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Friday, October 15th, 2004

Time:5:54 pm.
hm pep rally today. it was alright

so aggravated today though
the past week actually
ryan clark=jackass

game tonight. woot
me and chris are going

tomorrow. homecoming.bleh. not going.
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Thursday, July 29th, 2004

Time:4:19 pm.
No more updates.

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Tuesday, July 27th, 2004

Subject:A dozen clever lines unread on clever napkins
Time:6:25 pm.
So, Today, Cheer.

It was so intense. Most intense practice ever.

Running 2 laps around school
More stretching
25 kicks to the right
25 kicks to the left
..and more stunting

we did that for like, an hour and 15 minutes....
Gave danielle her belly button ring
then, went out into the commons after practice. and sat down at the lunch tables. bell rang. people came. and sat around us. Saw Antranicque. that made me happy. antranicque is so cool. she gave me a hug. and we talked.

then. we left.

came home. sat around. slept.

then went and panted this backdrop. now my nails are all blue.

mm, Taking Back Sunday...

"Ghost Man On Third"

Jynx me something Crazy
Thinking if it's three
Then I'm as smooth as the skin
Rolls across the small of your back
It's too bad it's not my style
If you need me
Im out and on the parkway,
Patient and waiting for headlights,
Dressed in a fashion that's fitting to the
Inconsistencys of my moods.

It's times like these where silences means everything

It's a campaign of distraction
and revisionist history

It's a shame I dont think that they'll notice
It's a shame I doubt they even care.
No one is to know about this

But whatever I have getting myself into
Maybe has been slicing inches from my waist
It's my fist vs. the bottle
And that's how bad this could hurt
Or against I won't feel a thing
I tell you all about it
It's just not working out
Not working out.

It's a campaign of distraction
and revisionist history

It's a shame I don't think they'll notice
Its a shame I doubt they even care
No one is to know about this

This is why we were taught so much better than this

This is what living like this does.......
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Monday, July 26th, 2004

