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26th November 2003

3:07pm: Survey
Okay, so I've decided to use this as my survey journal, and I'll be posting my surveys here. If you wanna read my online journal, go to...

about you. <3
gender::Female, duh.
hetrosexual?:Heck yea.
homosexual or transexual or bisexual or other?:Erm, NO
school?:Westel sucks.
outside world
labels, keep 'em or lose 'em?:Labels are for soup cans.
against gay marriages?:Nah, just stay away from me.
have a phobia?:Homo's
if yes, of what?:See above, genius.
do you want to... <3
kiss?:Yes, Robbie. *Cough*
fuck?:Heck no.
kill?:Er, yes. Cory.
hurt someone or something?:I would like to hurt Cory.
go hiking?:Uh, no, it's cold.
read?:I should..
walk around naked?:Er, no.
push someone?:No.
do you...
have sex?:No
do drugs?:No
play with fire?:Pyromaniac
cut yourself?:Sometimes, but Im not allowed to anymore. Robbie said so.
try to commit suicide?:I have.
laugh like school girl?:I dunno, do I?
are you... <3
hot?:Er, no. Not physically, and not literally.
working?:Hah, no.
walking around naked laughing like a school girl?:No.
making out?:Apparently not.
having sex?:If I were, it would be impossible to fill this thing out.
watching tv?:Nah.
being amused?:Nope.
killing someone?:Oh, yes. I am killing someone.
being... you?:Dur. I'm always me.

the survey of the! brought to you by BZOINK!

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14th November 2003

5:32pm: Quizzz

Which GC Guy Will You Date/Marry?
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(your wish is my command)

5:31pm: Quizness

You are the Anarchy Symbol!

What Punk Symbol are You?
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(your wish is my command)

5:16pm: Quiz
I am punk music!!
Rock on, dude! You are Punk music!

What type of music are you?
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(your wish is my command)

5:03pm: Quiz...

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4th November 2003

5:44pm: I'm still bored
-- Name: Stacy/Katelyn/Katy/Kate/KT/Dippy/Blondie/Stupid
-- Birth date: April 2
-- Birthplace: New Jersey
-- Current Location: Virginia
-- Eye Color: Blue
-- Hair Color: naturally?? brown. otherwise it's blonde-ness
-- Height: 5'2" or 3"
-- Righty or Lefty: Righty.
-- Your heritage: I'm like..Polish, Indian, Irish...
-- The shoes you wore today: My Etnies.
-- Your weakness: Robbie's smile.. -.-
-- Your fears: love
-- Your perfect pizza: plain
-- Goal you'd like to achieve: To love and be loved in return.

-- Your most overused phrase on AIM: "haha" or "dude"
-- Your thoughts first waking up: I usually have a song stuck in my head, or like "Woo! I get to see Robbie in an hour!" lol yeah, I'm pathetic like that..*blush, blush*
-- Your bedtime: I'm supposed to be in bed by 10.
-- Your most missed memory: being happy

-- Pepsi or Coke: Pepsi
-- McDonald's or Burger King: Burger King
-- Single or group dates: single
-- Adidas or Nike: Errr NO.
-- Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea: Lipton
-- Chocolate or vanilla: vanilla
-- Cappuccino or coffee: coffee

-- Smoke: no
-- Cuss: fuck no!
-- Sing: I sing all the time but I suck
-- Take a shower everyday: yes
-- Have a crush: He's not exactly a crush. It's kinda evolved from that.
--Do you think you've been in love: I am in love.
-- Want to go to college: er. i suppose.
-- Like(d) high school: wouldn't know. just that Junior High sucks.
-- Want to get married: Yeah
-- Believe in yourself: Mmm not really.
-- Get motion sickness: not really
-- Think you're attractive: not at all
-- Think you're a health freak: not really, no
-- Get along with your parent(s) : nope. sometimes my dad. but hardly ever.
-- Like thunderstorms: Yes
-- Play an instrument: fluuuute. flute owns you. bow to it's highness. NOW!
In the past month...
-- Drank alcohol: no
-- Smoked: no
-- Done a drug: blah no
-- Had Sex: no
-- Made Out: no
-- Gone on a date: no
-- Gone to the mall?: yea
-- Eaten an entire box of Oreos: ..gross. no
-- Eaten sushi: GAK! no
-- Been on stage: not on a stage, but on the football field during a halftime show.
-- Been dumped: not in the past month
-- Gone skating: no
-- Made homemade cookies: no
-- Gone skinny-dipping: ew no
-- Dyed your hair: yea. It was blue at one point.
-- Stolen anything: nopes

-- Played a game that required removal of clothing: mmmaybe
-- If so, was it mixed company: mmmaybe
-- Been trashed or extremely intoxicated: yeah. and i was also hungover the next morning too! bleh.
-- Been caught "doing something": nah
-- Been called a tease: by Jeremy.
-- Gotten beaten up: yeah. *rubs shoulder* thank you Robbie. >.< =P
-- Shoplifted: neverrrr
-- Changed who you were to fit in: noo. though I kinda changed over the summer, and i don't fit in all so well anymore. *grins*
-- Age you hope to be married:..
-- Numbers and Names of Children cats: cats?
-- Describe your Dream Wedding: or not.
-- How do you want to die: in my sleep.
-- Where you want to go to college: I've been dreaming of Princeton since my mom worked there when I was like...four. Psshaa. I don't have the grades, man.
-- What do you want to be when you grow up: a man.
wow, I freaked you out didn't I? haha
-- What country would you most like to visit: Ireland...
In a guy/girl..
-- Best eye color? Chocolate brown like Joel's and Coleman's. But Zach's eyes are deep deep blue, and they're beautiful. And Robbie has the most mezmerizing eyes. They're never really the same color.
-- Best hair color? whatever. but unnaturally colored hair is sexxxy. rawr.
-- Short or long hair:not like...shoulder length hair. just long enough to spike it up.
-- Height: taller than me
-- Best weight: whatever, not anorexic
-- Best articles of clothing: these are stupid ass questions
-- Best first date location: er..
-- Best first kiss location: anywhere where we're alone

