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.*My WeEEek AnD hC!*. [27 Sep 2003|01:24am]
[ mood | excited ]
[ music | HoLiDaY iNn - ChInGy SnOoP DoGg LuDaCrIs ]

heyy babes! im at *SteveMadden.Com* right now looking 4 my perfect shoes.. l0l cus i went shopping with my girls *CoUrTnEy aShLeY kRiStInA kRiStIn AnD MeGaN* last nite and so i got my dress and its black and halter and kinda low cut and to my knees with like different lenghths at the bottom! *I'M SO EXCITED!!* only u kno what this is pissing me off cus i have fat feet and i'm like waaay klutzier then lizzie mcguire l0l so i hafta find fancyish black open toed shoes that are cute but dont have spindly little high heels where i'll trip and kill myself so i remembered this awesome ones me and megan wanted in white at Steve Madden at promotion and the heels were perfect ((but my mom wouldnt get me them cus she said they were wedding shoes l0l)) and i thought if they had them in black theyd b perfect but they ofcourse didnt cus that was june then me and court saw the white and pink in nordstroms this morning and i was like all hopeful then we were looking at macys on our way back out and they had black steve maddens that were almost just like them and so i have to look only my stupid net nanny wont let me search 4 them! l0l! but moving on..... shopping was heck of fun and me and courtney found money on the ground this morning when we went to pick up r dresses so we got wetzels pretzels and surf city 4 bfast and left the rest as a tip! l0l

but last nite was fun and i got 2 go shopping on tuesday with my grandma 4 my bday which this coming up next friday... and then she took me out to dinner at TGIFridays which is my fave restaurant so that was bomb and since i have nothing better to do im gonna tell u what i got...

FrOm HoLLiStEr -

*GrEeN MiLiTaRy BoTtOmS
*LiTtLe BrOwNiSh SkIrT
*OrAnGe AnD wHiTe TeE

FrOm fOrEvEr 21 -

*My ReD aNd WhItE vElVeT PiMpEtTe SuItE tHaT I'Ve AlWaYs WaNtEd! ((HAHA Courtney knows..))

FrOm A&f -

*HeCk Of cUtE BrOwN jAcKeT

FrOm PaCsUn -

*bLaCk PiNk AnD wHiTe BiLLabOnG tRuCkEr HaT
*PiNk OnEiLL BeLt
*BrOwN BiLLabOnG BeLt
*bLaCk TiLt BeLt

and umm.. i think thats it besides like a $12 white tank top from BP and a oreo mcflurry at mcdonalds and another tee at hollister that doesnt fit...

ohhh yeeea.. thursday was the *fIrSt FrOsH hOmE GaMe*! and we actually won 16-0 against East Union whos from like Manteca... and yeea that was fun i was kind of nervous at first and i didnt actually fall off my box! i almost did though on this one cheer but its all good! Courtneys bro Mike came and he videotaped some of the game and like the halftime routine and last nite when we got back from the mall and i was at Courtneys we were watching the video and it was soo funny listening to him while he recorded! l0l but yeeea.. thats like it 4 now except i'm sooo excited 4 hc! we have to make all our reservations.. nails, hair, make-up, dinner.. its gonna be BOMB!

I lOvE yOu! x0x0x0x


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