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    Tuesday, January 6th, 2004
    8:51 pm
    Oh it's back...and a good day had by me and barg...
    Auto response from xScoobyDoo13:
    Jess: Yeah i met tina's new friend
    Barg: Omg She's so hot!!!!! no offense.
    (Marissa has look of shock) whaaat?

    Marissa: i gotta go see my bro in california
    Jess: He must be hot!
    Barg: WHAT?! no! oh u think he's hot cuz u think he looks like her?

    khatool: "and i hate like the name patti."

    nice trip.

    crzycaitlin03: coem back
    crzycaitlin03: now
    crzycaitlin03: DUDE KATOOL LOL
    xScoobyDoo13: LOL! HAHA I KNOW!
    crzycaitlin03: LOLLLLLL
    xScoobyDoo13: LOL! omg i know! but omg that was HILARIOUS!
    crzycaitlin03: IT WAS'
    xScoobyDoo13: LOL poor khatool tho! everyone just laughed at her
    xScoobyDoo13: LOL
    xScoobyDoo13: im lauhging outloud now
    crzycaitlin03: MEW2222222
    crzycaitlin03: HAHAHH
    xScoobyDoo13: LOL omg and ur face
    xScoobyDoo13: u were in shock
    crzycaitlin03: HAHAHAHA ID IDNT SEE IT
    xScoobyDoo13: LOL!!!!1
    crzycaitlin03: LMAOOOOO
    xScoobyDoo13: obviously u cant see ur own face!
    crzycaitlin03: llamas612: i could see u just standing there and pointing and laughing
    llamas612: her face is bleeding
    llamas612: u laugh more
    xScoobyDoo13: LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!
    xScoobyDoo13: LOL nice
    xScoobyDoo13: hahaha
    xScoobyDoo13: omg we are so bad! but that was soo funny
    xScoobyDoo13: it was like slow motion
    xScoobyDoo13: LOL!!!!!
    xScoobyDoo13: OMG im lauhgign outloud again!
    crzycaitlin03: ME22222222222222222222
    crzycaitlin03: US LAFFEN
    crzycaitlin03: UR LAFF MADE ME LAFF
    xScoobyDoo13: LOL!!!!!
    xScoobyDoo13: omg funny stuff happened to us today, like the stupid cd player!
    crzycaitlin03: LIKE ha-ha funny
    crzycaitlin03: omg ogm im so laffen out loud
    xScoobyDoo13: LOL!!!! me too!
    crzycaitlin03: im gonna barf im lafen so hard
    xScoobyDoo13: omg she tumbled! with all her books, we jsut stood there!
    crzycaitlin03: lol
    xScoobyDoo13: she prolly msised her bus too!
    crzycaitlin03: 612: she missed her bus too
    llamas612: sounds like u people are evil
    llamas612: i like u more as the day goes on

    Current Mood: giggly
    Current Music: Anything my cd player will still play!! Sum 41!
    Wednesday, August 13th, 2003
    9:43 pm
    me and allison are bored, we wanna see freaky friday again.

    xScoobyDoo13: mrs olsen just signed on
    iceskatingqueen8: omg
    iceskatingqueen8: u still have her sn
    iceskatingqueen8: dork!!!!

    iceskatingqueen8: my mom is like yellin at me and elaine cuz the air isnt comin out of the vent

    goin to see freaky friday now...

    Current Mood: bored
    Current Music: No Doubt- I'm Just a Girl
    Saturday, August 2nd, 2003
    11:32 pm
    Uhh what day is it?
    dont leave me and barg alone, cuz this is what happens when u do

    crzycaitlin03: was she wearin my shirt!!!!!1
    xScoobyDoo13: nah but if she was i woulda yelled her tho

    xScoobyDoo13: how's cindy, aka boot girl
    crzycaitlin03: HAHAHAAH IDK
    xScoobyDoo13: cindy and her stupid boooots!
    crzycaitlin03: HOLLLER

    xScoobyDoo13: I SAW THE TALL CHICK AT SAL'S!
    crzycaitlin03: HAAH YEA she goes there

    crzycaitlin03: lol i thought of u today ...
    crzycaitlin03: def con five was over!
    xScoobyDoo13: NOOO!
    crzycaitlin03: hot singerrrrrrrr!!!!!!1
    xScoobyDoo13: and ur hot brother!!!!!!
    crzycaitlin03: haha ew

    crzycaitlin03: UR CONVOS R GREAT
    xScoobyDoo13: LOL thanks
    crzycaitlin03: I ONLY LIKE THE ONES WITH ME!