(your wish is my command)

4:40pm: I was bored;like whoa
:x: name = We've been over this.
:x: age = 13
:x: piercings = 0
:x: tattoos = nonnneeee
:x: height = 5'2" or 3"
:x: shoe size = 9 or something.
:x: hair color = dark brown or blonde
:x: siblings = ZERO

:x: movie you rented = I think it might have been Legally Blonde. *grins*
:x: movie you bought = errrr. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.
:x: song you listened to = Erm. it was like..Complicated by Good Charlotte
:x: song that was stuck in your head = Walking On Broken Glass-Mest.
:x: person you've called = I think.. er. I dunno..Jess?
:x: person that's called you = Brittney
:x: tv show you've watched = 7th Heaven
:x: person you were thinking of = Robbie. I think about him 24/7.

:x: you have a crush on someone = yes
:x: you wish you could live somewhere else = sometimes
:x: you think about suicide = sometimes
:x: you believe in online dating = i guess
:x: others find you attractive = highly, highly doubt it.
:x: you want more piercings = heck yea
:x: you drink = i have
:x: you do drugs = No
:x: you smoke = No.
:x: you like cleaning = hahahahaha. You're funny. :o)
:x: you like roller coasters = yeah.
:x: you write in cursive or print = print
:x: you carry a donor card =

:x: long distance relationships = depends on the person.
:x: using someone = AGAINST. fucking bastard whores
:x: suicide = no, not really. but it's an escape
:x: killing people = not exactly. see above. you are a person, and killing yourself is suicide...soo
:x: teenage smoking = whatever
:x: doing drugs = against
:x: driving drunk = against
:x: gay/lesbian relationships = i dunno
:x: soap operas = haha. grossss

:x: food = anything Italian
:x: song = Mest-"Walking On Broken Glass" GoodCharlotte-"The Young And The Hopeless" Simple Plan-"Perfect"
:x: thing to do = ..
:x: thing to talk about = Music; My favorite bands, concert band, punk rock, emo, ska, ya know..
:x: sports = skateboardinggg.
:x: drinks = water.
:x: clothes = anything black, MADE, LeVeL 27, dickies, vans, etnies.
:x: movies = Big Daddy, FINDING NEMO, Lion King..
:x: band/singer = Good Charlotte, Simple Plan, New Found Glory, Sum 41, Blink 182, MEST, The Starting Line..
:x: holiday = Xmas, or Valentine's Day..heh, I'm a hopeless romantic.
:x: cars = Anything that works and isn't square. I hate square cars.

:x: ever cried over a girl= In what sense?
:x: ever cried over a boy= Yes.. many many times. Over one guy.. meh
:x: ever lied to someone = yeah..
:x: ever been in a fist fight = Sort of
:x: ever been arrested = nope

:x: shampoo do you use = Pantene Pro-v. or whatever mommy has in the shower.
:x: shoes do you wear = Etnies.
:x: scared of = getting too involved with someone too soon, or death of someone i love/care about.

:x: of times I have been in love? = True love?? Once.
:x: of times I have had my heart broken? = seriously broken? Once..
:x: of hearts I have broken? = anyone would get heartbroken over me.
:x: of girls I have kissed? = none of your business foo'
:x: of boys I have kissed? = ditto
:x: of girls I've slept with? = none.
:x: of boys I've slept with? = noneee
:x: of drugs taken illegally? = zeerow
:x: of people I would classify as true, could trust with my life type friends? = 4...maybe 5
:x: of people I consider my enemies? I don't know for sure..Cory is one, and Laura, Ashley, and Heather.
:x: of times my name has appeared in the newspaper? Like.. none.
:x: of scars on my body? = er..uh..dunno
:x: of things in my past that I regret? = sigh*

:x: disney movie = Lion King, Finding Nemo, Aladdin.
:x: word = spork, or dude.
:x: nickname = Katy, Kate, blondie, stupid, dippy.
:x: guy name = Damien...or..Chase. Christian.
:x: girl name = Rebecca, Airleigh.
:x: eye color = chocolate brown. like Joel's. But any as long as they're purtyful. Like Zach's his are like, deep deep blue. They're beautiful.
:x: flower = White Oleander.
:x: piercing = I like lip piercings.
:x: actor = I dunno.
:x: actress = dunnno..

:x: pretty - mmm no.
:x: funny - i guess
:x: hot - not at all
:x: friendly - kindof
:x: amusing - I can be.
:x: ugly - definitely
:x: loveable - No
:x: caring - far too much
:x: sweet - Sometimes
:x: dorky - Hah basically
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4:14pm: I was bored.
The Depressed Cutter

What Type of Cutter Are You?
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1st November 2003

8:28pm: A survey
Man, I'm bored. So yeah, I'm doing a survey that I stole from Ashley.

