holy dear god... it's been forever.   
01:02am 28/06/2003
mood: busy
music: copeland | brightest
so yeah, as most of you now, i moved from the beutiful city of virginia beacj to fucking hampton. i hate it. i loath it. fuck this town. anyways. been led on by girls, been writing songs, been making friends, watched my mom go in to a coma and come out of it(woohoo!), been going to shows, and been doing NOTHING all at the same time. wow. my life is real boring. anyways, if i went in to details about everything that has happened, it would take a whole month to type it all. so tomorrow i will update again, and you will hear all about my day. so whatever.
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brooke told me to update, so here it is...   
02:02am 26/04/2003
  brooke knows all. she is the ruler of the world. you know how i know? a little birdie told me...  
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i'm a lazy son of a bitch...   
02:41pm 23/04/2003
mood: hungry
music: coldplay | spies
well, what can i say? i suck. i haven't really been home all that much lately, so i haven't really had the opportunity to update. but here i go... for like a week straight, jason and i pretty much moved into pats house cause his parents went to florida. it was ACTUALLY really fun. we had band practice EVERY night at around one am just for the hell of it. we were sure the nieghbors were gonna call the cops on us, but they didn't. woo! so lately, the ENTIRE band has been hanging out a lot more. we're trying to become actual FRIENDS with josh, instead of just band members, and it's coming along quite nicely. hes an awesome guy and hes funny as shit.... not to mention he knows pretty much the HOTTEST girls ever. haha. it come in handy, what can i say?! so one of the nights that pats parents were gone, josh called these two girls to come over and hang out. tessa markovich(sp?) and her friend katie. both fc girls(should have known!). so anyways, they came over and hung out for a bit. after a while, i bring up the idea of getting in the hot tub, so, josh, pat, katie, tessa, and i get in. besides the fact that the hot tub was not really a HOT tub at that moment, it was kind of cool. it was like eighty-eight degrees or something in there, so josh came up with the idea of "cuddling to conserve body heat." well, INSTANTLY, tessa jumps on my lap. i was ALL smilies. she is SO beautiful. so, we just kind of talked and cuddled for a while, till we all decided it was time to get out. so then, tessa and katie leave RANDOMLY, and i didn't even get a chance to ask her for her number. i felt so LED ON! well, i guess i had the opportunity all night, but i guess i'm just chicken shit. so, the other night, i was talking to haley about it, and she was like "umm, i'm pretty sure shes still dating my friend, thain" i was like "you GOTTA be shitting me!?" i was so incredibly pissed. if they ARE dating, thane would kill me! that guys fucking huge! i mean, i know we still didn't DO anything that would really constitute her as "cheating," but it was pretty damn close! so i felt like shit about that for a few days. i meet a girl that i totally click with and who i think totally clicked with me, and she randomly bounces, and then i find out she has a boyfriend! eff! so, anyways... besides that, nothing has really been happening. i lead a pretty boring life. oh well. i'm gonna go get food now... so fuck off
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funny childhood story...   
10:26pm 10/04/2003
mood: mischievous
music: my chemical romance | drowning lessons
i was telling tara about the FUNNIEST childhood memory ever(besides walking in on brooke reese in the shower when i was eight. but SHHHH, she STILL doesn't know!). it's quite lengthy, but WELL worth it. enjoy...

xo unloveable ox: we had a contest one day...
xo unloveable ox: me, drew, and our friend cail, verses drew and cails little brother and my little brother too...
xo unloveable ox: the older brothers verses the little brothers...
SuNsEtYeAr: oh god
xo unloveable ox: well, the point of the competition was to build the BIGGEST and the BEST ramp...
SuNsEtYeAr: hahahaha
xo unloveable ox: well, needless to say, ours was the best...
xo unloveable ox: it was HUGE!
SuNsEtYeAr: and?
xo unloveable ox: so i took the first try on our ramp...
xo unloveable ox: i was scared SHITLESS...
SuNsEtYeAr: brandon!
SuNsEtYeAr: go figure
xo unloveable ox: like, i mean, LITERALLY! on the way down, i shit myself...
xo unloveable ox: (just kidding)
xo unloveable ox: but ANYWAYS
SuNsEtYeAr: hahahahahahaha
SuNsEtYeAr: ewww!
xo unloveable ox: i went first on my brand new bmx bike...