    crzycaitlin03: haah idk who billy ray is
    xScoobyDoo13: LOL he's a country singer
    crzycaitlin03: bad name tho
    xScoobyDoo13: lol yeah well it's billy ray cyrus, that's even wrose
    crzycaitlin03: yea word

    crzycaitlin03: this is the last time i will sing this song....
    crzycaitlin03: for u......
    xScoobyDoo13: and only u
    crzycaitlin03: haha idk ne more
    xScoobyDoo13: when i leave will u somehtin soemhtin
    crzycaitlin03: haha eya
    crzycaitlin03: hahahha
    xScoobyDoo13: when i elave will u be someone to somehting
    crzycaitlin03: somthgnsomthng somthng somtnggggggggggg
    xScoobyDoo13: lol yay
    crzycaitlin03: for uuuuuuuuu

    xScoobyDoo13: like my new icon?
    crzycaitlin03: yea its cute
    crzycaitlin03: he looks like someone familair
    crzycaitlin03: idk who tho
    crzycaitlin03: ashley from otwon or someone
    xScoobyDoo13: LOL yeah or aaron carter
    crzycaitlin03: YEA
    crzycaitlin03: THATS IT
    crzycaitlin03: or nick kinda

    crzycaitlin03: dude....
    xScoobyDoo13: LOL yeah
    crzycaitlin03: but dont u thnk they sholda made minkus part of boy meets world higshcool years episodes
    xScoobyDoo13: LOL!!!
    xScoobyDoo13: randoM!!!!!!!!!!
    crzycaitlin03: yea i no
    crzycaitlin03: but they sholda
    xScoobyDoo13: yeah i guess, but the story kinda gets old after a while
    xScoobyDoo13: in one of the weposides he coems back
    crzycaitlin03: NO WAY
    xScoobyDoo13: it's like when they're graduating...
    crzycaitlin03: NO HE DOESNT
    xScoobyDoo13: yeha he's competeing agaisnt topanga for valdevictorian
    crzycaitlin03: wowwww my add musta kiked in
    xScoobyDoo13: LOL
    crzycaitlin03: KORN I DID MY TIME IS BEST SONG
    xScoobyDoo13: LOL

    crzycaitlin03: SKOOL ALMOST HERE
    crzycaitlin03: DUDE LIKE 30DAYS
    xScoobyDoo13: nooo
    crzycaitlin03: yessssssss
    crzycaitlin03: im
    crzycaitlin03: stoked kinda
    xScoobyDoo13: lol no
    crzycaitlin03: yesssss im LEVEL 3 THA MEANS NO WORK
    crzycaitlin03: so its a partttttttyyyyyy

    xScoobyDoo13: it's 11:11
    crzycaitlin03: nice
    crzycaitlin03: alreay
    crzycaitlin03: wow
    crzycaitlin03: ill be up 4more hors

    crzycaitlin03: YEAAAAA
    crzycaitlin03: THAS Y I CANT WAIT FOR SKOOL
    xScoobyDoo13: LOL! even if we were in's still saturday
    crzycaitlin03: AHAHAH TRUE
    xScoobyDoo13: LOL\
    crzycaitlin03: LOL WUT DAY IS IT......UHHHHH.....LOL
    xScoobyDoo13: LOL!
    xScoobyDoo13: that was great!
    crzycaitlin03: yea it was classic

    xScoobyDoo13: lol avril rocks
    crzycaitlin03: uhh dude 1day u wont like her ne more
    crzycaitlin03: n ill b scared
    xScoobyDoo13: LOL!
    crzycaitlin03: but im waiting for that day
    xScoobyDoo13: goin in my funny convos!
    crzycaitlin03: NICE
    crzycaitlin03: i live for u to put me in those
    xScoobyDoo13: LOL! nice again that's goin in!!!!
    crzycaitlin03: nniiiceeee yes?!
    crzycaitlin03: my day is complete

    i love completing people's days...

