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its such a loss for the good guys [08 Sep 2004|03:02pm]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | Rilo Kiley ]

my journal is finaly letting me update
gosh this is a relief
as soon as i get my ass on it i will have a dead journal

so school has started
it was only the 2nd day today but i feel like i have been doing this for months
when i woke up this morning there was no part of me that was excited
and i wasnt even nervous at all on the first day
i like almost all of my classes and have a good feeling about them
maybe this year isnt going to be as perfect and fun as i imagined
but im hoping its somewhere close
its just that nothing big ever happens
its all really the same to me
i dont know just what it is that im waiting for..but its something.
i can tell i will really like art 2
and photo will be retarded cos thats like the only class with dober people in it
besides kait

and every day i never fail to say
"i hate everyone"
i mean its like you cant waolk to halls without seeing the same superficial bitches,
boys that try too hard with their freshly grown crust-taches,
names of bands and lyrics written all over their binders?
its like people build themselves up to be put on display
but not like trophies, more like a mcdonalds menu
yeah, i want to pick and chose
but not based on how many drawings you can make from white out on your book bag.
now i am certainly not saying im some type of example for perfect
and i dont set the standards
im just mearly someone who is so sick of being in a room with the same colored walls
please, i think people are worth more than what they make themselves out to be these days
friends arent based on what shoes you wear

that entry was totaly not sophisticated and required little thought, but it'll do for now cos i have homework

at 5 every morning,

11 didnt bother to write| bye bye beautiful

maybe they went to all the better parties [30 Aug 2004|08:34pm]
[ mood | geeky ]
[ music | saosin "seven years" ]

i am so ready for the summer to end
its not that i havent enjoyed it
im ready to have a social life again
im ready for my life to have structure
im ready hugs and cold noses
im ready complain again
im ready to rewrite another chapter
and erase the old one
im ready for red leaves and long sleves
i want christmas and lite98
for football games and new friends
im ready to see everything through clear eyes and an open head
free from cobb webs and a stale taste
im ready to savor being a teenager and the love all around me
im ready to sweep everythign from its piles on the floor
im ready to be somebody to someone
and mean more than my year book picture
im ready to watch you've got mail and use school supplies
i am so ready for love and new friends and new beginings with new faces
and just enough of the old ones
while still keeping things just the way i like them.

mark your clandars
on september 4th one very 14 girl will turn 15 for the first time ;)

im going to take a very cool survey you dont have to read it i guess but suite yourself..

7 deadly sins survey

[1] Who did you last get angry with? sabrina
[2] What is your weapon of choice? um that gun you make with your finger, i use that a lot
[3] Would you hit a member of the opposite sex? yes, but not really so it hurt
[4] How about of the same sex? same thing
[5] Who was the last person who got really angry at you? sabrina, otherwise people arent angry with me that often
[6] What is your pet peeve?when people tie their shoes so the bow part is longer that the extra string-ah that makes me go crazzzyyyy
[7] Do you keep grudges, or can you let them go easily? i dont know cos i have never really had a serious grudge i guess

[1] What is one thing you're supposed to do daily that you haven't done in a long time? hmm wash dishes?
[2] What is the latest you've ever woken up? i think about 2
[3] Name a person you've been meaning to contact, but haven't? elizabeth
[4] What is the last lame excuse you made? i make them alll the time
[5] Have you ever watched an infomercial all the way through? all the time, i watched 2 just today, wait 3
[6] When was the last time you got in a good workout? every sunday tuesday and thursday
[7] How many times did you hit the snooze button on your alarm clock today? i didnt. that makes me happy

[1] What is your overpriced yuppie beverage of choice? thanks???
[2] Meat eaters: white meat or dark meat? white :)
[3] What is the greatest amount of alcohol you've had in one sitting/outing/event? 0
[4] Have you ever used a professional diet company? hah. no
[5] Do you have an issue with your weight? yes sir
[6] Do you prefer sweets, salty foods, or spicy foods? hmm, sweet?
[7] Have you ever looked at a small house pet or child and thought, "LUNCH!"? hahaha no i cant say i have

