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[13 May 2003|04:08pm]
[ mood | silly ]
[ music | Queen ]

my new journal! YaY!! It sucks right now cuz i can only have 10 friends, wtf. ne ways:
today was hilarious!!! I have pigtails in aka "handle bars" and ll day Tyler was pulling them, just fuckin around. Then he asked if I was going over Justin's today, and I sad no, maybe tomorrow, and he asked if i was gonna wear my hair like this tomorrow too. Pretty much askin if I'm gonna give him head, lol. Then at lunch, he was actin like he was gonna do something, so i told him to do it. He turns to Jaymee and says "Dosn't Adrianne's hair look like handle bars?" After that, he >b>JUMPED on the table sat in front of me grabbed my pigtails and pulled my head to his crotch. It was soooooo fuckin funny! LMAO!! I gave him a high 5! Whoo! :-) Tyler's crotch all the way!!! J.P

thats already in my other BJ and my DJ...oh well.


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