Time:11:20 pm.
~Boring Basics~
What do people call you?::Courtney
How long have you been living?::14 years
Where were you born?:Fredericksburg
Where do you reside?::stafford
Who do you live with?::mom,dad,sister
Any pets?:dog
Eye color?::brown
Skin color?::white
Wear glasses/contacts?:glasses,soon to be contacts
Any piercings?:5 in the left ear, 4 in the right, and belly button
Tattoos?:not yet
What can you usually be seen wearing?::soffee shorts, gallaz, tank top
Makeup?::eye liner/shadow
Jewelry?::earrings, belly button ring, necklace
Do you like the way you look?::kinda
What would you change?::mm, my size
How do you normally feel?::normal
What is usually on your mind?::stuff
How would you describe your personality?::random, spontaneous, and outloud
Do you hide how you really feel or show it?::depends
Do you like how you think?::yeah
Do you have low self-esteem??:yea
Are you confident:no
Food?::fried rice
Beverage?::water or arizona ice tea
Book?::A Farewell to Arms
Author?::Ernest Hemingway
Place?::my room
Article of clothing?::soffee shorts
Website?::this one
Invention?::the cd player
Cookie?::chocolate chip
Pizza topping?:cheese
Candy?::warhead oozes, m&ms
Bath item?::..
Store?::anywhere i like
Noise?::the sound of a snapple cap
Thing to do?::cheerlead, online, walk
Weather?::hot, but not humid
Body part?:hands
~Love/Relationships/And all that fun stuff~
Single or taken?:single
If single, How long have you been single?::3 months
How many past relationships did you have?::mm a lot, but only 2 meant something
Why did the last one end?::differences
Are you currently in search for a significant other?::no, already found one. now just waiting
Ever been kissed?:yeah
How old were you when you got your first kiss?:mm 12
How many people have you kissed?:a lot
How about that tongue?:i dont prefer it
Ever been in love?::yeah
Do you believe in love?:yeah
Any regrets?::yes
Do you like being single better or being taken?::taken
If taken, What is your significant other's name?::
How long have you been together?::
Where did you meet?::
Describe them.:
Virgin or no?:no
Have any fetishes?::no
Turn-ons?::hands, music, chris, humor
Turn-offs?::a lot
Where do you like to be touched?:mm
What kind of person are you attracted to?::someone who can make me laugh
Are you dominant or submissive?::both
Prefer to be on the top or bottom?::bottom
Into bondage/bdsm/s&m/or any of that other fun stuff?::maybe
Do you like biting/being bitten?:kinda
Into spanking?:no
How about those whips?:no
How many close friends do you have?:5
Who always makes you smile?:chris and matt
Makes you laugh?:all of them
Makes you happy?:mm
Who is always there for you?:heather and jennifer
Who can you trust the most?:heather and jennifer
Trust the least?:mmm
Who would you give your life for?:n/a
Are you social?:yea
Do you like to talk to people?:yea
Are you a conversation starter?:yea
Do you like to be the center of attention?:yeah
Would you just like to be unnoticed?:no
Do social situations make you nervous?:no
Do you talk to strangers?:yea
What is one weird encounter you’ve had with a stranger?:mm
What’s one of the nicest things someone said do you?:i dont know
One of the meanest?:^^
Favorite genre?::'emo'
Bands?::taking back sunday, the starting line, something corporate, death cab for cutie, the used, brand new..
Play anything?::no
In a band?::no
Been to any good concerts?::no..ive been to a concert, but it wasn't good
Are you a mosher?:no
Best concert memory?::when maggie was almost spooned by the stinky mullet man
Worst concert memory?:^^
Any bands you would like to see?::taking back sunday
Fave show?:the real world, the assistant,fuse
Fave reruns?:..
Fave channel?:mtv
Fave cartoon?:a lot of them
Have any shows get cancelled that made you mad?:yea, rockos modern life. it still comes on, but i dont have time to watch it, and also, ren and stimpy
Fave movie?:dogma, jay and silent bob strike back, pcu, slc punk
Genres?:coomdey, and scary
Most disappointing movie you saw?:a lot
Rather go to the movies or sat at home?:watch 'em at home
Fave actor?:n/a
~This or That~
Phone or IM?:IM
Lights on or off?:off
Talk or listen?:listen
Wax or shave?:wax
Write or type?:both
Burn in hell with people you love or be in heaven alone?:...
Have someone stab you or stab yourself?:someone stab me
Eat shit or drink piss?:neither
Kiss (a long one not a peck) a family member or someone of the same sex:someone of the same sex...
Kill yourself or someone else?:mmm
Be blind or deaf?:ehh thats a hard choice
Shower or bath?:shower
Hot tub or pool?:hot tub
Be entertained or entertain?:both
White chocolate or dark chocolate?:white
Outdoors or indoors?:outdoors
Listening to?:tbs
Wearing?:tank top, soffee shorts
Talking to?:matt rich
Doing?:sitting here
Thinking?:dont wanna say
How ya feeling?:bad
Book reading?:none
Drank?:arizona tea
Listened to?:tbs
Wore?:soffe shorts and sweatshirt
Talked to?:matt rich, and jon cain
Did?:changed the song
Watched?:some video chris sent me of patrick acting like rahiem
Time you vomited?:oh gosh, uhhh, 2 weeks ago
Were sick?:a loong time ago
Cry?:about an hour ago
Book read?:dont remember
Movie watched?:Sleepers
Person hugged?:psh
Person kissed?:mmm :-)
Person you saw?:mom
Hospital visit?:dont remember
What annoys the hell out of you?:when people act like me. and when people constantly call my house
What do your sheets look like?:white
Have any nifty talents?:nope
Been to any neat places?:mm, nope
What do you think about guys wearing skirts and makeup?:its hot
Are you into the whole religion thing?:nope
You like fuzzy stuff?:yeah
How about sparkly and glittery stuff?:yeah
If you could get rid of one thing in the world what would it be?:a lot
You into drugs or are they a no no for you?:mm
Ever wear underwear meant for the opposite sex?:yeah
~List 5 fears you fear~
-:being alone
-:heights, though, i love roller coasters and stuff
~List 5 things you can’t live without~
~List 5 things you hope for your future~
-:become a photographer
-:get married
~My Survey has come to an end~
Did you enjoy yourself?:no
It sucked huh?:yea
What are you going to do now?:.

200+ questions to suppress your boredem brought to you by BZOINK!
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Sunday, July 25th, 2004

Time:5:40 pm.
got my hair cut today. its cool.

I was sitting in the car today, infront of shoppers, and I saw this black guy that looked just like Jason Johnson. but I doubt it was him.

I'm leaving for camp soon.

and my birthday is comming up.

I think Wednesday--I'm gonna hang out with Matt Rich.
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Saturday, July 24th, 2004

Time:10:32 pm.
Music:"Expo '86"--Death Cab For Cutie.
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Friday, July 23rd, 2004

Subject:forgot to mention
Time:10:06 pm.
Music:something corporate.
yeah. forgot to mention that,

im leaving for camp, in 13 days im pretty sure
and my birthday is comming up.
i was going to add this to my other one I just did.
but this seems easier.
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Subject:oh yeah.
Time:10:06 pm.
Music:something corporate.
mm,yesterday lauren and I went to maggie moos. met up with Bobby. the Ryans came. then they left. talked to bobby. went outside and talked. bobby left. lauren and I talked. then came back here

came into my room. ate fried rice. looked at lyrics. online. got on the phone with Matt Rich. stayed on there until like 3:30. stayed up stayed up. fell asleep at like 6. then woke up at 8. went upstairs, and slept up there. woke up. had breakfast.

got plans ready. took a shower. did my hair and make up while talking to Lauren.

went to the doctor. played this game. but lost my bracelet. then, made noises through this book.

then, the rest of the day was great. and sorry--but I can't find the words to describe it. mmm.

