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[14 Jul 2003|08:38pm]
finally finished my new journal. here it is...xfreakshow i will no longer be updating this journal. [ note ;; on my new journal you must press F11 for the layout to work properly ]. thanks! bye bye...
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will you creep into my head again and pick me up off the ground once more [13 Jul 2003|07:31pm]
[ mood | embarrassed ]
[ music | Drinking For 11 ;; Mad Caddies ]

woah...i wwent outside and was sitting on the ladder with my feet in the pool. the bar that holds the ladder onto the deck thingy [ sorta ] broke and i tried to hold myself onto the deck thingy. but i could and i fell into the pool. it was 72 degrees =\ it went down 6 degrees. so embarassing... anyways its okay now i ran inside and changed into my nice comfy spongebob pants. yep.

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i'm glad we met... [13 Jul 2003|06:07pm]
[ mood | giddy ]
[ music | Glad ;; Swingin' Utters ]

yessir. today. different. first thing this morning we knocked down the wall between my bedroom and the living room. i got to kick my foot through the wall! yep! then we took down just the plywood parts of the walls that were left in the living room and my room. it wasnt fun actually but its alright... then took an extremely cold shower. [ on purpose ] then went to On The Borders. Didnt even eat any mexican food. then went to Newbery's Comics [ highlight of my day :D ]. got the Warped Tour Compilation CD. It kicks ass. i really want to go. but i cant :( ... and i got a AFI patch that ima put on my bag. and i got an Atticus tshirt. yay! its awesome but my mom still doesnt like the shirt design. oh well i like it. if people dont like it they dont have to look... and hmmm i did more but i dont remember anything else. bye bye!

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[ just tell me that you need me ] [12 Jul 2003|07:17pm]
[ mood | drained ]
[ music | Wondering ;; Good Charlotte ]

[ today! ] not much today. got a beautiful blink 182 poster this morning. then came home. brian put up a third wall and "constructed" the fourth wall. had lunch with my 'family'. i sat there and listened to them talk about beans and my cousins wedding. woo yea. finished the website my dad asked me to make. yea right here. check it out if ya wants. went to summersworth. bought spongebob squarepants pjs. nice huh? yea. thats bout it. bye bye!

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[11 Jul 2003|04:29pm]
[ mood | excited ]

tony from mest confirmed that Good Charlotte and Mest will be touring together this fall. YES! ahhh so fucking exited. they gotta at least come to NH or Mass. it would be awesome if they came to maine. that would be the best concert...yay!

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there's nothing without you. [11 Jul 2003|11:05am]
[ mood | lonely ]
[ music | Paradise(122nd and Highland) ;; Mest ]

just turned 11:00. im sitting here. still in my pj's. alone. in the dark. theres no lights in the front 3 rooms of my house. its raining outside. i have pans scattered all around the house. and i can hear the dripping. my nose and my feet are cold. im listening to the Mest cd once again. and ive spent the past hour or more trying to make the webpage my dad keeps asking me to make. yea its a pretty boring, dull, cold, and dark day. i hate days like this and i want so much to have just a little bit of socialization...bleh.

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it gets better than you know [09 Jul 2003|05:02pm]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | Hold On ;; Good Charlotte ]

mauahaha! my new guitar! other guitar had a broken string so we took it to the shop to get fixed. my dad came home today and told me that it would take 3 weeks to get my guitar all fixed. i was kinda mad. then he said "but the good news is that the owner said because the guitar was still on the 30 day warrantee we could just go into the shop and get a new guitar for equal or lesser the price of the guitar i had before." so i got a new black Lace Huntington guitar! yay! my dad didnt want a used one which is fine with me! once i get the chance to take a picture of it ill put the actual picture of it up. but for now i just got this exact, identical picture from their website. the only bad thing. which is a small thing is that i didnt get to save my good charlotte and my mest stickers. but thats ok cuz the good charlotte sticker was huge and i had more mest stickers. so ima go to newberrys, fye, or hot topic and buy some more stickers to decorate my new perdyful guitar! yay!!!!!

