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quizzes [31 Dec 2002|03:37pm]

my do i <333 taking these things.

I am absolutely brooding!

Find your soul type
at kelly.moranweb.com.
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christmas [31 Dec 2002|03:01pm]
[ mood | sad ]
[ music | none ]

ok, heres what i got from my family:

hair things, purses, money for clothes, the sims unleashed, weezer cd, queens of the stone age cd, playstation game (incredible crisis), socks, hat, glove, scarf (<3 it), simpsons calender, simpsons talking watches, nice watch, cranium, spongebob board game, bath things, wallet.

from my friends:
penguin blanket, panda pillows, penguin towel set, singing mouse, A LOT of candy, homemade candle (from debi), spongebob puzzle, army guy stuffed animal (a joke), penguin mints, cute magnent (says: i like long walks on the beach, intelligent conversations and poking dead things with a stick.), a bracelet, a necklace.
^^ i would say who got me everything but then i would have to describe them...

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nothing [31 Dec 2002|02:48pm]
[ mood | worried ]
[ music | beautiful - christina aguilera ]

i just want to fall asleep and wake up in the summer time. i've been so depressed it won't even matter that i can't live my life. and i've been so not hungry it wont matter that i'm not eating and i've been so tired i will be so glad to sleep for once and i have been so unloved nobody will even notice, and i have been so unloving i wont even miss the boys i used to constantly dream about...

i haven't cried since yesterday but my mind is permanently crying, even though you don't notice it.

i thought the lack of hunger had something to do with not wanting to gain weight... but when i feel fat i still feel hungry i just hide those feelings. those feelings are non existant right now.

on a lighter note i am so proud of christina aguilera with her new video beautiful. it makes me more depressed than i already am but at least its not that dancing in bikinis style she usually does.

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sleigh bells ringin... are you listenin? [18 Dec 2002|09:19pm]
im so excited for christmas this year. i dont think ive ever been this excited so early in the year...

we sang christmas carols in french today. lol. the spanish kids sang to us in spanish. it was like a battle of the bad singers. ;D

okay im really worried that people will be getting me christmas presents and i wont have anything for them. =x
what ill do then is tell them that theres some hot stores in the place i go for christmas and get them stuff from there, because they have better stuff than here. which is true. when really i forgot or didnt think of getting them something. rotfl.

i went to the lets gab party today. *shrug*

lets gab - the gay/straight alliance at my school. my friends rachel n, rachel l and laura go there.
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exlax filled brownies [17 Dec 2002|08:51pm]
[ mood | amused ]

ok so my friend katelyn really hates andy. so she got her brother to give him a brownie with ex-lax in it. omfg. they gave him double than what you're supposed to take. he was apparently sick and well... pooping for a while. lmao lmao lmao. kinda feel sorry for him... but if katelyn doesnt like him i guess its definetly worth it!

katelyn - close friend. 14. met her this year. shorrt. 4'10?. CRAZY. hyper. "chunkmonster." (my nickname for her.)
andy - 14. went to middle school with him. had a HUGE crush on him from 7th to 8th grade. total player. cute. cant beleive i liked him!
exlax - a laxative that makes you poop. in case you didnt know.

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my weekend [17 Dec 2002|08:07pm]
I meant to write more but i never got around to it. Heres what happened this weekend. *The description of the people is at the bottom of the entry.

Friday: Went to mollys sleepover with rachel, laura, abby, EK, seba and lizzy. it was fun. we watched Cant Hardly Wait. *new favorite movie!*

Saturday afternoon: Went shopping at the mall... Claires, and Bath and Body Works. Got christmas presents and a birthday president for sammy.
Saturday night: Went to sammys birthday with Shallah, Emily, Anne, Amanda and Ally. i couldnt spend the night.

Sunday: Went to church, it was the chrstmas pageant so i read somehting from Issaah. Then i went to Starbucks with my dad. then we went to josh and jennifers party to celebrate the new babys sophie and noah. Then we went to sylvia and hughs caroling party. ugh.

molly - 14. best friend. chubby. grouchy at times. hyper. friends with her since i was 2.
rachel - 14. close friend. magenta hair. fun. spontaneous. vegan. known her since 2, just became close with her 2 years ago.
laura - 14. best friend. met her in 7th grade. vegan. pretty.
abby - 14. mollys friend. dont know her too well. pretty. funny.
EK - 14. EK = short for emily kate. known her a long time. we were best friends for a while, but i dont talk to her much.
Seba - 13. best friend. crazy. known her a long time.
lizzy - 15. best friend. crazy. feminist. red hair in dreads. known her a long time.

