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September 4th, 2003 @ [05:26pm]
mood weird
music Eminem- Lose Yourself

Well todays agenda has been really busy like always. We had a appearance today in D.C and of course Benj and I are staying with Mom, she misses us alot and well hell we miss her like crazy also. I stayed up last night talking to her about all kinds of stuff and we caught up on alot of things. I told her about my girlfriend Mandy and she almost cried *shakes head* Moms..they always get emotional when you tell them things like that, she was with Josh and Sarah also but with Sarah mom actually did cry. Tears of happiness they are. My mom is one of the terrific and most awesome person in this world she kept her head high when things got rough and never let us down. Well as for today the appearance we did it at a game in DC and we performed The Anthem. It will be broadcast live on ABC for anyone interested.

Yesterday when Paul and I were in my room at my moms house we had ourselves alittle tickle fight *laughs* It was really fun. I knew we both enjoyed that. Than he played his bass guitar for me. I went into Benj's room and grabbed one of his many guitars for Paul to play and Paul is really good at playing regular guitar also. We had ourselves alittle mini Good Charlotte in my room *laughs* While he was playing The Anthem I sang it, its doesn't sound right when Benj doesn't back me up. But Paul and I had fun and thats what counts.

Before Paul came over yesterday Mandy stopped by and we sat on my couch and talked about a few things and than there was complete silence so I broke the silence by picking her up and jumping in the pool with her in my arms. *laughs* We had fun in the pool till she had to leave *frowns* She came back and watched our appearence at the DC game, but I couldn't see her afterwards but I'll see her later.

As for Billy and Chris I don't know where they have been. I didn't see them till we performed and got all setup for the little concert we had and after that they disappeared and so has Benji and Paul. *sighs* Oh well I'll find them later aswell.

Opps I have to go do the laundry now because Benj isn't home to do his and since I am doing mine I might as well do his also. Unless Mom already did ours *shrugs* .... Well I'm out.

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September 4th, 2003 @ [12:03am]
mood amused
music Pauls Guitar

Who Will Get a Restraining Order Against You?! by xdisaster_starx
User Name
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WhyHe's too hot to live
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WhenJune 7, 2048
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Hm, my own brother getting a restraining order against me... thats really fucked up *laughs*

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September 2nd, 2003 @ [10:50pm]
mood bouncy
music Good Charlotte- Screamer

alrighttt... Mandy and I are now together, since today. Shes a great person. Mandy I wanna get in your pants I love you so much girl <33 come over sometime. Oh yeah and Paul get in my pants play your guitar for me NOW! haha. Opps. Well yeah, I was being stalked yesterday *shifty eyes* It was fun, and Fal is still sick GET BETTER FAL AND WHEN YOUR BETTER BLOW ME VISIT ME! I think I might be catching the sniffles or something. . .

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August 31st, 2003 @ [04:44pm]
mood shocked

*dies* Twincest...

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August 31st, 2003 @ [04:06am]
mood tired
music Mest- Cadillac

The VMAs were great, well for my first time I must say. I wasn't the only VMA virgin going haha it was chris's first time also *laughs* Well we lost Best Rock Video and Best Group I was pretty disappointed about those. I was really hoping we would win the Best Group one, but oh well *shrugs* next year, but we won Viewers Choice which really meant alot to us. I shit in my pants haha, I didn't think we would win but we won the one that meant the most to us which counts alot so its all good. After that we went to after parties and Billy brought his girlfriend with him, Benj traveled off to that Madonna party haha probably to go see Chrissy. I was just chilling with Paul and Chris. Ah, anyway. I'm going to take a Benji moment here. Welcome all the new people here in this community. Don't be afraid to IM me.

Joel x Owns

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August 29th, 2003 @ [08:44pm]
mood bored
music Best of me-The Starting line

sup people, Joel Madden here from the band Good Charlotte. And yes I do have a twin,Benji Madden but we all know I am the hotter twin, right benj *laughs* but Benji is not my only sibling I have 2 more Sarah and Josh. We all grew up in Waldorf Maryland. And I can't forget Benji and my beloved dog now, CASH! We love that dog to death, but you would see Benji with him more than me. Alright thats enough I think you get the picture. Hit me up sometime.

Joel x Owns

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