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[10 Oct 2003|04:44am]

YAAAAAAAY! my stupid computer works.. cus it was broken.. and my dad blamed it on me so then "i broke it"... l0l but yeeea..

OMMMMMG! duude i am like SOO excited for HC! this whole week was like building excitement for hc l0l.. dude im sure if u go to av u kno who the PrInCeSs/PrInCe nominees are.. but imma tell u the freshman ones anyways cus im cool like that..

./~*FrOsH hOmEcOmInG PrInCeSs*~\.

*LiZzIe lEwIs*
*MeGaN WeIr*
SoMe GiRl FrOm pMs NaMeD kAyLa WhO i DoNt ThInK WiLL wIn.. l0l

./~*FrOsH hOmEcOmInG PrInCe*~\.

*NiCk JoHaNsEn*
*JoHn GoNdKoFf*
*RiCkY iSaBeL*

yeeea.. im sOoO EXCITED! i got my dress like a couple weeks ago and i ordered my shoes on wednesday nite from MaCy's.CoM because of my specially retarded feet and even though theyre SUPPOSED to only take *3 business days* they'll be here on wednesday.. and i made makeup and nail appts.. which OHH CRAP reminds me of something i need to do.. l0l.. AHHHH im soo excited! this week was pretty good... cheer prac monday and wednesday.. skits tues.. babysat wed nite.. the game yesterday vs SaN RaMoN which WE won 14-13! HELL YEA! DONS FOR SURRE! ScHoOl was ook.. except i had a looot of stupid gay projects and stuff and i like didnt have time to do my math hw at all this weekend between that and cheer and skit prac and babysitting.. by like 10 or 11ish every nite i was so tired i was like sick and then id wake up EARLIER every morning to get ready and TRY to do my math hw but im like slow in the morning so yeea.. DUDE i am like afraid to check my grades 4 EnGlIsH *PaGtAkHaN* and MaTh *kIyOi*... UGGHH.. i cant stand mr kiyoi.. like practically everyday i get the same book and someone wrote "kiyoi sucks #### hes a child rapist who takes #### hard" or something like that and that always cheers me up l0l... and in pagtakhan today we had ssr and i forgot my ssr book so daniel gave me some boring book hes using for a report on the incas 4 global studies.. and i just like looked all the pictures all period and read this one page about this inca guy named *tUpAc* very CoOl but there was like some seriously wrong pictures l0l..

and i like SoMeOnE.. but im doing a good job of keeping it a secret except maybe when i announced it to like the whole frosh squad at wed prac but its all good..
xox CraZeY4U xox: ur being very SnEeEaKY ABOUT IT ;-);-)

seeeee... IM PRETTY GOOD! l0l

gotta go do that thing i remembered b4 i have to leave my babysitting job tonite.. l0l wayyy hot friday nite for surre..

x0x! 143 lOvE yOu!

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[05 Oct 2003|01:56am]
[ mood | accomplished ]
[ music | NaGGiN - yInG yAnG TwInS ]

duude.. my friends better appreciate this or i will be pissed l0l i spent FOREVER calling different cosmetics depts in Macy's and Nordstrom's even though Courtney already got me and her appts with Lancome for before Hc... but yea so i did that and it took forever and some of the phone answering ladies were kinda bitchy.. douknohow long it takes to make 6 appts spread out around Macy's and Nordstrom's but close enough to keep everyone happy?? LOOONG! and i made the nail appts.. i just need to do the hair but i couldnt reach the place..

on friday Courtney came over and she went out to dinner at *oN tHe BoRdEr* with me and my family.. and we got these virgin daquiri/margarita things and we couldve sworn there was alcohol in it.. l0l and on saturday we went to the mall and i saw *mY lOvEr WhO aMaNdA tHiNkS iS gAy* but he isnt she just thinks that cus of something Chris said about him that one time but he is seriously like the HoTtEsT SeNiOr and I aM iN lOvE! l0l and today i woke up and went on the computer and spent FOREVER on the phone making appts..and now i have to do all my hw and makeup hw from when i missed all my classes on thursday..

x0x0x! 143!

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***My BdAyyyyyy!*** [03 Oct 2003|05:13am]
[ mood | chipper ]
[ music | UzA hO - LuDaCrIs ]

heyyyyy babes! its my bday today and it was the *BeStEsT* day! *tHaNk YoU* to all my friends ur soo sweet and especially the ones who brought me flowers and balloons. . . *CoUrTnEy LaUrEn kRiStInA MeGaN SaRa tOrI* i love you all!! i felt so loved! l0l

thursday was heck of tite i didnt have to go to any classes and i got to go to this drug thing with *aShLeY CoUrTnEy AnD cArEnA* so that was cool then we went to kRiStIn*S ortho appointment l0l then we hung out at ScHoOl b4 the FrOsH bBq then the game against GraNaDa 22-0! i love the football team! l0l

x0x0x0 lOvE yOu!