[1] How many people have you seen naked? hmm only when i was a baby, so my parents and sabrina when we were little
[2] How many people have seen YOU naked? hah um sabrina and my mom. ew
[3] Have you ever caught yourself staring at the chest/crotch of a man/woman? hah rarely
[4] Have you "done it"? no im only 14
[5] What is your favorite body part on a person of your gender of choice? hahaha gender of choice, eyes
[6] Have you ever been propositioned by a prostitute? no mam
[7] Have you ever had to get tested for an STD or pregnancy? nooo

[1] How many credit cards do you own? 0
[2] What's your guilty pleasure store? i dont think i have one
[3] If you had $1 million, what would you do with it? buy clothes
[4] Would you rather be rich, or famous? rich
[5] Would you accept a boring job if it meant you would make megabucks? hm im not sure
[6] Have you ever stolen anything? nope
[7] How many MP3s are on your hard drive? i try to limit it of the top of my head ill say 30?

[1] What one thing have you done that you're most proud of? i cant think of anything
[2] What one thing have you done that your parents are most proud of? im a stupid kid, ask them
[3] What thing would you like to accomplish in your life? to be smart
[4] Do you get annoyed by coming in second place? i dont think so, unless i know i earned first
[5] Have you ever entered a contest of skill, knowing you were of much higher skill than all the other competitors? yes
[6] Have you ever cheated on something to get a higher score? probably
[7] What did you do today that you're proud of? i went to the dentist and had no cavitys and was a A brusher! :D

[1] What item (or person) of your friend's would you most want to have for your own? um elizabeths trampoline
[2] Who would you want to go on "Trading Spaces" with? haha i think about that all the time, um brittany
[3] If you could be anyone else in the world, who would you be? sabrina
[4] Have you ever been cheated on? yes
[5] Cheated on anyone else? no
[6] Have you ever wished you had a physical feature different from your own? yes sir
[7] What inborn trait do you see in others that you wish you had for yourself? lots of things, a more outgoing personality and confedence
[8] Do you wish you'd come up with this survey? then it would be retarded
[9] Finally, what is your favorite deadly sin? envy?

i want to be the next big thing,

4 didnt bother to write| bye bye beautiful

dear everyone who cares [27 Aug 2004|04:34pm]
short trip to south carolina
be back monday
even though i bet people arent going to read this till im home
ill update then.

hold it down gangsta style for me
1 didnt bother to write| bye bye beautiful

lets sing lets eat lets jiggle our feet [23 Aug 2004|08:37pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]
[ music | The Strokes ]

la la la la la la

summer is going well
sometimes i just have to sit down and look at it all
because i dont always see whats right infront of my face as its happening
thanks if youve been a part of it

im enjoying very much coaching cheering with brittany this year
its going so good and MAA football season makes me so happy
from 6-9 im in a good mood because of it :)

so i went to nags head on thursday
it is definetly one of the highlights of the summer for sure
on thursday we were on the beach during the day and after dinner we went to fletchers beach house to hang out with him and adam
we roamed around in the dark with bare feet
and got rowdy at dowdys..
wich is a sad but cute excuse for an amusement park
we made fun of all the rides that were lit up and broken down
and sat on the beach for hours that night
friday was the same deal
cept during the day we went down to fletcher and adams part of the beach and swam in the ocean, attempted to play football and played with a cute doggie all day
at night the four of us watched south park at the beach house and then went mini glofing
which was a blast untill adam was being all jewish while taking score ;)
then we headed for the beach and sat out here after adam and fletchers painful episode with the thorns in the dark alley :O
i was scared both nights cos the beach is really dark at night and adam was sure that i was going to get raped
but i could not have asked for a better trip
minus the bad sunburn
it was quite the vacation
with people i love
and times where i have to pinch myself to realize its all real
thanks guys

schools coming up
im excited but im hoping it doesnt sneak up on me when im not ready
cos i want next year to be of da chainnnn 8D
and it will be.

oh p.s theres a dead journal in the works for me just be patient, im lazy

holy hell batman im going to be a kick ass 10th grader this year! :O

4 didnt bother to write| bye bye beautiful

ill be your best kept secret and your biggest mistake [18 Aug 2004|08:59pm]
[ mood | good ]
[ music | Fall Out Boy "Dead on Arival" ]

i havent updated in a while but this has to be short cos im a busy girl.

