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26th March 2003

5:58am: uh....not all here
Hey,im sooooo usual....i didnt go to school today because of my eye so i wen tn stayed at my granparents house ad stayed. it was really boring but hey its better than school. im just now comen back to realitey..because i took a pain pill earlier..i was fillen ne ways i gotz an eye doctor apointment tomorrow in atlanta..its at 8:45..AM omg and it takes 2 hours to get up there i have to like get up at like ..omg ummm.....3:30 or 4:00 just so i can get ready n sucks..then ill probally have to wait 9 hours in the waiting room..o what fun..the first time i went to atlanta to the eye place and spent 9 hours in the doctors office adn only spent 30 min to an hour. with the doctors. it pissed my mom and dad and me off. yea well ....i better be getten off of here.... so ttyl!
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25th March 2003

4:04am: PAIN.......OMG....THE PAIN....SORRY.....
Hey its me again.....not really to much going on just sitten here bored,as usual in eye i had surgery last monday..the retniz n the back of my eye was tearen so they had to go n it in reattach it.yea well i didnt feel ne thing till afterwords like really burns and hurts and itches.....OMG the pain..sorry ne ways....yesterday i didnt get to write because i was at my grandmas to stay with my grandpa because my grandma went out n my pawpaw dont need to stay home by himself because hes really sick.....and old lol... muh babe called me last my friend was talken to my friend toni n she was talken to muh b/f josh n she was talken bout my bod or whatevern she said'ambers like just about perfect' then josh said yea shes perfect for me' i was like aww when she told me!!!im somewhat welli g2g ttyl!!!
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23rd March 2003

8:50pm: ::stares into the blakness of the computer screen::
HEy whats going on...nuttin reall yto much here just got eaten dinner not to long ago. moms boyfriend and his kidas are over. he has three kids..two boys n one gurl. one boy which is the oldest just truned 14 his name is CODY same as my bros..then he has amiddle son which is 11 i think his name is DAVID, then his daughter the youngest and the only gurl is 8or9 im not sure n her name is skye. codys ok hes reall y shy.david is most like me he likes to chill inside n stuff yet likes to do some out side stuff an we have more n common the the other two kids...then theres skye shes a little matter what i do she goes n tells on me! i mean damn yea somethimes i do do wrong n need to get n trouble for it but not every fucking time i mean damn... come on give me a a teenager im susposed to do wrong its my ways i better be going i gotz to finish talken to some friends n get muh stuff ready for tomorrow becuz i didnt go to school last week becuz i had surgery on my eye..but thats a diff. story..well i g2g luv yaz!!!
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1:35pm: uh.......................duz it have to have a subject??
Hey its me again...this little journaly thig is addictive.. i mean damn everytime i get on its like i write .... but i thinks its good for me to writehow i feel....its better to let them out than keep them in...ya know wel ne ways... my moms out mown adn codys watchen tv.....and im online like always...i want to go do something like hang wit muh baby josh or somefriendsand josh or just friends..ya know....i mean i hate this its sooo fucken boring.....omg u have no ways..i just got off the phone wit one of my best friends andrea and she told bout her day yesterday..her n her mom step dad,her aunt n her boyfriend aj all went to her grandmas house to move the stuff out because her grandma she told biout her n aj and im happy for her!!!! BUt on the other hand i wish one of my other gurls krissy could be happy like that too.. Brandon is treaten her lke crap..but thats not reall ynone of my buziness! So ne ways....hmmmm im soo happy for some reason but i just dont know why....i mean all ive done today is sit here n clean n watch tv....whats so good bout that???i dunno i guess its because of the convo. josh n i had last night!!!he told his friend i was one of the sexiest gurls hes ever seen or sumtin like that.. i guess thats why im happy..i dunnowell im gonna go fix muh hair!!! ttyl!peace!!
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10:36am: uh......bored....::stares off into space:: and pissed/confused
Hey its me again.. yea im still online..o well im bored theres nuttin to do right soo FUCKEN bored,, but o well whats new bout that? lol ne ways threres so much i wanna write n say but i dont even know how to put it and where to start really sucks sometimes.....i have a little brother and hes a little bitch!!!!!!!!I KNOW THATS MEAN BUT OMFG!! its crap how he acts at home he wont do NOTHING my mom says n hes one of the biggest perverys in the world!!!! i had two of my friends come over n shit n he was like 'WHOA U HAVE A NICE RACK" then he started callen her rack gurl. then muh gurl krissy came over n he was all smacken her ass.he is always cussin me and my mom out. i mean i would care bot ne of this if he was old but hes olny..11! 11 yeasrs old and already duz this kinda shit. my mom n i are fed up wit this shit..he fallin n school becuz hes always getten in fights of something like that at school n gets suspended for days. i mean we dont know what to do. my dad could care less.. well at least i mean thats what i think...i know my dad loves us n shit but one day he said he bout gave up on me n my bro like meaning he was gonna give up n not ever even talk to cody n i ne more.. but my mom got him to take that back... i just dont know what to do......... i have a brother that is out of control, my dad is stucks up and he has his head shuvved so far up his g/fs ass he duznt notice nothing...and my mom.....i live with her.....well.....she hsa been daten this guy for like 8months and if he says hes comen over then calls back and says that he got sidetracked n stuff and that he wont be able to make it that night then my mom goes all off n stuff n says well he dont love me ..i mean omg she never thinks ne thing good. i mean damn he said that he hadnt been seeing no one else but her .n stuff but she just doubts it all the i have ab ex step dad thats an asshole..when him n my mom were married he beat me my mom n my bro n our pets....they were married 6 or 7 years...he was an ass and now since thyrer divorced he wont leave us alone hes always comen by we had to get our numbers changed quit going to this churh we were going to n more.. i mena its just weird then last night like round 9:30pm he was riden four wheelers out n our feild.. i mena he needs to get a life......bout the only thing thats keepen me from going insane is my friends n music....i dunno ne ways i better go and get off line...or whatever ttyl!! l8terz!
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7:50am: tired and in pain yet happy
Hey well today so far hasnt been the worst day ever. i mean the day hasnt even started. all i have done is get online n atlk bout muh babe josh,and watch tv. OMG last night was a good night. Josh called me he was up n chattanooga spenind the night with one of his friends, well his friend said that he said that i was like the hottest gurl hes ever seen n stuff. i was like awww how sweet. then his friend said i even sound hot over the phone.. i was like o my. lol but it made me happy that he telss his old friends bout me!!!!!!! hehe ne ways. i guess i better go n take a shower n start to get ready to start a miserable day! ttyl!
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