1. color? black and white
2. Food? i dont know
3. sport? skateboarding
4. kind of vehicle? Black Chevelle, white racing stripes.
5. Smell? Old Spice High Endurance guys cologne. That stuff smells so good.
6. Brand of shoes? Converse, Etnies, or Vans.
7. Movie? Big Daddy
8. book? I don't exactly read much.
9. animal? Leopard.
10. band/singer? Singer..Joel Madden, Davey Havok, Deryck Whibley, Pierre Bouvier..
11. song? Right now..."Slowly" by Student Rick
12. music video? "The Young And The Hopeless"-Good Charlotte
13. quotes: "Hold your head up. It'll get better"-Joel Madden.
14. Gum? Winterfresh.
15. Eyeliner Color: black. black eyeliner is an essential, man!
16. school subject? haha no
17. teacher? Cottrill
18. number? 13
19. lip golss flavor? i dont know vanilla i guess
20. midnight snack? Food?
21. holiday? x-mas
22. month? oct;feb- 'cause october is like, perfect weather. and feb has valentine's day!
23. year that you were alive? 1990
24. season? fall
25. shampoo? pantene pro-v!
26. candy bar? snickers
27. candy? gummi bears, jolly ranchers
28. pop? Dr. Pepper.
29. tv show? Punk'd, Jackass, Wild Boyz, Viva La Bam
30. hobby? music, hell yea man.
31. cartoon character? TAZ!
32. clothing brand: Made..
33. basketball team: go die
34. football team: nooo
35. athlete? wtf do u think
36. flower? sweet pea.
37. tree? trees suck. i hate trees. i say we burn 'em all and have a fucking massive bonfire.
38. kind of computer? not this one.
39. make out spot? i dunno, somewhere sweet.
40. color to write in? black
41. body spray/conlonge? Girls stuff, I like Club Med My Ocean.. And for guys, Old Spice High Endurance.
41. fruit? Grapes!
42. vegetable? Carrots
43. Icecream: vanillaaaaa
44. Backstreetboy(if one): can i just fucking murder them and prevent stupid questions like this in the future?
45. snapple: dont drink that stuff
46. Magazine: Kerrang!
47. word: fuck, fucker, fuckers.
48. radio station: 101 something... the stations around here suck, but the 101 one in Richmond owns.
49. color of boxers: ...riiiight.
50. Cd that you own: My fave??? The Self Titled GC album..Self titled Mest, along with Destination Unknown. And then... Meteora, No Pads No Helmets Just Balls, The Young And The Hopeless.
51. Flavor: Watermelon?
52. board game: Monopoly!
53. juice: Grape!
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29th October 2003

9:51pm: Haha
Haha, nothing really happened today until afternoon homeroom. Me and Chelsea totally blew it off and went to Mrs. Dean's office, cause I forgot my bus not to go home with her today. So, we were talking to Mrs. Dean, the little biotch, and Chelsea was like "Well, she rides home with me every Wednesday, and today she forgot her bus note" so Mrs. Dean gave us this whole speech about how it's illegal for her to write me a note without parent's permission. Blah blah blah. She called my house and of course, no answer. So she was like "Well, I guess since you've been riding for a few weeks now, you can just get on and she won't say anything, but I'm not giving you permission" blah blah blah. So me and Chelsea left, and skipped down the 8th grade hallway to homeroom, and snuck in and took our seats, not getting caught. And then they dismissed eighth grade and we went to the buses. So we left our friends, (Robbie said "I love you too" after I said "I love you Robbie" *grins*)and we went to Chel's bus. Everything was cool, I got on behind Chelsea and got to my seat, and then the stupid wench of a bus driver realized I was riding. So she was all like "Do you have a note?". and I didnt, so Chelsea was getting ready to explain the whole thing, but I cut her off and lied to the stupid idiot's face. I was like "The last note I had said I could ride whenever I needed to" and she gave me this evil glare and said okay... but yea, Chelsea was like "Im so glad you're a good liar." which made me laugh. But yea. I got home at 9:30 tonight... Dianna brought me home. She's actually really, really cool. Which scares me. *Runs*

So, anyways, who's going to the game on Friday night??

Eh, I need sleep.
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27th October 2003

10:00am: Haha
Here's a Buffalo radio interview with Joel and Benji. Check it out. Funny stuff, man.
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26th October 2003

10:50am: Friday and Saturday nights
Friday night was pretty freaking cool. A bunch of the 8th grade band stayed after school until 5:30 cause we had a halftime show to perform at the football game, and had to be in the band room at 5:30. So, me and Chelsea hung together for a few minutes and then Marisa showed up. So, she made Justin go get us subs at Subway, which is right across the road from the school. Well, Justin left and was gone for like an hour!And by that time I was starving, 'cause I hadn't eaten all day. When Justin finally showed up, I like, inhaled my sub, and went up to the drink machines to get another drink. Then me, Justin L, Ian, Chelsea, Josh, Nathan, Kelly, Keary, Robbie, Carrie, Ashton, Brianna, Katie, Staesha, and Coleman just played random songs on our instruments. Then at like, 5:30, the eighth grade band and the highschool band went outside on to the parking lot and warmed up and tuned up. Then we got in two really, really long lines, and marched down to the bleachers. We sat there and played some pep band tunes and stuff until halftime, when we all marched out on to the field and played Born To Be Wild, Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now), Low Rider, and Danger Zone. It was soooo much fun, but it was freezing out there, and by the end of halftime, I could NOT feel my fingers. So then we had third quarter off, and walked around and stuff, and came back 4th quarter so we could play more pep band stuff. But yeah, It was fun. Then after the game, we got back into our lines and marched back up to the parking lot and were marching in a bunch of different formations. Fun fun. =) And then we had to be dismissed by Lindsay, the drum major, but I think we might have busted Mr C. and Mr H.'s ear drums. *grins* But yeah. We hung around for a while in the band room, and I got like, three hugs from Robbie. The best hugs in the world are Robbie hugs. And then I went and called mom after Robbie left, and got home at like, 10:30. And then my legs hurt so bad from marching, so I went to bed.

