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12th February 2004

7:38pm: yoo
ehh nothin great happened in skool 2day. test n work n what not. some kid got in mad trouble 4 rightin some nasty note 2 some other person n than signin another persons name 2 it. omG..i cannot wait till valentines day. all i wanna do is spend time with anthony. n the funny thing is we dont even kno what we're gonna do or where were gonna go. but it doesn't matter, all that matters is that im with him. i love you anthony!!<3

here's 2 here~>u jus dont see how many ppl. r talkin bout u behind ur back. but i guess in this kinda situations imma have 2 do that same thingg. jus cos i kno whatever i say will go back 2 ur mom. nothin against her but she only wants u 2 see what she thinks is right. i haven't seen the world but i've seen a hell of a lot more hurt n problems than ur mom would let u see. i'd say somethin honest i would..but i honestly dont feel like goin through the whole friggen cryin thing than makin me feel guilty. there's no doubt in my mind that u wont find out boutt his n how i feel. but when u do ur gonna do what u always do..go around tellin mad ppl. tryin 2 get them on ur side. y cant u jus deal with ur own problems by urself. n besides what u dont kno is that evryone u'd go 2 has been sayin the same stuff 2 me. i've heard soo much crap bout u in these past few days, but i'll only take my opinions. so my advice 2 u is 2 deal with ur own crap, grow stop complainin, n suck it up!

6:50pm: testing..1-2-3
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