SuNsEtYeAr: eeek
xo unloveable ox: and somehow, by the grace of a god i don't believe in...
xo unloveable ox: i made it...
xo unloveable ox: it was a rough landing, but i still made it
xo unloveable ox: anyways...
xo unloveable ox: well, then drew decided to go next on his BRAND NEW $900 haro mountain bike
xo unloveable ox: so, he gets going...
xo unloveable ox: hauls ass...
xo unloveable ox: and hits the jump...
xo unloveable ox: well, in midair...
xo unloveable ox: he starts to roll forwards....
SuNsEtYeAr: hahahahahahaha
xo unloveable ox: really FAR forwards...
xo unloveable ox: so he lends STRAIGHT on his shoulder and head...
xo unloveable ox: he passed out from the sudden blow to the head...
SuNsEtYeAr: OMG!
xo unloveable ox: i mean, he was like fifteen feet up in the air!
SuNsEtYeAr: that would be worth it!
xo unloveable ox: it was AWESOME, but then he came to, and stood up
xo unloveable ox: well, he was in shock, so he felt no pain at all...
xo unloveable ox: he was like "dude, i'm SO doing it again..."
xo unloveable ox: well, the whole time he was standing up, we were all staring at his arm
xo unloveable ox: his right arm to be exact...
SuNsEtYeAr: omg that it great
xo unloveable ox: and how the elbow was bending the wrong way, and his shoulder was all miss-shapen
SuNsEtYeAr: hahaha
xo unloveable ox: well, finally, i was like "dude, look at your arm!"
xo unloveable ox: he turns, looks at it.....
xo unloveable ox: and passes out again....
xo unloveable ox: hahahahahaha
SuNsEtYeAr: hahahahahahahahaha
SuNsEtYeAr: so entertaining
xo unloveable ox: so me and cail, being SUCH great friends and all, drag him inside my house, and i go to try and find my mom...
SuNsEtYeAr: and?
xo unloveable ox: well, my mom picked the WORST time ever to take a shit...
SuNsEtYeAr: gross!
xo unloveable ox: so...
xo unloveable ox: i'm like "hey, mom...."
xo unloveable ox: "guess what we did today!!!!"
xo unloveable ox: and then my mom goes "what?"
xo unloveable ox: "i think we killed drew...."
SuNsEtYeAr: hahahaha
xo unloveable ox: her eyes lit up, and then she looked over to our lump of a friend laying on the floor in the foyer of our house...
xo unloveable ox: and then SHE passes out...
xo unloveable ox: go fucking figure....
SuNsEtYeAr: hahahahahahahahaha
xo unloveable ox: so then my step dad comes down the stairs after hearing my mom scream...
xo unloveable ox: and looks at them...
SuNsEtYeAr: and?
xo unloveable ox: and starts LAUGHING his ass off...
SuNsEtYeAr: omg.
xo unloveable ox: like HYSTERICALLY
SuNsEtYeAr: horrible
xo unloveable ox: so then he throws water on my mom to bring her to
xo unloveable ox: and the we start to notice that drew is turning blue
xo unloveable ox: hahaha
xo unloveable ox: and we took him to the hospital
xo unloveable ox: ....
xo unloveable ox: so, while drews in the hospital getting fucking SURGERY and shit...
SuNsEtYeAr: hahahahahaha
xo unloveable ox: cail and i decided to make him a cake....
xo unloveable ox: cause we felt horrible
SuNsEtYeAr: thats so sweet
xo unloveable ox: and on the frosting, we drew a picture of a giant blood spot in the middle of the street, and a body with "x's" for the eyes...
xo unloveable ox: (representing drew of course...)
SuNsEtYeAr: wow i take that all back
SuNsEtYeAr: lol
xo unloveable ox: and underneath...
xo unloveable ox: we wrote....
xo unloveable ox: "what a great first day of summer!"
xo unloveable ox: hahahahahaha
xo unloveable ox: he was in a cast for FOUR MONTHS!
xo unloveable ox: thats ALL summer and THEN some!
