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duhNO [04 Jul 2003|04:23pm]
[ mood | bored ]
[ music | noNe- ]

i havent wrote in dis forever but neways i had fun dat week nd now i m packi for cancun bkus i m leavin sunday morning nd then i m goin to camp rite from ther soo i aint ganna talk to ne1 for a loonggg time!!..but umm i eally dont feel like writein lass nite i went to watch hamilton play they won soo now they juss gatta beat princeton nd then they play nottinham n they are ganna win!! hollR!! soo after we went to taras nd we walked to vets to watch the fireworks nd stuff it was funn .. ! .. except for somethin yeh neways so now i m home bout to go to the mall to get lass min. stuff for vacation!! .. <3 always...M_DANIELLE!

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