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oh wow. [21 Feb 2004|03:46pm]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | you're so last summer ]

ok so last night was fun! i had gone to the rock show with heather and i met a lot of people... i ended up meeting this kid jon who was soooo adorably cute and giving him my screename so he better come and talk to me... but me n heather think he was drunk lol... but i was laying down with him and used him as a pillow. so not like me, but wutever... i also met zak, i have been talking to this kid since forever and never met him in person till yesterday...
yesterday i was wayy more outgoing and unafraid of things then normal. i think it was a combination of sleep deprivation/ hot boys/ loud music/ and smell of ciggerettes getting to my head. ;] oh well. at least i was with heather shes like my bestest friend. i guess the bands were good too...a lot of screaming and guitar stuff...which im not used to listening to yet, but it was cool. and heres a tip for everyone, dontt everrr get caught in a mosh pit.

and so before the show i walked with heather to her house with ryan (diff ryan) and it was so funnie he tackled her quite a few times and me once... it was crazy and then we walked to get her sister at school and then he ended up going to her house and i talked to him...and heather had to go to dance so we left and later her mom took us to the rock show. her mom is too funnie lol... god i love it all.

and so thursday, i did nothing but come to school, eat, sleep, and watch ER. but then at like 12, i didnt feel like sleeping so i stode up all night. bad idea, friday i was so tired. i shud get into better sleeping my parents came home and woke me up at around 2. they sid the neighbors need a babysitter. :) good, i need the money. the only money i ever get is from my grandparents now... and that never lasts...just ask anyone whoes ever gone shoppnig with me. i take money out of the atm when its suppose to be for my college fund... im stupid.

and i guess thats pretty much it. i need a social date. theres like no even two weeks left to the social and im confused as to who i shud go with or ask or wutever...suggestions?

[17 Feb 2004|04:41pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]
[ music | blink 182 ]

ok so i dont feel like explaining on whats been going on in my life. ill do it quickly and then im posting a survey that jess gave to me at three in the morning to do last nite. im not seeing ryan anymore, i finished dance, im no longer into getting good grades im sick of caring, i found a cute social dress....and shoes. and heather helped me pick them out. and i gues thats it. ok here we go,
ill make a better update later. i have no time anymore. (wooo i got a life) not. ;]

The Generic Teenager Stereotype
Do you drink [alcohol]?: not anymore. i only did at parties but whatever. i still like amaretto sours.
Do you party a lot? How often?: whoever has a good partie, im there. someone have a partie.
Do you use drugs for recreational purposes?: no
How often do you use the word like in an average hour?: i dont wanna, like, know.
Do you skip classes? i have a few times before. never again, id rather just go to class its stupid.
How often?: i just said told you dammit
Do you have casual sex? casual? how is it casual?
Protected?: when im ready for sex ill use a condom cuz i dont want no babiies. yet.
Do you steal?: i have enuff money why shall i steal its not worth it
Do you wear inappropriate clothing?: no cept when i go out in the cold wearing like a halter
Do you drool over celebrities?: drool? um no, cept orlando bloom is on a nice huge poster in my room ;]
Do you watch a lot of TV?: the only time i have is when i watch the OC and ER
Do you ever watch the News?: the news is a bunch of worthless depressing crap i cant stand it... they brainwash people im serious...
Do you even care about world issues?: of course. dont get me started
Do you read books often?: im reading hamlet, but other than that i dont read that often i have no time
Are you failing a lot of your classes?: no but im not doing as well as i should be doing
Do you spend most of your time with your friends?: i try to
Do you smoke cigarettes?: never will its cancer in a stick
Do you hang out a lot in malls, or at Seven Elevens?: they dont have seven elevens out here. i miss those slurpees! so i gues the mall...
Do you often find yourself with a crush on someone?: wutever. why do they call it crush though, its like are they gunna crush our hearts or something? gezzus.
Do you cuss a lot?: I shud stop sometimes i have a bad habit of doing it, i kno it makes gurls look bad...
Are you desperate to fit in?: fit into what? who cares what people think and if ur "popular" its not gunna matter in ten years
Are you intelligent?: hahaha ask my teachers and see what they tell you

