light just like a star
When you come to me
Come today
Embrace me and break me
Embrace me and break me so go
Your lost without
Your lost without
Your lost and found
Your lost and found
Your my lost and found

Want to speak these words

The world around is falling down and I don't want to let you go. [05 Jul 2003|11:56pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]
[ music | Up and Adam - My Sure Defense :oD ]

Word Up.

Today I woke up around 9AM. I was wicked tired blah. Nick and his family picked me up around 10:15 maybe and we went to McDs and we drove down to Sandwich in the Cape for a party that his parents friends were having. When we got there Me, Nick, and Michelle decided to walk down to the lake. I saw this super cool sign I saw on a tree near these apartment type things. I ripped off some of it then Nick ripped off the rest and we ran back to the peoples house. We stayed there for a little bit and Me, Michelle, and Nick talked on the porch and I spilt my Sprite all over Nick. Sorry about that :o( haha. After we went for another walk and this girl came with us. Nick was scaring her I think. We played with the new dog Dutchess its like a mini Lassie. It's so cute. :oD We went back to the house and ate and hung out. Then while everyone went to the lake Me, Nick, and Michelle walked to the skatepark. It was cool looking... It was all cement and it was pretty big. Me and Michelle randomly started talking to this girl that was there and she was in the same grade as my brother and I was like "Oh my brothers a Junior to" and shes like "Oh, whats his name?" and I'm like "JP Gallagher" and she was like "No Way! I know who that kid is. I met him at a party I was at in a different town!" It was SO weird cause I guess her and her friend crashed this girls party that was at the Sheritan and it was JPs friends party. I don't know. It was so weird hahaha. Hmm anyways it was really hot out and Nick was getting sick from the sun. :o( So we went to CVS and got drinks and stuff. Then we sat outside on these cool benches and talked n shtuff. A police car went by and it said 'Sandwich Police' on the side. I thought it was quite amusing. Nick didnt feel good at all and he kept on calling his parents cell phones, but no one was answering. Then the girl that we met pulled up with her friends in a car and asked us if we wanted to go over her house to go swimming, but we couldnt 'cause we were gonna end up leaving soon. So she had Nick put her number in his phone so if later we wanted to stop on by. But Nick pressed clear by accident and lost the number hahahaha. Eh oh well. So yep... We were just sitting there and then we were all talking and Nick was talking about how he didnt feel good and he was like "Well I dont want to just sit here and crap myself!" and these people that were walking by overheard and gave us the weirdest look. It was SO funny!! hahahaha Oh man hahahaha. Woo sorry about that. You kind of had to be there I guess. So finally Nick got a hold of his dad and he came and picked us up and brought us back to the house. We watched Spongebob and had desserts and stuff. Then it was time to leave. On the ride home I fell asleep. I was so so tired =\. Now I'm home just chillin. Woo!

Random thoughts

*Tomarrow should be pretty cool. The McPhersons are having a cookout and it seems like theres a lot of people going. Oh yeah, and I think Taylors coming back from NJ tomarrow to. Coolness :o)...

*Some of my nail polish is chipping off. Boo.

*I think I'm getting my belly button pierced soon! Yipee :oD I think I might be going to Masterpiece in Framingham to get it done. Not quite sure about all the details.


Yeah I think I'm done... I'm gonna go watch the South Park movie with JP cause its on. WahOo
Check out some quizzes I took last night when I was bored. Oh joy joy.
No one loves me anymore. I don't see many comments these days... Makes me sad inside :o( Tear
Eh, talk to you later. Love yah. ---> Christi

james dewees from reggie and the full effect! fun,
funny and freaking hot, good choice.

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emo kid
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I see a pattern in all the quizzes I took :oO
Want to speak these words

I'm another day late and one year older. It's failure by design. [04 Jul 2003|11:37pm]
[ mood | loved ]
[ music | <3 new Brand New CD :o) ]

Heyy! Oh man I havent updated in a few days. I've been so insanely busy haha. But YEAH. I'll update you.

Monday I woke up at 7:30AM and got ready and showered and got dropped off at Cristinas house at 9AM. Katrina was already there. Then Stef and Alina got there and we drove to Cristinas Cape house cause it was her birthday party even though her birthday was in October. Haha... So yeah we got there then we went mini golfing. It was so much fun! We werent even like playing haha all we did was talk the whole time. It was great. Then we like crawled down one of the spiraly golf hole things. It was wicked funny. We were like squeezing through the thing... haha we could have gotten into a ton of trouble. Oh well! =D Hmm... Then later that night we went out to dinner on the water. It was neato. Then after we went to Hyannis and went to all the cool stores! We went to an Army Navy store and there was a juke box and we played wicked cool songs like 'Wipeout' and stuff. hahaha... Then we went to the candy store and i bought 14 dollars worth of candy. My bag was like overflowing haha it was awesome. Then when it got late we went to Blockbuster and rented The Virgin Suicides and April Fools Day. Then we went back to the house and talked and watched movies. It was fun :o)! Eventually we fell asleep and yep that was Monday! There was a lot more details in that day because it was super, but I'm to lazy to actually get into it muhahaha. I'll leave you puzzled and bewildered!

