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    Wednesday, July 2nd, 2003
    1:05 pm
    Today is my frist time writing in this.Real info Yersterday was the 1st time i talked to Anthony in a year.Well because last summer was going out but then he went back to ny and now he's back i don't think he's going back this time tho at least i hope. Me and maggie was talk to him at basketball court and lets see we was talking all good and everything thing,but then he ask who i been with sence he was gone and if i have any1 now.Which I don't and he asked me and i wanted to try it again with him.I told him maybe(even tho i know im know im going to say yes.)he said he can't take maybe eaither yes or no i told him i will tell him tommwer cuz that was the 1st time we talked in a year.Hopefully it's going to work out this time so u know u know wish me luck mauhz!!

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