ive benn so happy lately
i think im taking the summer umder my wing now since its almost gone
and enjoying it for everythign its worth
i dont have any complaints
i just think about all the people i love all the time now and just smie
i hope summer has been in the least, relaxing for everyone
schools coming up sooner than you think and im excited
mostly for all of my 9th graders to come too :)
and now that football season has started up im going to be in a good mood now through november
this is when im happiest all through the year.
so get used to it :)

on another note in the morning im leaving to go to nags head untill saturday
which isnt that long so dont fret but im still anticipating it to be loads of fun
expecially since adam and fletcher are down there too
and it will just be a party ;)
adams been gone at the beach for 3 weeks so im very excited to get to see him again
yayyyyy the beach!
its really going to be summer now
summer doesnt come till you go to the beach 8D
ill miss all of you
and p.s i love brittany
im in an i love brittany a whole lot mood ;)
if i wasnt leaving i would want to hang out with her tonight :P

oh and just a note
i decided to name my other flamingo tulip.
frank and tulip.
although it was a close race with hoolieo miss holy

have a good weekend everyone
hold it down gangsta style for me please 8D

3 didnt bother to write| bye bye beautiful

and were alright [10 Aug 2004|02:03pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]
[ music | Unwritten Law "Up all Night" ]

so right nows the time for a few short thoughts and a quick survey that you should deffinetly read cos um i think you should

um 3 weeks at the beach is a really bad idea
adam has been gone for a week already
im just counting down the days till i get to go to nags head and see fletcher and adam :)
hopefully next weekend
that will be a party 8D :)

this one isnt bad
just read it fool
its not like you really have anything else better to do. honestly?

Nervous Habits? i bite my nails a whole lotttt
Are you double jointed? no sir
Can you roll your tongue? - only once
Can you raise one eyebrow at a time? - i just tried and it didnt work out too well
Can you blow spit bubbles? - ick. i hate it when people do that, no
Can you cross your eyes? - i think so, but you cant look at yourself in the mirror when your doing it so i dont know
Tattoos? - nope
Piercings and where? - my ears
Do you make your bed daily? eh not really
In your CD player? um the one beside me in sabrinas room has in snow patrol, and in my room is damien rice
Person you talk most on the phone with? adam
Ever taken a cab? no thanks
Do you regularly check yourself out in store windows and mirrors?- who doesnt
What color is your bedroom?- oh geeze, three of my walls are pink with white polkadots and my big window wall is white with vertical thin pink stripes, um and there is a continuing black stripe at the top of all of my walls (i painted it all by myself :)
Do you use an alarm clock? during school
Window seat or aisle? doesnt matter to me as long as im not feeling crammed
Where do you see yourself in 10 years? i will be 25 and i have no idea really

Which shoe goes on first? - i think right
Speaking of shoes, have you ever thrown one at anyone? that possible, oh um a bug and maybe sabrina
On the average, how much money do you carry in your purse/wallet? i havent a dollar to my name at the moment , normally not over 20 though, im not a working girl :P
What jewelry do you wear 24/7? - the shoelace around my neck and my bracelet i made out of buttons that never leaves my wrist
Favorite piece of clothing? - i dont really have one

-- FOOD --
Do you twirl your spaghetti or cut it? - i hate spaghetti, my parents make it like every week too
Have you ever eaten Spam? - no but im sure we have some in the pantry
Favorite ice cream flavor? - mint chocalte chip and cherry vanilla
How many cereals in your cabinet? let me go check...9 cos i eat it every day
What's your favourite beverage? ginger ale and cranberry juice
What's your favorite restaurant? i think river city diner
Do you cook? i like to, my lazy ass friends always make me fix them things

How often do you brush your teeth? haha
Hair drying method? blowdry
Have you ever colored/highlighted your hair? no sir

Animal?- flamingo and manatee and i love my rats
Food?- macaroni and cheese
Month?- october
Day?- thursday
Cartoon?- as told by ginger, rugrats all grown up, courage the cowerdly dog, johny bravo
Shoe Brand?- my puma romas are my favorite shoes ever
Subject in school?- art
Color?- purple
Sport?- football and baseball, actually i just love watching my little brother play anything
TV show?- what not to wear!
Thing to do in the spring? i used to always want to pick flowers
Thing to do in the summer? go on walks at night
Thing to do in the fall? im all about the clothes in fall
Thing to do in the winter? wish for it to snow