Tuesday... We all woke up and got ready to go to the beach. We picked up Cristinas cousins and went to Mayflower beach. It was a lot of fun and we all got really good tans and went swimming and stuff! =) It was fantasic. Then yeah we went back to the house and showered and ate. Blah Blah Blah... Then we left, and on the way home we watched Old School. Oh man funny movie. Then Me, Cristina, and Alina got dropped off at my house and we had a fun ol' time! They slept over. It was swell. =D

Wednesday Me, Alina, and Cristina woke up and layed by the pool to get a tan. We went swimming and listened to some music and stuff while we were out there. There were people ripping up the waterfall =( hahah oh well. We're building a new one and landscaping or something. Yeah so after that we got ready and went to the movies and met Nick there. We saw Charlies Angels. It's a good movie! =) You should see it. Then Me, Nick, Cristina, and Alina went to Pac Sun and I bought 2 pairs of shorts. Then Alina and Cristina had to leave. So Me and Nick walked around the mall and I bought a black and red stripped bathing suit with a white star on it at Hot Topic. Then Me and Nick sat at the food court and called Michelle to come to the mall. Then she arrived later and we all hung out and whatnot. Then Me and Michelle went into Aeropostal or whatever and were trying to figure out what I should waste my 50 dollar gift certificate I have there. So Me and Mich picked out a bajillion pairs of socks. Sexyness. Then yeah they were like on sale?!?! Agh so then I had even more money to blow there. So I got this zip up jacket. And that was enough to get rid of the certificate. Sorry, but that store is dumb and has like NO clothes. Ew. Then JP arrived and yep... We all hung out and had a grand time. :o) I bought the Too Fast Too Furious soundtrack from HIV 'cause I'm cool like that. Oh yeah... We were inside the pet store and Nick wanted to get a mouse and Me and Mich wanted to get this little cute dwarf hampster thingy that had ADHD 'cause it was running around the cage going phyco. Then we talked him into buying the hampster! Even before we actually got the hampster we were trying to find out a name for it hahaha. Mich thought of the name Stanley and I thought that was a sexy name for a hampster so we named it that! So yeah we couldnt actually buy it cause you had to be 18. So we went around the mall asking people to buy it for us. We were close to getting an old lady to buy us it but then Nick just had to ruin it by saying "you look like a nice old lady" hahaha. Hmmm... We tryed some other people but it didnt work to well. We went into Journeys and asked the guy who worked there and he was like "yeah sure!." We just has to wait untill his manager came back so he could leave to buy it for us. He was a cool cat. We were there for like an hour hanging out with him. He was trying to blind me with his price checker. He was shining the laser right in my eye. Hardy harrr. Then his manager came and we went to go get the hampster. Me, Mich, Nick, and JP waited and then he came out with STANLEY! Yey :o). Then the mall closed so we had to leave. Mrs Castellone picked the 4 of us up and we all went back to Nicks cribbage. We chilled with the Stan-mister. hahaha WOW. I'm a total and complete loser. Anywho... We ate pizza :o) and watched some of the Family Guy box set. Then Mrs. Castellone dropped Me, Mich, and JP off at my house and Michelle slept over! We had a cool kid time of course cause we ALWAYS do. haha. YePpPo it was grand =D.

Thursday Me and Michelle woke up and got ready and whatnot. Then my mom dropped Me, Mich, and JP off at the skatepark and we met Stef and Nick there. When Stefanie got there Me and Michelle threw like a bajillion million flower peddals on her. Don't ask why, but we did. It was cool. Then we walked like litterally everywhere in Marlboro. I'll tell you everywhere we went. We went to the gas station to get food then to that plaza where laser zone is. We went to the dollar store I bought one of those water ball things. Its pink :o). Then Me, Mich, Stef, Nick, and JP bought these wicked cool multi-colored braclets that we promised never to take off. Cause we have a cool club! :o) Woo! Nick and JP bought a ton of poppers. Then JP had to get picked up to go to drivers Ed. So Me, Mich, Nick, and Stef walked to BK and like went inside, but didnt even get anything. Haha then we walked to Party Works and played with the stuff in there. I bought this pink ribbon thing that says "I'm 2 years old today." It's SO cool I wore it around! =)... There was a bunch of stuff they were selling out in this like metal shelf thing outside and Michelle stole some party toy thing haha. Mich tsk tsk. Then we walked all the way down to where Home Depot is... and Michelle got into one of the shopping carts and Nick pushed her around. Lol then we went to the Salvation Army and looked at all the neat stuff that people give away. And Me and Nick were fighting over this huge crayon bank, but then I saw this wicked wicked super de duper cool bike! And I gave Nick the dumb crayon thing and I was like "Oh jeez, I'm definatly buying this bike!!!" It was the coolest. It was blue and its from like the 70's. So I bought it and rode it around. :o)!! We went to the gas station across the street and put air in the tires. Then we went to the dump. I don't know why, but it was Nicks idea haha. There was like bikes and stuff. There was this really neat one for like a 3 year old, but the tires were flat =( Oh well haha. Then we walked all the way back to that plaza area where Laser Zone is. Well they walked I on the other hand rode my spiffy new bike...Well not new persay haha. Anyways though... When we got to the plaza place thing we saw Nick Swanson there with some other kiddos and said heeey! But then we had to leave cause Nicks mom was picking us up soon at the abandoned Bickfords parking lot. So we walked to the gas station first and got some drinks then hung out at the Bickfords parking lot. Me, Stef, and Mich lyed on the ground and Nick ollied over all 3 of us haha it was crazyy. Then JP got dropped off and we all waited for Nicks mom to come. Then Me and Nick took this Hours sign off the door from Bickfords so I could put it on my door with the rest of the signs! I'm starting a huge collection haha. Then Nicks mom came and brought Me, Stef, Mich, Nick, and JP back to Nicks home and we ate hamburgers and I went online and told Casey to come over cause he was finally back from his camp! :o) So Casey came over and we chilled and watched TV and shtuff. Then we went outside and we lit stuff on fire. It was wicked fun. Nick had a tennis ball filled with match heads and he put a lit sparkler inside it. It was crazy. Then after we sprayed hairspray on it and lit it on fire with a lighter hahaha. We lit the poppers that Nick bought from the dollar store on fire. And yep... We're a bunch of crazy pyros! Then Mrs Castellone dropped off Stef then Mich then Me and JP off at our homes. Stanleys staying for the weekend! Yipee. But yeah... Super fantastic sums up my day.

