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WOO!! 8.7.2003;9:29p
× mood ; ecstatic ×
× music ; Brand New - TQTNOEK ×

[ x ]Awesomeability!! Kate dyed my hair. Mostly purple, and odd blue "streaks". Im fine, im fine. Just a little odd lookin'. I got to dye Kates hair. That was fun. Emilys hair was also dyed. She looks like Arial. (I think thats how you spell it), Not a bad thing. I think it looks cool. Me likes it. So FUN FUN FUN hairdying partibles. Oh and after Kate dyed my hair.. WE MADE BROWNIES!! They were actually pretty good. A little close to crunchy, but always better than the ones she made with brit last summer. Substitute chocolate with m&ms. Not a good idea. Really gooey squishy yucky. Sprinkle sugar and feed to mommy!! ROXY DEPRESSIon cAMP BEGINS!! Going well, going well. Observations show... yeah. Just.. going well.

[ x ]WARPED TOUR TOMORROW!! Gonna see Alkaline Trio, Thrice, Yellowcard, Brand New AND MUCH MUCH MORE!!! IM SO EXCITED! WOO!!!!! Im gonna get my dad a band t-shirt and make him wear it. Unless I need my money for something awsome. I plan on pins, and a tee or 2. And of course a drinkable so I dont die. This will be fun. Toilet paper.. now thats a memory...

[ x ]Okay so theres really nothing else. Kates mom is driving us to warped now? Im all confused. Phone calls make life easier. Thank jesus. Haha.. me.

((WARPED TOUR '03!!! MAXIN'!!!))

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BWAHA! 8.2.2003;11:01p
× mood ; crazy ×
× music ; Iggy&Stooges - TV Eye ×

[ x ]The other day, went to Kates. We rode down the hill in a computer chair. It was great fun. No scary lady that day. Then last day of school Emily, Kate, and Monica met me after school, and we went to Emilys, rented 13 Ghosts. SO not a scary movie. It was like.. well I was really paying attention, I was just looking at how hot Matthew Lillard is... yeah hes hot. But.. maybe not to you, but okay. The other day Emily, Kate and I all went over to the mall. Lots of walkage. ZACH IS SO DYING. Him and his little bitch ass friendlys are so getting killed. They are so fuckin uncool its not even funny. But anyway, SCARY CHIT HAPPENED!! We were walking past the old ladys house, who nobody can really tell if shes dead or not, and Kate was like "She should be asleep by now, cause the lights are off, but the curtains are opened." And right when she said that, Emily and Kate started running and I didnt know who to follow cause they were going in 2 different directions, and we were all screaming, and holy shit. It was so weird, and.. yeah.

[ x ]Today I went to a car show in Glenside and what-not. It was okay. There was a "Chuckys Toy" and.. it scared me. Kate and me got BUNCHES of free shit. Gotta love the free shit.


((Blues Clues Steve isnt really dead!! Or so ive heard...)

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× mood ; calm ×
× music ; Alk3 - We've Had Enough ×

"You're a little late, im already torn."

[ x ]Alright... funage this week. Went to the Crestmont carnival on Thursday. We went on this funhouse type thing, and Kate had trouble going down the slide. Went on the Gravitron. Noticably good fuckage possibilites (said Kate), but I noticed it too. Went on a nameless ride. The guy who was running it looked just like Ethan, only hotter (I think), but his name is not Ethan. Its something else. Went on the Wave Runner. Emily tried to steal a light, and the guy got a little angry, and he stopped the ride for a second. The guy wouldnt let us on the cars, cause we were too big. The games were expensive as fuck, and I never got that huge ass dog thing. Emily won a fishy. She almost gave me a black eye. I didnt get one though. I almost gave Kate a black eye, cause I threw opposable armed jesus action figure. I didnt mean to hit her... kind of an accident... -innocent smile- But not the funniest part. Now THAT was quality funny shit. We had Emily licking the window to the room Shawn was in. (The "Office") He started licking his spoon, and he crossed his legs. Of course hiding his tiny boner, which nobody would be able to see anyway. Then she went in the room and started humping his chair. He called from his cell to tell on us. Then we had Emily suck on a popsicle, and she went in the room, and Kate never got that one on tape. Too bad... But it was really funny. We kept running into the livingroom and sitting on the chair. Oh, that room.. nice oceanic feel to it. Haha...