I love you***
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Wednesday, July 21st, 2004

Time:7:09 pm.
haven't really been updating. dont feel like it anymore. cheer yesterday. it was good. uhm, today, nothing at all. woke up to a house full of kids. it was terrible. did this machine thingy for 45 minutes. thought about how much i hate ***** ******..ugh man. annoys the shit out of me

tomorrow, hopefully it works.

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Monday, July 19th, 2004

Time:10:17 pm.
I dont feel like writing about Jennifers house. because I'm too lazy. but it was fun.

Im leaving for cheer camp in 16 days
and my birthday is in 29
jennifers planning my birthday.

Ive been listening to Something Corporate since I got the cd. obsessed id say.

this is lame.
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Sunday, July 18th, 2004

Subject:You're my good feeling.
Time:12:37 pm.
The Weekend :

Friday- Heather came and picked me up. went to pick up Woody. traffic. went to walmart. got a lot of candy. walked around. made fun of people. did handstands and cartwheels in the middle of the toy section. left. went to the Walmart near Heathers. her mom got the pictures from her trip. looked at some of them. got to heathers house. looked at the rest. went down and hung out with Ryan Frye and Ryan Clark. skated around a bit. laughed. went inside and wrestled with them. Watched the ryans sword fight. it was good. went outside on ryans porch and watched Freddy vs Jason on Ryan's portable dvd player. laughed a lot. then Ryans dad came home. went inside, and watched Blade 2. had more good laughs. got tickled by everyone cause, they thought it'd be funny to have heather pin me down, and ryan frye tickle my feet, and ryan clark tickle my stomache. it was terrible. then, at 1:30 a.m, we left.

that night, stuff happened, didn't go to sleep until 4:30

Saturday- woke up at 8. layed around. finally got ready. left. got to the boat thingy. road around on it. heather and I had like a 2 hour talk. went downstairs. ate nothign at all cause everything was pretty much gone. then, what a coincidence, this guy that we thought was hot, walked over and started talking to us, His name was Kris. he was from texas. it was funny.

then we left. and went to the metro station, because woody and jason wanted to ride it. went to tysons, got lunch. left. then we were home. went down to Ryans again and hung out with them. played in the rain. then, it stopped, then went back outside. and went down there, got a picture of me, heather, devin, ryan and ryan. some kid took it, i forgot his name. then we skateboarded around. wrestled in the grass, in the rain.

It was awesome.
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Friday, July 16th, 2004

Subject:sucka sucka
Time:1:06 pm.
Cheer yesterday. picked up heather. gave her the present I got her. got to cheer. helped take in boxes. stretched. ran. jennifer came. gave her the present I got her. lifted weights and stuff. went in and changed into my bathing suit. went to the front. saw andy at lunch, so I went and gave him a hug and showed him my belly button ring. then went outside. waited for Brittany and her mom to come pick me up. they came. talked to Shawn the whole way up to Kings Dominion. got there. rode stuff. got fries. accidentally put sugar on them. sooo they were gross. left. rode more stuff. talked to some guy for little Michelle named Taylor. then, talked to some guy at one of those game places. I dont know his name. I think it was like--Mike or something. he told me to come back and see him. i said right-o. got this strawberry smoothie thingy. it was goood. then we left around 9:30

got to brittanys house. me, michelle, and shawn all got into brittanys bed. brittany slept on the couch cause she wasn't feeling too good. so, we all talked about stuff.

woke up, realized i was on the floor. so, i went in the living room. and played with baby tyler. and talked to Michelle.

and now im home

at 2, theres this mary kay thing i have to help out with.
and hopefully, tonight, im going to heathers to spend the night and go out with her tomorrow. wooooot.
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Tuesday, July 13th, 2004

Time:5:36 pm.
just got back from florida. it was awesome

Monday-got there around 7. swam
Tuesday-rode around, went to the mall.
Wednesday-boat. harpoon harrys. mall. hot guy named Nate :-)
Thursday-went and checked out Level 5 *piercing place*. got this thing.
Friday-relaxed. swam, that stuff
Saturday- got in my last tanning and swimming of the summer. went and got my belly button pierced.
Sunday-left. went to Disney world. it sucked. dont go there.
Monday-went shopping. got heather, danielle, and jennifer's gift thingy. looked for cocoanuts for ashley. no luck. went to this carnival thingy. rode this ride thingy that flings you up in the air. it was good.

now, I'm home. and it sucks. cause. Florida is so much better than Stafford.