Today I my mom dropped me off at the mall to get my nails done. I always seem to get something weird. This time I got all white with pink tips and pink stars. It's wicked cool. Everytime I ask the lady there for something they NEVER understand what I'm saying. Casey gave me a wicked cool idea to get black with white on tips and then white with black on the tips and switch off, but they didnt have any black so I couldnt do it. But I like what I got! It's sexay. Yeah I called my mom to come pick me up and I had extra time so I went to some stores and whatnot. I went to HIV and bought the new Brand New CD. I <3 it oh so much. Then my mom came and we went to McDs. Then we went home and my grandpa came over and we had a cookout. I rode my 70's bike down my huge hill and then I realized... damn, I have to get back up the hill now. Lol... Nothing thrilling happened today. I'm making cupcakes. Woo :o) Their super mmmm. Well I've gotta dash. Comment and I'll love you forever. <3Ciao ---->Christi

Brand New man oh man I love them.
Read thier lovely lyrics..From 2 of my favorite songs on the CD.
Even though I love every single song. <33

I will play my game beneath the spin light

"The time has come for cold and overcoats. We're quiet on the ride; we're all just waiting to get home. Another week away, my greatest fear. I need the smell of summer; I need its noises in my ears. If looks could really kill, then my profession would be staring. Please know we do this cause we care and not for the thrill. I make collect calls to home to tell them that I realize that everyone who lives will someday die and die alone. And we won't let you in. though we're down and out. We won't let you in. I wrote more postcards than hooks. I read more maps than books. Feel like every chance to leave is another chance I should have took. Every minute is a mile. I've never felt so hallow. I'm an old abandoned church with broken pews and empty aisles. My secrets for a buck. Watch me as I cut myself wide open on this stage. Yes, I am paid to spill my guts. I wont see home till spring. Oh, I would kill for the Atlantic, but I am paid to make girls panic while I sing. And we won't let you in. Though we're down and out. We won't let you in. And we won't let you in. We don't want what isn't ours. We won't let you in. You win. And the coastline is quiet. While we're quietly losing control. Yes, we're silent but sure we invented the cure that will wash out my memories of her. "The harpoon is loaded. The cage is lowered. The water is red" Like you.

The boy who blocked his own shot

"If it makes you less sad, I will die by your hand. I hope you find out what you want. I already know what I am. And if it makes you less sad, we'll start talking again. And you can tell me how vile I already know that I am. I'll grow old and start acting my age. I'll be a brand new day in a life that you hate. A crown of gold. A heart that's harder than stone. And it hurts a whole lot, but it's missed when it's gone. Call me a safe bet. I'm betting I'm not. I'm glad that you can forgive. I'm only hoping as time goes, you can forget. If it makes you less sad, I'll move out of the state. You can keep to yourself. I'll keep out of your way. And if it makes you less sad, I'll take your pictures all down. Every picture you paint, I will paint myself out. It's cold as a tomb, and it's dark in your room, when I sneak to your bed to pour salt in your wounds. So call it quits or get a grip. Say you wanted a solution. You just wanted to be missed. Call me a safe bet. I'm betting I'm not. I'm glad that you can forgive. I'm only hoping as time goes, you can forget... You are calm and reposed. Let your beauty unfold. Pale white, like the skin stretched over your bones. Spring keeps you ever close. You are second hand smoke. You are so fragile and thin. Standing trial for your sins. Holding onto yourself the best you can. You are the smell before rain. You are the blood in my veins. Call me a safe bet. I'm betting I'm not. I'm glad that you can forgive. I'm only hoping as time goes, you can forget."

Enjoy :o) Goodnight my love.

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