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Tuesday, November 2nd, 2004

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    His lips are not moving
    The voice swirls from inside
    Teach, tempt, tame,
    Tilt, talk, taste
    I am not the same
    Spread your damaged wing above me
    Your whisper freezes time
    Sprockets, cranks, cogs
    Eyes, mouth, song
    I am not the same
    A din swirls from within
    Static eyelids communicate
    Sanity, sanctuary, solitary
    Isolate, separate, silence
    Blue blends with black, turns to grey
    Red crawls from within
    Bleeds to the surface
    Hallow Hollowed body waits
    The weight of the feather crushes
    A breeze erases

    “…you have to trust it
    I am eternally yours…”

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