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so faded and reckless. [08 Jul 2003|02:56pm]
[ mood | hot ]
[ music | One Slow Dance ;; Rufio ]

bleh. so hot right now. air conditioners dont do shit. not to mention there is random holes in my ceiling. leah and caitlin came over last night. we swam. watched a movie. slept in the tent. got about 3 and a half hours of sleep last night. and danielle is probably coming over tomorrow morning. so theres no chance in hell that im gonna be able to regain the sleep that i lost. and i cant sleep during the day cuz of the construction. so i dunno i guess im gonna be somewhat of an insomniac. but anyways it was fun last night and today. i wish caitlin could have stayed longer. but thats ok. i went to lee's with leah and got ice cream. yep. oh...also...if you arent noticing so many updates its because i made a new journal. but im working on the layout right now and its not coming out so you'll have to wait until its all done. i think ill update both journals with the same entries. yea. ok bye bye.

One Slow Dance ;; Rufio

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[06 Jul 2003|02:01pm]
[ mood | thirsty ]
[ music | The Quass ;; NOFX ]

ok. new stuff. decided to become straight edge. thinking about making a new blurty journal and everything else...layout, icons, maybe even mood icons, and whatever else. ima have a lot of time on my hands this week. ehhh thats about it. buh bye

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[06 Jul 2003|12:38pm]
[ mood | confused ]
[ music | She ;; Green Day ]

Happy Deathday!
Your name:xpsychoxsporkx
You will die on:Sunday, November 24, 2013
You will die of:Fall Down Stairs
Created by Quill

thats so sad
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[06 Jul 2003|09:51am]
[ mood | okay ]
[ music | Chance Of A Lifetime ;; Mest ]

yea. hello! on friday we went to my aunt mary's house for a cookout/pool party type of thing. it was cool i guess...then yesterday. woke up. went out. my dad wanted to go to a couple yard sales. so we did. then later on i bought a couple cds. then went to TGI Fridays. then wally world. then to my aunt mary's house because my dad forgot his backpack with his swim-shorts in it. came home. checked the mail and my mest cd had already come! i was so happy. i got the cd, the sampler and about 5 stickers. i put a sticker on my guitar and one on my cd case. and we also got the dvd how to lose a guy in 10 days. i love that movie. i saw it twice when it was at the theater. i went swimming. then we went to hannaford's. bought some stuff then watched the movie. thats it. kinda sounds boring. o well. it was okay i guess 0.o gotta make plans with some people for this week so i dont have to stay home bored. and i need to go to the guitar shop and get a string replaced. thats it buh bye

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yep. [03 Jul 2003|03:57pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]
[ music | The One That Got Away ;; Allister ]

bleh. okay. week is almost done. tomorrow is the 4th of july. my room is almost empty. basically just my matress, my tv, my armoir with my cd player on top. construction starts next week. my uncle finally *officially* told us that it would start next week. and that i needed to pack my room up by this weekend. so...i did. i made a new aim expression *all on my own*. yay for me! it was kinda hard...but i did it and it looks good. and i made a hotbar skin *all on my own*. and that wasnt as hard. but was a little complicated. and it looks good too! and i got a new wallpaper. its a really awesome pic of gc that i put the chorus of Motivation Proclamation on. me and danielle found these 4 baby squirrels the other day. i think the mother was run over because on the road in front of the woods next to my house there was a dead adult squirrel. so we fed the squirrels and stuff. then the next day we went back and only 1 was there. i think the other 3 were we fed that squirrel some more. then today i went back and the squirrel was just laying there...dead. lol. so we burried it because first we threw it into the woods but danielle didnt throw it very far. and it was just laying there and it was gross. so we decided to barry/barrie/burry/burrie (spelling...?) it. thats about it. oh yea the new furniture came today. its spiffy!