SuNsEtYeAr: damn!
xo unloveable ox: we ruined his seventh-eigth grade summer
xo unloveable ox: hahahaha
xo unloveable ox: it was AWESOME!
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"you won't be back, and i'm still laughing..."   
08:28pm 10/04/2003
mood: bored
music: a static lullaby | annunciate while you masticate
okay. so james and ross and i talked the other night(mainly james and i) and we both came to an unerstanding that sometimes, you just can't be in a band with someone. i guess i was the weakest link and we're all better off going our seperate ways. oh well. so to anyone who readt the last entry inwhich i talked shit about the two of them.... erase it from your memory. so, anyways. still single. will be forever. and ever. and ever. had band practice tonight with the mock, and surprizingly, it went REAL well. my voice didn't go out at all, and i only messed up once, and that was when i dropped my pick. but it wasn't even really noticeable. so, tomorrow night, josh, jason, pat, and i are gonna have a band hangout night, cause we very rarely ever ALL hang out together, so it should be interesting. anyways... i'm bored and trying to find something to do, so eff wasting time on this damn thing.... blah!
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sorry guys. it's been a while...   
08:40pm 06/04/2003
mood: exhausted
music: evanesence | bring me to life
ahh. i think i's been like three or four days since my last update. i've been real busy surprizingly though. so ANYWAYS, as you all know, on tuesday i got kicked out of my band that i started with james, ross, miah, and mike. there reasons are as follows: i have an alchohol problem(hahaha?!), i'm not writing the sort of stuff they are interested in, and they "forsee" more problems in the future. hahaha! all i can say is fuck them. i don't even care anymore. i realized that if they are gonna be as stupid as they have been lately, and risk a friendship over some stupid little insignificant differences they have with me, then they aren't even worth being my friends. at least miah and mike talked to me about it afterwards and actually told me that it was mainly ross and james idea to not even talk to me about my "problems" and just ditch me. miah and mike = my respect. ross and MIANLY james = old friends, and we'll leave it at that. and now there is all this drama between james and i because of the last song i wrote before i left the band. i want to take it with me and use it for another project of mine if not even use it for mock|HEROIC, but james seems to think thats a bad idea though. well, james... if you read this... you didn't write a SINGLE FUCKING NOTE in that song. ross and i did. if ROSS has a problem, let ROSS come to me. we will talk it out and come to a conclusion. but untill then, stay out of my fucking business. ANYWAYS... my mom talked to me about the whole thing and helped me realize that this was just a blessing in disguise anyways. now that i see who my REAL friends are, i can focus on what is important and not have to worry about being accepted in this local "scene" of ours. and what is so important, you ask?! MOCK HEROIC!!! we don't mind telling stupid, hypocrytical, egotistical, pieces of shit who think they OWN the scene to go fuck themselves and have a ciggarette afterwards. we don't mind being hated by them! who SHOULD care?! not i, thats for damn sure. so last night, me and jason got bored around five thirty in the afternoon and decided to go for a drive. well, our drive ended us up in cape hatteras. haha. we drove on the beach and just pulled over on the side of the road to talk and look at the stars and reasses our friendships and love lives, and stupid, guy stuff like that. we had an AWESOME night. haha. we ended up running into my little brother justin , whom ALSO was just randomly down there cause they had nothing better to do, in rodanthe. so after talking to them for a sec, we left and went down to the hatteras lighthouse and took pictures of deer and just effed around cause we had nothing better to do. then we drove to a beach acess area in frisco where we can take our cars on the beach and stuff. we ended up going on one of the trails doing like fourty five miles an hour and going over HUGE bumbs and divits in the trail. it was awesome, although i think i effed up my jeep. oh well. so after that, we drove back north to ANOTHER beach access area where we drove down the trail to the beach and watched the lighting offshore while we sat on the beach and talked about the shit going on in our lives. it was a nice talk. somethings needed to be said, cause lately jason and i haven't exactly been getting along as well as we used to and we just needed "bro time" to talk about whats been going on. so, anyways. we decided to come home around midnight and drove three or four hours home, and then went to bed. this morning we woke up around noon and went to practice at pats house and just rocked out and tried to get alot tighter for our show this coming friday at my friend phils house. ashley angelo was there too, and i enjoyed flirting with her all day. woo! that girls awesome. so, then she left after a couple of hours and we played the set one more time through, and we called it a night. then, came home, and that brings me to my current situation... which is NOTHING!!! haha. i'm gonna take a nap and try to catch up on some sleep. well, night...
