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    Sunday, October 26th, 2003
    1:26 pm
    new blurty/paintball/haunted house
    Hey this is my first entry. I just created my blurty. i found out this site from Krissy. thanx. but ill be putting in entries as often as possible (well when i think of it) im very busy lately between tkd and school and homework and stuff. um... yeah.

    Yesterday i went to dans and played paintball. Ian, Casey, Kim, David, and a girl named Colleen were all there (Dan, Miche n them were there too but thats kinda obvious lol). So we played and it was fun. I shot dan in the elbow and kind of shot ian. his gun kept breaking when he ran behind the bunker to shoot me so i dunno if it counted or not. but i hit something! hehe. I got shot in the arm twice, in the eye, and i got shot like 5 times by ian on the neck and the left side of my face. But it was kool. When we finished we went in. I was gonna ride my bike home and i didnt think it mattered when i got home cuz my mom and brian were out all day and i had to go home and cleen but it was only like 400 so i figured i had time before i had to go. then my mom pulls into the driveway. yeah so i got in trouble but oh well. then i changed and we went to the haunted house. my whole family went cuz my dad did security and my brother was stayin with my mom who was a moniter for our scene. I was in the clown scene and i had done it friday night too so i knew the two ppl in there, greg and ben. Drew was workin there too and so was jake but he didnt come till late. we scared ppl and it was fun. me and greg felt so bad because there was this little boy who was in there with his dad and we sed hi lil guy do ya like clowns and hes just like "dont hoit me" but he was so adorable and we couldnt do anything. we were just like dont worry we wont hurt u were good clowns. but then we made a lot of other ppl cry it rocked. i saw evan dom phil mitch matt cootie mike and like 30 other ppl i no. then my mom sed they needed more tour guides so greg and drew left to do that. then when i went on break stacy (who had been tour guiding) sed that greg wasnt likin bein a tour guide so we sent him back to our scene and ben left. greg didnt come back and stayed a tourguide all night. so it was me jake and my brother. thats it. it got boring for the rest of the night i was bored but after it was over and we were all takin makeup off i saw greg and ben and sed hi. greg gave me a hug. lol. i saw katie kat cassie stacy and lynn before all this but i couldnt find katie after. she musta got picked up early or somethin. oh well. i luv the haunted house. alot of ppl in my grade work there and for most of em its their first time workin. ive done it for years since mom was one of the main ppl when i was born. so basicly ive been goin there all my life. i think i started workin when i was 8 though. or 9. whatever. wow this is a long entry bye!

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