[ x ]Then last night went to Emily's house. Much fun. We watched 8 Days A Week, and I quite liked that movie. Her dad came in as the guy was practicing for whats-her-name. She kept telling him to go away. Hilariousness. So later on, when that movie was over, we went to get some cake. We got to talking about belly buttons, and we got a "talk" from Emilys mom in sex, and breast feeding, and having babies, and ambilical cords... It was interesting. And Kate - Yes a guy can suck a girls tit when shes pregnant and have some milkage, but he will not get "infected". Believe me.. its okay... not like you need to worry anyway. Unless you're planning on sucking on your own boobs... I would NEVER want to see that -gag-. Then we watched The Blair Witch Project. Fucking scary movie. Kate never really got the ending. I had to have Kate walk me to my door cause I was so scared. Even though I'd already seen that movie. We may not be going camping anytime soon...

[ x ]Okay, I honestly don't understand people. But fuck that topic, cause its not like i can talk about it anyway. Im not going to start any bullshit. Heres my new screen name -- ProductMnglement. Add me I guess... AND WARPED!! WARPED TOUR!! JEBUS!! Its gonna be great man. It has to be great. It was great last year. Oh the greatness. FUN FUN! Who all is going, cause I have to hang out with people. So you people.. call me up and we makes plans. I think im getting there with Kate, but I need to speak with Danielle, and when I call its busy a lot, so if you read this, you call me, kay? (Cause Im pretty sure you said you was goin again this year)... I have school, so if you do call, call at like.. 12:30 or so. And I miss you-all-should-know-who... yeah.

[ x ]SAM CALLED!! Im going to shoot something.. I dont have *69, and I forgot to ask.. -tear-.. oh well, he's calling again.. or so he said...

((Summers "Okay" I guess.))

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Quizzage. 7.22.2003;6:02p
× mood ; lonely ×
× music ; Deadstar Assembly - Send Me An Angel ×

[ x ]Im bored. This amuses me. Here I go.

I Am The 3rd Party:

The Libertarian Party: Based on the philosophies of the founding fathers you believe in near total personal liberty, defensive-only military, and economic freedom. Your members vary from those who wish nearly no government to those who want a minimalist government. You are also a popular vote among people who wish to cause the two main parties to think about liberty more often. You rock!

Find out what 3rd party you are!

Im so freakin cool.

Am I The Greatest Song In The World?

Rock: Indeed, I am the greatest song in the world! But you shalt never hear me, for I am far to great to be heard by the ears of mortals.

Are you the greatest song in the world?

(Just kiddin.. heehee)

What magazine am I?

I am Gig: Making it big or at least putting on a show that doesn't suck is my aim in life. Sure, it won't actually end up happening, but its fun to try anyways.

What magazine am I?

I try, I try...

What stock broker am I?

I am the dart thrower: They call me the dart thrower because thats how I make my picks. There are bigger things to worry about like how much action I'm going to see tonight. Booyah!

What stock broker am I?

Sack action. Woo!

What is my spectrum?

I am blue: My main color is blue. I am a little bitter when people choose a blissfully ignorant aproach to life. I try to see things for the way they really are.

What is my spectrum?

Umm.. Live fast, die young.

My Romance Meter
Optimist 20%
80% Cynic
Close 23%
77% Distant
Long Term 17%
83% Brief
What does my romance meter read?

How sad.

Book Worm Meter for Kat
Shut In 27%
73% Out Of The House
Intellectual 23%
77% Moron
High Attention Span 41%
59% Low Attention Span
Bookitude 44%
56% Book Burner
Book Worm 33.75%
66.25% Bug Stomper
Take your bookworm readings.

