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Thursday, February 26th, 2004

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    Boring day. In POD, were writing bills were voting on to make laws for some reason. Anyway, mines "Legalization Of Marijuana For Recorational Use". And mine got the most votes to be discussed to turn into a law! HELL YEAH! One girl was fightin with me but shes like super conservative or seomthin. Thats what I hate bout here is there so many conservative people and republicans. I hate republicans. And Bush. One kid at school is like "Oh, hell yeah Im votin for Bush; HE DID A GREAT JOB!".....HUH?WHERE HAS HE BEEN? Taxs cuts for the rich, spending money on useless things and losing jobs for Americas. Sounds like a great president,right?And now hes sayin like BLAH BLAH GAY MARRIGE IS BAD. so what? Hes tryin to mix religion and government WHICH IS ILLEGAL; OUR COUNTRY WAS BUILT NOT TO HAVE THAT!I really have a dislike for Christiananity(I see it as a bunch of hypocritical shit) and it offends me people think we shoulkd mix our government with religion. iTS A BAD IDEA.

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