-- LA LA LAND --
What's your sleeping position? on my side, normally with my back to my window so i can be looking at my door at all times to patrol for preadators
Even in hot weather do you use a blanket?- yes i dont feel safe otherwise, it has to be covering my neck too
Do you snore?- no, if you snore i can get so annoyed that i will just cry and throw a fit and never sleep
Do you sleepwalk?- no that scares me very badly
Do you talk in your sleep?- i have before
Do you sleep with stuffed animals? yes lots
How about with the light on?- yes sir
Do you fall asleep with the TV or radio on?- last night i had both on :) and my lights, i have a serious problem

Oranges or apples? oranges
One pillow or two? 5 thanks
Deaf or blind? deaf
Pools or hot tubs? hot tubs
Tall or short? tall
Beach or pool? beach
Tic-Tacs or Certs? orange tic-tacs :)
Snooze button or jump out of bed? my snooze button is broken so i have to dart out of bed. gayness
Sunrise or sunset? both
Hamburger or cheeseburger? cheeseburger, and i had never had one till like 2 years ago
Morning or night? morning
Indoors or outdoors? outdoors when its cold, indoors when its hot
Christmas Eve or Christmas Day? christmas day
Cake or ice cream? hmm, both?
Spearmint or peppermint? peppermint
Bath or shower? shower
Book or movie? hmm
Green or red apples? green taste better
Rain or snow? snowwww
seeee that wasnt that bad

a few weeks ago i purchased a pair of two lovely pink plastic flamingoes from carytown
they are currently in my room and i have only named one of them
his name is pete and he is my friend
he looks like a pete
but i just have no idea what to name my other one
hes tired of not having a name
please provide me with some suggestions

over and out,

7 didnt bother to write| bye bye beautiful

just another girl [07 Aug 2004|05:51pm]
[ mood | restless ]
[ music | Pete Yorn ]

i wasnt missing this feeling
but i dont think it matters
in fact i was getting along just fine without it
and right now i feel absolutly raw
and i miss adam like theres no tomorrw too.
i feel like im sitting in a room full of dark black smoke
and i have no choice but to breath it in
one day
i am just going to wake up
and realize that they were all wrong
this is too much
im going to see my life the way it is
not the way any doctor ever did
and im going to feel fresh air like fire on my skin
and thats when the empty feeling leaves for good
and isnt welcome to visit
have you ever got that feeling
where music feels like its peircing your skin
and you are the only person
that ever saw yourself through a broken mirror
and you drift in and away from yourself
like you could go to sleep
but your wide awake and you know nothing about anything you used to
people turn into the books youve never read
when you woke up this morning you had no idea you colud turn into something you saw in a dream once
but you do, except in living in a dream world and always have
i dont know what is right and what is wrong
i have no control over anything, it all comes from misplaced bottles that dont know me
if you look at my eyes its clear to see that im not just another girl
but not everyone has time to look.

i like the veiw

1 didnt bother to write| bye bye beautiful

sorry i wasnt at practice [04 Aug 2004|03:14pm]
[ mood | awake ]
[ music | taking back sunday ]

warped tour :)
i rode there with melissa and fletcher
we stoped by adams peanut shop on the way
where we smelt all the dried hams
and went potty out in the country
we ate at burger king before we got there
and tried to spot all the people that were going to warped too
and we did
it was pouring down rain
but it was so fun walking up the road to the ticket booth getting absolutly drenched
all the fake hair dye was rolling down kids necks
at the end of taking back sunday melissa broke her nose
so i took her to first aid :)
i believe she had a good time with her swollen nose none the less
i dont even quite remember the bands we saw
but thats okay cos i enjoyed all of them
coheed was very good cos claudio did it all acoustic by himself cos the band was sick
claudio is my hero :)
near the end me and melissa went shopping while sabrina and fletcher went back in
when we were done shopping (well melissa was the one shopping) we caught the tale end of sugar cult
said our goodbyes
and called it a night
i think we all stayed wet the whole night
we packed in the car and went to chickfila for dinner where we met a nosey opra singing homeless man who entertaned mr.babb
we all had a layer of mud covering our whole bodies im sure
i have a few small bruises on my legs
an a few scratches
but it was quite an experence
but so great
now ive got something to show for my summer
its good to have a trophy on the rack
cant wait till '05

being a teenager isnt so bad,

4 didnt bother to write| bye bye beautiful

please dont go crazy if i tell you the truth [27 Jul 2004|09:55pm]
[ mood | bored ]
[ music | Snow Patrol "How to Be Dead" ]

it smells like cat food in here
and i dont even have a cat
and i dont ever plan on it.