Saturday night was the best. I went to Kristen's party at like...5, and Kim, Michael, Andrew, Nathan, Victor, and Ena were already there. So we hung in Kristen's room for a bit watching a movie, and then decided we were gonna go out in the treehouse. So we went out into the living room and Josh showed up, so then we went outside and into the treehouse. We were up there talking and stuff and then Ashley and Robbie showed up. So then they came up and we hung for a while, and then we got down and hung down there for a while. I got a hug from Robbie, and then I was sitting at the picnic table and he came up from behind my and poked my sides, so I jumped and my head hit his chest. Then he put his chin on my head and put his arms under my chin. And yea....Then...we hung for a bit, and Jared and Ian showed up, and the guys went to play basketball. Then we ate, and then me, Ian, Andrew, Michael, Kristen, Kim, Ena, and Victor went in the treehouse to listen to some music, and Josh, Robbie, Jared, and Ashley were on the trampoline. Then I came down and went over to the trampoline and Robbie and Jared were like, all over Ashley. And then Robbie saw that I was he was like "Come here, gimme a hug" so I did. And then him and Jared were talking about Ashley's butt, and then they saw that I was...bleh.. so Jared was like "You have a nice ass too!" and then I was like "Yea, okay, whatever" and Robbie was like "Well we aren't gonna lie to you" so. yeah. And then we went inside and sat in the living room and Robbie just /had/ to sit by Ashley, and so did Jared, so I just went to the other couch and curled up in a ball and Robbie immediately was like "Staaaaacy. What's wrong?" *blinks* omg. What does he /think/ is wrong?! I just shrugged and said nothing. Then he was like "Is it something that I'm doing?" Of course it is! Me: "No, don't worry about it" Please, please worry about it. Him:"Do you seriously want me to leave you alone?" Oh HELL NO. Me:*Shrugs* Then he went back over to Ashley, and a few minutes later he came over and sat on the arm of the couch next to me, and put his arm around me, and I laid my head on his lap. And then he was uncomfortable, so he got up and layed on the couch next to me, and put his arm around me, and I layed my head on his chest. And he kept trying to figure out what was wrong, but I wouldn't tell him. Then he got up and we went outside again, and everything was cool, so we went on the trampoline and shared a blanket cause it was freezing out there. But then Kim came and cuddled up next to Robbie, and he put his arm around her, and they shared a blanket, cause she didnt have a jacket and was freezing, so I was kinda..bleh...again. Then me and Ian went inside and the rest of them followed, except for Kim and Robbie, which kinda...made me bleh, especially cause Nathan was like "Robbie's gonna wanna do something, and Kim's gonna be all up for it" which pissed me off, so I got up and went back outside, and Ian followed. We talked for a while and then Jared, Ashley, and Paige came out, and we talked. And then everything was quiet, and Robbie and Kim were still on the trampoline, so I called over to him. "Robbie" he was like "Yeah?" and then, Me: "I love you" and then Him: "I love you too Stacy" so yeah. It was cool. Then I was laying on the picnic table and Robbie and Kim got up and came over, and I got a hug from Robbie. And then a bunch of the others had wrestling matches, and I just laid on the picnic table, and then I got more hugs from Robbie, and then...Robbie had to go, which sucked, but I got the longest hug of everyone before he left. Which made me happy. So yeah. It was cool. Then everyone else left and it was just Me, Kristen, Paige, Ashley, and Kim, and Ashley, Kristen, and Paige went inside, which left me and Kim outside by the fire, and we talked. She's of my best friends now. She's one of the coolest people I know, man. She's awesome. But, yea. Im tired of this, and I want Robbie to get on, so Im out. Bye.
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25th October 2003

11:20am: GC Concert-10/23
Omg! It was so awesome! MEST opened, and they kicked butt! Their drumset said "Smoke Pot" lol, and Tony kept emprovising, adding words and stuff to songs. Tony was trying to hype the crowd up one time, and there was this chick who was crowdsurfing, and Tony was like "Drop her, come on, drop her" and they wouldn't do it. So he was like "You bunch of pussies" and then they dropped her, and he was like "There ya go! That's the spirit!" it was funny. And during MEST's set, there was a bunch of girls holding up signs, and Tony was like "Don't bring posters. This isn't a fxcking Nsync concert!" lol. And then they did a bunch of songs, including Cadillac =), and then Goldfinger got set up. And the drummer came out in a thong and was standing up on one of the speakers on the stage, turned around so his butt was facing the pit, and he was standing there slapping his ass and crap. It was pretty scary. And then, they did some songs, and then the lead singer jumped off the stage and stood on the barracade, and crowdsurfed. And they did a few more songs and got off the stage. GC's people set their stuff up, and they had a big banner of the cover of The Young And The Hopeless album. Then the lights went out and the sounds of A New Beginning swelled up in the arena. As soon as the guitars came in hardcore, they dropped the screen and had the strobe lights going. It was pretty nifty. Then they played some songs and the mosh pit was WILD. The pit was so much better than when Mest and Goldfinger performed. EVERYONE was jumping..the people in the pit, the people in the stands. No one was sitting down. And then they played Hold On, and I was singing, and right in the middle of the song, a guy comes up to me and hands me an armband. It took me a few seconds to regain my composure, but after that, I flew out of my seat and onto the floor. I stood in the back for a few seconds, and then found a gap in the crowd and wormed my way up towards the front. I was about four feet from the stage and Joel and Benji were hyping the crowd up. Benji was like "We are the best band in the world!" -screams- and then.."Can I get an AMEN?" -amen, screams- "Can I get a HALLELUJAH!?"
-hallelujah, screams- "How about a THANK YOU MY BROTHA!?" -thank you my brotha, screams- and then they jumped back into "Moving On" and everyone was jumping. The pit was AMAZING. They played a bunch of songs. They played The Anthem, Lifestyles of The Rich and Famous, Wondering, Story Of My Old Man, Girls and Boys, Hold On, My Bloody Valentine, Say Anything, Riot Girl, Moving On, Young and Hopeless, Emotionless, Festival Song, Little Things, I Heard You, The Motivation Proclamation, Waldorf Worldwide,The Day That I Die, and I think another song or two. But, it was so awesome. When they were getting ready to play Emotionless, Benji was like "We're gonna get a little emo. You guys in the pit ready to take a break? Take time to get to know each other. Make this like a Dashboard Confessional concert?" It was funny. And then after they played Emotionless, they were hyping the crowd up, and Joel was like "Now, with this next song, all of you guys who have seen us before know what to do. But if this is your first time seeing us perform, we're gonna tell you what happens. During this song, everyone dances, jumps, knocks people down, whatever. So, Richmond, make the person next to you your partner and we're gonna get a squaredance on." and then there was a bunch of laughter. And then Benji was like "Now, with this song, we wanna see all of you in the pit jumping. Now, we're gonna tell you something that not everyone knows. Hardly anyone knows this about us...But...Good originally from...VIRGINIA!" then there were screams and laughs and Benji and Joel were laughing their heads off. And then Joel was like, "This next song is called---VIRGINIA WORLDWIDE!" and there were screams and they started playing, and everyone was jumping. I had so much fun. And then I was jumping during some song, and Billy was standing directly in front of me, about four feet away, and I was waving and he saw me. He couldn wave because he was jamming on his guitar, but he smiled. It was so cool. And then sometime after that, they were doing a song and Benji saw me. I was so close, that I could make out every sticker on Benji's guitar. It was awesome, man. And then the last song they did was Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous, and Benji was like "Everytime that I have a guitar solo during this song, I'm gonna put my foot up on the speaker like this" and he put his right foot up on the speaker on the front of the stage and pretended to be jamming on his guitar. Everyone was laughing. But yeah...Good Charlotte is awesome live. I can't wait until next summer when they go on tour to promote their next album.
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21st October 2003