12:09am 02/04/2003
mood: betrayed
music: the beautiful mistake | circular parade
so today was probably the most confusing day ever. it started out good and i had a good day at work. i hung out with my mom for a bit and then after work i came home and started to clean my room. well, little did i know james, ross, miah, and mike were all out at ricks thinking of ways to kick me out. kicked out of the band i started. wow. the only thing in my life that i've actually put any effort into for the last seven months. i just feel.... i don't know. betrayed, lost, hopeless. i feel dumb to put the best way. i mean, i pretty much hand picked miah and ross to join, and i wrote alot of the material. and what do i get in return.... a farewell. not even a kind one at that.... figures. so now i've locked myself in my room with a pack of ciggarettes and a pepsi and i don't plan on leaving till i have to work tomorrow. i mean, what reason would i HAVE for leaving my room? it's the only comfoting thing i have in my life now...
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acronyms are piiiiimp...   
11:45pm 31/03/2003
mood: quixotic
music: mae | this time is the last time
okay, so me and tara have been real bored lately, and we've been creating good acronyms to keep us occupied. so here are a list of the acronyms we've come up with...

"loveable" = Lets OVer Evaluate All Brandons Love Experiances
"unloveable" = U Never Love Our Vulnerable, Excited, Anxious, Breakable Little Emotions
"lonely" = Love Officially Never Ever Likes You
"weetard" = We Either Eat Tara or Anally Rape her Dog
"poo gas" = Put Our Own Girls Against Saddam
"biatch" = Bitches In Afghanistan Touch the Calvary's Horses
"blowjob" = Behind Little Old Women Jam Old Barbies

thats pretty much ot for now... but don't worry. we're dumb and easily amused, so more to come for sure...
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"i hope that you are happy where you are. and i'm glad to see i put you there..."   
01:32am 28/03/2003
mood: crappy
music: a static lullaby | lipgloss and letdown
sorry, i've been SUPER busy this week... so monday we played at chicos again. everything went REALLY well till after we played. i just kept drinking, and drinking, and drinking, and...(you get the point). so lets just leave it at this... alchohol poisoning. it sucks and i definatly paid for it in full. so anyways. hungover as hell on tuesday, i get james to cover my shift cause i'm in NO condition to work. so i go to my moms house in hampton so i can borrow thier truck for a couple days till mine gets fixed and i just spent the ENTIRE time over thier puking and feeling like i was dying. i don't think it's EVER been that bad. EVER. so i pass out on my moms bathroom floor for like two hours, and james calls my moms house to tell me we got offered a show at the backstage cafe(the norva pretty much) that night directly after the hot water music/sparta/glassjaw show. right about then i just started laughing and was like "sure, as long as the crowd doesn't mind me puking on them..." so i go home, get dressed, and go to the show. we played REALLY well surprizingly, considering my current state of condition, but only like ten or twelve kids were there to watch. oh well. we rocked anyways. fuck all those kids who didn't come. so ANYWAYS. since james agreed to take my shift on tuesday since i was hating life and loving the toilet(hahaha), i agreed to work all day on wendesday for him. it was awesome. it was amazing outside and i delivered all day with the windows down and with no shoes. and plus i made like thirty dollars. score. so then today i slept till noon. after i woke up, i got a shower, got dressed and cruised around virginia beach till five in my moms truck. i love it. i'm not use to "new things" like new cars and stuff, so i'm enjoying this luxury as long as possible. so then i went to work... made no money, and hated life. haha. so anyways. i went and saw donald and ross's metal band practice for a while. while i was there, i ran into an old friend of mine, joe zadaa. hes in a band called the panic parade and i ended up watching them for like an hour almost. thier awesome! so anyways, came home, and that brings me to my current state of being. so.. oh yeah. so i hadn't talked to brittany in like almost a week and i was starting to get worried about her and all. so i called her last night and she didn't answer so i left a message and was like "hey, i