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well... [06 Jan 2004|09:04pm]
[ mood | restless ]
[ music | screaming infidelities <3 dashboard confessional ]

fuck all this shit, im tired of it all. if anyone wants to talk shit bout me go the fuck ahead. i guess u care enuf to talk about me, u must think about me alot... i appreicate that then....go talk about britney spears and how she got drunk and married a guy (seriously wut happened wit her?)

other than that! i had a good day todaii; tayler wuz suppose to cum over but only caitlin came. tayler is cumin 2morrow wooo. omg every1 said to me todaii "wut happend you were all dressed up yesterday and todayy ur all casual again, we like you dressed up..." haha so from now on, ill wear the clothes i have in my closet and ill ruin them going to school the type where i dont wanna ruin good clothes so ill wear sneakers and a simple tshirt and jeans to school...hey, thats me. deal with it. im so bored, caitlin was over my house todaii, and um, we hung out. my uncle had came here and he chopped down like ten of our tress and bushes; our like naked now lol and he also went to devin's house and cut a tree for his mom (devin from steinert not the other jackass one that i HATE) my mom and his mom are like planning on us going to the sophmore social together i was like "oh really?..." (my mom works at crockett with his mom) my mom is so freakin great, shes crazy... thats where i get my crazyness from, her. im happie, im talking to her again... not to sound all goodie-good, but yeah i hate not talking to i cant wait till the freshman social! i love dances... just ask anyone who saw me at the 8th grade social, or homecoming. ok gezz im going.. i need sleep i havent slept in TWO DAYS. ill tell more about that later... and i think im happier now, compared to my other entries... i realized that the more lies that get spread about me and the more lies i see get spread about other things, by stupid people, who beilive it, the more i laugh. retards.
HA. the entertainment of my life.

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