6:41pm: _Y e a h _ Y e a h _
Hm, so. Yesterday:

I was sick, so I didnt go to school. That was the worst day ever. I swear, if I ever have to spend another day stuck in the house with my mother all day long, I am going to commit suicide. -.- Anyway, I somehow managed to piss everyone in the house off by nightfall. Dad isn't talking to me, and mom isn't exactly happy with me. But, I dont care. TWO MORE DAYS! Can't bring me down, baby. *Dances* Two More Days. Two More Days. The day after tomorrow... I am going...To see... Good Charlotte...LIVE...IN RICHMOND! *dances more* Anyyyways.


Went back to school, and saw Robbie. *smiles* Hung out with him til first block. First block was stupid. Erica wasn't there, so Chelsea sat in her seat, so she was next to me. We passed notes all period. Um, big surprise there. -.-' We were laughing so much...Im surprised Mr. Gaylord didn't make Chelsea move. But, yeah. Second block...Got my Nine Weeks Paper back... I GOT A FOUR on my first try. *does victory dance* Only two people got fours the first time. Me... and Robbie ^.^ Anyway.. a four is... a 97%. Which is an A. *Dances* But anyway. I talked to Robbie all class period, got in trouble more than once for it, too. But yea...
Third block, doing something with percentages?? dunno. i just blew right through it.
Fourth block, went over a bunch of pep band music.. There was an odd amount of flying pens in that class.. and they were all at me.. *ponders* hm, anyway..

Then on the bus ride I sat next to Kristen, behind Josh and Brittany, and listen to music. And then I came home and did stuff, and yeah...Now Im here, on the phone with Brittney, and arguing with Robbie. Anyway...yeah.
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19th October 2003

3:23pm: Eeee! ^.^
Haha, I had so much fun last night! I was sick...but Anyways. MCHS performed. SO AWESOME! So totally awesome. They got straight ones, which is also totally awesome. So, they got a superior. I was cheering so loud...that when we got back to the buses, I could hardly talk. We were having competitions with the bus that the highschoolers were on. That was fun.. We were like "We got spirit, yes we do, we got spirit, how about you!?" and they tried to repeat it louder than us, but it didnt work. So, we won. DUH. Anyway.. I was feeling really, really bad on the ride to Wood Grill, so Paige and Robbie switched seats so Robbie was next to me. And he was like "Lay down" so I leaned my head on his shoulder and he put his arms around me. When we got to the restaurant, Robbie made me put on his sweatshirt cause he was so worried that I was gonna catch pneumonia..or whatever...So we ate, and he wasnt really talking to me, and I still wasnt feeling well, so I put my head on the table and he was like "Stacy, I love you, but Im eating" so that made me smile. Then we got done eating, and I was feeling better, so me and Chelsea 'frolicked' all the way to the bus. Daniel saw me doing my little frolic thing and called me a freak. Then I got on the bus and sat down, and Robbie sat down next to me, which made me really, really happy. And we talked for a little while, and every once in a while I leaned my head on his shoulder and he layed his head on mine. Carrie thought it was 'so cute' which made me smile when he didnt object. And when we got to the Madison County line, the Madison County Fire Dept and Rescue squad came and escorted our buses back to school with the sirens and lights going and all. That was so cool. So, we hung around for a while outside, where it was freezing, and then went inside to watch the show that got the highschoolers a superior rating. It was so cool. So then hung around school til like 11:30pm, and then I left right after I got a hug from Robbie. He was like "See you in like 36 hours!". Lol. Anyways..then on the way home, dad was like "Man, you're sick as a dog. You're gonna be sick and alone because I'm going to Martinsville for the race" so Im home alone cause dad's in Martinsville and mom's in New Jersey. But, Im yeah. except the dogs were driving me nuts at 6 o clock this morning with their little howling crap. Anyways...ive got homework...So I'll catch you'z later. Bya.
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17th October 2003

