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Friday, March 18th, 2005

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    First time back
    Hey. Well I forgot my old name and password, and im just hoping this time I will actually write in it also. Well lets see so you can get to know me. I'm Sara. 20-f-wi. I'm living in a apartment with my bf Brad, and another couple, Brittney and Jamie. I'll intro everyone in a bit. We all live in a boring town where all we do is drink, smoke, party, drive around, play cards, go snowmobiling, or sneak into the bars. I'm working right now, but i'm broke and can bearly pay my bills.
    Jerry aka Gimp, or Jear Bear 20-m- One of my good friends, who was a smart ass kid going places, and got into the wrong shit, now hes sitting in jail, and has no feel in his left arm due to drinking and driving. I'm just trying to help him straighten his life out right now, cuz hes very smart, and gonna go places
    Brad aka Brad Chad, Silent Brad-20-m-My bf of almost a year, never talks, very shy, gets angry at me alot, we always fight and piss and moan, and yea, one of those.
    Brittney aka Britt- My roommate 17-f- Yea shes a youngin, it kinds sucks, cuz we can never do grown up stuff with her
    Jamie aka JJ-19-f-Britt's bf, they've been dating almost 2 years. Jamie is all around ok guy.
    Vaughn aka Von-15-m-Britt's lil brother, well more so my little brother, she kinds ignores him and gets mad at him alot.
    Dan aka Dan The Man 20-m- Another good friend, likes to party with us, play cards, almost anything, hes a good bf, but has a dumb gf. Hes the guy alot of girls want.

    Well the rest of people will be intro as soon as they come up in a story or something. I just wanted everyone to read this to start to understand a little about my dumb boring life. So i'm sure I will write more soon. Were going to town in a bit to by some stuff... so ttyl.... peace

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