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[10 Mar 2004|03:30pm]
nuthin rele is happening. i got baton in a bit. honestly i dont wanna go but i wanna go cuz i wanna chill wit jamie n jenn. today get 2 skool it wuz an aight day. tomorrow we hav an all day assemby NO CLASSES! hellz yea xcept specials but its awsum! then i sat wit matt sean kev in art n it wuz fun. yea so i like kev alot. yea well ima go.. l8r
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[05 Mar 2004|08:44pm]
wow a lot has been goin on. well i dont feel like explainin it all. i like kevin n im finally gonna admit it lol. i told him MYSELF yesterday oo im good! lol but he dunt like me so o well. i got art n consumer science now. lol today was so much fun. well sorta. i get 2 skool n me n anna r cool. n then we got in trubble n that wuznt cool.. yeh n we almost got kicked off the trip - not cool. then i went 2 history - math - then in english we had mrs legaza and me n andrew p went into mr ts room 2 type n we were flirtin the whole time lol it wuz fun! and i typed his whole paper for him cuz im so nice lol. then i had science n mr bruce jus hates me so lol. then i had consumer science ahh it wuz great! i hafta sit next 2 shawny n chels. today we had mrs odonnell n jayjay lol. so i sat next 2 bertanza n chels n then kristina was on the otha side of chels n like our stools were all messed up cuz we were watchin EMRIL LIVE haha lol n KEVIN sat near me! I FLIPPED lol then i wrote him a note lol. n thenall of a sudden i wuznt watchin that movie thing n emril was like BAM it scared me! lol then we had lunch n i ate in mr porters office thang wit dee jamie n annalee n we signed a contract not 2 fite. then i had 2 go 2 art n i hafta sit next 2 monica n todd but then next 2 monica is goux n across frum him is bertanza so i was talkin 2 them n they found out i made out wit tom lol like 2 years ago n they were like tellin every1. then we had a white team meeting n then i went home. i went 2 the studio 2 assist n after we helped set up for the tea. n we chilled n talked n stuf. bout our classes. then now im home online n talkin 2 this kidd tim lol hes hittin on me haha im jk. well thats bout it! lol l8r

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[28 Feb 2004|11:47pm]
well annas here. shes sleepin ova. like every weekend lol or im at her house. today hmm did bout nuthin. anna came over then we went 2 my gmas n we started 2 watch "hannibal" but then we were eatin n it wuz grossin me out so i hadda stop the tape so we watched room raiders and there wuznt n e hott guys! :-( yeh so idk lately i havnt been myself its weird. its like im always tired or i feel sick. idk wuts rong wit me. n then ive been mad n i take it out n ppl. wel yeh i stil like mark but he like hates me n he wuldnt eva go bak out wit me but i dont blame him. if i wuz sum1 else i prolly wuldnt wanna go out wit me either. n e wayz.. tomorrow were uh idk wut were gonna do. yea well im gonna go... l8r
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[28 Feb 2004|12:08pm]
well um yesterday was aight. went 2 skool. becca was wearin a skirt rite n we were goin down 2 french class n we saw travis n travis gav becca a look n it wuz the funniest look in the world n he wuz like WUT THE FUCK R U WEARIN? lol haha becca! yeh sooo hmm nuthin rele happened. yeh so then me n jamie had play practice it went aight jessi was givin it all atitude lol it wuz great! then i hadda assist. i luv those lil ones to death esp. my last class. lol ok my funk class wuz jus finishing and this chunky gurl frum the next class walks in puts her bag down and then walks to the middle of the floor n starts lookin at her self and me n michelle were dyin cuz it wuz sooo funny! and then i went ova my gmas to eat. today i went to ccd n i saw next to gina my love and erica duff. n I LOVE CHEEZ IT BOY!! lol bitz i luv ya! wel n e wayz i mite be goin ova annas 2nite yeh soo ill write l8r bibi
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[26 Feb 2004|05:52pm]
today wuz aight. becca came bak. shes awsum i luv her shes like one of the only ppl i can trust. i cant trust many ppl. the otha ppl r jessi aleena jamie dee kell xtina katie meg and jenn. ugh im sick of every1 talkin shit. i c beccas point lol. n e wayz so i get 2 skool n i go up n talk 2 becca n stuf. then i go 2 tb1 n talk 2 jess meg n becca [again lol] then i had a history test n i think i passed lol. me n meg like memorized the questions n answers ha! i luv megan lol n then i had math n i wrote like 5 notes in that clas.. wait! only 2 - to my sluts jessi and aleena lol. yep so then i had english n i wrote annas peters and ginas note in dere. and i wuz talkin 2 andrew pattyson the whole class. n then i had science and now i sit next 2 melinda but idc cuz shes coo. n then mr bruce wuz makin fun of jessi haha shes my slut. lol and he took her note i wrote her frum her i wuz like WTF! lol then i had french n becca aint in our group no more so i went ova n started talkin 2 her cuz all liz wuz doin wuz talkin bout becca and beccas rele cool so idk. liz confuzes me cuz shes like oo beccas hideous but shes gorgeous lol. rite becca ur a syco ha! lol i luv becca. and then i took kevs folder and the sub wuz like "if u guys wanna flirt then flirt AFTER class" lol it wuz funny. then we had lunch n i had the emmett thing n then i went 2 flex n idk went home talked 2 ppl the usual. yeh boring i kno. i luv ***** <3