havn't talked to you in six days. i miss you and i'm worried, cause you usually call me everynight amd i miss you kiddo. i'm really worried about you... blah... blah... blah" so i get home tonight, and i check the caller id and shes had called like ten minutes before or something like that so i called her back but she didn't answer, so i left ANOTHER sad message on there. so she calls me like an hour later and tells me that christian aunt and uncle, who her mother MADE her move in with because shes not "christian enough" and some bullshit like that, basicly is keeping her held captive, making her see a christian pshychiatrist, and banning her from the internet. i seriously HATE people who try to FORCE christianity upon people. shes not a bad kid, i swear! she just so happens to be one of the sweetest girls i've ever met and yet they think shes like evil or something! so anyways, i talked to her for about an hour. i miss her terribly. so anyways. we hung up and i ended up reading her journal entry, and its basicly ALL about this guy who she is in love with and who doesn't like her the same way... thus proving my theory that i ALWAYS fall for girls who fall for guys who suck. i hate it. she wote on part of it "what is so unloveable/undateable/unlikeable about me?! what is it?" i wanted to just go over there and smack her and be like "GOD DAMN YOU! why can't you like me?!?!" i kept reading it and just kept getting more depressed as i did, so finally i just said enough and closed the link. it's cool though. UNLOVEABLE!!! oh well. don't care. MUSIC, MAN! thats all i'm focusing on. you all can suck my nuts... i'm going to bed. leave me alone. crap this was a long entry!
subject headings are stupid... and so are you.   
12:22am 24/03/2003
mood: productive
music: dave matthews band | lie in our graves
ahhh, i've done nothing but play guitar today... and it fealt GREAT. i had practice with both bands today. the mock from one till six, and with ftaoh from seven till ten. my fingers feel like they're gonna bleed and my throat is killing me from screaming, but it still felt awesome. we taught josh a new song today at mock practice, and then we wrote a nice, fitting set list and practiced it a few times, and basicly just rocked our little hearts out. then went to the practice shed for practice with the other band. practiced the new song, and got it REAL tight. then we decided to drop one of our "not so great" songs, and practiced our set for our show tomorrow night at chico's. it's gonna rock, i swear. we even had the lights dimmed in the practice space so we could practice our stage presence. i think we found what we were looking for... we're all super amped and ross's voice is back in full force and miah and i are screaming better than ever. oh yeah. my car officially crapped out on me tonight. i get to drive my brothers gas guzzling bronco tomorrow for work. the cool thing is that it's gonna be real nice tomorrow, so i get to rock the bronco all day with the top off. woo. but the gas is gonna kill me. eff. oh well. my mom is gonna fix my car while i'm at work tomorrow(gotta love having a mom that knows more about cars than a typical mechanic would...). so anyways. i'm tired and exhausted as fuck from rocking out today, so it's an early bed time for me. night nuccas.
01:29pm 21/03/2003
mood: awake
music: my chemical romance | drowning lessons
i sleep too much.... or maybe not enough. it seems like all i do is sleep now-a-days. but then again, i usually don't go to sleep till like eight am. oh well. so we got offered a show for monday at chico's again, but this time with the kill club. i love that band. when james and i started this band, the kill club was one of our biggest influences... and now they're asking us to play with them. SUPER amped. anyways. it's a twenty-one and up show (sorry kiddies!) and it's free with one dollar beer. thats also my favorite thing about chico's... they pay us real well, AND we get free beer all night long. i'm SO not driving! hahaha. i talked to this girl nancy(or grace kelly for the matter) last night for like THREE HOURS and it was one of the best conversations i've had in a long time. we talked about life, death, love(if it exists), hate, and pretty much anything that came to our mind... at the end of the conversation, i felt alot better about life. anyways, i'm gonna go get some lunch and try and get a few prices on a new tattoo. later...
soundtrack to MY movie!   