4:32pm: .W.o.o. .H.o.o.!
Today was the best! Well, it was bad this morning, but anyway, read:

Mom came in and woke me up at 7:15 this morning. I was already 15 minutes late, but I wasn't feeling good, so I just rolled over and went back to sleep. Well, I woke up and looked at the clock; 7:50. School started in 10 minutes. I got ready for school, coughing like crazy, mind you; and I didnt even have time to do my hair or anything. So Im like scrambling to do my hair in the truck as mom is taking me to school. We pull up to the front of the school, the people already pouring in from the 10 minute walk from the buses. So I hop out of the truck about 5 cars behind the crosswalk, getting lectured all the way by Mr. Sanderson because I didnt bother to get off at the crosswalk. So I walk in, almost get stampeded by a herd of hyperactive transvestite sixth graders who are /so/eager to get to homeroom. Why is beyond me. But anyway. I escape the herd of little children, I scrambled to the eighth grade hallway, seeing the usual people playing patty cake in the middle of the floor. So I walk towards my locker, not seeing Robbie at his and start to freak out, but as I approach mine, I see him standing there. So I let out a sigh and walk up and lean my head on his shoulder. And he was like "Oh! There you are!" So, yeah. We hung out til the late bell for homeroom rung, and we were all tardy... And that's my morning up until homeroom.

1st Block: Me and Chelsea passed notes in a notebook all period. Like everyday. And didn't get caught. Like everyday. And Mr. Gaylord told pointless stories that we dont care about at all. Like everyday. But the funny part was, when we were passing notes with the notebook, we would drop it on the ground and kick it to each other with our foot. And every five minutes or so you would hear the "bam, swoosh" and I think everyone caught on except for maybe Cory and Mr. Gaylord.

2nd Block: Worked on our papers in the computer lab....boooooring.

RFA:Slept, talked to Brittney, did anything but read. Boooring.

Lunch: So much fun, but Ima keep it to myself, cause I dont feel like typing anymore.

Algebra: Got a 94 on my test! Wooo hooo! yeah, anyways

4th Block: Band was fun. Went over some Pep Band pieces, and did some work on the Holiday Favorites crap. And then I went to get a drink of water and I saw Daniel, talked to him. And then worked on some more crap.

And then went home, and found out that I GOT MY TICKETS FOR THE CONCERT! *happy dance*
And then the competition's tomorrow! WOOO HOOOOOOO!
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16th October 2003

4:30pm: Todayness
Today was actually good. My days seem to be going much better now, and I usually come home in a good mood. Well, this morning sucked, because I got up half an hour late, didnt get to take a shower, and then just threw on some clothes, that looked really bad. So, Im ready, it's now 7:45 and school starts in 15 minutes, when Lisa calls. She's sick and she's not coming to go to work with mom. So Im thinking okay, mom'll take me to school. Pfft. She calls Sharon and asks if she wants to work, cause mom has no way to get to work, cause Dad took her truck and she's gotta take his to get the window replaced. So Im thinking okay, Sharon is gonna take me to school. Well after mom gets off the phone with Sharon, she's like "Kate you're gonna have to catch the bus today." So, after I curse the morning, I walk out of the door to go to the bus stop, and realize it's freezing. Okay, so I'm trudging the 40 feet to the bus stop, and Dixon goes by. -.- Lucky for me. So now Dixon knows where I live, and Im freezing, I look horrible, and I've got to ride the extremely loud and rank bus with a bunch of morons from Madison County. *Cough*Bruce*Cough*Anyways, the bus comes and I get on, go to school, and meet up with Ian in the parking lot and share what was actually a good conversation. So we go to the band room, cause we both need to turn our permission slips for the State Marching Band Competition in.. Only I lost mine, and I had to get mom to write a note. So hopefully Mr. Cottrill accepts it and I can go. Okay, so things are looking better. Me and Ian are walking out of the band room and I hear Daniel call my name, which is good because that lets me know that we are still friends. So me and Ian walk along the sidewalk to the middle school, where we meet our worst fears everyday. So we walk into school and meet up with the best people in the world:Chelsea, Robbie, Coleman, Jared, and Josh. I drop all of my stuff on the floor in front of my locker, and run over to give Robbie a hug. ^.^ his hugs are the best. *ahem* anyway. We hang out for a while and then go to HR and First block, blah blah. Took a test, bell rings, Second block.
Second block, I walk into Mrs. Hamilton's classroom reluctantly, because Mr. Morgan is subbing. Man, I was supposed to have gotten rid of him last year and never see him again. But noooooo. This stupid screwed up school system has him subbing for an English class. Dude, he's a flippin' Algebra teacher. NOT an English teacher. Okay, so we are going to the computer lab to do our nine weeks papers, and I forget my floppy disk, so I have to use one of the ones Mrs. Hamilton left. We go to the computer lab and I type a 3 page paper about the band competition last year at Hershey Park. Im lucky I didn't double space it, because it would have been well over six pages. Anyway, we are done in the computer lab and Im walking along the sidewalk with Robbie and Jared and Chelsea, and Robbie was doing something and I called him a faggot, pissed him off, and he didnt speak to me at all. So I was like screw it and went to third block, slept through RFA again, and woke up just in time to go to lunch. So I go to lunch and Robbie sits next to me, and I start begging him to forgive me, even though he knew I was joking about the whole faggot thing. And he was like "Now you know how it feels when a little joke gets blown out of proportion" or something like that. And I was like Yeah, which is true, because I always make everything a huge deal, even if it's not. Okay, so lunch is good, go outside, and everything's good. Robbie gave me another hug, and then we went inside. And Algebra sucked, of course. So the bell rings like ninety minutes later and I go to French. Yuck. We finished watching the Lion King and then we took notes on "Le Verbe Venir" and did a bunch of stupid practice things. And then we played a game, which I think our team won, and then by that time, I had a major headache. So the bell rings finally, and I go and wait for Chel and Robbie and walk with them. And had a good time. And then we went yeah. Oh! Logan broke up with Ashley... that only lasted about three weeks. Its pathetic. But, yeah, Im bored. I want Robbie to get online. Bya.
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14th October 2003