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    Friday, August 1st, 2003
    12:54 pm
    The All American Reject Feud
    crzycaitlin03: the all american reject cd kinda blows my shit
    xScoobyDoo13: that is the best cd ever!!!
    crzycaitlin03: only like the last song and #1
    xScoobyDoo13: R U KIDDING ME?!
    crzycaitlin03: no

    Current Mood: arg cuz barg doesnt like aar
    Current Music: AAR- Sad Song
    12:45 pm
    Havin fun in the ghetto
    CrazyNidu: homie you are so funny
    CrazyNidu: homie
    CrazyNidu: you shoudl become a comedian
    CrazyNidu: because then you could be like
    CrazyNidu: yo wazup im a ghetto comedian
    CrazyNidu: dont u think?
    CrazyNidu: you could do a whoel ghetto set
    CrazyNidu: !
    xScoobyDoo13: LOL!
    xScoobyDoo13: NICE!
    xScoobyDoo13: yeah and play sk8er boi!
    CrazyNidu: haha!
    CrazyNidu: yeh
    CrazyNidu: we can do a double set
    CrazyNidu: like we could be an act
    xScoobyDoo13: LOL! yeah gee!
    CrazyNidu: and then we can play some avril
    CrazyNidu: but make it really ghetto
    xScoobyDoo13: LOL! yeah man!
    CrazyNidu: instead of wearing ties around our necks, we can tie them around our arms or legs ghetto style
    CrazyNidu: yhou knwo what im talking abotu?
    xScoobyDoo13: LOL!!!!!!
    xScoobyDoo13: LOL! yes!
    xScoobyDoo13: yeah around our head like a headband!
    xScoobyDoo13: and roll up one pant leg!
    CrazyNidu: haha yes!
    CrazyNidu: awesome!
    CrazyNidu: and wear big chains
    xScoobyDoo13: LOL yeah
    CrazyNidu: we can be bling blingin'
    xScoobyDoo13: yeah gee!
    xScoobyDoo13: with our ICE!
    CrazyNidu: we can bring out our cell phones
    CrazyNidu: because with them we would be bling blingin
    CrazyNidu: and i can make mine play the mexican hat dance or take me out to the ball game and rap along with it
    xScoobyDoo13: LOL!
    CrazyNidu: mhmm
    CrazyNidu: what a great idea!
    xScoobyDoo13: yay man!
    CrazyNidu: homie, we are so ghetto
    xScoobyDoo13: at the lgihthouse cafe!
    xScoobyDoo13: LOL
    CrazyNidu: home skilleeeet
    xScoobyDoo13: LOL
    CrazyNidu: hehe
    CrazyNidu: we would rock too
    xScoobyDoo13: yeah we would
    CrazyNidu: mhmm

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    Current Music: Jason Mraz- Curbside Prophet yeah just waitin for my rocket
    Tuesday, July 15th, 2003
    9:43 pm
    I got 2 for ya this time...
    2 for the price of one!

    crzycaitlin03: worduip
    xScoobyDoo13: sup barg
    crzycaitlin03: sup pris
    xScoobyDoo13: LOL
    crzycaitlin03: lol!
    crzycaitlin03: thought ud like that
    xScoobyDoo13: LOL haha yep
    crzycaitlin03: lol
    xScoobyDoo13: sign up for sals
    crzycaitlin03: i shold man
    crzycaitlin03: but im sooooo un motivated help me
    xScoobyDoo13: LOL DO IT BARG DO IT!
    crzycaitlin03: ehh well see it wold be kinda fun tho cuz ur there
    crzycaitlin03: true itll b freshamna lol
    xScoobyDoo13: lol yeah
    xScoobyDoo13: well u might like that
    crzycaitlin03: haha i was waitng for tatha!

    crzycaitlin03: i DL A GREAT GC SONG
    crzycaitlin03: ITS OLD
    crzycaitlin03: i dl it by accident

    crzycaitlin03: i gotta pee like a mother
    crzycaitlin03: lol
    xScoobyDoo13: LOL! then go pee my brother

    crzycaitlin03: THREE DAYS GRACE KIKS ASS
    xScoobyDoo13: LOL!
    crzycaitlin03: they do!
    xScoobyDoo13: LOL i believe u!
    crzycaitlin03: ya

    crzycaitlin03: : well it all started one day period 8 when the nurse came down the person i now hate says u cant perice kids in skool wut does she take me for a fool im a pro at it cant u tell look at my ears shes just a loser with subconsious fears...cuz shes in the closet a dyke did u thnk she was straight....guess wut? from that day i hated the nurse shes old and id steal her purse....but i mite get cursed....than one day period6 there was a lunch lady really a dik, she throws away food instead of given it to kids for free wtf is that u no shes hidin it for herself in tha bak locked hidin the key!... this hole skool is nuts but i act like i got cuts so i can see my nurse frend its just a trend people r stupid specially minimum wage its an outrage dont b like me n go to college dont b like me a loser still ridin the bus..a loser cruiser....