The Goth Stereotype
Black lipstick?: no, ew
Black eyeliner?: yep, but not too much
Black eyeshadow?: wouldnt u look like a vampire with that stuff?
Black trenchcoat?: not into that sorrie
Black boots?: i wish i could wear my flip flops every day, but its cold so i wear high heels and sneakers.
Black fishnets?: i wore them once, never again they ripped...
Black nail polish?: doesnt work for me
Cigarettes?: never will; i just told you that
Heavy metal music?: im into rock...esp old stuff.. but not metal, i dont understand it really its too much
Marilyn Manson?: freak
Kittie?: huh?
Cradle of Filth?: is that a band?
Constant frown and perpetual angst?: im always smiling...if thats wut ur asking?
Do you like to be seen as: as what...?
Are you an intellectual?: i guess
An atheist?: no. im catholic, but i respect all religions, beilive what u want to beilive....
Horrible home life?: heh, no comment
Hopelessly depressed?: i have my moments
Suffering with suicidal idealations?: suicide is selfish
Self-mutilation?: huh? no...?

The Punk Stereotype
Plaid?: u'd be surpised, i have a few plaid things...
Big black boots?: i have ones with high heels if that counts
Mohawk?: those things are freakish
Excessive piercings? [Especially facial]: i m going for another set on my ears. but thats it, anything else is too much
Loud, confident and opinionated?: im loudest person in my class, im confident... i think...ahh i dunno... and opinionated? yep, but not obnoxiously opinionated
Wild hair colors?: nikki just died her hair blue its great, but iwould never do that to my hair its suffered enuff i just cut it 5 inches...
NOFX?: what?
Rancid?: i dont like that band...i dont know why
Well versed on political scandals and outrages?: versed?

The Jock Sterotype
What's your IQ?: prob higher than yours
Do you watch a lot of sports?: i watch when the yankees play. other than that no
Play a lot of sports?: god im not naming my whole list. i need to stick to one
Talk a lot about sports?: not really
Are you arrogant?: noo
Are you a male or female whore?: um how bout no...
Are you homophobic?: no
Do you tease other people a lot because you want to seem confident?: people who do that need a life
But really you're a quivering mass of insecurity?: im not insecure like that....
Boobs = they shud be bigger
Parties = someone have one please
Dropping out of high school and flipping burgers = not on my list

The Girl Stereotype
Do you spend a lot of time on your appearence?: is ten minutes a long time?
Have you ever been on a diet?: once. never again i cant stop eating like a pig
Make yourself throw up?: god i would never do that to myself
Make-up?: when i get the chance
Low-cut tops?: depends
How big is your chest?: shall i say?
Do you flip your hair when you talk, even if you don't realize it?: no and if i do i dont realize...
Giggle a lot?: hahahhahhaa. yea
What's the deal with boys?: ive been asking that since the age of 5....what IS the deal?
Thongs?: my mom doesnt want me wearing them but i do
Pretty bras?: as long as the fit
YM, Teen, Cosmo, et al?: mags are stupid... they tell you how to "be beautiful" and have models on the pages that are size zero with perfect hair and then they wonder why america has eating disorders and suicide...
Who's the weaker sex?: men
Are you a feminist?: no
Do you think Brad Pitt is hot?: hes old and shud get rid of his beard thing
Are you emotional?: yea but people dont realize that
Especially when on your period?: i dont think i am, if i am please tell me...

This Or That
Originality or Acceptance?: originality
Independence or Companionship?: depends on who u are
Stability or Freedom?: freedom life is never stable if u think about it, one thing can change ur life...
Personal or Interpersonal?: um...dunno
Introvert or Extrovert?: define those words
Popularity or Isolation?: if you THINK your popular... no, neither.
Unique or Loved?: both if can have them
Understood or Individual?: again, both if u can have them
You or Them?: them.