Unless theres a good movie on TV. Or its like.. not a reality tv show.
Or Brendan Leonard...

Would I Survive A Pit Match Against Clinton And Bush
0% chance Bush would kill you.
0% chance Clinton would kill you.
33% chance he would sexually harass you.
100% chance you would kill them.
Enter Combat

Im gonna get raped by Clinton. Sick

My College Is:

Montgomery Trade School
Students at Montgomery Trade School goof off a lot.
The average student has sex 14 times a month.
There are lots of frats and sororities.
Weed is the drug of choice.
The average GPA is 1.75

Um.. okay?

[ x ]Oh, much fun. Im so tired. Sam comes back tonight!!

((Goin to sleep soon...))

fuck me

Blah. 7.21.2003;3:08p
× mood ; blank ×
× music ; Coheed and Cambria - Delirium Trigger ×

[ x ]Oh lookie. My background is maxin', and I made it all by myself. I be so proud. I feel pretty, oh so pretty, I feel pretty, and whitty, and gay!! Alright, enough of that. But look. I mean you should like.. have sex with it or something. I still so proud.

[ x ]Sam came back today. I so happy, I <3 Sam. I didnt go to school, so he came to my home at like.. 12:30, but we only hung out for 1/2 an hour cause he was going to the shore or something. I think hes like on super vacation. Yeah, but I met his cousin, and his name is Sam too, and its weird. They dont look alike.. and theyre not really at all similar... But its still kinda creepy. No, not really. Whatever. Me and him are gonna have wild raving sex soon though.

[ x ]I hate chores. I really really hate chores. Summer vacation is all about the vacation. Oh well... I'll deal. But I still hate chores. IM OLD, MY SISTER SHOULD BE DOING THE CHORES. Shes not that disabled. I mean she sure knows how to clean a room up quite spiffy-like. Oh look, I said spiffy. Thats great. Real spiffy. Spiffy spiffy spiffy. TREMENDOUS!!

[ x ]CAMPING! CAMPING CAMPING CAMPING! People = definitly going camping, or I spaz. I will have a heart attack if we dont go camping. I mean we can go backyard camping, Baderwood camping, or Alvethorpe camping, but we are SO going camping bitches. SO going camping.

[ x ]Does anyone understand any of the words in Sean Paul's "Like Glue"?? I mean.. I tried figuring out the words when it came on the radio, and all i got was a bunch of nonesense. Its pissing me off. Yeah, so whoever knows the words should really tell me, cause frankly I think its all just jibba jabba... Foo'. Okay im done..

((Gopher hunting deluxe.))

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WoooOOot. 7.20.2003;3:18p
× mood ; flirty ×
× music ; Kidney Thieves - Crazy ×

[ x ]So the past couple of days ive been on some major speed. Well not really, but it was crazy. Yesterday I went on a date with Katie, and it was fantastical. Like magic almost, but not magical. We went to Bloomingdales so we could get "cultured". We learned that you can not make marshmallows with skewers and a pot. Then she took me to the AMAZING PLACE and it was circular and there were beds. And one day I am going to find out if they wake you up to kick you out for falling asleep on one of the beds. If they notice even. And then we went to the furniture section and it was amazing. They had these funky ass chairs, and i may have broken the one with a massaging thing. And it was really funny, cause it was bouncing, but it felt good on my back. I GIVE THE CHAIR A 10!! Out of 10 of course. Then we looked at art, and we went to the good people section of Victorias Secret, and I imagioned which I would wear for Sam. -cough cough- And then we went to and art place, and we were being "elegant" cause you have to be fancy in fancy stores. And we went to Aldo, and i got this headband thingy that i really shouldnt have wasted my money on, but it was on sale. Even if it was crappy. It was on sale. So we went to like.. 13724 other stores and got real cultured. But then was the REAL treat of the night. THE TACO!! We got some soft taco supremes, and they were tastey. But then I got a pretzle and a cookie too. And Im so proud of us, we didnt even steal anything this time. Probably cause I made her waste time getting cultured. We saw Little Ryan and Matt too. They were sexy. Well Matt was at least. I was real dangerous. Jumping of the escalators. Its DANGEROUS!! Yes. We watched the sunset together, and I rolled around in a parking space for a few, cause it was comfortable.