    cOLe 9520: allison also told me u asked 5 spanish kids about avriL! jess, u r a freak!!! no doubt about it! u harrrassed poor spanish kids!!! that is insane!
    xScoobyDoo13: LOL!!!!!
    xScoobyDoo13: lara said: she is quite terrible!
    xScoobyDoo13: with the accent and everything
    cOLe 9520: jess, u need help
    cOLe 9520: u really dO!
    cOLe 9520: that is crazy
    xScoobyDoo13: LOL
    cOLe 9520: those poor kids were prolly afraid of u
    xScoobyDoo13: lol nah!
    cOLe 9520: lol i can see u asking them about avril, thats what scares me
    xScoobyDoo13: LOL
    cOLe 9520: right when allison told me u did this, there was no doubt in my mind that she was lying cuz i have a clear visual of u doing this
    xScoobyDoo13: LOL! yep!

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    Monday, July 14th, 2003
    10:17 pm
    Rediscovering funny convos with my homie!
    i just came across this saved convo, a little confusion between my homie and i!

    xScoobyDoo13: i know! i dont wnana, plsu prolly gettin back those awful tests
    Pink Starlitt: uuurg
    Pink Starlitt: no i htink i got good
    xScoobyDoo13: well on thurs, i beleive u werent there...
    xScoobyDoo13: she had some of us correct our tests, liek she'd come over and go...
    xScoobyDoo13: and then she'd mark right even tho i got it wrong the first time!
    Pink Starlitt: since she gave me back the test and practicly todl me the answerts to all the ones i got wrong
    xScoobyDoo13: ohh she did give it back to u?
    Pink Starlitt: and she is such an idiot
    Pink Starlitt: she had the answer sheet out right on the tablre
    xScoobyDoo13: were u there?
    Pink Starlitt: so i coudl see all the answers ne way
    Pink Starlitt: what an airhead
    xScoobyDoo13: LOL
    Pink Starlitt: on thursday
    xScoobyDoo13: u were there?
    Pink Starlitt: on thursday!
    Pink Starlitt: not friday
    xScoobyDoo13: on thrusday didnt u have concert choir rehersal?
    Pink Starlitt: thursday when there were no freshman
    xScoobyDoo13: u were there?!
    xScoobyDoo13: what the hell! no u werent!!!!!
    xScoobyDoo13: u defintly were not!!
    Pink Starlitt: no
    Pink Starlitt: that was tuesday!
    Pink Starlitt: i was in math class
    Pink Starlitt: when we had no freshman
    Pink Starlitt: i definatly was
    Pink Starlitt: lol
    Pink Starlitt: but friday i wasnt because of the opers
    xScoobyDoo13: NO U WERENT!!!!
    Pink Starlitt: jes are you okay?
    xScoobyDoo13: cuz andrew boyd wasnt there either!
    xScoobyDoo13: LOL nichola u werent there tho!
    Pink Starlitt: on thursday i was definatly in class!
    Pink Starlitt: I WAS!
    xScoobyDoo13: ROFL!
    xScoobyDoo13: NOOOO U WERENT!!!!
    xScoobyDoo13: LOL OMG U SO WERE NOT THERE!
    Pink Starlitt: I SWEAR I WAS
    xScoobyDoo13: LOL was andrew boyd?!
    xScoobyDoo13: no he wasnt! both of u were not!
    Pink Starlitt: we had no freshman i was there
    Pink Starlitt: and
    Pink Starlitt: she had the answer key out on her desk
    Pink Starlitt: and she handed back the tests for us to correct our mistakes
    Pink Starlitt: NO THAT WAS FRIDAY
    Pink Starlitt: CUZ I WAS AT THE OPERA
    xScoobyDoo13: i know that, but u were also not there on thursday!!!!
    xScoobyDoo13: ROFL! im alughing out lodu right now cuz this is too funnY!
    Pink Starlitt: i was there thursday silly!
    Pink Starlitt: concert choir rehearsal was monday
    Pink Starlitt: and thursday i was in class
    Pink Starlitt: fixing my test
    Pink Starlitt: and lookin at the answer sheet on her desk
    xScoobyDoo13: ROFL ur imagiang things
    Pink Starlitt: JESS
    Pink Starlitt: NO I AM NOT
    Pink Starlitt: lol
    xScoobyDoo13: LOL
    Pink Starlitt: i was definatly in class
    Pink Starlitt: even ask jonna otmorrow!
    xScoobyDoo13: LOL i will! was she there?
    xScoobyDoo13: were u like out in the hall?
    xScoobyDoo13: OMG U WERE THERE!
    xScoobyDoo13: cuz i remember, me tellin u to get to work ont he work that u were gonna miss the following day!
    xScoobyDoo13: and u wrote a ntoe on my book!
    Pink Starlitt: i rememenr wanting to go out in the hall
    xScoobyDoo13: ROFL!
    xScoobyDoo13: ROFL!
    xScoobyDoo13: SORRY HOME DAWG!
    Pink Starlitt: SO HA!
    xScoobyDoo13: gotta go homie, LOL that was funniest convo we ever had!
    xScoobyDoo13: adios
    Pink Starlitt: thatds ok
    Pink Starlitt: i told you i was there you silly goose!
    xScoobyDoo13: LOL
    xScoobyDoo13: :-)
    Pink Starlitt: i no what im talkign about!
    Pink Starlitt: lol yes
    Pink Starlitt: you shoudl save it
    xScoobyDoo13: ROFL
    xScoobyDoo13: i will
    Pink Starlitt: and put it in ur funny convo thing
    Pink Starlitt: bye!
    xScoobyDoo13: all saved!
    xScoobyDoo13: lol adios