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.*My WeEEek AnD hC!*. [27 Sep 2003|01:24am]
[ mood | excited ]
[ music | HoLiDaY iNn - ChInGy SnOoP DoGg LuDaCrIs ]

heyy babes! im at *SteveMadden.Com* right now looking 4 my perfect shoes.. l0l cus i went shopping with my girls *CoUrTnEy aShLeY kRiStInA kRiStIn AnD MeGaN* last nite and so i got my dress and its black and halter and kinda low cut and to my knees with like different lenghths at the bottom! *I'M SO EXCITED!!* only u kno what this is pissing me off cus i have fat feet and i'm like waaay klutzier then lizzie mcguire l0l so i hafta find fancyish black open toed shoes that are cute but dont have spindly little high heels where i'll trip and kill myself so i remembered this awesome ones me and megan wanted in white at Steve Madden at promotion and the heels were perfect ((but my mom wouldnt get me them cus she said they were wedding shoes l0l)) and i thought if they had them in black theyd b perfect but they ofcourse didnt cus that was june then me and court saw the white and pink in nordstroms this morning and i was like all hopeful then we were looking at macys on our way back out and they had black steve maddens that were almost just like them and so i have to look only my stupid net nanny wont let me search 4 them! l0l! but moving on..... shopping was heck of fun and me and courtney found money on the ground this morning when we went to pick up r dresses so we got wetzels pretzels and surf city 4 bfast and left the rest as a tip! l0l

but last nite was fun and i got 2 go shopping on tuesday with my grandma 4 my bday which this coming up next friday... and then she took me out to dinner at TGIFridays which is my fave restaurant so that was bomb and since i have nothing better to do im gonna tell u what i got...

FrOm HoLLiStEr -

*GrEeN MiLiTaRy BoTtOmS
*LiTtLe BrOwNiSh SkIrT
*OrAnGe AnD wHiTe TeE

FrOm fOrEvEr 21 -

*My ReD aNd WhItE vElVeT PiMpEtTe SuItE tHaT I'Ve AlWaYs WaNtEd! ((HAHA Courtney knows..))

FrOm A&f -

*HeCk Of cUtE BrOwN jAcKeT

FrOm PaCsUn -

*bLaCk PiNk AnD wHiTe BiLLabOnG tRuCkEr HaT
*PiNk OnEiLL BeLt
*BrOwN BiLLabOnG BeLt
*bLaCk TiLt BeLt

and umm.. i think thats it besides like a $12 white tank top from BP and a oreo mcflurry at mcdonalds and another tee at hollister that doesnt fit...

ohhh yeeea.. thursday was the *fIrSt FrOsH hOmE GaMe*! and we actually won 16-0 against East Union whos from like Manteca... and yeea that was fun i was kind of nervous at first and i didnt actually fall off my box! i almost did though on this one cheer but its all good! Courtneys bro Mike came and he videotaped some of the game and like the halftime routine and last nite when we got back from the mall and i was at Courtneys we were watching the video and it was soo funny listening to him while he recorded! l0l but yeeea.. thats like it 4 now except i'm sooo excited 4 hc! we have to make all our reservations.. nails, hair, make-up, dinner.. its gonna be BOMB!

I lOvE yOu! x0x0x0x


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[22 Sep 2003|09:19am]
[ mood | hyper ]
[ music | BeAtIfUl - ChRiStInA aGuIlErA ]

heeeey! today was an gooood day... when i got home i was ofcourse hyper cus i always am after cheer prac cus i always am! l0l ohhh tomorrow i'm going shopping and out to dinner so thats tite but yea.. i'd write more but i just finished watching *7tH hEaVeN* the bombest show ever and now i'm gonna finish my health poster and my gay thing 4 paktakhans class...

mUcH lOvE. . . x0x0. . . 1 4 3!


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*MaNtEcA GaMe . hOmEcOmInG . My bOrInG wEeKeNd* [21 Sep 2003|12:13pm]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | hEy Ya - oUtKaSt FeAt AnDrE 3000 ]