i know school is an icky subjet
but ive been thinking about it so much
i have even started to think about what color im gonna paint my nails
does anyone else do that?
or is it just me :)
its cool that i didnt really have anyone to miss this summer
it makes the first day of school more laid back
cos then your not running around hugging all day
and such
i am so fustrated with my stupid language classes

*pardon the interuption but sabrina is on the phone with fletcher and she just said "i wanna see a dinosaur have sex, their so big and stuff i wonder how they do it!?!?"*

ok back to what i was saying my language classes
ok so i wanna continue french
cos i got my credit and stuff
i passed the class
but yet i have to take french1 over again?
can we say anal?
so im signed up for latin
and now its very hard to change back to french
ah we'll see how this all pans out..
i want to know what classes all of you 9th graders are taking, this interests me

i can do that 'lean back' dance from fat joes song
you should ask me to do it for you
cos i can break it dowwwwwnn

wednesday is my free night!
i wanna do something! yay

im kinda bored cos im eating chocolate animal crackers and i just made two unidentified animals hump eachother.

they liked it.

alright im gonna go i never have much to say,

3 didnt bother to write| bye bye beautiful

we finally feel, and we feel like this [24 Jul 2004|02:14pm]
[ mood | blah ]
[ music | The Jealous Sound "Recovery Room" ]

i just made muffins
and i want to bake a cake
and if i want to bake
its not a good sign

im so hungry
and i just cant bring myself to eat
this never happens
i havent seen this since a few months ago

im going to write a book one day
and its going to be the best book anyone ever read
so there.

i feel like most of the time
things to me are so different from the way everyone else sees them
i dont know why.
but when something passes through my brain
it seems like its traveling a different way
and then
everything comes out of my eyes
and i cant have it any other way
ive realized a lot of things lately
and i realized that i need everything that im getting
ok i and i also realized that i should go write this down some place else

sorry for the short entry

its one of those days,

3 didnt bother to write| bye bye beautiful

sprite has no caffeine [22 Jul 2004|10:28pm]
[ mood | okay ]
[ music | Taking Back Sunday "Set Phasers to Stun" ]

i got a haircut
nothing drastic, no length taken off
i love my hairdresser
shes so sweet
i was very scared to get my hair cut
cos i wish it was longer
so i got all nervous
but i enjoyed myself

guess who cant wait to get the tbs cd..

i dont really have a thing to update about so sorry
but i think about school a lot now
and i think im ready to go back
but im not really at all
im ready to have something to do, thats all
or is it?
i dunno, im not ready for the work
but since im determined to do so well
im just kinda anxious to get started, so i can erase last year
and kinda finalize a bad point in time
but you knwo what im so excited about!?!?
being a sidekick!!!!!
im so excited to go to 9th grade orentation and show one of you guys around to all your classes!
fun fun! you better hope im your sidekick cos im one cool girl!
yayyyy this get me all happy, and that way i get to get used to the school again before going back there
then ill know if im ready
i just want to go shopping :)

im in high school
how cool is that??
8D, i know im a dork

i dunno
i never know what to update about now
if you have something you want to hear about tell me :)

dont go have a baby or anything,

4 didnt bother to write| bye bye beautiful

[20 Jul 2004|02:17pm]
YAY ITS ADAMS BIRTHDAY TODAY! happy birthday you worthless peice of nothing :P
(i was the first person to say it at midnight so um, i rock?)