When we were walking back to her house, it was creepy, cause it was real dark and im afraid of gutters too cause im such a dork like that. But anyway.. were walking down Osbourne, and I hear Weezer playing, and so I was like "lets follow the music" cause I figured it'd just be at the end of the street. So I eventually persuade her into going, and it wasnt at the end of the street. She suggested it was at the Donnelys, but I thought it was Jasons. So we follow it some more, and we get to North Hills. Its still playing. So now were about 5 blocks from where we first heard the music. 5 fucking blocks!! So we follow it to the middle of the 6th block, and we're standing there. Theres no street lights, so its getting kinda creepy, so we decided to stop following it. So it HAD to have been at least 7 1/2 blocks, and maybe as much as 8 1/2. Shit man. We walked back and jesus. An 8 block loud party. I think ill have me one of those.

[ x ]After I was out with Kate, my mom told me Sam had come to see if I was home earlier. I wasnt obviously, so that pissed me off. But I went over to his place when he got home, and we hung out outside for a little bit. He left this morning, but he said he'd probably be coming back again tomorrow, so that makes me happy. Yay!!

[ x ]Well im bored, so if people want to do stuff, im free x762584. Except from 7:00am to 12:30. I mean ill go somewhere at 4am if you really wanna. No seriously though. I dont care and neither does my mom really. And dads just at work and my moms not a snitch, so im good.

[ x ]Finally, we're all going camping. I dont care what you say, youre coming. We're either going to Alvethorpe, cause they only make you pay 1 dollar per camping site. Only problem with that could be chaperoning. Which I might get my mom to agree to, so then we could all have sex, cause shes down with the kids. But then theres Baderwood, which is free, and you dont need Chaperones. But what if police were to show up? That would be bad... Quite bad indeed..

((<3 Sam.. !!))

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Sexual. 7.17.2003;5:39p
× mood ; flirty ×
× music ; Breaking Benjamin - Polyamerous ×

[ x ]Mr Balbeir.. yeah hes great man.. So insane teachers include ~~ Mrs. Chimmerinsky, Mr. Stalker, Mrs. Zeiti, and that guy thats like.. gay i think. My favorite substitute was Mr. Costanza. He had this attitude, and it was so funny, cause he was real good at those come-backs. But by far, Mr. Balbeir is my favorite teacher. We also discussed today how the fuck someone can fail health. Thats like saying "I failed sex and drugs". Seriously, its sad if you fail Health. Unless you have a really horrible teacher... I mean I can kind of understand that. But people who failed health.. yeah i'll never have sex with any one of them. Cause they would probably be really bad at it. No just kidding.. youre all on crack. Haha.

[ x ]So the Chinese Mafia that lives next to me (If you havent heard, theyre like.. 16 guys who live in 2 apartments with 2 rooms each, and they dress real nicely. They bring girls over at 2 o'clock in the morning too. Theyre some dirty little Mafia Men..), well, they really like theyre chinese techno. And they love it at 2 am with those girls really loud. Maybe theyre trying to drown out the sex noises... But uh, theyre the real mafia men.. or they just have wild raving orgies every night. I wanna be in the mafia... JUST KIDDING!! (heeheehee)

[ x ]I might be going to Atlantic City on Sunday (to Monday) with Monica and Monique... I hope I can, but as of now the situation looks a bit hopeless. Oh well, maybe next time or something...?

