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[21 Feb 2004|10:34pm]
*at annas* today was fun. woke up & finished my laundry - took a shower - and went ova my gmas for a lil while. then i came home 2 pack for annas n mike p and cody came by and mike wuldnt stop ringin the fricken doorbell!! lol so then i called mark n ended up goin out wit him n then i left for church n saw jamie then i went 2 annas n im here now. wen i got here i wuz bein stupit n ended up breakin up wit mark sum how n idk wut i wuz thinkin but n e wayz im bak wit him. lol annas mom was tellin us how annaa talks in her sleep n stuf ha it wuz fuckin great. then we ate pasta and ketchup! lol yummy! we watched american wedding. lala now annas on da fone wit chunker n tomorrow i think were goin 2 the mall lol.. n e wayz peace

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