4:42pm: *t0day*
hm, today was great. I got a hug from Robbie first thing in the morning. I was so happy. So we hung out until the eight o'clock bell rang. And then we went down to his locker. So I was standing at his locker talking to him, Coleman, and Nathan, when Justin came up behind me and hugged me. ^.^ everyone loves me. hehe. So then we went to first block, and me and Chel passed notes all period. Went to second block and talked to Robbie all period. Actually I had lots of fun, one of the best English periods all year. And then went to third block, slept all through RFA and then went to lunch. Sat between Robbie and Josh. We didnt get to go outside, cause it had been raining. So we went back to class and got our quizzes and tests back. I got an A+ on my quiz! Woot! And then I got a 92 on my test! Yay. Im so happy. So I did my homework in that class.. And then yea. Went to fourth period French and presented my 'Ma Famille Imaginaire' powerpoint presentation. And then everyone else did theirs. And then we finished watching the Lion King, which I slept through most of. =) I fell asleep yesterday in Algebra, along with Victor and Nick, and Mrs. Davis had a fit. And she would not shut up. But yea. Im bored.

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11th October 2003

4:37pm: pfft
well, i have two words for you all:

life sucks
Current Mood: crushed
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9th October 2003

4:15pm: Hum De Dum
Welllll. Yesterday I went to school and passed notes with Chelsea all first block. We gained about seven inside jokes. And then went to second block and was bored, and found out that Nathan wants to screw me? and then went home after fourth period with chel, and went to church. And then today, passed notes with Chel and took a test during Science. And made fun of Stephanie for being so far up Mr. Gaylords butt. We couldnt stop laughing, and I couldnt stop banging my forehead on the desk. "*giggle, giggle* Misssssstur Gayyyyylorrrrd. Give it a go! *giggle, giggle*" talking about a word problem and he said he'd try it. And then, went to second block and hung out with Robbie and Jared and Chel, and me and Chel were singing Relient K songs. haha, it was funny. And then RFA was stupid, and went to lunch. Robbie had to stay in so I stayed in with him. And for some reason he was playing with my hair. What is it with guys and girls' hair? Someone please answer me that. And then Algebra was stupid, and then we went to band! WOO HOO! We worked on the Christmas stuff and then Pep Band junk. TWO WEEKS TIL HALFTIME SHOW! And then theres the Good Charlotte concert on the 23rd. Yay! But, Me and Chel and Robbie had fun in band. and then we went home!
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4th October 2003

12:13pm: survey
Which do you prefer?

+ power rangers/ninja turtles: ninja turtles, man!
+ boxers/briefs: boxers
+ elmo/grover: elmo
+ Rosie O'Donnel/Caroline Rhea: caroline rhea
+ Who Wants To Be A Millionare/The Weakest Link: weakest link
+ Men/Women: men
+ Sunglasses/Hats: hats
+ punk/emo: punk
+ 2%/
+ Spanish/French: i dunno. french?
+ White meat/Red meat: I dont like meat.
+ Kazaa/Imesh: Kazaa
+ 50 Cent/Eminem: they both suck
+ BMX/Skateboarding: skateboarding
+ South Park/Simpsons: simpsons
+ chap stick/lip balm: aren't they the same thing?
+ Past/Present: present
+ Bugs Bunny/Mickey Mouse: bugs bunny
+ DVD/VHS: dvd

How many times a day do you...

* masturbate: what?
* play that song: what song?
* eat: not much
* get online(& How long): 'bout 6hours i guess
* Write: only at school
* Talk to someone: depends who
* Shower: how many times a day? two. everyday
* Jump around in circles: Once in a while I might
* Lose something(and what): Books? all the time.
* Use the phone: hardly ever unless someone calls me
* want to beat up a rent a cop: -no comment-


& Film Genre(s): comedy
& Item on your keychain: lots
& Computer/Video Game: ...?
& Painter:
& Person (People): Benji Madden, Joel Madden, hell, all of GC.
& Way to eat coconut: eww
& Relative: Bopbul!
& Font: I don't have one
& Method of torture: having to be in a room with chelsea panos
& Electronics Brand: sony
& STD: ?
& Color for sheets: black
& Away message: i dunno.
& Phrase/Quote: "My ass smells like Joel." -Benji
"Hey guys, i have some bad news for you. When we were backing out of the parking lot, I think we ran over Lil Bow Wow"-Benj.

& Way to relax: chillin' and listenin to music.
& Assassination: ?
& Number system: numbers suck, i hate math

What would it be...

^ What superpower would you have: umm
^ What fetish would you have: hm i dunno.
^ What historical figure would you fight: ?.
^ What mythological being would you be: uh..
^ What animal would you marry?: hm, does Benji count?
^ What weapon would you use on Godzilla: um, right
^ What commercial would you get rid of: the lays stack thing chips one. that is stupid
^ What new holiday would you create: GOOD CHARLOTTE DAY! lol, yeah.

If you had _____ you would...