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[30 Jun 2003|09:04pm]

me and natalie at promotion...yay! i'll load the other one tomorrow. so just check back tomorrow and it will probably be here. yep!

me, natalie, and caitlin...last day of school. i didnt feel like loading the whole pic
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[29 Jun 2003|08:29pm]
[ mood | giddy ]
[ music | Dipshit ;; Rufio ]

i havent been updating as much lately. sorry. i just dont feel like it....but anyways. danielle came over wednesday night. it was fun. we went swimming and shit. slept in the tent. then on friday i stayed home...started teaching myself how to play guitar and im getting better at it. i still suck. but im getting better which is good ya know since im not taking lessons. they are just too expensive and with the house and everything right now we just dont have the money for it. oh yea...on thursday they put a concrete floor in our garage. so now i can play my guitar in the garage. =) yay. and also...i learned how to read tab so that helps A LOT...anyways. on friday night we went to NH to buy powerball tickets (even tho my mom forgot terry and joe's powerball numbers at the house), and we ate at the olive garden. oh and also cary came home this weekend. he stayed for about a day and a half. he drove back today (sunday). then on saturday i had to go help my aunt and uncle clean out their shit hole house. so gross. actually it was their old house that they still pay mortgage on, but they want to sell it. and then i came back here and went swimming. then we went back to NH to get Terry and Joe's powerball tix. then today! went swimming. then after cary left to go back to VA we went to see Charlie's Angels. which i thought was a good jeff. then back here. swam some more. and thats it! danielle is coming over this week. and my dad is gonna be home all week so we are picking her up in the morning. which means i can sleep in! thats it...i think. worried about zach :\

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[25 Jun 2003|04:20pm]
[ mood | hot ]
[ music | Open Your Eyes ;; Goldfinger ]

sorry. havent written in a litle bit. a lot has happened in the past 3 days. on monday we had to practice for promotion in the gym. then we went outside for the rest of the day and did whatever. joel and robbie kept making me relate things to penis. it was funny. and i randomly was talking to joel...i was like "i vacuumed my dog." and "i had braces for 8 years!". then after school i went and got my hair done for promotion and it came out pretty good. id show u a pic but my eyes looked so gross in the pic...then there was promotion which was really boring. then the dance which was so awesome. i danced with paige HELL YEA! and my invisible bf yep hehe. that was the most i danced all year. it was great. i dunno where my tiara went tho. last time i saw it it was on John Johnson. it was only 5 bucks and ill never wear it again anyways lol. then yesterday was the last day of school. we went to the talent show. was okay i guess. then at 11 we left. i took a bunch of pics. the best one was my HR pic. in HR we had a group hug it was so awesome lol. but it was kinda sad when we left. this year was so fucking great. then andrea and i went back to my house...rode to the elem. school. saw mrs elwell. showed her our report cards. then her class left a mess so we helped her pick up a little. and it was so hot in that trailer. then we came back. went to Lee's and got ice cream. swam in the pool a little. then i slept over her house last night. now im back here! danielle is coming over tonight. we are gonna go swimming. sleep in the tent. thats bout it. ttfn! its summer yay! oh yea also i learned the Em, E, and Am chord on my guitar. i learnt it all on my own. YAY!

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[21 Jun 2003|07:57pm]
[ mood | loved ]
[ music | The Rock Show ;; Blink 182 ]

yay! ok. last night charlotte and natalie came over. we went swimming. and we slept in the tent. yep yep. then today we got and took bunch of pics which i will upload and let you all see...then we weeded parts of my moms garden and she payed us. so we went to the mall and bought tiaras and earrings for promotion YEP! HEHE! on the way there i saw kristine erikson or w/e and i really dont like her so i was like OMG MOM YOU GOTTA BEAT HER! (in the car i mean lol) and then they got in front of us and i was screaming saying MOM NO YOUR LETTING HER WIN! then my mom moved to the other lane and got in front of her. and i looked at the other lane where kristine's car was and pointed and screamed really loud HA WE SO BEAT YOU. then people laughed at me. then we came home and i knew my parents were hiding something in the trunk of the car. and they made charlotte and natalie cover my eyes. then i went in the livingroom and they they got me a guitar and an amp and a strap....YAY!!!! it had stickers all over it but ima take them off and put my own on. and we went out into the garage and played. even tho i really cant play yet. but ill learn...yes i will! so i think thatsa it! bye byes!


