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[04 Aug 2003|09:50pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]
[ music | christina aguleria -- dirrty ]

hey...mEe, jAy & sylvia went t0 a new mall that 0pened t0day. we b0ught m0re stufferz there. we b0ught l0ts a stuff at american eagle//abercr0mbie. i g0t this pink tube t0p that says l0ve on it, it`z s0o cute. after that my m0mmy picked us up & dr0pped 0ff jay @ her h0use. then mEe & syLviA went to get m0re highlightzZz at the sal0n. we als0 g0t 0ur nailz d0ne. they l00k s0o pretty*. we met up wit the guyzZz again. i miss jake =( well, i`m g0nna g0 l0ok f0r sh0ez. bUh ByE

*LiL kImMi

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=) [03 Aug 2003|10:56pm]
[ mood | ditzy ]
[ music | justin timberlake//rock your body ]

hey i decided t0 make a j0urnal, syliva suggested it. t0day me & her went t0 the mall again. we bought l0ts 0f stuff. we went t0 abercr0mbie, wet seal, G+G, etc. etc. we g0t l0tsA pink stuffz. we l0ok s0 pretty in pink. after that we went t0 the beach. in 0ur bathing suits. then we went h0me. well i`ll update m0re lataa. i l0ve y0u jake

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