-»Wanna Get Dirrty«-
wanna get dirrty

++__I`m back! =) 09 01 03
( mood bitchy )
( music blink 182_what`s my age again )

I`m back! =) I`ve missed my Blurty for some reason. Now, someone help me make a new layout.


1 wanna get dirrty?

____`/* <3 Sorry, I gotta do this 05 17 03
( mood Suicidal )

I gotta take another break. There is so much shit going on in my life, shit I wish was never there.

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yoyo ! 05 13 03
( mood accomplished )

heyyy all ! its _masturbation .. i helped make this layout ! so im just crediting it ! .. lol .. hope you like the new layout .. and if you need any changes i got ya ! much love

1 wanna get dirrty?

05 11 03
Hey girlie this is desiree sucha_dork just signing my work.. i hope you like it if not let me know and ill fix it the way you want it.. well take care <3 desiree
1 wanna get dirrty?

____`/* <3 Guess whose back? Back again? Amanda`s back.. 05 10 03
( mood I`m Glad..LoL )
( music Disturbed//»Intoxication )

Hey y`all! I`m back! My finger feels so much better! I can type again! It`s so great. I`d like to thank my wonderful best friend for fucking it up..Thanxx Cor! OK, well I just thought I`d let you know I`m back. Um..I`m looking for someone to put a new layout on here for me. I have one and everything I just need you to put it on here. If you can do that for me PLEASE post a comment or IM me --xVoLc0mBaBy. Thanks! I love y`all!

3 wanna get dirrty?

____`/* <3 Goin to California.. 05 01 03
( mood tired )
( music Trapt//»Made of Glass )

OK, well not really. I'm taking a break until my hand gets better and then I may be moving. I'll post and comment again when my hand is better. PLEASE KEEP ME ON YOUR LISTS!!

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____`/* <3 HELP 04 29 03
( mood cold )
( music Cypress Hill//»Can I Get A Hit )

I need a new layout..If anyone can help me please post a comment or IM me. Thanks!


wanna get dirrty?

____`/* <3 Bored 04 28 03
( mood bored )
( music Cypress Hill//»Can I Get A Hit )

Absolutly nothing happened today. Liz and I are now best friends. We had a shitload of fun in Lit. and gym. I'm bored so I'm going to go play PS2.


1 wanna get dirrty?

gona get rowdy;gona get a little unruly..
wanna get dirrty