[ x ]Oh jebus, I <3 Sam... I think he's leaving tonight, cause he asked me to hang out tonight... A course I said yes, but.. -tear- I wants him to staaay.. Maybe he'll move here. I hope he does, cause hes cool like that. Yeah.. And he met my Cuz and The Bean (my cousins friend). I went to Staples, cause my cuz decided to quit, cause hes stupid like that. He was getting paid well too (I think..). Maybe he just quit cause he had a better offer or something... But I dont really know. I hadnt seen Bean for like, 6 months or so, so I was glad to see him anyway. My mom dropped us off at some food place (I think Bonnet Lane or something like that) and we had a bite... Yeah good times, good times. Just wish there was someone else I was hanging out with. Or a few others actually. But whatever..

[ x ]So i'm writing my story, and its going SO special. Its got 19 Chapters so far. I think thats about all there's gonna be, because I cant think of anything else to put in it. I might rearrange a few parts and make it a love story instead. Theyre so cliched, but... theyre easier to write I guess. Okay well.. i'm gonna go try to finish that story now..

[ x ]Oh yeah... People who havent.. yeah you should really sign my guestbook thingie, so I can feel "loved". Or.. you could just not... But yeah, you should try hard cause I know you love me. (Vice versa). Now you have a nice day. -Fake smile-

((This week went slow, but fun times lasted.. -tear- ~<3 sam.))

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OOOooOOO!! Fun fun fun! 7.14.2003;9:52p
× mood ; mellow ×
× music ; Garbage - Cherry Lips (Go Baby Go) ×

[ x ]So summers kinda boring, but today was the SHIZNIT!! Oh, I so happy. I meet new people all by myself today. New hot/cute guy today. Fun fun fun. His name be Sam, but hes only visiting family. I think thats what he said.. I was too busy staring at him. I <3 Sam now. I feel special. I am to wear his hat cause im just so freakin' cool like that. Im maxin' today. Maybe I sees him tomorrow, and I get some extra info.. or we can do some extra-cirricular activities. (If you know what i mean ;D.) But we'll see. If he isnt gone or something then...

[ x ]La la la. Okay so last week didnt really work out. Ill try harder this time. Maybe I can be awesome. Maybe I can be maxin'. Maybe.. I can be freakin' cool like that. I gotta stop using those. Im about to overuse them to the point of them being "outplayed". No, maybe not. Cause im too cool for that.

[ x ]Kates foot is going to Yale, because her foot is smarter than Mrs. Laura, Ethans apparent girlfriend. Yes, smarter. I bet her webbed toe has an IQ of 50000. If thats possible? Yeah. So lets all wish Kates foot good luck at Yale!

((Horray for Sam!!))

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Hate 7.9.2003;7:18p
× mood ; crushed ×
× music ; Alkaline Trio - Sorry About That ×

[ x ]I wish life could be easier just for one day. I hate being so upset when friends arent around. Im so much better with my friends. Summer's the worst. I wish it were winter, when we're right in the middle of school. I like the cold better anyway.

[ x ]Why do some people care so much? I dont understand what the shit was all about. It was nothing special. Just a stupid void little thing anyway. It didnt even matter, cause even if it was meant whole-heartedly, it wouldnt ever even happen. And i also learned things I didnt need to. Upsetting. -shudders-

[ x ]Went to Maureens bowling party yesterday. The lady was mean. I think she kicked us out, but it was kinda time to leave anyway. So it didnt realy matter anyway. I mean its not THAT bad to make a couple balls go down at once, is it? Oh well. I just hope we didnt get Mo in trouble. I didnt mean to do that. :/ Sorry Mo. Cant help being immature. ;x

[ x ]Going to South Street on Saturday. Should be fun. Actually, it probably wont be. Nothing ever turns out how its supposed to.

((Depressive moments...))

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And heres to hoping i fucking die. I cant feel anymore. I DONT WANT TO FEEL. I need out. I want out. Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck I HATE THIS. I HATE EVERYTHING.

Off to drown in a pool of my own blood. Or at least i hope to.
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