09:15pm 18/03/2003
mood: apathetic
music: goo goo dolls | iris
so i've locked myself in my room and i'm listening to nothing but iris and black balloon by the goo goo dolls, and i've decided that it's time for me to update this thing again... so the other day i made a playlist on my computer called "the sad bastard compilation" and it's full of stuff like the goo goo dolls, and the postal service and all the sad songs that i can relate to. i don't know why, just something i did. so i'm listening to it, and i start listening to certain songs like "disarm" by smashing pumpkins and "don't worry, i'll catch you" by the get up kids, and i start thinking about what scene in my life goes with that song of the moment. it's kind of like putting a soundtrack to my life. so i starting writing down the song and the moment, and i put each song in chronological order of my life. then i sit down and listen to the whole thing in order, and realize that it's pretty much my life in the last year. it's real sad scenes, like for example, walking up to this girls house (who will remain nameless) in the rain with a rose, and anxiously waiting for her to just open the door, but then after a few moments of reconsidering my actions, i turn away and leave without ever telling her about that moment and how i felt about her till it was too late. by the way, that moment goes with the song "iris" by the goo goo dolls. i just wish everyone was able to make a short movie about the saddest time in thier life, for everyone to view, so they wouldn't feel so awkward about feeling the way that they do and so everyone would except thier feelings and thoughts. so, in response to all this, i've decided that i'm going to write a script about my life in the past year or two. the only problem is that most scripts have an end or some sort of a resolution to end on, and my life or situation just doesn't have one...
03:14am 18/03/2003
mood: blank
music: gary jules | mad world(donnie darko theme)
i'm so sick of feeling like this...
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05:35pm 16/03/2003
mood: apathetic
music: the rhapsody | dargor, shadowlord of the mount(swedishe blac
man, so much for trying to keep up on updating this thing. oh well. i suck i guess. today has just been really weird though. i have no idea why though. i mean, yesterday was amazing. i had one of the best days i've had in a while. i made like fourty dollars in tips at work, i some how, RANDOMLY, got two girls phone numbers while on deliveries, and i got to see one of my favorite bands preform... yet somehow, i feel... whats the word i'm looking for... just, empty. i don't know. i'm sick of it though. i'm just so sick of always being so damn melancholy lately. sometimes i feel like i'm judt dragging along, just to get by with a smile on my face, but somehow that smile is always either fake, or non-existant at all. i also started drinking alot more now. i'm not saying an alchoholic or anything, but just that i feel like i'm drinking for the wrong reasons. every single night(and sometimes during the day) i've been really drunk. i get real happy and hyper though when i drink. i think i'm drinking just to quit being sad and over-drought for a few hours or so. thats such a crappy reason to drink too! i mean, i didn't drink at all from like christams, till my birthday. then i drank on my birthday, and that was it till last friday. now it's just a downward spiral from here! i hate it. i know i should stop, and i WANT to stop, but, and this sounds INSANELY retarded..., but i can't. oh well. my moms here, so i'm gonna go hang out with her and then go to practice.
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we no longer use time for any standards of life...   
01:58am 12/03/2003
mood: cranky
music: darkest hour | how the beautiful decay
so the show last night went over real well, even though i ended up fucking up my hand (never fails with my luck) like an hour before the show and not to mention i was too drunk to remember much of last night. oh well. when you play a show and they pay you in beer, you take full advantage! anyways. i'm booking us another show in the next week or two with the kill club and pick your poison at chicos again. i love free beer. haha. it looks like i'm gonna be new car shopping this week. my jeep just keeps going downhill and i really can't afford to do too much more work to it anymore. i guess it's just time to move on. i love my jeep though. it sucks. oh well. i'm getting a new job though with jason making enough money to afford it though, so i guess i might as well get a nice used truck or jetta or something. whatever. i'm going to bed. work sucks and so do you... blah
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not creative enough for a subject title at the moment...   
04:04pm 09/03/2003
mood: blank
music: appleseed cast | forever longing the golden sunsets
friday night sucked. saturday sucked, and today sucks. this journal is short and simple cause i don't care.
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09:39pm 07/03/2003
  the last three weeks of my life have been amazing... yet for nothing. i need to feel something familiar... something genuine. i thought i needed to feel her. to know her. i thought it was mutual. i was wrong. it all came crashing down in less then two minutes. my hopes, my dreams, my sanity... all of it, i think. i now know it's not something genuine i need, but a bottle of jack, and my car doing ninty heading towards a ditch...  
