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Saturday, July 10th, 2004
7:33 pm - I didnt think it would suck thissss much.
Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with people. Sorry I never replied or anything...kid why do you listen to franz frenanand or whatever. That was fun. SO I heard you came and stayed in my room when I was in Dallas...what the hell kid, what the hell...So, since you know the whole Emily story theres not to much to say. Shes still being the biaaaaaaaaatch she was before. Bryen called me today....told me the same stuff. I might make a change and just go hang out with him...get things off my mind. That really makes me wanna go with him because I really wanna fat ass blunt in my mouth...MMMMMMM. Accept when I say fat ass, it sounds kinda gross. So hows everything with Jules? did you figure out what her deal is??? I tryed to call you 8 million times but ut never worked. Im gunna try Kaycie in a min and see whats up... Oh yeah. Caseys court date got backed til theeee 21st im thinking. Its a Wednesday whenever it is. Man, you and Kaycie should feel good because Ronnie is so bored without yall. He said me and Eric and Chris should come live there for a while so he will have somthing to do. Hes such a nerd. Tasha says hi... call me later!!!! or is there some weird service thing where yall are at...where are yall anyways? your so right about that if yall stay there...ROAD TRIP!! maybe I could find some new friends. I only have 4 right now, not counting you. So 5. Im out. luv ya bud.

current mood: crappy
current music: anything but franz fredanand.

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Thursday, July 1st, 2004
7:13 pm - what up ho.
yea we got that whole thing pretty much figured out me and bud decided that andy was high and bud was taking his side cuz he thought dee was hot too but we got it figured out after she left. i was happy when she left all she brings is problems turns out she slept with jace when she was here please dont ever be as much as a slut as she is...ull probably kick my ass for that one. whatever happened with caseys court date i thought it was yesterday but ronnie never left here i didnt wanna ask though. UHHHH. UHHHHHH. UHHHHHHHHHH. did you ask yur mom if i could stay in erics room when theyre gone in padre? ron said theyd say i didnt even hafta ask but i still want to. me and kaycie leave in 6 days. umm practice got changed to tomorrow at 12 but ill call u. bryen keeps asking about hooking up with u like going out (not fucking..............hah) he said that u meant more to him than anyone else in the world, and he dosent even no u we gotta hang out as much as possible these last 6 days in case i stay with jules i dont want to but like kaycie said it coulod be the best. but to tell you the truth when she told me what jules was doing i started to cry mainly because i couldnt think of life with out u.....and jace and bud and bryen but mostly u wed be taking some nice weekend road trips that was nice im gunna go drive around find somthing to do luv ya

current mood: crushed
current music: franz ferdanand

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Wednesday, June 30th, 2004
9:33 pm - AND YOU ARE MY SHINING STAR...just kidding, that commercial is on
Alright kid...let me get this right. Bud was taking Andys side? WHY!?!?! Was Andy high when all this was happeneing? I know it was like in the morning still but WHAT THE HELL. Thats just not like Andy to act like that and espically not Bud. Of course Andy does try to be a hardass, so thats most likley a part of it. I still dont get the Bud thing, hes supposted to be like totally TRUE to you. I know that sounds corny, but you get me right? GAAAA that makes me very mad, I wanna call Bud and ask what the hell his problem is. Hows Dee doin? Is that weird, her staying w/ yall, how are her and Kaycie getting along? I'd be freaked, no lie, but you can usually deal with stuff alot better than I...I dunno about Kaycie though. I think my mom doesnt like me. lol...remember what I said about Joe. Yeah, thats funny. I told Bud, I guess before all this crap was happeneing and he said hes an abuser....WHAT THE FUCK? hows mexico?

current mood: crazy
current music: Some movie in mexico.

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1:25 am - !@#$%^&*~~KATES~~*&^%$#@!
yea....so i was with dee because she came here for a while, u no that hole story. so we were at frans and andy and bud come in and they sat down beside us whioch i was fine with but... andy started trying to get her number and shit and dee was sayn how dub it was bc shes never leavin cali so andy didnt get that, he started asking when they can hook up so then i just told him to shut up and bud starts gettin in my fuckin face tellin me some kinda crazy shit about shes not my girl anymore because the baby isnt mine i was like are you fucking kiddin me so then me and dee went home and andy and bud kept fallowing us and tehy came over and shit and wouldnt leave or nuthin so then i just told andy to get the fuck away bc he was still trying to get with dee and he stepped to me then told me wait til later and left, what the FUCK. hows mexico?

current mood: pissed
current music: icp

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