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01:42pm 15/02/2004
mood: chipper
music: under.the.infulence//eminem.&.d12
lets seeeee uh thursday i went to school and HE wasn't there again i dont think... but then friday he was :) everyone had balloons n stuff for valentines day at school but not me cuz im unspeckle v.v but thats ko cuz when i got home manda gave me a pink rose :) hehe then me n her had to babysit .. then i spent the night at her house.. then i went home and cleaned saturday mornin then we went to walmart n got our nails done and went shoppin n i bought hair dye.. and then i came home n died my hair :D it was funn.. then i went back to her house n we ordered pizza and watched a movie >second hand lions - good movie< then tv... then i came home got on the computer went to sleep woke up this mornin n mom told me that its sposed to snow today >1-3 inches< andd then we went to church.. then we came home.. then we went to the grocery sto'.. and nowww im home and mom's leavin for dalton in like 15 minutes v.v till wednesdayyy im stuck with my dadddd how gay is thattttt rawr >.< but newhoo im gonna go now lala laterr

FoReVeR & aLwAyS`
<3 SaRaH`