Sammy - 14. friend. best friends in preschool. saw her again this year. pretty. funny. nice.
Shallah - 14. dont know her too well. sophisticated. intelligent.
Emily - 14. friend. cute. quiet. sleepy. met her this year.
Anne - 14. close friend. met her this year. crazy. funny. sweet. <3 her.
Amanda - 14. friend. we were best friends from 6-12 but lost touch untill this year. lost lke 100 lbs. pretty. ditzy.
Ally - 14? dont know her at all.

Josh and Jennifer - married. josh is my dads best friend since they were 14? they adopted 2 adorable babies, sophie and noah. noahs very curious and cute. sophie is sweet and pretty.

Sylvia and Hugh: married. have two kids, julia and david, ages 5 and 4. rich. sylvia is my moms best friend since college.
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*dork* [12 Dec 2002|09:44pm]
[ mood | depressed ]
[ music | Is it worth it? lemme work it. ]

okay so i post on this message board about style... but normally i just post telling jokes and about my day and whatnot because they're all really nice people. so anyways yesterday i posted about an outfit and this girl goes "That outfit sucked!". gee i love these compliments. Just because i would rather have food than clothes doesnt mean i suck or anything. she sounds obsessive-compulsive no?

Today i was pretty depressed. I came up with a list why:
-i dont tell anybody how i feel... i bottle up all of my emotions. except to my one friend who happens to live 50,000 miles away.
-i'm in love with somebody i'll never see again
-i have a huge crush on someone who will never like me
-i am semi obsessive-compulsive, manic-depressive and anorexic.
-i am ugly and fat and have never had a boyfriend
-i have the ugliest teeth in the world
-i look like i'm 11 but im 14.
-im poor

yeah theres other reasons but i cant think about them. share your troubles in the comments section.

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splinterr. [10 Dec 2002|08:22pm]
[ mood | ditzy ]

i had this hugeass splinter and my mom had to get it out.

dude, ive been so ditzy all day. *flips hair*

oh and im a rubber band thats says totally rockstar on it. =/

I HATE MY TEETH!!!! i would pay with MY OWN money for braces if it would help my teeth!!! =P

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saturday night [07 Dec 2002|10:01pm]
saturday night and im home alone writing to complete strangers in an online journal. depressing, much. well anyways we had thursday and friday off for snow, and sunday (tommorow) is my dads 50th birthday party.
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gross yourself out. [07 Dec 2002|09:59pm]
gross yourself out. go here: www.expage.com/pinkglitterpuffhome

i totally need a new little picture thing. but what of? maybe a pineapple. how retro would that be?

i went to a craft fair today... bought nothing. im saving money. =)
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woopwoop [04 Dec 2002|09:10pm]
i was really really looking forward to lets gab but i couldnt find it. i was crying on the bus. aww well. im in an ok mood. *snow dances*

You're AIM!
You're AIM, probably the most popular instant messenger out there. The bad thing is that you're run by a bunch of corporate assholes, but what isn't nowadays?

You're Aero!
You're all happy-bubbly, highly optimistic, and disgustingly sweet. Airhead? Maybe, considering you contain about 80% air.

My bumper sticker says...

take the quiz!

SH0RT PEOPLE! lmfao.
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cooold [03 Dec 2002|06:32pm]
[ mood | nerdy ]
[ music | who lives in a pineapple under the sea? ]

haven't written in a while. it is so gosh darn cold. i had something to say earlier which no longer applies but what the heck?

We went to an advant-garde art exhibit called Art-o-matic the other day. All of the paintings, sculptures, photographs and collections of weird junk, i loved. But there was one in particular that just... pulled me in. It was a series of five paintings. The first one was just a woman standing there in a tanktop and panties. i dont know why i liked that so much. no, i wasnt interested in her panties. lol. i carefuly viewed each one of the set, all with her posing, and the fourth one was her hugging a scale. and i thought wow. because thats exactly how i feel about my life. its run by a scale.

yay. thats what i had to say. so for the next week i didnt eat much. but im over that now. lol =P i still dont eat chocolate, chips, or fried food but hey. =D

oh yay i get to babysit today. man.

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gah [28 Nov 2002|10:29pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

thanksgiving. woot. nothing to say.

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happy thursday [28 Nov 2002|02:16pm]
i hate hate hate thanksgiving. think about all the poor turkeys. (turki?). *tear*.

plus, the whole day we're cleaning the house and cooking only for a few people we dont like anyways. sounds like the best holiday ever. *sigh*
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yay! [27 Nov 2002|08:33pm]
hey everyone! this is my first entry so i should probably do a little introduction thing. I'm nicole and i'm 14. Hmm...i love pineapples, haha as you can see. I go to a public school. I like all types of art. My other diary is http://www.stupidxgirl05.diary-x.com
if you want to know more
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