1 didnt bother to write| bye bye beautiful

the queen of too much of a good thing [18 Jul 2004|09:19pm]
[ mood | giddy ]
[ music | Adam Richman "mary-anne" ]

im so happy right now:)

my whole weekend was spent watching my brothers baseball games:)
cos the tournament was this weekend (we won :)
i loved it so much
i loooove watching those games
i love all the boys on the team
and all their cute siblings ;)
and all their screaming moms
i love cold nights
and yelling at the top of my lungs
and going out to eat
and candellas
i have a big crush on a 7th grader ;)
and a few 2 year olds.
this is what summer is supposed to be about
and im so glad that things have been going so good

boys make me happy:):):)

i cant wait till football seasonnnnn
oh and next year, everyone get ready, its gonna be awesome

oh geeze, everyone have fun,
shannon 8D

5 didnt bother to write| bye bye beautiful

"dude" [14 Jul 2004|10:50pm]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | Taking Back Sunday "A Decade Under The Influence ]

the past few days have been so so nice
and very needed
ive been having a lot of fun
and i love my friends more than ever

i never write about what i do but im going to now
im going to warn you this might be long and not so interesting to some

i dont know days cos i never know what day it is so ill just kinda guess
the other day i was at brittanys cos michael called and said that he was over there and wanted to see us
he bought a plane ticket himself and flew in form texas to visit
it feels like he just left but when he came back
it really really hit me, i miss him so much and i need that kid in my life
as corny as it may be i really do
i guess the phrase you never know what youve got untill its gone
something like that, ive always believed it
and i always knew he was a great guy
but he is one of my best friends, and i dont think i thought about how much he does for me
michael i adore you
you know what else
tony and maxx were there too and i love them just as much
i loved how tony was so happy to see me
i hate how i dont see them as much as i should
and myabe i saw it before
but it was jumping in my face yesterday
i have the most beautiful friends
and the best thing about tony and michael is
they love me no matter what and everything is always the same as the last time we see eachother

so all of that had me really really happy
and that night i spent the night with brittany
just me and her
and it was very very nice, i hadnt seen her in like a week and thats a long time for me
oh and i saw holly for a bit and that was nice too since she was being very sweet and i might add she looked lovely too

so the next night after practice i went to spend the night with elizabeth cos we were going to watercountry in the morning:)
it was nice having a sleepover with her too
cos i really have been off in my own world this summer and leaving my best friends on the outside
i really enjoyed myself
so we were at water country all day
i got so burnt its not even funny
and let me inform you
you have never seen a bad sunburn untill you have seen me sunburnt
it will blow your mind
and this time wasnt even too bad
but i love it all anyways
and sabrina didnt pass out this go round ;)

i have felt so nice lately
cept the fact that adam dissapeared with out a trace
but i really think i needed all of this
i guess this is that good time i was talking about last time
it gave me what i wanted
all you have to do to get me happy for a while is give me back what i had
but i cant help but think this whole time how i wish i were wearing a sweater
and raking leaves
i would also love to go skiing, i love it so much
thank you everyone for putting a smlie on my face

for the love of,

9 didnt bother to write| bye bye beautiful

tendrils [10 Jul 2004|07:06pm]
[ mood | full ]
[ music | Motion City Soundtrack "My Favorite Accident" ]

so adam made me relize yesterday that i have only done two entries since school let out
i guess i have been slower on the updates than i thought

i cant stand the warm weather
sure its nice sometimes
but i would much rather be freezing and wearing sweaters
than in a pool and a bathing suite
how far into summer are we?
i really have lost track of everything
its it just me
or do hours go by like days,
and weeks go by like years?
i have been thinking about school a lot lately
and its not that im excited
i just hated school so much last year
that im anxious to start somethign new
and try to make it 1o times better
i just have been thinking about who im going to be
and why i was stopping myself from having an awesome year

nothing much goes on anymore
i think now its a bigger let down cos before summer started we all glamorized it so much
its not exactly the ongoing party that it seems when your in school
but im happier now than i ever was in school i know that
so i was babysitting last night
and when everyone says they wanna be a kid again cos its easier
well i dont ever want to be a kid again
i realized that being our age really has its pluses
that little girl couldnt go into any of her friends yards without asking
im glad i can go into my friends yards without asking my mommy first :)

i wanna go to the beach,

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i am i the only one who's waiting for something [01 Jul 2004|05:44pm]
[ mood | crappy ]
[ music | our lady peace ]

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this desert life [20 Jun 2004|09:44pm]
[ mood | cold ]
[ music | counting crows ]

so the first week of summer was not so eventful
but i guess i wasnt expecting it to be in the first place
or maybe i was?
all i know is it beats the hell out of being in school

i saw big fish finally
it reminded me of my life and too much of it hit home
it was a strange feeling
but a very great movie
often i think all of our lives are going to be like that
everything we do is never going to end
and everyone we meet will follow us
untill the day we die
and then is when everyone will see
that even if your face wasnt plastered on a billboard
you still meant to the world to so many eyes
that didnt have to be driving by in a car

since i have nothing to say and not much going on im going to take a quick survey of which i will be dissapointed if you dont read :(

