Suicidal Dream's Journal

Tuesday, January 6, 2004

6:42AM - I'm lost without you.

Are you scared of being alone?
Cause I am.
I'm lost without you.
Are you scared of leaving tonight?
Cause I am.
I'm lost without you.

I don't know how I can make this better Shauna.. but I will. I promise.

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6:37AM - Oh, so difficult

These words can't explain how sorry I am for what I've done and how I've done it.. I'm only hoping in time you can forgive these words and much more. I wish for you. I hope for you. I'm wanting you more then you shall ever know. But let us get one thing straight. No, you are not my sister.

Current mood: crushed
Current music: Black night
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Thursday, December 18, 2003

6:32AM - Well well

we're at EUROPE!! woo hoo.. i'm still alive.. okay-RIGHT ON! Just updated to let you know because well.. otherwise after this i don't have a computer to chat with you loverly people. SHEE YA!

Current mood: cynical
Current music: Without You
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Tuesday, December 2, 2003

8:31AM - WOOO

That was sick.. NO.. discusting. Redneck assholes.. Well-i just got back from that damn.. whatever the hell it was.. was that charity?? Nah, twus za learning of AIDS awarness or what not.. that chick Jenna probably won't have a shot at getting AIDS, on account no one would have sex with her.. maybe that's just me.. or maybeh.. maybeh Joel had a slight attraction.. nah, twus probably towards the dobson twin slut prep things that he ever so graciously took in to his sesy world. Sesy yes.. Joel...*drools* WHOA THERE KIDS.. i'm just playing.. Well I'm gonna take mah leave now.. laters *PEACE* "ROCK ON NIGHTMARES!!!!!!!!!!"

Current mood: chipper
Current music: Abuse Me-SilverchairNESS
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Friday, November 28, 2003

7:35PM - Splokely dokely

^wtf^ Okay.. I'm here.. again. Updating for your viewing.. pleasure? YES I SAID PLEASURE!! whoa I just read that outloud and Benji said "WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN THERE BILLY!?? heh.. what a dumbass. "NOTHING BENJI!!" Well it's good to be back home for the weekend. Thanksgiving was okay I guess. Lots of.. meat. But there was other food THANK GOD.. or I would've had to get mah own food. Not good. Okay so yeah.. WHAT THE HELL.. oh.. *takes one sock off and throws it on the floor and starts growling at it* I'm feeling a little odd today. But so cozy in mah own house. Well I think I have to go again.. Catch up next time.

Current mood: enthralled
Current music: My First Punk Song-Boxcar Racer
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Thursday, November 27, 2003

8:07PM - Yesh.

So I'm here-writing my first journal entry. Contemplating on whether I should get off my lazy ass and get something to eat. I can hear Benji and Paul playing video games in the other room. Them and their fucking games, man. Lol.. it's great I swear. Hanging with the guys has been really fun lately.. though I don't know how much longer I can put up with Linzi. I mean-yeah sure.. I used to love her but.. what the hell am I to think when she goes and fucking takes my money without even asking me? She changed I can tell but.. you know.. there's nothing I can do. Oh wait "You can always break up with her, Billy?" Joel replies to me after thinking outloud. I can't do that?! I don't have the heart. I mean, she's been here for me, you know? And.. I've loved her for as long as I could remember.. since high school! But what the hell am I suppose to do huh?! I'm confucked.

Current mood: contemplative
Current music: Best I Am-Flaw
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8:02PM - TEST

testing 1 2 testing muahahahaha

Current mood: awake
Current music: Suicidal Dream-SILVERCHAIR
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