hEy BaBeS! i JuSt MaDe tHiS cUs I wAs bOrEd ThIs MoRnInG... iM gOnNa SeE hOw LoNg I cAn LaSt On StIcKy CaPs CuS i hAvE LiKe No LiFe l0l... OMG iM sTiLL sOrE FrOm tHe GaMe ThUrSdAy NiTe CuS wE wErE lIkE hAvInG tOe ToUcH cOnTeStS dUrInG tHe *5tH QuArTEr* l0l... HAHA tHe BuS rIdE hOmE FrOm MaNtEcA WaS sO mUcH fUn! aNd ThE cOaCh YeLLeD aT aLL tHe LiNeMeN bUt aLL tHe OnEs I tAlKeD tO dIdNt CaRe l0l... i CaNt WaIt fOr ThE NeXt AwAy GaMe BuT tHaTs NoT uNtIl Hc WeEk AnD wE pLaY mOnTe ViStA wHiCh IsNt VeRy FaR aWaY... So ItLL Be LiKe wHaT a 20/30 mInUtE rIdE? bUt ItS aLL gOoD AtLeAsT iT iS oNe... AnD LiKe SpEaKInG Of Hc I dOnT hAvE a DaTe nOt ThAt ItS a *HuGe* DeAl Or I cArE a ToN oR aNyThInG... I mEaN iF i HaD a DaTe ThAtD bE GrEaT sInCe It iS hC bUt If I dIdNt Im NoT gOnNa LiKe CrY aBoUt It Or AnYtHInG iD sTiLL gO tO tHe DaNcE fOr SuRe ((My fRiEnDs hAvE LikE a PaCt WhOeVeR dOeSnT hAvE a DaTe WiLL aLL gO oUt To DiNnEr ToGeThEr)) PlUs IvE hEaRd ItS nOt LiKe YoU StAy WiTh YoUr DaTe aLL nItE... sO iTs aLL gOoD bUt LiKe I tHiNk ThE wOrSt ThInG wOuLd ToTaLLy Be GeTtInG aSkEd OnLiNe... It NeEdS tO bE LiKe WiTh FlOwErS Or EvEn SoMeThInG oRiGiNaL AnD cUtE.. WhIcH iS sMaRt fOr tHe GuYs CuS yOu CaN OnLy ReJeCt SoMeOnE wHo DoEs aLL tHaT If Ur a ToTaL bItCH bUt yEa... If I GeT aSkEd GrEaT iF nOt ThErEs aLwAyS nExT yEaR aNd I dOnT *nEeD* a DaTe...

HMMM... wHaT hAvE i DoNe ThIs WeEkEnD?? LiKe I wAs KiNd Of SoRt Of GrOuNdEd ((i CaNt ReMeMbEr WhY! l0l dOeSnT tHaT sUcK?!)) So FrIdAy I dId LiKe NoThInG rEaLLy I wEnT On ThE cOmPuTeR aNd My DaD maDe Me LoOk Up StUfF fOr My HeAlTh PrOjEcT cUs I nEeD tO bE mOrE *ReSpOnSiBlE* cUs I wAs GoInG tO GeT a CeLL pHoNe fOr My BdAy BuT tHeN i PiSsEd ThEm OfF wItH My sPaNiSh GrAdE ((l0l ItS PrEtTy SaD iTs LiKe WhAt ThE 4tH wEeK Of ScHoOl AnD aLrEaDy I hAvE aN f AnD My PaReNtS aRe NaGgInG aNd pIsSeD...)) bUt ItS aLL gOoD wE hAd WhAt 4 AsSiGnMeNtS aNd I dIdNt Do OnE sO yEa... bUt If I'm *ReSpOnSiBlE* i CoUlD GeT a CeLL fOr My BdAy In LiKe 2 WeEkS... So yEa I gOt ReSeArCh aNd So Im GoNnA fInIsH tHaT tOnItE sInCe I'm CoOl LiKe ThAt AnD i WeNt On AiM aNd TaLkEd AnD aLL tHaT tHeN i WaTcHeD tHiS mOvIe CaLLeD *kInG rAlPh* l0l... sAtUrDaY I wOke uP LaTe AnD CoUrTnEy AnD i WeNt To WaL-MaRt AnD i DrOpPeD OfF My FiLm FrOm My ReTaRdEd CaMeRa ThAt i DrOpPeD oN tHe BuS aNd ToOk LiKe 10 PiCtUrEs Of NiCo AnD kEvIn AnD aLeJaNdrO ((I tHiNk HiS NaMe Is??)) ThEn wE gOt OuR pEdIcUrEs WhIcH wAs FuN... HAHA WhEn ThEy wErE MaSSaGInG My FeEt It FeLt SoOo GoOd... DuDe If I wErE rIcH i WoUlD sO GeT HeCk Of pEdIcUrEs AnD GeT mY nAiLs DoNe ((aCryLiCs OfCOUrSe!)) AnD GeT MaSSaGeS... OfCoUrSe BrAd *tHe SeXy bEaSt* iS tHe BeSt MaSSaGEr! l0l ThEn i CaMe hOmE aNd cHiLLeD aNd WaTcHeD tHe CoOlEsT ShOw *DeGrAsSi* On 126... It Is So BoMb! l0l I wAtChEd It fOr LiKe HoUrS aNd WeNt On AiM... BuT yEa ThAtS mY wEeKeNd.. tOdAy My GrAnDpArEnTs AnD aUnT aNd CoUsInS ArE hErE aNd I GeT PrEsEnTs! YaY! cUs My SiStErS 9/10 tHeN My BrOtHeRs 2 wEeKs LaTeR 9/26 tHeN iM eXaCtLy A wEeK lAtEr 10/3... BeSt NoT fOrGeT It GuYs! ItS iN 2 wEeKs!

Ok wOw ChRiS jUsT sEnT mE a LiL vIdEo ThInGEr Of HiM sO iMMa WaTcH iT aNd WoNt bOrE yOu WiTh My bOrInG wEeKeNd AnYmOrE!

x0x0! 143! lOvE yOu BaBe!

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