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    Sunday, July 13th, 2003
    11:52 pm
    Funny Funny Funny
    nicole and i havent had a chance to have a long convo online in a while, and this is what happens when we finally reunite!

    cOLe 9520: i can come pick u up!
    xScoobyDoo13: yeahh!
    cOLe 9520: lol i dont know how safe that is
    xScoobyDoo13: LOL ill drive!
    cOLe 9520: lol even more unsafe!

    cOLe 9520: lol marie kraft prolly drives slow
    xScoobyDoo13: LOL prolly
    cOLe 9520: all old women do
    xScoobyDoo13: (and young girls such as urself)
    cOLe 9520: exactly!
    cOLe 9520: me and the old women
    cOLe 9520: we follow the laws!
    xScoobyDoo13: LOL good job!
    xScoobyDoo13: doesnt matter if it takes an hour to get to the movies!
    xScoobyDoo13: we'll jsut leave early!
    cOLe 9520: LOL

    cOLe 9520: maybe if we're lucky, one day we'll pass eachother driving!
    xScoobyDoo13: LOL yeah!
    cOLe 9520: then i would prolly crash, just seeing u behind the wheel
    xScoobyDoo13: LOL! and say, MARIE KRAFT!!!!!!!
    cOLe 9520: jam the breaks! MARIE?
    cOLe 9520: MARIE? IS THAT YOU?
    cOLe 9520: *lady looks at me wit stunned face, as if i have the wrong person*
    xScoobyDoo13: LOL!!!!!
    cOLe 9520: YES, IM MARIE
    xScoobyDoo13: LOL AWAY MESSAGE!
    cOLe 9520: LOL!
    cOLe 9520: COME ON!
    cOLe 9520: i was like SHITTT WRONG PERSON, DRIVE
    cOLe 9520: lol it took the woman like 5 minutes to realize that she was marie kraft!
    xScoobyDoo13: LOL yeah well even she still cant bleieve that she is!

