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shut up,youre beautiful [02 Nov 2003|05:59pm]
[ mood | cranky ]
[ music | [brandon dicamillo freestyle<3] ]

well, this week has sucked monkey shit up the ying yang. yeah...
friday.man everyone kept bitching about everything whiney mcsluts, jk i love my crew, but the other guys were being fuck heads
i took some Star Sign thing and it said.: Pisces aka, whiney bitch haha that would be me. but anyway. yeah saturday, was...uh interesting. sunday,didnt do anything.woo. hopefully this week will be fine

"yo yo yo what it is mother fuckers"
"oh shit here comes pacman."
"hey pacman,whats up?"
"me you bitches! im hiiiigh on crack! wanna freebase?"
"no pacman! drugs are bad!"
"no cant help you man"
Pacman snorts coke, "woah holy shit!!!!!!!!!!!"

oh man thats so funny. that made my day. you have to listen to it, bloodhound gang-pac man on crack

anyway i have nothing else to say except
like old school said it "love...its a motherfucker" haha

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