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"in a box under my bed, i have kept there, safe from all the world..."   
10:37pm 03/03/2003
mood: sick
music: brandtson | sic transit gloria
okay, so i'm gonna start designating a set time every other night to updating this damn thing. otherwise, if i don't, i'll never end up updating it. so anyways. lots of stuff going on lately. my other band "from the ashes of heroes" is playing a show on the tenth of march at chicos with "the takeover." i'm REAL amped cause i've been working really hard with this band and it's finally going to pay off. i REALLY can't wait to get on stage though and just throw myself around like an idiot. so, anyways... mock|HEROIC played our first show the other night with our new drummer josh, and surprizingly, it went real well. we sold out of cds, and i think we brought like thirty or fouty of them or so. and plus there were all these girls(not too cute unfortunatly though), like, fanticizing over us and and making us sign thier cds. haha. it was an ego trip from hell! but yeah. it was real good timing though cause we blew our p.a. system that day practicing for the show, and with the money we made from the cds, we were able to go buy a new p.a. it's real nice suposedly, but i haven't seen it yet, so... works going real well too. not making quite as much as i thought i would, but it's super fun and i actually don't dread life when i'm on my way there. usually, i'm like "man, i don't want to work. i've got better things i'd rather be doing..." but this isn't the case right now with riesners. i think it's cause of the fact that i work with one of my friends, micah. hes seriously one of the funniest guys i know and he actually makes it worth being there just to hear his stupid jokes. that, and my bosses are super chill. only bad part about the job is stress it puts on my car, which is already having a hard enough time as it is. i found out today that it's going to cost me over two-hundred dollars(that i DON'T have) to fix my brakes and stuff. that, and i need a new radiator hose cause it's leaking and my car is CONSTANTLY wanting to overheat. so anyways. i've also decided that i'm NOT going to put too much stuff in here about my personal/love life because mainly, 1) it's really noone elses business, and 2) ... i don't have a love life. haha. i'm unloveable. it's cool. DEFINATLY my next tattoo. anyways. i'm going to go watch some movies and continue being sick....
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03:49am 03/03/2003
mood: weird
music: denali | french mistake
i know i haven't updated in a couple days, and sorry to say this will be a short one. i just watched one of the greatest movies ever. "the rules of attraction" is seriously in my top five now. go rent it or you will die.
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and you say, "when will she notice me..."   
03:31pm 27/02/2003
mood: amped
music: frank sinatra | nothing gets better than this.
i remember when thursdays used to be cool. when everyone got all excited cause the next day was friday, when everybody rushed home before eight o'clock to watch the simpsons, and just simple stuff like that. now thursday's are just another stupid day in the middle of another stupid week. oh well. works been going well i guess. the first three days i only made two dollars or so in tips each night, which undoubtably sucks, but last night i made damn near close to twenty-five. i was amped. so i went grocery shopping last night and but the essentials. it was cool. lately i've been living on ramen and wendys whenever i get a dollar or two. oh well. it just sucks that i have the shittiest schedule ever though. i mean, from five o'clock to nine is usually the highlight of my evening, but now i have to work six nights a week. oh well. at least i get to sleep WAY late. theres this girl at work named brittany who has to be the most RETARDED girl on the face of the earth. shes pretty much only good for entertainment purposes only. haha. man, i sound like an asshole. i haven't seen the lovely miss perkins in almost a week. that really sucks. but i talked to her on the phone for almost an hour last night, which is fairly odd cause i'm RARELY on the phone. she told me to call her if i got bored like in the middle of the night, so i did just that at around three-thirty am. she didn't answer, so i left her a sweet little message on her voicemail. wahoo! well, i gotta start getting ready for work. by the way, the greatest concert ever is soon. march fifteenth... the movielife, senses fail, jonahs one line drawing, and A STATIC LULLABY!!!! it's at the norva, and everyone and thy're moms should go, cause a static lullaby is awesome. anyways, i'm out of here. "enter theme music, and exit bran..."
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