<333 comment

oh lordy. [11 Feb 2004|10:56pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]
[ music | blink 182 ]

ok so this has been a fun expierence. ive been really in a wonderful mood lately i love my life. which is a first. yesterday i was at heathers house all day after school and we ended up having the best time ever, we were waking to her house and her shoe got stuck in the mud and i almost sunk in. and then heather was like "i wish chris could drive us home" and dont you know, two seconds later a ghetto car pulls up next to us. guess who it is. CHRiS. lol haha his car is so funnie. hes got two stereo speakers strapped in with seatbelts and the wires runnin through i was hysterical laughing. and so when we got to heathers we picked up her sister and we ran into jake and me and him have a lot in common lol and so we are hanging outside and i saw steve and his mad cool car. lol wow, loads of info there. wait theres more. so jake gets into trouble cuz he cut school and i borrowed heathers clothes and i ended up going home at like 9 at night. and i came home, and was like SHIT i got homework.... and so i did that and ended up going to bed really late. yeah im not writing normally and i dont kno why.

and so me and heather also hung out a my house monday too and i forgot who won in pool. lol and oh god theres too much fun to tell with her. and so me and her have been talking to devin and like he thinks hes getting "lap dances" from us. and all this funnie stuff is happening. and so in order to entertain or bordom we ended up dancing like sluts in my basement and she showed me her new dances and i TRiED to learn them. lol and yeah shes my newest bestest friend.

and let see, wut else has been going on? um... im going 2morrow to the mall for a social dress and some clothes for the rock concert on friday. im dying to go. school hasnt been so dreadful lately. ah, but we got dudah 2morrow so scratch that. everyone is just being wonderful. i love it. um...ryan too. he called me today though just to "hear my voice" i like wanted to cry hes so cute man and i dunno how im worknig things out with him for valentimes day but ill see when the day comes. friday im gonig to ny. wonderful. and thats pretty much it for major things here comes the random things. as if that wasnt random enuff already.

so andrea ims me and invited me to a chat and of course join and theres a whole bunch of people idont know in there and theres this senior kid who i ended up talknig to for hourss and i just made another friend <3 lol i love meeting new people. and so, todayy we had swimming in pool i was walking around school with wet hair and flip flops. we had swim 18 laps, which wastn bad, just i only had like 2 minutes to get ready and that is no where near enuff time for me. i ned like 30 just for a shower....yeah im lazy. and um... we had the freaky teacher sub for gt today. i might get carnations 2morrow. hopefully. lol <-- notice i say that too often cuz im happie today. lol. ah there i said it again... we had a sub for 9th period and we did nothing but watch fight videos on the computer. and oh heres something freaky, i had like three 100 grand bars and three m n m bags today, since i didnt eat a big lunch cuz of swimming. im such a pig. i swear im gunna b obese someday. hopefully not. and so im leaving now cuz my mother is yelling at me to finish my homework and go to bed. which will be in the next three hours. sorrie for the boring confusing update.

<3 miilkshake *

[10 Feb 2004|08:21pm]
[ mood | crazy ]
[ music | kim possible and heather singing* ]

hello everyone. im at heathers house waiting to go to my house. theres nothing to say, well EVERYTHING to say just i dont feeel like typing. updating later <3

i love my whipped cream<3
and my ryan!

oh man. [05 Feb 2004|08:42pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]
[ music | crawling - linken park ]

well yesterday was the funniest day ever, in school i had the best time i actually like going, now only if we could minus the tests and ms dudah id be as happie as jack in will and grace. hah. ok well so after school i went to heathers house and stode there till about 4:30 and i went with her to get her braces colors changed! she got pink and purple! lol and we went back to her house and danced and it was the best time ever!! im gunna steal her black dress, its a tight tie up one from charlotte russe and i LOVE it. too bad its too slutty for the freshman social!! hah and so her mom dropped her and lindsey off at dance and then dropped me off home, and i actually did my homework cuz im trying to get honor roll cuz im allowed to take a vacation to FL if i get it. haha so now see wut happens when i get motivated? and then i toke a shower and went to bed at like 4 in the morning. fun fun fun!