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[22 Feb 2004|07:07pm]
wow. what a weekend. alot of shit happened lol. well it all started off i went ova annas. and well i updated bout that already but after that sum how pat n me were friends again n he aint mad at me. but travis is. he like HATES me n well. yeh i care but he wunt talk 2 me so i cant rele do nuthin bout it. tiffany dont hate me no more and thats a good thing. shes rele cool lol. so then b4 all that - aleena n jessi got mad at me n then idk i guess tiffany wuz gonna walk up 2 annas house or wuteva n pat talked her outta it or suttin liek dat. yea soo then jessi n tiffany called me n so sum how everybodys friends! lol xcept aleena stil hates me. o well lalala soo then we ended up goin 2 bed around 530 lol and we woke up at 11 and had dunkin donuts! yay! then we got ready and her mom asked if we wanted to go bowlin so we went. ah it wuz frickin awsum! we were in lane 32 lol and we had pink balls lol!! pink balls to go w/ the pink penis [lol AM JD JR DS] yeh n like this rele hott kidd wuz there n shit n i wuz like actin all crazy n he kept lookin at me weird lol it wuz great n then like there were these gurls that anna knew and they stoled lollypops frum her n so i wuz gonna go up 2 them n be like i want my lollypops bak lol! hahaha n then deborah came 2 pick us up so we convinced her to go to KFC and so we got honey bar-be-q rbs ha they were good lol and we dimolished all the evidence *hehe sneaky* but anna ended up sayin that we had it n e way lol. n then we came bak 2 annas n "TRIED" to take her dog for a walk but candi wuldnt walk lol so we came bak in n talked and then i left n came home. so on a good note - everything aight i jus wish that travis didnt hate me.

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[21 Feb 2004|10:34pm]
*at annas* today was fun. woke up & finished my laundry - took a shower - and went ova my gmas for a lil while. then i came home 2 pack for annas n mike p and cody came by and mike wuldnt stop ringin the fricken doorbell!! lol so then i called mark n ended up goin out wit him n then i left for church n saw jamie then i went 2 annas n im here now. wen i got here i wuz bein stupit n ended up breakin up wit mark sum how n idk wut i wuz thinkin but n e wayz im bak wit him. lol annas mom was tellin us how annaa talks in her sleep n stuf ha it wuz fuckin great. then we ate pasta and ketchup! lol yummy! we watched american wedding. lala now annas on da fone wit chunker n tomorrow i think were goin 2 the mall lol.. n e wayz peace

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[20 Feb 2004|07:30pm]
nothing. nothing. nothing. thats wut ive been doin. well today i did sum laundry lol n talked 2 pat nd anna on da fone n otha ppl online. i luv the movie finding nemo. lol. i did hook up liz n travis but now liz broked up wit him. ummm 2morrow im sleepin ova anna's. i think its an american pie marathon lol. even tho i watched american pie then american pie 2 today. yea so thats bout it. pat im glad we cool again i lylab. becca s... ur awsum n idc wut liz seys [sry liz but i luv u 2!] n u always got me n anna there 4 u! wel im out lata

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[19 Feb 2004|11:24am]
annas here. last nite we were talkin 2 pat n travis on the fone n we were talkin bout hangin out 2morow then they hanged up n we call bak and they were mad n kept hangin up so we kept callin them. then tiffany called me cuz she sed that pat n travis sed me n anna were talkin shit! n we were like wtf n stuf so idk pat n travis r mad at us n tiffany hates us. thee end so sum how me n anna ended up on da fone wit liz n jessi. n then liz left 2 go call tiffany n so me n jessi called mark. mark dont talk on da fone lol. n jessi was watchin finding nemo so me n anna put the movie in. AND that whole time we were tryin 2 straighten my hair!! but it wuznt workin cuz we kept gettin interupted. lol and anna wuz doin it 4 me n she burnt my ear so im like u burn my ear one more time im gonna put u outside and build u an igloo to live in. and jessi thought that wuz the funniest thing! lol so then anna burnt my ear and i wuz like IGLOO NOW! IGLOO NOW! lol ahh it wuz funny! then we talked 2 chunker n ended up watchin GOLDMEMBER. lol n i fell asleep n woke up at the end. where he wuz like fa-ja fa-ja. lol it scared me. so rite now were updatin blurtys n we WERE karoking but lol idk. so yea anna IGLOO NOW!
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[18 Feb 2004|11:12am]
[ music | "everything" - fefe dobson ]

new blurty. new layout. got bored w/ the otha 1 lol. ummm nuthin rele happened. me & liz r friends again n were talkin on da fone last nite for a while. w/ jessi. im not gettin between becca n liz tho cuz their both good friends of mine. so0o yea... l8r

xOxO - shElL

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