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Thursday, January 8th, 2004

Subject:.lyrics like whoa.
Time:5:17 pm.
"distance makes a heart grow fonder..but honey you dont have to make me say those three words"

"it may be a long time,
a long time indeed
i may not be the friend you want,
i'm the friend that you need "

"How come your lame ass rich friends
All turned and ran
When I threw a fistful of firecrackers
In a ceiling fan "

"Well I seen gal from east and I seen gal from west but I must confess you is
the biggest mess yet
With your oversized breast, undersized dress
Give it a rest cause, were not impressed
Take your oversized breast gal and shook dem in
Your causin a disturbance upon the ska scene
Gal like you coulda neva be my queen
Could neva Selah or neither Steve
Gal you get me ma ma madda madda mad and crazy
Gal you get me ma ma madda madda mad and crazy
Gal you get me Gal you get me Gal you get me "

"Well I picked you up it was our first date.
I washed my dick and promised your daddy that I wouldn't have you out too late.
Then we went down [we went to a] nice secluded place
things got heavy, it smelled like soup, but still you wanted me to bury my face

(chorus: Menowannalikki-U, Menowannalikki-U, Menowannalikki-U down there, I said Menowannalikki-U)

My last girl was blonde she had a real nice hefty rack [big ol' titties]
But I nearly barfed when her pants came off
She dont use soap, you know that bitch is whack "
(That's the funniest song hahahaha)

"...married girl don't you wanna
smoke a little marijuana
take some time and have a drink
and think about what yer gonna do to me
and married girl ain't you worried,
if our love is kinda hurried
that you'll be left wanting more
in the time after your man has murdered me"

"now i cry but i can't complain
i supply my own ball and chain
and now i'm tied tighter than the races
so who am i,who am i to judge "
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Subject:quiz yo
Time:7:07 pm.

You are Marijuana!

Laid back, dreamy, and maybe a little stinky from skipping a shower.

You rather hang out on the couch watching That 70s Show than go clubbing.

All you need is a big joint, TV, and some Twinkies covered in chocolate syrup!

What Drug Are You?

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You’re a wild child.

Adventurous and curious, you’re willing to try just about anything.

On second thought, strike the “just about” part.

Underneath, on top, in private, in public, a second man, a second woman, it’s all cool with you.

Be proud. There aren’t many girls with your kind of spirit.

Guys love that. They’re scared of it, too.

And you love that. Which just fuels the fires even more.

What Cocktail Are You?

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party girl paris hilton

You are Party Girl Paris Hilton!

Got blow? If not, you probably know someone who does.

If you aren't there, the party hasn't started

And after a few drinks, you're up for almost anything.

You're so wild - you make Cleveland look like Cancun!

Which Paris Hilton Are You?

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g-string panties

You Are G-String Panties!

100% pure raw sex, baby!

You're hot and not afraid to flaunt it.

What's Kind of Panties Are *You*?

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Time:8:27 pm.
1: Copy this whole list into your journal
2: 'Bold' the things that we have in common
3: Whatever you don't 'bold', replace with things about you.

01. I love orange juice
02. I live in New Jersey
03. CASSIE the best cat in the world. [yeh you heard me Alex]
04. I enjoy being a kid.
05. I sleep too much
06. I do not have a poodle
07. I have a crush on Jared. [whoops]
08. i love black & white [stripes, checkers, polka dots...]
09. I enjoy reading.
10. I do not watch TV
11. I enjoy smoking Mary Jane
12. My favorite band is The Slackers
13. I wish I had a penis
14. i want a star tatoo like becca's. :]
15. I like real pictures better than digital cameras
16. Baby pigs are sooooo cute!
17. I do my own nails. All the time.
18. I can not wait to drive.
19. I like to use pastels and markers.
20. I like pink everything.
21. I'd like to learn how to write better.
22. I like art.

23. i like it when people look up to me
24. i would love to be the opposite sex for a day.
25. I love ballet
26. I believe that first impressions count.
27. I love to skank.
28. I had three best friends.
29. I never had a best friend until I got into high school.
30. I can't stand my mother.
31. I've had(have) so many clothes it's not funny.
32. I like make-up. [like is an understatement]
33. i never ever EVER wished i was thinner.
34. I don't like packrats
35. All my teeth still didn't grow in.
36. I don't understand depression.
37. I love glitter.
38. I want my tongue pierced, but am too afraid to do it.
39. I like it when Katie writes in my planner.
40. I am short.
41. I think true love is shared by more than just a boy and a girl.
42. I love dreadlocks. (on guys)
43. piercings are sexy
44. I have a strange sense of humor.
45. I love playing with guys...uhh yeah.

46. I LOVE peanutbutter
47. i like to make people laugh
48. I love feeling loved.
49. I never liked video games.
50. I had N64
51. i dont have a job.
52. I enjoy dying my hair.
53. I want to learn how to play guitar.
54. I love thrift store shopping
55. I am for the most part a permanently happy person.
56. I forgive and forget easily.
57. I love my sleep.
58. I can't stand the house that I live in.
59. I love getting mail.
60. i like recieving compliments
61. new years day is always really fucking boring
62. I like hats a lot
63. i love fruit
64. I love food
65. I've seen a movie in the theater alone.
66. I don't g et upset when I fail at anything.
67. I wish i grew up in the 40's
68. I want to be happy. Eternally.
69. Favorite book is The Lovely Bones.
70. I know how to read.
71. im not a virgin
72. I love warm blankets.
73. My initals are KMS
74. Graz makes me laugh alot.
75. I like lots of different kinds of music.
76. I think pets are incredibly important to have.
77. Johnny Depp is my favorite actor.
78. i had(have) a pretty big obsession with bracelets(jewelry)
79. i love accents, of any kind.
80. i want to go to Italy.
81. I've never had polio.
82. I cry too much over my mom.

83. My parents were never married.
84. I think you can tell a lot about a person by their smile.
85. I hate feeling lonely.
86. i love the beach/ocean.
87. i hate tomatoes.
88. I dont hate school.
89. I love gwen stefani's style.
90. I love the city
91. I love being kissed on my neck
92. i wish i had more clothes, even though i have more then enough.
93. im looking forward to moving out.
94. I love being kissed. (And kissing, in general.)
95. I was born.[obviously]
96. Summer is the best season.
97. I'm scared I'm gonna be a bad driver.
98. i find everything funny (easily amused).
99. I want/have several piercings.
100. I wish i had bright green eyes.
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