and so i dragged myself out of bed today with the bags under my eyes, and rolled into first period. late again. i swear if mr greb cared about my late times, id be like suspended. i cant think of ONE day where i wasnt late. yeah, so anyways second period i talked to my dan and lauren. and drooled over a hot kid in which i shall not say his name. lol i dont kno his name! :) but he was hot. i shud shut up im sorta not supposed to be looking at other people! ms dudah was the usual bitch in third period.... 4th period crazy lunch...spanish me and heather got yelled at 3094238490328 times...(the usual) and then! GYM >> POOL. urgeee i had to like ahhh i dont mind swimming, just that they give us FIFTEEN minutes to shower and get dressed. i walked out into the hallway after that half dressed, hair and body soaked, and realized that by accident i had washed my hair with the body soap and washed my body with the shampoo. no wonder my hair was not being curly.... im so stupid when im in a rush. and so the rest of the day i looked like a bomb hit me. and so i came home, and did 100 million things... i cleaned my room and talked to jamie... did my homework (motivation!!) and now here i am.

<333 pe@ce n chicken gre@se

long time no update... [03 Feb 2004|03:51pm]
[ mood | full ]
[ music | get tipsy & saltshaker * ]

hello everyone <3 well the last time i updated wuz friday night when i was bored and tired. i had gone to bed like a little freak/nerd and actually got sleep and stode home. but i didnt mind i needed some time to myself. i hadnt been sleeping lately. Lauren and brent broke up :( shes very sad. i hope they get back together it makes me sad to see her sad. its a name thing... also, my mom told me if i get honor roll this marking period im able to take a trip to florida either spring break or a longer summer one. :). lets hope i can have enuff luck in math this quarter. today, i sat in class and mr greb was like "lauren wuts the equation for blah blah something something?" i told him "something done to a x variable. u chose wut to do with the x, ill just write it down..." <-- that, is clueless.

saturday. ok my grandparents came here, i went to NYC for a while, hung out with ryan... not giving details <3 and um... ryan dropped me off here...when i came home they were here, so i took another quick shower and my grandparents took me to fezziweg's and i ate and stuffed my face. i dont even want to tell you wut i ate, its scarey. then they took me shopping for a bit and we came home. fun fun.

and sunday.... woke up late, baby geena came here cuz her dad didnt go and see her and she was all upset so she came here and her misery was ended. dont ask me why she likes our house? she runs all over, i love her to death! <3 and then she left here crying cuz she didnt want to go. i re-did my nails took a hottt steamy shower, and gave myself a pedicure. fun fun again

yesterday was wierd/crazy. i woke up late and ended up leaving my hair a huge big mess. but i dont care anymore, im not trying to impress anyone at steinert....the boys there can kiss my ass. im all for ryan <3 wutever.... anways! gym started yesterday with pool and i dont have to take it till about 2morrow or thursday. dont ask. my mom after school took me out and i bought a few things, ran a few errands, and bought my favorite things in the whole wide world. frappicino's and stewart's orange creamsicle sodas. ive had three already.

and todayyyy. ugh it was fun. i sold carnations with casey and jimmy sat with me :) yeah and i was late for spanish with lauren and then we had an assembly with this guy who told these stories and i was crying when he told the one with the car accident. he was like "and there was her friend standing there screaming for help over her" and i totally had the most HORRiBLE flashback of me with allison. please people, do NOT drive drunk. its horriiibleeeeeeeee. no one shud have to go through it, and that assembly at that part - hit my heart. the other parts of it..i didnt listen.

