*Will he be, anything like the man in my dreamz?*   
12:41pm 16/06/2003
mood: hyper
music: Should I stay or should i go~By The Clash
I dont know what im doin today, all i know is i have gymnastics...and i dont know what else im doin with my lovely day. lol..prolly goin swimming and laying out in the sun again. My mom might have Nemonia (spelling wrong i know) again...shes goin to he doctors today. I'm tired...i went to bed at like 2...i stayed up all night talkin to David online...grr...and i got up at 11:30 cuzza the guyz working on our house. I still havent talked to James, hopefully i will today...highly doubt it though. Grr...i miss him so much. I didnt go over there yesterday cuz they went to their grandparents. I might go over there Friday or sumthin? I dunno. David has been lying to me, so i made him feel guilty last night and he was apologizing all night..and kept saying he didnt wanna lose me as a friend, and that i was the sweetest girl (yah...right) and that i'm a very caring person (again..yah...right) lol...but o well. I thought it was cute how he tried? i dunno tho. Boredem has taken me over. Right now im talking to Aaron, Lexiee, and Curtis. Havent talked to him in awhile. I've downloaded alotta Eminem's songs...i love that guy! lmao. Hes sexxy yay! hehe. Imma go now xox