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Tash's Journal

5th December, 2003. 9:21 am.

This is my first entry...i'm not sure what to write about....I have no school...thank are report kinda nervous. Especially bout language. I am so mad at my language teacher...i got a demerit for talkin and no one else got one...argggg i was pissed at her... she picks on all the smart people and i seriously wanna kill her...i cannot stand that women. Right now its snowing...the first snow...well sorta..on tuesday there were flurries and i was outside in a t-shirt running a far this week kinda sucks. Hopefully it'll get better. I've noticed that when i have school i cannot wake up but when i don't i wake up so freakin early. today was 7:00!!

Well i'll update on what happens...if anything does


Current mood: weird.
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5th December, 2003. 10:16 am.

I should have done this in my first journal entry ...i want u to get to kno me a lil better

im 13
i like listenin to r&b, rap, pop
I have friends who make my life undescribable
I went thru more this summa then i eva have>> many tears were shed
I had to be a tree
I love chingy and nelly
but i really am in love>> i think with some one
i like indian (ones which parents are from india) guys...white guys are ok and so are black guys
I love to buy clothes

well if u wanna kno more ask and ill tell u


Current mood: amused.
Current music: 3LW- neva get enuff.

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