I AM: a lonely girl named shannon
I WANT: to have a boy that will love me back and make me smile
I HAVE: cute feet
I WISH: i would stop eating
I HATE: school and being alone
I MISS: adams house
I FEAR: the dark
I HEAR: the fan, music, and the sound of my typing
I SEARCH: for something to do
I WONDER: why i think the way i do
I REGRET: lots of things
I LOVE: :)
I ACHE: my legs hurt right now
I ALWAYS: think too much and eat too much
I AM NOT: pleased with myself
I DANCE: when im really happy and excited
I SING: all the time
I CRY: too much and too often
I WRITE: a lot, i love writing
I WIN: nothing
I LOSE: my mind
I CONFUSE: myself
I NEED: someone to love me and hang out with me cos i get bored too often
I SHOULD: not sulk so much

You keep a diary: this one only
You have a secret journal: no, i used to a long time ago
You set your watch a few minutes ahead: i havent owned a watch since 2nd grade cos i cant tell time anyway
You bite your fingernails: yes
You believe in love: yes

Take a shower everyday: yes, otherwise my hair looks really bad
Have a(any) crush(es): yes O:)
Think you know you've been in love: maybe but everyone says love doesnt count if your not loved back :(
Want to get married: yesss
Have any tattoos/where?: nope
Piercings/where?: yes my ears of which i am hopefully getting the 2nd ones done if my moms in the right mood
Get motion sickness: yes and i dont like it
Think you're a health freak: i can be
Get along with your parents: eh i guess so, not when it comes to school

Ryan: i love that name sooo much, i think of my cousin
Rob: this guy that i knew in middle school
Drew: this jerk that lives down my street and this guy i dont like
Heather: this really weird girl i knew a few years ago and then she moved to NY
Will: hartless
Shannon: me, and a little black boy
Paul: Frank, which is one of my favorite designers :)
Eve: two things one being the singer and the other i would rather not say
John: smith, and jonathan
Lauren:spencer :)
Alex: bussa, ick ick ick i cant stand him and he needs to take a shower badly
Ricky: some little baseball player guy and that dude from i love luck..cept that might not have been his name?
Erin: my cheering coach

NUMBER: 4, 14
COLOR: purple
DAY: thursday
MONTH: hmm..october?
SONG: way too many
FOOD: velveta, easy mac, clam chowder, ice cream, bacon
SPORT: i like to watch football
DRINK: shirley temples, and cranberry juice
VEGGIE: cucumbers, tomatos
FRUIT: i like every fruit
FAST FOOD: mcdonalds fruit and yogurt parfaits and cherry pies

CRIED? yes
BOUGHT SOMETHING? yes, well my dad did for me
GOTTEN SICK? not really, just really too full
HUGGED SOMEONE? yes, my brother cos i love him

1. Eat a bug? maybe
2. Bungee jump? yesss!!
3. Hang glide? yes
4. Kill someone? no, i dont even like to kill gnats
5. Have sex with someone you don't love? i dont think so
6. Kiss someone of the same sex? no
7. Parachute from a plane? im not sure, maybe
8. Walk on hot coals? hmmm i guess
9. Go out with someone for their looks? no
10. For their reputation? no
11. Be a vegetarian? no
12. Wear plaid with stripes? nope
13. IM a stranger? yes
14. Sing karaoke? noo
15. Get drunk? not now
16. Shoplift? oh geeze no
17. Run a red light? maybeee
18. Dye your hair blue? no way
19. Be on Survivor? no
20. Wear makeup in public? yes
21. NOT wear makeup in public? if i didnt need it, but no
22. Make someone cry? i hope not
23. Kick a baby? hahhahaha i think thats so funny, no
24. Date someone more than ten years older than you? maybe, if i loved them enough
25. Stay up all through the night? yes i like doing that it makes you hyper

ok so that was a nice way to fill up and entry since i have nothing to say anyway

adam ill give you what you want
right now im sad cos you had to go cos you are doing something really cute in the morning of which i hope you enjoy
and i think that if i dont see you soon you might dissapear
and i dont want that
and um you dont win
i hope your happy