    cOLe 9520: im sitting hear laughing out laugh
    cOLe 9520: that was the best time ever
    cOLe 9520: damn 4-H fair
    cOLe 9520: then i got sick and u thought i was mad at you!
    xScoobyDoo13: LOL! yeah my parents r going awya this weekend and i told my aunt not 4 h fair!
    xScoobyDoo13: LOL yeah i was like, omg maybe she had a really really bad time!
    cOLe 9520: hahaha
    xScoobyDoo13: then we thoguth that the 4h fair got u sick!
    cOLe 9520: lol we actually contemplated that
    cOLe 9520: cuz they ran soo many tests and nothing was coming up
    xScoobyDoo13: LOL it prolly was! marie kraft prolly had mono!
    cOLe 9520: so i was like DAMN ANIMALS CARRY BACTERIA
    xScoobyDoo13: LOL!
    cOLe 9520: AHHHH
    cOLe 9520: eyah because i did kiss marie
    xScoobyDoo13: did u kiss marie kraft when i wasnt looking?
    xScoobyDoo13: lol haha
    cOLe 9520: LOL
    cOLe 9520: eww who kiss wrinkly lips?
    cOLe 9520: *who would kiss
    xScoobyDoo13: LOL!
    xScoobyDoo13: another pair of wrinkly lips, like an old man1
    xScoobyDoo13: mr wallach!
    cOLe 9520: EWWWW
    xScoobyDoo13: LOL
    cOLe 9520: hes been crankyyY! wow that man changed
    cOLe 9520: hes like a pissed of bitch now
    xScoobyDoo13: LOL when do u see him?
    cOLe 9520: i saw him during softball season and sometiems i run into him
    cOLe 9520: plus i had him for a sub for gym!
    cOLe 9520: terrriiibllle!!
    cOLe 9520: hes sooo mean now!
    xScoobyDoo13: lol oh man! poor man wallach!
    xScoobyDoo13: LOL!
    xScoobyDoo13: maybe he's having trouble with his woman
    cOLe 9520: does he have a wife?
    cOLe 9520: SHITTT
    xScoobyDoo13: LOL!
    xScoobyDoo13: yeah i dont know!!!!
    cOLe 9520: i dont think he does have a wife,seriously
    cOLe 9520: im being serious now, i really have never heard about her
    xScoobyDoo13: lol omg! he needs a woman!
    cOLe 9520: yeahhh thats prolly it!
    cOLe 9520: i cant wait to see how u like sals!
    xScoobyDoo13: LOL! i cant wait to meet this man!

    xScoobyDoo13: im creating one of those online jornal things and putting my funny convos in them
    xScoobyDoo13: cuz a sub profile takes too long
    xScoobyDoo13: and ull be the first one in there cuz all my away messages r gone
    cOLe 9520: lol nicce, YAYYYYY
    cOLe 9520: im soo excited nw, since last time i was excluded
    xScoobyDoo13: LOL!
    xScoobyDoo13: sorry bout that
    cOLe 9520: lol i forgive u

    xScoobyDoo13: no i like blueberry!
    cOLe 9520: riiight, ur prolly allergic to blueberry for all i know
    xScoobyDoo13: LOL! i just had some blueberrys tonight!
    cOLe 9520: uhh huh, u sure those werent strawberrys? were they red
    xScoobyDoo13: LOL!
    xScoobyDoo13: they were bluuueeeee1
    cOLe 9520: prollly red, ya color blond kid
    xScoobyDoo13: LOL
    xScoobyDoo13: color blond huh?
    cOLe 9520: BLIND
    cOLe 9520: SHUT UP
    xScoobyDoo13: LOL:-)
    cOLe 9520: im typing fast tonight
    xScoobyDoo13: LOL cuz ur hyper
    cOLe 9520: lol i am hyper
    cOLe 9520: im in a good mood
    xScoobyDoo13: lol
    cOLe 9520: its cuz u told me that u were starting sals, and i was just soo happy to be done with that old goat, u excited me
    xScoobyDoo13: LOL! gee glad i could help!

    xScoobyDoo13: hey is that mikey's son as ur icon?
    cOLe 9520: LOL YEESSSS
    cOLe 9520: omg u noticed!
    xScoobyDoo13: LOL!
    cOLe 9520: the first thing youve ever noticed in ur life
    xScoobyDoo13: LOL! hey i notice things! i notice when yh has a different hat!
    cOLe 9520: i bet if grew a goatee wit rogain, pieced one ear, spiked my hair, u would notice everything i did
    cOLe 9520: but im just another one of ur gal pals so u dont notice, only goatees stick out for you
    xScoobyDoo13: LOL! HAHA!
    xScoobyDoo13: ur givin me a lot to put in this jorunal!
    cOLe 9520: lol its true
    cOLe 9520: LOKL
    cOLe 9520: its really true tho
    cOLe 9520: i should do it and prove it to you
    xScoobyDoo13: LOL!
    xScoobyDoo13: goutees r damn sexy
    xScoobyDoo13: watch out, i might jump u if u grow one
    cOLe 9520: ya ya, they arent that great
    xScoobyDoo13: umm yeah they are!
    cOLe 9520: LOL

    cOLe 9520: ive gotta see this
    cOLe 9520: interests marie kraft?!!!!
    cOLe 9520: jess ur killing

    Current Mood: hyper like nicole!
    Current Music: AVRIL SK8ER BOI!