Charlotte and Natalie

Me, Charlotte,and Natalie
Me and Natalie

Me and Natalie

My new guitar yay! i was in the pic but i looked so crappy so i just cut the guitar out

Trina is me...

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push, grab, pull. [20 Jun 2003|05:48pm]
[ mood | jubilant ]
[ music | Sell Out ;; Halo Friendlies ]

TODAY! yes. so we went to 1st and 2nd period. the medicine man...sick sick movie. then we went to the movies. i sat with charlotte on the bus! yay! we saw The Incredible Hulk. boring movie. but it was funny hearing adam duguay laughing at really blah parts of the movie. fake laughter. then we went to KFC. got mashed potatoes. and got stickers. the poser seventh graders stole our idea of getting the monkey stickers and putting them on their shirts. mother fuckers. "i pushed, i pulled, i grabbed" muahahahahaha. then the bus ride was hillarious. all the drawings adam did in natalie's yearbook and the sexual ear touching. then i let him see my other monkey sticker and he took it. then he's like i dont know where it is anymore. and i could of sworn he was playing with himself. then to natalie he's like "i cant find it, can you come help me" yea. lol. then we went back to the school and got ice cream. yay! and then i was gonna sit in the chair after adam got up. and it was wet. so i told him it was wet and he said "I HAVE AN OVERACTIVE BLADDER". lmao. it was awesome. and the whole day was really perverted. yay. on monday the team is giving us subs for lunch. and on tuesday we get out at 11. yay. so all we do is watch the talent show then go straight home. tonight charlotte and natalie are coming over. its so fucking hot out right now. we are gonna go swimming and then sleep in the tent again. yep! hrmmmm thats it..i think. oh, also, me and charlotte have a new[ish] hate. yep! bye byes!

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[19 Jun 2003|06:26pm]
[ mood | okay ]

my schedule for next year...

Green Day ;; White Day

1.. French I ;; Accl Geometry

2.. Study Hall ;; Accl English I

3.. Lunch ;; Phys Ed #1

4.. Accl Freshman Science ;; Phys Ed #1

5.. Accl Freshman Science ;; Phys Ed #1

6.. Accl Freshman Science ;; Lunch

7.. Accl Freshman World History ;; Study Hall

...yep. well anyways i got an appointment all set up to get our hair done on monday. me charlotte and natalie. then we have to hurry over to the high school. yep thats it bye bye

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[19 Jun 2003|03:34pm]
[ mood | blah ]
[ music | Emotionless ;; Good Charlotte ]

blah. today was different. another day gone. danielle is bitching at me. cuz all i said to whatever she said was "thats nice." lmfao. whatever. so this morning we had the assembly. me and charlotte got an award cuz we were in Darkroom. yay for me! IM A STAR! then the seventh graders left and all the people that ran for office got up and did their speeches. tomorrow we vote for who we want. then we went to our normal classes! in reading tutorial mr chuhta asked me and caitlin to fold these papers and put them in the envelope. so we did that. and we licked the envelopes. which we shouldnt have. we went through about 15 envelopes and asked him if we were supposed to be licking them. we werent. so had to reopen all of them. then we trashed all the bad envelopes. well oh well lol. and i decided ill just keep french. be in caitlins class for french. charlotte might be in our class also. but in my sophomore year im definitly doing art and spanish. hmmmm what else? errrrrrrm...tomorrow is the field trip to Chunky's. dunno what movie we are gonna see. thats it buh bye

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[18 Jun 2003|03:01pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]
[ music | Bleed Black ;; AFI ]

im fucking mad right now. we got our schedules for next year. and i didnt get anything that i wanted. they gave me french. i didnt even sign up for french. i signed up for spanish. and im taking spanish for a reason. so i can understand what my dad's side of the family is saying when we go to visit them. and i didnt even get into art. everything is so fucked up. natalie got everything that she wanted. we have classes together. but she got spanish AND art. i just want to scream. besides that...we had our plays today. ours wasnt so good. i mean i thought it was hillarious. but we werent very ready AT ALL. then i went back to the school and we watched Hook in Mr Chuhta's room...
thats it for today. it started out fine but ended all fucked up.

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