so bye friends
oh yes and for those who are slow
i have made a new screen name
yes so add it to your buddy list or die

i got sun and im happy cos i was about to turn into a ghost :O

so long,

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ill be the night in your sky [16 Jun 2004|10:54am]
[ mood | excited ]
[ music | Rilo Kiley - The Good that Wont come out of Us ]

as of 9:15 when the bell rang
i am a free girl
theres was nothing at all holding me back or dragging me down
i ran out
and didnt stop to look back
theres not a thing in the world that would make me do all of this again
because i couldnt
there almost is never a time when i dont miss something
but im not going to miss this
there is nothing to miss
if there is one thing i learned from this year and all of this
its that when i dont always see the bright side of things
i have people that will do it for me
thanks for opening my eyes
being one step ahead of me
and loving me
and making each second
a moment to grow on
i am thankful for all of those
who taught me something
or showed me the way when i was lost
or stood beside me when i was alone
all i can say is i just hope
that i was in the picture
puting a smile on at least one face
and not everything is fine for everyone
but for now some of the weight will be taken away
and making it through the week wont be such a struggle anymore
and dont you agree? :)

heres to not knowing what day it is anymore, from now on
heres to a summer that will meet expectations
and heal society
with its lack of responsibility
and warmth on your face
and lets not forget each second were just sitting around
how much we all deserve it
and how much weve gained
hey guess what..
we all won :)

<3 :) shannon

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so what, june 2 was a while ago [12 Jun 2004|12:11am]
[ mood | drained ]
[ music | Rilo Kiley ]

tough week
but i have absolutly no right to complain
at all

adam david kauder
i know you would like to see your name in here, so here i go
there are some people that just baffle me
and you are one of them
its amazing to me how i have never, and never will, meet someone quite like you
no one has a bigger heart than you
even though you get your way far too often ;)
its still amazes me how even in times when you should be thinking of no one but yourself
your thinking of everyone else
your acceptance for everyone else is truly admired
and theres no doubt that when im having the slightest problem
you can fix it better than anyone ever will or could
wonderful? yes.
you and i both know that your always right
even though i cant stand it, you prove it everyday
but you know what tops it all
i bet you already knew every line of this. and believe it.
and know exactly what i was thinking when i pressed each key
even if i act like i cant stand it. i can
i appreciate every bit of it
cos we all need a little adam in our lives
to read our minds and make it all better
to stand up when everyone else sits down
to know why people sneeze when they do and what hemoglobin is :)
i dont know if you know it but
you leave a lasting impression on everyone you meet
and theres no way mines going away
everything you have ever said means something to me
i think youre brilliant
youre going down in the books
and if i had the world i would give it to you
only because i think that you are worth it
now dont i get something for this?
a hug?
a cookie?
perhaps money?
eh or you could just be my best friend for a really long time untill you get so sick of me that you cant stand to see my face anymore. deal?

i take everything in now as if it was run through a washing machine
and then entered my brain
nothing is really the same
and it will never be
but is that really a bad thing?
once the veil is pulled away
seeing things with clean eyes
is very worth it
and i have everything to be thankful for
and im doing my best
not to leave you with a bad taste in your mouth

paint me back into the picture,

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girl [02 Jun 2004|02:55pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]
[ music | the used ]

i really think everything lately has just slipped right out of my hands
its raining when its not
and i see a million things that arent there
but there scratching at my face
i havent been in a really good mood in a long time
i am pissed off every second im awake
and as im falling asleep
and im aware of its place all the time
but it doesnt seem to be just quite there
"youre never gonna find it, if your looking for it"
and its better when you dont
if green is all i see
then all you see is blue
and if i cant see at all
youre staring
were all screaming
screaming to the chorus of a song we dont know
and a line we never wrote
so dont call yourself a musician
when you cant feel life yourself
i dont know who was up there for me
or when
but they forgot to bring me something home

the frequently drawn picture of catching fireflys
isnt very fun when your the only one in it
and when someone walks out
you wish theyd go back in
the colors are bleeding
and running away from the canvas
and the puddle on the floor spells love
but is still scorned upon

this place is almost gone
but it will never be gone
its sticking like peanut butter to the roof of your mouth
and nothings gonna make it come off

over and out

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