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Tuesday, January 6th, 2004

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    I can't find my way out of this maze...
    School sucks....same as always. I feel like im getting into a rut. And I was just thinkin wow midterms are comin up. Its almost over. So its not that bad. Pretty soon Ill be in college. That will be kick ass. Bein able to do as I like without my mom breathing down my neck. It will be nice being able to be me without my mom trying to change me. I wont have to deal with all the stupid high school shit. Ill be FREE.

    I just saw a commercial for Freddy VS Jason. I was pretty surprised with it. It wasnt as gay dumb as I thought it would be. I miss the old days of horror movies. Can you believe in a 5 year time span in the 70s, Dawn of the Dead, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Phantasm, Halloween and Zombie cam out. 5 of the best horror movies EVER cam out. Now you barley see one half assed one in a 5 year time span.Heres a list of what I feel are the top 20(I like so many to make a top 10) list of the best horror movies ever made:
    1.Dawn Of The Dead
    2.Texas Chainsaw Massacre
    3.Evil Dead
    4.Night Of The Living Dead
    5.Dead Alive
    8.Return Of The Living Dead
    9.Evil Dead 2
    11.The Thing
    12.A Nightmare On Elm Street
    14.Last House On The Left
    15.American Werewolf In London
    19.Dawn Of The Dead

    Well...Im Bored...Im gonna go lay down...

    Current Mood: okay
    Current Music: Anthrax "Madhouse"

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