Also. the weirdest thing happened. when we were leaving, I saw this sign, that said "parking spot of Jon Cain" ..I'm not even kidding.
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Sunday, July 4th, 2004

Time:10:04 pm.
Fourth of July is my least favorite holiday. Fooo' real.

But today, I talked to Devin and Bobby a lot. Also, I packed a lot of my stuff too. Tomorrow, at 3 o'clock, I'm gonna be on my way to florida.

But today, I went over my neighbors house to watch fireworks and have the little 'festivities' or whatever. uhm, swam a lot. and talked to Kellie. She got yet, another, dog. just like rico, but its a girl, and its black. im gonna get one of their babies.

im so glad Im leaving.
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Saturday, July 3rd, 2004

Subject:oh wow.
Time:9:07 pm.
Music:Division St.-Thursday.
Today was up and down. There were good parts and bad parts. the bad part, was that I didn't get to hang out with Jennifer. and I wont see her for a week. also. the one person I wanted to hang out with, I'm now out of his life for him. yeah, it sucks. but

I went to starbucks with Bobby and Devin. Jon and Linda were supposed to come, but they never showed up. and Danielle came too.

starbucks and beyond )
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Friday, July 2nd, 2004

Subject:reminder: bring back cocoanut for ashley and heidi
Time:10:09 pm.
Today didn't go as planned, and it bummed me out.

What was supposed to happen:

Pick up Jennifer. go to sisters apartment. help her move in. get ready. go to starbucks and meet up with bobby and devin with jennifer.

What happened:

didn't pick up jennifer. went to sister's apartment. helped her move in. didn't go to starbucks. got chinese.

I'm supppppppppppppper not in a good mood. I really wanted to meet that kid. But, plans will be made tomorrow. and they will happen

Tomorrow also. jennifer is comming over early. then she's going to starbucks with me. and theeeen Sunday morning Patrick is comming over and we're going to have breakfast. I'm excited.
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Thursday, July 1st, 2004

Subject:I heard she sucks all the guys peenies
Time:5:24 pm.

Physical Therapy. Sucked. Did new things that hurt my ankle. Talked to Kim about Ben. Psh.
Picked up Jennifer. Brought her back here. We got online. Watched Movies. Talked
Went to Starbucks. Got good coffee. Walked to Applesbees. Saw Ben.
Went back to Starbucks. Got kicked out of Jerry's. Went to Shoppers. Bought gum.
Sister picked us up. Went to Jennifer's. I finally got to spend the night somewhere after being grounded.
Talked to her mom. Watched Movies. Got Online. Talked to Ben.
Lost Cause.
Around 3. Went into her room. Talked about things that bothered both of us, and people. and janx.
Went to sleep around 5 o'clock


Woke up at 8:45. Waited for my sister. She brought me all the money and stuff I needed.
Talked to Jennifer.
Her mom took me to practice, and not Jennifer.
Was really sad.
praticed with Victoria and Emily.
Lift weights
did jumps
stuff like that.
left. went to my sister's new apartment. helped unpack
ordered food.
left. and now I'm here. I was going to go to North Stafford. But then I didn't feel like it.

I'm leaving Monday for florida now. and I'm getting my belly button pierced sometime this week. meh.

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Tuesday, June 29th, 2004

Subject:jennifer johnson is a hottie.
Time:2:17 pm.
Today. was long. orthodontist. getting my braces off in like 2 months. wooot wooooot.

uhm, after that, cheer. then physical.

now me and jennifer have our uniforms on. and we are going to go to my sisters softball game and walk around. we are such losers haha.

expect pictures.

we need boyfriends haha.
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Monday, June 28th, 2004

Time:2:50 pm.
Today has been so sucky. I woke up and was super tired. went to IHOP. then I was going to get a physical, and I waited for an hour and a half, and the wait was even longer. so I left, went to physical therapy. then left. and now im here...

mmmm, found out that chris changed his sn, and didnt tell me or anything. im not trying to sound like a baby or anything. i mean, im not going to make a big deal about it. but meeeh. i dont know

on a lighter note, I talked to Salena. and she gave me the scoop on Ben Leitner. Single.Has possibly taken a liking to me. thats exciting. she gave him my number, and told him to call me sometime..

Friday, going to Florida. thank god.

either tomorrow, or wednesday. Im getting my belly button pierced. Linda may be comming with me. We didnt hang out last night which was a bummer. but hopefully if she gets on soon, we're going out somewhere to talk. I love that girl.
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Sunday, June 27th, 2004

Subject:holy hell, i hate you
Time:5:36 pm.
I'm incredibly pissed off right now.

tonight im hoping to hang out with Linda.

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