and so thats it. goodbye for now <3333333 ~

SlEEPPPPPPP. [30 Jan 2004|08:01pm]
[ mood | optimistic ]
[ music | iN thE NAME 0f l0VE <3 U2 ]

im in desperate need of sleep. i dunt know why, but during the week i cant fall asleep before 12, its just not possible and so i need at least one day a week to catch up... and today is def. that day. i was planning on going to iceland with heather or with jen shopping and ryan wuz suppose to be in town, but i cancelled all cuz i feel like....ill ive been doing is the same old things and its getting boring. they need to open up a huge club and put it right next to steinert. now theres something worth going to!

yea so my mom brought me home pizza and chicken parmagsean <-- spelling? and so im nice and full...for these two minutes. 2morrow im going to get a freshman social dress and ordering my shoes i cant waittttt. ah. i love shopping for dresses. i love dances. i love everything. cept one i just ruined my positive streak there. sorrie guys.

and so ryan says he's stopping by here and is bringing me something? it better be something good, like cheesecake from that store right by his apt. (he lives in ny people. we all kno ny has the best food.) i love that kid. <-- back to my positive streak! and so i think im gunna go take a nice warm shower and get ready if hes cuming....if not, goodnite people. this is like the only friday i ever DECIEDED to stay in. wierd.

<333 hasta la vista babii

SN0W DAii!! [28 Jan 2004|01:57pm]
[ mood | refreshed ]
[ music | GEt l0W* ]

ahh i love snow days, it gives me much-needed time to catch up on things... so yesterday night i was talking to chase for the first time im like forever, and NiNo is the sweetest boy on earth and i hope he reads that. and justin and kharisma continue to write me emails so im the happiest person, i love k and justin i cant wait to see them. yeah, enuff of that. thats not interesting.

so todaii i woke up in the best mood... i looked outside and was like WOO four more hours of much-needed sleep. i didnt eat my usual chocolate poptarts... i had frosted ones (what a change!) and i went online to see wut people were up to... very boring. so i practiced a dance routine, took a shower, and ryan called me and im meeting him later. god i love snow days. but, the one bad thing, we do have to make them up, the days come out of spring break. but im not going, no one is. its pointless, do u really think we're gunna come back from vacation for a make up day.? morons! yeah. im in the mood for a huge double decker cheesebuger and super sized fries. dont ask me why...

so, im officially done with making my collection of U2 music, i even got the rare versions of songs, im in heaven. again, props to kevin for this layout help! <33 theres really nothinggggg to say at ALL and all im doing is saying boring things. so, ill be back 2morrow with a better update. goodbye for now <33

hello again [27 Jan 2004|08:18pm]
[ music | walk on - U2 ]

WOO! a huge thanx to kevin for helping me with my new layout!!!! in case anyone is wondering who the guy in the background pitcure is, its Bono from U2, and he is my hero and they are my FAVORiTE BAND EVERRRRRR. just thought u shud know. and so thank you kevin!!! <333
and so im going to start my workout right now, and start my i will update 2morrow, hopefully there will be no school cuz its icey and cold and im not coming!

we better have a snow day 2morrow! [27 Jan 2004|12:45pm]
[ mood | nervous ]
[ music | wild honey - U2 . ]

oh wow it is freakin freezing. today, i got all dressed for school and realized we had ONE class for midterms today so i got dressed for nothing. so, me and kevin were suppose to hang out all day but my mom is being bitchy about i went to vito's with alanna, francesca, kevin, and dan...and it was hilarious i loved it. so we ate pizza at like, 11 or so... it took us forever to figure out how the hell we were getting there cuz it was frezzing out and there was no way we were walking.

and so here i am, i have major dance practice tonite but instead of going to the city and all that, im gunna practice here and call in sick. esp. cuz of the snow way am i walking around the city todayy! and so, also i took midterms for tech center. it was pointless. we watched fast and the furious in class on the overhead thingy... and i had to sit there and try to stay away from some people as much as i could...

and so, ill bbl im gunna take a nice hot going to dance...yeah...not.

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