% Ten Million Dollars: go to every GC show I know of.
% A hammer: beat chelsea panos upside the head
% Two toothpicks: fling them at people
% A celebrity slave: Benji? lots of things... hehehe
% A pet monkey: tease chelsea banks because she wants one. =P
% An airplane: fly to all the good charlotte shows i know of.
% A movie theater: play music videos constantly. forget movies.
% Four dancing clowns: cry
% A Mafia: hehe
% A magical stick: Do magic
% Marlon Brando: i dunno
% Three flashlights and some cheese: play flashlight tag and pelt people with cheese!
% No power: sleep
% To write a book: uh...
% A jungle: stuff
% A time machine: go back in time
% One Dollar: you can't get nothing for a dollar anymore
% Lost the internet: bawl my eyes out
% Killed someone: it would be Chelsea Panos or....Nathan.
% No life: Two steps ahead of you.
% To live with someone you hate: kill myself
% Thirteen ghosts: make a haunted house
% An obsession with cleaning your ears: clean them?
% Amnesia: um...i dont remember...

Have you ever wished...

! That you were someone else: yea
! To be stuck on an island by yourself: ya
! For penguins to invade your city: haha. no
! That the animals in the zoo would be free: yes
! For that wedgie to go away: actually yes
! That you were in Austrailia: no
! That you invented something no one needed: no.
! To speak every language: no.
! For that one person to shut their trap: yes!
! To get rid of pop-ups forever: yes. they are annoying as hell!
! That you didn't know anything: yes
! To star in a sitcom: as long as i had a makeout scene with benji.
! For Batman or Superman to save your life: Benji Madden
! That you could do the polka: no.
! To beat an orange to a pulp: no
! That you could play an instrument(which one): guitar

Random Questions. Or the Final stretch...

$ Who is Tony Clifton:a dude?
$ Do you watch Animal Planet regularly: no
$ When was the last time you smelled your socks: never
$ What day do you wish it was: october 23rd. good charlotte concert!
$ Which Jackie Chan movie would you be in: uh, rush hour 2
$ If there was a man standing on your toilet, what would you say: if it was say "Meet you in the bedroom in 10 minutes!" lol
$ What question would you add to this survey:None
$ How many dimes in $23.65: ? Lots
$ When will you grow up: never
$ How much would it cost for a new haircut: do I care?
$ When was your last haircut: Um.. about a year ago i think.
$ Are you always this bored: yep
$ What are your thoughts on crying: let it all out
$ The perfect vacation would be: anywhere as long as i got my cd's.. or Benji.
$ Did you know Ms. Cleo was a fraud: yep. you just told me...but she isn;t...I don't think. She told Christina that she was going to get pregnant again, and she did...or that could be just coincidence
$ How about those Jamaican accents: they're funny
$ Why didn't you show up last night: i was in bed with someone
$ What is the best thing you could ever do: uh
$ Which decade was the best in America: I dunno
$ How many questions were on this survey: lots
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9:59am: .•.
man, i got up this morning, and curtis was vaccuming the living room? *blinks* dont ask, i dunno.

yesterday was jess'z birthday. her sixteenth birthday. and i couldnt be there. for my best friend ever. that sucks. anyway.. ahhh! 19 more days! lol, paige and i have been running around saying that for like the past week, counting down to the good charlotte concert on october 23rd. after a while everyone stopped asking what we were talking about, because after we told about 13 people, everyone knew. so now they just tell us to shut up. *cough*jared*cough* =) right now im listening to New Found Glory- Hit Or Miss. dont care if you wanted to know that or not. but, you'll get over it. ;) man, mom wants me to start a christmas list. i have no idea. i've got about 15 cd's written down. maybe this year ill only ask for cd's? i dunno. ill think about it. byezez.
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3rd October 2003

4:41pm: lalala

Happy Sweet Sixteen, Jessica Lynn! I love you girl!

21 days til halftime show, featuring: WMS 8th Grade band! Hahahaha, highschool, prepare to be shown up! *grins*
Current Mood: happy
Current Music: WMS 8th Grade Band-Born To Be Wild

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30th September 2003

7:17pm: ROCK AND ROLL!
man, as of riqht now, im jammin' to qc'z ''walk by''. qood stuff'z. =) paiqe's dad called me earlier. we were settinq everythinq up for the concert stuff. we are qonna have some major fun. mom's all sayinq that i owe her biq time because she's takinq me to this concert. pfft. she needs to qet over herself. man i'm bored. i don't think robbie and jared are extremely mad at me anymore. they are basically mad at chelsea. robbie and jared still have normal convo's with me, they just crack jokes on chel about ian if they talk to her. i think the reason she is pissed off is because robbie and jared realized that she's not the queen, and they stopped kissinq her ass. and they aren't puttinq her hiqh above everyone else. they aren't tendinq to her every beckon and call. oh well, she'll qet over it. she better. anyway..

we've got this project to do for french class. we have to make an imaqinary family usinq famous people. we have to have 5 family members, includinq ourselves, and we have to make a powerpoint presentation for it. i'm qonna use joel madden as my husband, benji madden as my brother-in-law, billy martin as my brother, paul as my other brother, and then i'm qonna find someone to represent me. i've qotta put a lil more thought into that much. but, we have to write ten sentences about each person, so altoqether, we are qonna have fifty freakin' sentences. and they all have to be on the powerpoint presentation. oh well. i've qot a qc concert on the 23rd of oct. it's all qood! it's all qood!
Current Mood: creative
Current Music: [qood charlotte-walk by]

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4:08pm: WOO HOO'Z!
Awww yeah! I ordered my Good Charlotte concert tickets today! Yeaaaaaah! *Grins* It was like...143 dollars, man. Me, Mom, Lisa, and Paige are going....Woo hoo! Anyway. Bye'z.
Current Mood: excited
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